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Hey guys...

It's time for my monthly movies review again... We only watched five movies in the cinema on July, it's cray! The reason was because there were very little new and exciting movies in July (there's not new movie playing for the last two weeks or so, madness!). 

Contrary to other countries like US or even Singapore, when it's the holiday season (and Indonesians LOVE holidays, even the government) arrived instead of going all out with box office movies-cinemas would keep the good ones until the holiday's over. I guess that's because most Indonesian goes overseas or go back to their hometowns during long holidays (especially Eid) they're expecting less movie goers. Bad news for the rest of us who're stuck at home. We've also been nanny-less for the last 2 weeks, even though i can leave Baby Boy with my 'rents if we want to watch adult movies, i just feel better leaving him with them when there's a nanny/maid so he wouldn't be bothering them too much.

Anyway, new nanny's coming tomorrow, hopefully she'll be normal and all (i'm still shaken over the kidnapping and killing of Baby Janette recently :(...)! I am also eagerly waiting for "The Quiet One" to start playing but now let's get down to business! 

For me it's always going to be a good month if i start one with a good horror movie *LOL*. Saw the poster at MKG and immediately demanded to watch it! We haven't been watching late night movies for the longest time (it's always a sign of aging, people *___*) and i was quite worried we'd be kinda sleepy because most ghost movies are usually kinda slow paced, but i shouldn't be too worried because this is an entirely different type of ghost movie, i'd say it's more rock and roll-with all the action and gun fights *LOL*.

NY police officer Ralph Sarchie (played by the ever so hot Eric Bana) is struggling with personal issues when he began investigating a series of disturbing and bizarre cases, he's always drawn to weird cases because according to his partner (played by Joel McHale, who managed to bring hilarity to every character he plays) he has a "radar". He then join forces with a highly unconventional priest to combat the frightening demon possessions that's taking hold of the city (and the explanation to the weird cases).

I always love movies that's based on true events and i admit to immediately googled Ralph Sarchie to see if he's anywhere as good looking as Eric Bana (of course he isn't, but he's quite handsome too for a police officer...) :p. Since the main character is a cop, there's a lot of actions going on so there's not enough time to be bored. It's fast paced, with enough scary scenes (the actors playing the possessed are really good too! Super convincing) to make sure the movie didn't end up being too action-oriented/comic bookish. And i also cannot help but drool over the priest...
Edgar Ramirez
How come we never see such a hot priest around here? Maybe it's the best because i'm pretty sure it's not okay to have weird feelings to your priests LOLOLOL. Anyway! Highly recommending this for horror and action movies fans! Even my hunny said this is a great and entertaining movie! No idea why it scored so low (6.5) in IMDb, i really liked it!

2. Blended
I've been anticipating this movie ever since i've heard about it because i really loved Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler's second collaboration in 50 First Dates (and The Wedding Singer's not bad either but i honestly totally forgot about that movie before googling for this movie!) and have high expectation of this new movie. Well, i ended up with mixed feelings for this one. While Drew is cute as always (but looks a bit old... I mean, she's not even old. I think she needs a bit of botox or something coz her skin looks a bit older than her age) and Adam Sandler is... Well.. Adam... There were also great moments in the movie (hilarious scenes, touching scenes...) but as a whole... It's not great. Oh, there's Joel McHale again, playing Drew's character's ex husband. I didn't know that he's an actor (always thought of him as the crazy host of The Soup!) and i also didn't know that he's so buff.

Jim and Lauren are two single parents met for the first time on a disastrous blind date. Accidentally they ended up together again (with their whole family now) in a resort in Africa where their inital hatred towards each other slowly but surely start turning into attractions.

Like all family/romantic comedies movies, it's quite predictable but i wouldn't hold that against them coz it's expected. It's just that... I dunno, i find this movie to be a bit too Adam Sandler-ish (you know, too much body gag, silly-not-so-funny remarks/jokes, repeated ridiculous scenes/lines) for my liking. I used to see a distinct difference between Adam Sandler's all out slapstick comedy movies (Jack & Jill would be the perfect example) and the romantic/family oriented ones (50 First Date, the first Grown Up) but lately the line's been too blurred and i don't like that (coz i'd rather skip the first type while i usually quite enjoy the later).

Like i said, it has it's moments. I did laughed out loud in quite a few scenes, and i was choked with tears in some others, but it's definitely nowhere near the caliber the first Grown Up or 50 First Dates. I'd recommend to watch it on DVD when you're in need for some mild entertainment.

3. Drive Hard
You can probably guess by now that this was hunny's choice *LOL*. I have no interest whatsoever to watch this movie, especially after seeing the unmemorable trailer (although i've always liked John Cusack. Btw i really think John needs to invest on a moisturizer, i really cannot stand seeing his super dry and peeling skin magnified by plenty on the big screen!) but hunny was quite adamant about seeing it and i overheard some girls saying that this movie was really funny while queuing to buy tickets so i relented. But i was right for not wanting to watch it *___*.

A former (and should i say... aging? LOL, apparently he's not that old but he looks REALLY old in this movie) race car drive turned driver training instructor (played by an almost unrecognizable Thomas Jane. I mean... not that his name rings a bell or anything, but i'd have recognize his face coz i've seen him in plenty other movies before if it's not for his bizarre looking long hair. It's a proof that long hair doesn't always agree with guys, he looks 10x older with long hair!) got abducted and forced to be the designated driver for a crime that ended up making them being chased around Australia's Gold Coast by many sides.

The movie was... super flat, pointless and boring! The storyline's stale as a week old bread and it kinda flat lined from the start. No peak, no excitement, no nothing! For a supposedly pretty good former race car driver, the car chasing scenes were as tame as my son chasing around a puppy *__*. Seriously WTF. I read a user's review at the IMDb (it got rated 4.3 and i thought it was generous) wrote a very bitter review and i kinda agree with whatever the person wrote. It's not the worst movie i've ever seen, but it's one of the bad ones. Skip it!

4. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
I never watched the 2001 movie because it was not the kind of movie i'd watch back then :p, but i did watch the 2011 one with James Franco (cue to drool) and liked it so when this newest addition to the franchise arrived (i didn't even know the movie's done being shot...) i didn't mind to watch it.

Picking up  after where the first movie left us, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes started by filling us in on how the world was seemingly coming to an end with the outbreak of virus that eliminate most of the world' population. The growing nation of genetically evolved apes lead by Caesar was living a peaceful lives in the woods until one day, a band of human survivors arrived, threatening their existence. They manage to to reach a fragile peace but it was very short lived, both sides are brought to a brink of a war to be the ruler (in a sense) or the dominant species of earth.

It's rated highly (8.2) in IMDb and once again i find myself nodding in approval for that rate. It's a great movie-gripping, thrilling, touching (yes, i was a mess towards the end) and thoroughly entertaining (not in a mindless, popcorn movie kind of way either. It's actually quite an intelligent movie). I'd highly recommend everybody to watch it! And it's good to see Kerri Russel in a blockbuster movie, proving there's life after a teenage TV show.

5. Step Up All In 
I am a huge fan of dance movies, especially the Step Up franchises (although i have hard times remembering how many movies they have or the casts because they started to jumble into one @___@) so i was quite delighted to see this newest franchise, especially when i realized they've casts all of my favorite Step Up casts (the ones that i actually remember) : Ryan Guzman, Briana Evigan (whom i confused with Sharni Vinson the entire 3rd movie, but after i realized they were two different girls and see their pictures together, i definitely like Briana a LOT more, i actually thought she suddenly looked less cute on the 3rd movie, so sunken and skinny-but of course that turned out not to be her after all!) and Adam G. Sevani (The Mooseeee, is the best!).

Sean (the divine Mr. Guzman) brought his crew, The Mob (from Step Up Revolution) to LA to try to make it but with no luck. The crew decided it was time to go back home but Sean wouldn't hear it. He then moved in Moose's grandparents' studio for a place to stay and temporary job when he learned about the reality show/dance competition in Vegas with 3 year contract prize. Soon he roped Moose, who roped in Andie (my fave female Step Up cast, ever-Briana Evigan) and before they know it, the entire crew was made up (of various awesome dancers and characters from past movies). They made it to Vegas only to find out that The Mob's there too, unfolding a whole new drama.

Weeee...eeellll... I never watched Step Up for the stories (they pretty much are the same story with tweaks here and there, no?), but this latest one is... A bit worse than most of the previous. It doesn't help that the dance routines are nowhere as spectacular as the old ones (if my opinion counts. I mean, i can't even dance...). When i watched the previous movies, i always feel the urge to break out into a dance (which is always cooler in my head than in reality, of course) because they were so so SO COOL (so cool that i got goosebumps and choked up because we all know i'm a horrible cry baby) but sadly not the ones in this movie.

Although all Step Up movies that i watched (i think i didn't watch the first one though, i didn't even believe L when she said Channing Tatum was in Step Up, LOL. My bad...) all have similar underdog winning it in the end storyline, they always managed to build up the excitement and ending it in a BIG way. This one though... I dunno... It just feels very flat and boring to me. That's so sad since i was really looking forward to it! Oh well, at least i get to ogle at Mr. Guzman...
Ryan Guzman
For me he's hands down the best looking male cast in all Step Up movies. And Briana Evigan...
Briana Evigan
She has a SICK body (and not in an anorexic kind of way. She's not even skinny! She's so fit that it's HOT HOT HOT)!!! 

Okay, enough fangirling. Anyway, i personally think Step Up All In is a total let down, but it's still worth watching if you're a Step Up fan. But i personally would've prefer having a movie marathon of the old ones instead of watching this one again.

That's all i have for now, what movies have you watched lately? Anything good that i should take a note of?


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