Liebster Award 4, 5 & 6 + 2nd Sunshine Award

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This is horribly late but i've been busy with other stuffs so only now i get to do this... Sooo... I've been tagged for our 4th, 5th and 6th Liebster Award and Second Sunshine Award a while ago! It's quite crazy but very flattering that we have enough readers kind enough to nominate us hehe, that's why i decided that i should do the tag (again) even though it's very late (and it makes a good filler post and fast to do so it's quite fun!).

Like usual, i will not be tagging other blogs (because i've run out of people to tag as we've done this tag numerous times already) and also skip the random facts (because then i'd have to write sooo many of them, i mean... we got 4 nominations *___*) but i will answer every questions.

First up is the Liebster Awards :

1. Your daily make up?
I don't wear make up daily, but when i do that'd be BB Cream, concealer, powder, eyeliner, blush on, lip balm+lipstick!

2. Your current favorite make up style :
Gyaru make up with circle lens, thick eyeliner, va va voom eye lashes, pinky blush and glossy lips (i am loving neon colored lips too!)

3. Your favorite make up brands :
Etude House and Maybelline, but i basically like almost every brand with affordable price and cute packaging :p.

4. What your ultimate bucket list?
Traveling the world, at least visit every continents once!

5. Your HG product(s) of all time:
Maybelline Volum' Express Turbo Boost Mascara and Revlon Top Speed Top Coat

6. What part of your face do you usually want to emphasize? Lip or eyes? why?
Eyes, coz i think my eyes are really nice LOL. I don't mind my lips too but i think they're too thick sometimes.
Don't you think my eyes' pretty? *wink wink*
7. What your weakness when it comes to make up technique? 
I am no makeup expert, probably all of my technique's pretty crappy *LOL*. I don't really know how to blend my eye shadow and i definitely have no idea how to contour.

8. BB cream, CC cream, or foundie? why?
BB Cream coz they are so convenient, easy to use, multi purposes, kind to my skin, and has a natural looking finish. I also find them less clogging for my pores than foundies.

9. What are your favorite fashion style? 
I'm a lolita at heart, so everything that's kawaii, pink, lacey and frilly. I'm quite a chameleon though so i like to change up my style all the time, but my ultimate fave would be fairy kei (mild one, i don't want to give people heart attacks by going full blown in Indonesia).
How i really want to dress everyday if i live in Japan and not in stiff Indonesia
10. Your dream job?
Errrr, professional blogger that gets paid to travel and review stuffs *LOL*.

11. What country do you want to visit the most? why?
Japan!!! Coz i am obsessed with everything Japanese! Actually it was France, but i've been there last year so now i have a new goal!
Fingers crossed, i'm coming in 2015!!!
Next up's questions from Cut Auzola from Bowbowdorable :

1. do you like to use contact lens better when doing makeup look or just stick with your natural eyes? why?
Contact lenses, the enlarging ones. One, because i am blind as a bat without my -6.00 contacts and two, because i love the dolly effect enlarging contacts instantly gives. My make up style preference is dolly and gyaru, and contact lenses totally works to enhance the effect i am aiming for.

2. what hair color do you want most?
Half pink half violet! Because they're my most fave colors ever and because i really want a pastel head!
My dream hair color!
3. matte or shimmer eyeshadow? why? 
Shimmer. Coz i love my eyes looking bling2 hehe. I prefer nude, shimmery colors than any matte ones for everyday use.

 4. favorite disney princess?
 Errr... Does Elsa counts? She's technically a queen, but she was a princess first! 
I was a princess for 90% of the movie, you know!
5. what makes you want to be a beauty blogger?
Coz i love makeups (and other beauty related products like bath and body cares, etc) and i love writing, so why not write about makeup too?

6. your favorite person of earth? 
Hm... My husband? I have several, and people might scold me for not saying my son, but my fave would be my husband *LOL*.

7. Smokey look or natural look? why?
Natural. I don't even know how to do a decent smokey look *LOL*. I prefer to play with eyeliners than eyeshadows.

8. Favorite makeup guru? 
I must've answered this a million times. Don't have one, i don't watch a lot of You Tube tutorials, but i like Michelle Phan and watched almost all of her videos back to back once. From Head to Toe's Jen's awesome too, but i like Michelle first and foremost.
I think Michelle Phan is quite awesome, and her boyfrie is yum yum!
9. favorite face wash?
I constantly change my face wash and i don't really have a favorite, most of them work equally well for me. I really can't think of any >.<! I'm using Biore's (the Japanese one, not local made one) and loving it right now!

10. your biggest beauty problem? 
I hate my moles, does it count? If not then my panda eyes that can be fixed with concealers but then they'd be all cakey after concealer and powder *sigh*

11. What makeup brand you love most?
Maybelline has always been my fave coz they're so cheap and nice. I love Etude House too because of their cute packaging.

More questions from Dewi of Pinkuroom :

1.  what's your must have items in your bag?
 Wallet, makeup pouch, phone

2. what's your favorite make-up brand? 
LOL, same questions three times in a row. Maybelline and Etude House...

3. glowing or matte make-up? why? 
Even though i'm warming to glowing makeups, i still prefer matte makeup since my skin is super oily! 
Coz this is how i look like 5 minutes after i put on "glowing" makeup *LOL*

4. your favorite beauty blogger?
Don't have any. My fave blogger is Xia Xue but she's not a beauty blogger :p  
My eternal fave blogger
5. your biggest hope in life?
To forever lead this happy life, for my son to grow up to be a wonderful, happy person.
6. softlens or glasses?
Softlens to go out, glasses for home

7. long hair or short hair?
I guess i got the Rapunzel syndrome!
8. your skincare routine?
The basic 3 steps, cleanse-tone-moisturize!

9. where you usually buy your make-up?
Online (fave shop : Chic-Princessa) and overseas (i love drugstores and my fave is Watsons!)

10. do you prefer online shopping or go to the drugs store, etc?
Both. I think online is easier because i get overwhelmed easily so when i see too many choices (like in Sasa or Sephora) there's always a possibility of me getting confused and ended up with nothing!

11. nude or bold lipstick color?
Bold. I never understood nude lip colors and don't know how to rock them. Even before i dared using bold colors i didn't like nude lip colors (i used very glossy soft pink lippies only before, but not nude ones)

And finally the Sunshine Award from Glory :
1. Where do you get inspirations for your blog posts?
Oh geez, i get inspirations from everywhere. Too much, in fact, that i have lots of drafts needed attending too. I have very active imaginations and head full of ideas so... I have no problem with finding inspirations so far (finding the will to write, now that's another matter altogether..) 

2. Tell me your skincare routine
I've answered that above. I cleanse, tone and moisturize!

3. What is your biggest dream this year?
Hm... to open a new hotel? And to travel more
Being drowned with money wouldn't hurt either. Just kidding, i'm never overly obsessed about money actually (except the numbers, i am OCD so there's nothing to be surprised of)
4. What is your favourite place to relax
My room! I'm a room person!

5. Describe your fashion style
Feminine, girly, frilly, moody, chameleon.

6. Your top 3 favorite online stores
Chic-Princessa, Intens Corner, Rosemary Online.

7. Beauty guru that you really want to interview
Errrr... I have very limited knowledge about beauty gurus, so... Michelle Phan? (LOL, i would always offer her name whenever asked about beauty gurus)

8. What to do when you feel bored or stuck?
Plan a quick trip overseas :D.

9. Your job besides beauty blogger
Being a mummy and a wifey. I help with my hunny's hotel's accounting too.

10. Your favourite snack or dessert
Cupcakes!!!!! (Red Velvet, please!).
I'm a visual person though, so the cuter the dessert... The more hysterical i become. Pastel rainbow colored stuffs wins every time!
11.Your favourite movies and music genres
Horror and Twilight movies haha. Music genre? Pop... I love 90s pop style that i grew up with (you know, Backstree Boys, Spice Girls... Yes, i have cheesy taste). I am into Korean pop songs too (Jong Kook Oppa's songs, Davichi) now but i HATE (most) K-Pop. I can tolerate some of them but no GEE GEE GEE GEE for me and do not play it near me if you do not want to be slapped. LOL (seems like i'm more passionate about what i hate than what i like in this matter!).
The scarier, the better
And that's it! Phewww! That's 44 questions (some are repetitions though) and i hope y'all read until the end *accusing stare*! Btw, all the pictures above are taken from Google, i do not own any of those pictures! Thank you for reading!

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  1. For me, I have to wear makeup daily because if not I think I look very pale (low-blood, anemic creature). :P But yeah, similar to you, I also apply BB cream, concealer, powder, eyeliner, blush on and lip balm with lipstick! I also like Etude House and Maybelline. High five once again. :)

    1. Oh, i also tend to apply at least blusher whenever i left the house because i am also extremely pale haha (people always ask me if i'm sick when i'm bare faced zzz), it's just that because i'm a stay at home mum i don't always go out of house every day and i definitely won't wear makeup if i am just at home haha. High five!!