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Hellow, world :) wassup wassup (do people still say wassup?)...

I feel like i say this whenever i'm joining a Give Away *LOL*, but it's true that i don't often join GAs (probably once a month tops) because i... am lazy *rolls eyes*, especially is the GA's winner's chosen randomly, i mentioned this many times-don't have a lot of luck with lotteries/door prizes! But every once i a while, i'd see a GA that asks you to write something, and since that's totally my *AHEM!!!* forte i'd usually be drawn to those GAs (if the topic's interesting) without even paying attention to the prizes (coz for me, truly, that's not what matters). That's why i decided to write this blog post to join Glory Chen's (my fellow Surabaya beauty blogger whom i've met a few times) birthday give away (Happy bday again, Glory!).
Glory asks for everybody who enters this GA to write a little story about their relationship (sort of :p) with makeup, so here's my story...

Like most other girls out there, i got introduced to makeups since i was little through watching my mother and elder sister (who's 11 years my senior, so she's already started wearing makeup once i was old enough to be curious about them) putting on makeups. I was always a girly little girl who loves her Barbies to death (i had hundreds of them. I guess hoardism starts early...) and so naturally also loves playing dress up and pretending to put on makeups.
Most of my make believe makeups were really fake though, just plastic shaped like eyeshadow palettes-even the eyeshadow itself was plastic so no... It's not like my mum let me wear makeups when i was little *LOL*.

But the one who really introduced me further to makeup and teach me the basics of makeup application was actually my sis-in-law, CL
Me with CL
I remember very vividly like it was just yesterday when she taught me how to apply eyeliners, i don't really remember WHEN but i think it was pretty late *LOL*, probably when i was early into uni? Before that i only wore powder+lip glosses and had no interests in makeups whatsoever. After she taught me how to apply eyeliners (that, i must add, i nailed from the first try *pats own back*), it amazes me to find out that my eyes can actually look bigger, more striking (and found out that i have a quite cat-shaped eyes for the first time) with eyeliner, i was hooked.

She's also the only female of this family that wears blush on daily and that in turn also influenced me to finally try it on (even later in life *LOL*, told ya i was a very late bloomer when it comes to makeups!) after years of believing that blush on would make me look like a clown *LOL* and ended up loving its effect so much that blush on is now my #1 must wear makeup item when i go out to hide my ghostly pale face :D. 
I mean, even Miss Piggy wears blush ons...
Other than learning the basics by watching people doing their own makeups (and some guidance from CL), i pretty much learned how to apply full makeups by myself. I am not exactly sure on HOW i learned them, i guess it's just a trial and error process. I also read a lot (and i mean a LOT) of magazines when i was a teenager and there were always (quite crappy, i must add, if i see those tutorials now *LOL*. Yes, i still have my super old magazines that i use to dispose my feminine napkins hihihihi sorry TMI, i know) some tutorials there. 

I didn't wear makeups back then but i was always suffering from OCD so i read those magazines back to back (even the parts that almost put me to sleep... OCD AND masochistic, perfect!) and those information were stored in my semi photographic memory, proven to be a good use when i did start wearing makeups. When i start getting interested in makeups, i just did some experiments on myself as well as picking up a few tips and tricks from the internet along the way (i discovered some of the tricks myself before realizing that beauty gurus give the same tricks that i already used myself! I am pretty proud, obviously haha), and i am still experimenting and learning everyday. My addiction to makeup is turn on full blown once i started blogging about beauty *sigh*, that fateful day not too long ago..

I am no makeup expert and i never claim to be, but i believe that i know my own face better than anyone else. I am now able to put on a full makeup (even for parties) without anyone's help and i totally refuse to get my makeup done by MUAs (except if someone offers to do it for free LOLOLOLOL, sorry lah i know i am kiasu), no offence to anyone-MUAs are fantastic and all (and i did had an MUA did my makeup when i got married!) but in my humble opinion, professional makeups are all about correcting your flaws and mostly follow a strict guideline (like how a small face is good so contouring is a must) to achieve that "perfect" (yet uniform) look, while i have my own taste and i embrace my flaws (chubby cheeks and all). 

Plus i HATE it when people say stuffs like "OMGGG, you look so prettyyyy!!! I almost didn't recognize you!!!! You look like someone else entirely!!!". That's not a compliment people, that's an insult in disguise (meaning : you're ugly in real life. LOL!)
I know there are a lot of debates about makeups, whether it's a good thing (improving women's self confidence, for instant) or a bad thing (teaching you to hide yourself in a mask of carefully made up face) but really... I don't see why it has to be such a big deal. There are some women (like me) that really love makeups and other who couldn't be bothered with them. I don't think there's any right or wrong in this matter, it's just a preference.

Personally i never see makeup as a mask, something to hide my real self in, heck i still go anywhere bare faced and even post my bare face (and occasionally, my zits hahaha) for the world to see, that-i believe-is a true testament on how comfortable i am in my own skin. No, makeup for me is a play thing. As we grow up, we never really leave behind the little girls that we once were. We just change our play things to more grown up things, like i exchange my Barbie dolls and fake makeups with dressing up myself and real makeups *LOL*.

I also love how makeup allows me to express myself, to change up my look and style according to my mood. I am fascinated by how different style of eyeliners or shade of lipsticks can change my whole look. Not changing who i am, mind you, just showing the world the other side of my self through makeup. In a sense it's like, i am not trying to be someone who i am not with makeup, but i can be WHOEVER i want and not be dictated by how i look. For instant, i have  pretty small eyes since i am Chinese, and i am not bothered by it, but that doesn't mean that i have to always have small eyes, i like to put on circle lenses and gyaru makeup to make my eyes appear bigger. Personally i find it more as a enhancement, not like i am trying to be a non Chinese person. I hope i make some sense, at least? 

Makeup is a perfect play thing that i don't think i would ever get bored of, and in short?
And that's all the story i got for now! I hope i didn't bore you! What about you? Do you like makeups too? And why? If you're Indonesian and a blogger too, you should share your story with us and join this GA too, there's still plenty of time!


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