First Impression 01 : Too Cool for School, Etude House, Skin Food and Missha

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Hi guys... *glum*

I'm SO STRESSED OUT!!!!! I HATE school!!!! Okay, i don't even go to school anymore, but my son's school is STRESSING ME OUT! ARGHHHHH. I do not remember having so much tasks and involving my parents every single day (my parents pretty much let me do whatever i want) with school stuffs grrrrrr, i so do not have the patience to deal with that T.T. Yeah yeah, i'm not a model mother, whatever. That's why i don't think i should have any more kids zzzz (i wrote this yesterday and that's how i felt YESTERDAY. I had a great day today and been feeling so much better now hahaha. I'm not bipolar or whatever, i assure you... Just quite moody especially around that time of the month...)

Okay, we got that our of the way *deep breath*... I'm starting (yet another) a new series! I got sooo many (hundreds of them WTF) sachet samples from buying cosmetics, and from (no longer exists) beauty boxes... And a whole bunch from CL (she imported Korean brands for a while) BUT i was always too lazy to use them. You know, sachet samples are not exactly convenient, not to mention messy. But of course, being me-i have to use them all or i'd feel very guilty! So! 

To encourage me to use all of my sachet samples up, i will be doing sort of mini reviews on them (the thought of a blog post is enough to compel me to start using them, i may not be a model mum but i'm a potential model blogger TEEHEE *j/k*) but since sachet samples contains such little amount of products, i cannot exactly do a proper review on them now, do i? So it'll be a first impression instead, hence the title *satisfied*.

As a total OCD, everything MUST be in order. Including the number of sachets i will be reviewing every time, so i picked one of my favorite numbers :
Five :D!
It's all Korean brands for this time, ranging from brands that i am very familiar with (Etude House), fairly familiar with (Skin Food, Missha) to a brand that i never tried anything from before (Too Cool For School).

Let's start from the first sample!

Too Cool For School BB Foundation Lunch Box in Watery Skin
First of all, how cool is the brand's name? I've always thought it is one of the coolest (and most creative) Korean brands' name out there, and i love how they also make a connection of the product's name so it's in line with the brand's name! I've never tried anything from Too Cool For School because... i can't remember why. Probably because i was too busy buying Etude House's cute stuffs since Too Cool For School's packaging is, although attractive by its own right, not as cutesy and princessy as Etude House's.
Of course, all the info are in Hangeul..
I got the sample for the Watery Skin (#2) or also known as Moist Skin which i think is meant for dewy finish (because they have another variant that is for Matte Skin #1) and from what i've learned in the reviews, has a darker tone of the two. I do not find it as ashy as other BB Creams because of the darker tone (i have no idea why my AFTER picture look so ghostly white though), the texture is not very runny (like light liquid foundies) or thick (like most BB Cream), it's somewhere in between. Application is easy and the BB foundation (what is this? A hybrid between BB cream and foundie? That explains the in between texture!) blends easily and nicely. It has a nice, kinda floral scent.

L-Before, R-After
Managed to even out my skin tone and give a smooth appearance, but it's not a heavy weight base so it didn't manage to cover my bigger pores (esp on my nose). It does have a slightly dewy finish but not too much
It has a pretty good coverage (light to medium), lasts all day long (with blotting involved of course) and even though i tried the Watery Skin version my skin actually didn't start shining before getting to the 5 hour mark (which is pretty good!) when set with most powders and even after that it's just normally oily-not unbearably so . I used Collection pressed powder with this and it stays all day long, then in another time i used it with my lightest weight powder-Pigeon compact powder, it still last 6 hours without me ended up looking like a greasy wok. When combined with Essence compact powder (which is super light as well), it also hit the 5th hour mark. Lastly i used it with a primer and topped with the same Essence powder and wore it for 12 hours straight (with 2x blotting in total) and it's still perfect by the end of the day.

It's a pretty nice product (i used the sachet for a total of 6 times! So a little goes a long way!) and when i see the full sized packaging, it totally tempted me to buy the full sized one. Another one in my mile long wishlist >.< (i need to finish most of my base before buying anything new though!).

Second sample :
Etude House Milk Talk Strawberry
I do not have the best experience with Etude Houses's older shower products (i need to review them soon, i just kept postponing them for some reasons!) so i am a bit wary to purchase shower products from then but this Milk Talk range totally changed my mind! It's like 10x improvement from their old ranges!
It's semi translucent milky baby pink color, so pretty!!!
The texture of this shower wash is runny, and i am in love with the cute color! The most important part is the heavenly smell, you know i am a sucker for sweet, dessert related scents! This body was reminds me of Strawberry Poky biscuit scent! Super lovelyyyy!

Since the texture is quite runny, i had to use quite a lot to create a lovely lather that i like (and it did lather quite nicely if used in the right amount) so the sachet sadly was only good for one time usage. But even in the first try i can feel how soft and moisturizing this body wash is because my skin had been suffering from using Original Source (that doesn't agree with my skin, sadly) so it was kinda dry and i've been feeling a very dry, weird sensation on my palm that goes away once i used this body wash instead!

I am totally in love with this product (actually i even purchased the full sized product before even trying out the sample because you mention the works "strawberry milk" and i will grab it FTL) and after trying it out, it's definitely one that i'd buy the full sized of. My only reservation is how tiny the full size bottle is (and it'll run out FTL since you need to use quite a lot of amount every time!) and the high price (compared to the size)!

Next is another product from Etude House :

Etude House Baking Powder B.B Deep Cleansing Foam
I am a huge fan of Etude House's B.B Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Lotion so i was quite eager to try this out. It is supposedly a deep cleansing facial wash that's strong enough to remove even you BB Cream (hence the name).

It has a thick, semi translucent creamy look and when you mix it with water it'll turn into a thick paste (almost mask-like, only a lot more watery, of course). It doesn't foam much but you only need a little product to use on your face. It also has small granules that are quite pronounced (this is the deep cleansing part, i think) but not too harsh (not as harsh as facial scrubs).

It has a bittersweet scent (baking soda? I read other reviews that describe it as a lemony, citrusy scent but for me it's more of the baking soda scent haha) that i come to associate with this line, exactly the same scent as the Pore Cleansing Lotion (which i am working on the review). It feels sticky on my palm, but manage to leave my skin feeling very cleansed (not squeaky clean, don't worry) but still supple and soft. Because of the granules (even though it's not harsh i think it's not gentle enough for everyday usage), i would not be using this product daily but only whenever i wear full makeup (with base).

I always triple cleanse my face whenever i'm using full makeups and it does manage to get rid of every trace of makeup (i find nothing on my cotton pad when i wipe them with my toner) but there are other reviews that claims that this product's good enough to remove even waterproof mascara (like this), but seriously i would not recommend rubbing a granulated facial wash on your eyes! At least use a proper make up remover first! I find this a bit stinging on the eyes as well (but it could be just me who has sensitive eyes?)...  Since i didn't need to use a lot of the cleansing foam to wash my face, i actually used the sachet sample 10 times before it was finished (the granules kinda disappeared towards the end though, weird!).

It's pretty nice but i am not like, in love with it (like i am in love with the cleansing lotion), it's just a decent deep cleansing facial wash for me so unless it's on a huge sale, it's not necessarily a product i really want to purchase the full sized of. 

Still revolving around cleansers, Missha is up!

Missha Flower Bouquet Cherry Blossom Fresh Cleansing Oil
I think i used Missha makeups in the past but i've never tried any of their cleanser/skin cares before and it's also the first time i am using a cleansing oil that has a floral scent (usually i used the ones that is kinda fragrance free/has more of a chemical scent).
The texture of this cleansing oil is also quite unlike other cleansing oils that i've used in the past and i've used quite a few brands (they're usually runny but thick, oil like) because not only it's more runny, it is also very watery. It feels more like water cleansers than cleansing oil when i touched it. Since it is so watery, it was totally messy when used from the sachet (it drips everywhere, driving me crazy!). Of course, it has a floral (cherry blossom) scent, quite nice but i'm just not used to floral scents on my facial products. It didn't bother me too much though.

Even though it is a lot more watery than my usual oil cleansers, strangely it leaves a stronger greasy trail after i wash it off thoroughly! So i'm thinking that this product might be more suitable for people with dry skin who needs extra moisturizers in every products they are using including their oil cleanser hehe. It is quite effective and able to cleanse all of my makeups thoroughly. Each sachet (you see i have two of them up there) lasts me 4x.

It is a quite nice cleansing oil, but again not necessarily something i'd purchase for myself. I prefer the thicker oil consistency and i do not enjoy the extra greasiness left behind by this product, plus i think Missha products are slightly more expensive than my usual Etude House/Face Shop/Skin Food ones!

Last but not least :
Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum
When i read the name and the description, i thought a serum is something to use as part of your daily skin care routine but after trying this product out, i honestly think that it's more suitable to be used as a primer/makeup base, especially for those with normal to oily skin (but i read reviews when they actually incorporate this serum into their daily skin care, i just prefer to use it before makeups, personally). 

I don't know how but i might forgot to take a picture of the serum itself (or accidentally deleted the pic but that's unlikely. Most probably the first, i just always feel like i've taken the pictures, but then cannot find them zzz. I seriously need to be more organized when it comes to products photo taking!!!) so i have to borrow this picture that i found from Google to show you the texture :

Source :
This serum feels like a dense but runny, creamy lotion to me (do i make any sense at all?), it has a strong peachy scent (i didn't really detect the sake scent for some reasons, just very peachy! Maybe my nose is problematic because other reviewers say it has a strong sake scent! Like this review), which i quite like (highly personal taste kind of thing). It's easy to apply and spread nicely but i did experience some flake off, almost like my skin was peeling @__@ why is that??

This serum leaves my matte (LOVE!), very silky and smooth! It's so incredibly smooth that i couldn't stop touching my face afterward *LOL*. The matte effect also makes my skin feels like it's been dabbed with powder already. It makes makeup application very smooth and breezy that's why i love it as a makeup primer! It also makes my skin looks almost like it's been airbrushed, soft focus and poreless!

I feel like this serum also has quite an oil control effect, not miraculous to my very oily skin, but significantly better-even when used with sun blocks (for me sun blocks equal drenching my face with oil within an hour T.T). It also amazes me how some powders that usually becomes cakey after a few hours of usage+blotting (Maybelline's Clear Smooth BB Silk Poreless White, in my case) become smoother, flawless and not a patch of cakey-ness after long hours of usage when used with this serum.

But i am not a fan of using this serum as part of my daily skin care routine, i think it's not moisturizing enough (maybe because of the matte finishing so it could just be a physicologic thingy), maybe i am just not used to the texture haha. I'm also skeptical that it would reduce my pore size if used daily (anyone tried this and think i am wrong? Please do leave a comment!). Anyway, i got 5 usage out of the sachet (you do not need a whole lotta product to cover your face, the one shown by the picture above would be wayyy to much for me, maybe for two to three usage!).

I totally love this product (as a makeup primer) and was seriously considering buying the full size but then i tried Mustika Ratu's normal to oily moisturizer that has a very similar effect to this products (except for me Skin Food's Peach Sake Pore Serum smells 10x better than Mustika Ratu's moisturizer, BUT lots of people say they cannot stand the Peach Sake scent!) and for a fraction of the price i think i'm gonna go and get that Mustika Ratu one instead hehe. 

That's all for now and i hope you guys enjoy my mini reviews (which not exactly mini either >.< i need to cover every detail, people!) or first impressions!


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  1. hai say... nice review..
    btw, aku juga lagi suka beli-beli sample, khususnya bb cream buat bikin review comparison sihhh hehe

    btw, main-main ke blogku ya dear

    1. Thank you :D. Aq ga pernah beli sample sih, tp sering bgt di kasih hehee... Sip2 nanti aq mampir2 hehe