O & MM's Bday Celebration

10:33:00 PM

Hello guys...

Typing this while feeling super sick, nauseated and dizzy :(. Been down with a bad case of flu for a few days (that's why i've been MIA-ing again, although i admit i was too busy going out on dates with my hunny too *LOL*. Baby Boy is in Jakarta with the grans, and while i miss my boy like crazy, it's nice to spend a few days with only my hunny and feel like we're dating again ^.^), i've been planning to blog a lot these last couple of days because we're leaving for a vacay (just locally, to Bandung and Jakarta) the day after tomorrow, but all plans had gone kaput thanks to the super strong flu meds that keeps me down most of the time! I haven't even packed yet *sigh*.

Anyway, this is a pretty backdated post, not because i was procrastinating (although of course, it's always part of the reason...) or anything, but because after this celebration we had-the exact next day MM's father passed away :(. It was really shocking and i thought it would definitely be unappropriate for me to post this while we're still in the mourning period (of course i'm not saying the family's over mourning period by now, when you lose a father/husband who knows how long it'd take for your to feel normal again :(... I'm not good with grief and just typing this makes my eyes brimming with tears, so let's just talk about other things okay!). 

I finally saw MM posted some pictures of her and her little family in her FB and took it as a cue to blog about this little celebration!

With MM, O, MM's daughter K and Baby Boy :)
In case you're thinking that my getup look very familiar, yes this was right after i attended that Estee Lauder Event! MM's birthday's actually on the 3rd of April (LOL) and O's at 12th May, but the celebration was postponed until almost the end of May because they're both tour leaders (most of my university friends are tour leaders/tour and travel staffs because i studied Tourism back then) and they had to go on duty one after another. In this celebration O's husband was not even present because he had a tour duty haha. We had dinner at Domicile (told ya it's the "it" place right now! You can read our detailed review of this restaurant here).
MM's husband's really into photography at the moment and he kept on telling my hunny to snap pictures of the lamp. Artsy fartsy thingy, you know *LOL*.
The lamp does look nice...
As most of the stuffs we ordered were the same as the ones we've covered in the review, i only snapped some pictures :
MM's hubby (H)'s pork ribs, their pork ribs' pretty nice but it could be juicier!
Baby Boy's mushroom risotto that ended up being my dish because i ordered the squid ink's pasta and he got attracted to it -___-
One of their pizzas (obvi cannot remember the name haha)

Baby Boy with Aunty O
It's really hard to make H pose normally -___-. Btw, i'm always convinced that H look a lot like Deddy Corbuzier (when he was not skinny like now)! Seriously, just add a thick eyeliner and eye shadow...
Group pic
My silly Baby Boy
Seeing this kind of things makes me feel like we should try to have a daughter since i always believe that every dad has a special bond with their daughter (like every son has a special bond with their mom, i know Baby Boy and i have that bond). As long as i manage to lose enough weight (so that i won't be too obese when i'm pregnant) i think i will give in and try zzzz *peer pressured*
Signature pic while in Domicile. Very dark ya?
Better? I really hate pictures taken with flash though *___*
I know most of you are nosy parkers just like moi, you must want to know what i got them as pressies right? Just admit it... I'd post it anyway since i tend to buy stuffs in bulk (to throw into parcels LOL) and i might make mistakes by giving people very similar stuffs year after year! Now i can keep tracks...
What i got for MM : a cool sunglasses :D from Melawai Optic
And cute sunglasses case from errr Daiso
Throw in some tops and cardi. It's really hard to pick clothes for MM coz her taste's very particular. She's very casual and not girly, so i just gave her some neutral clothing
And this is what i got for O :
Hot Pink Velvet clutch
Threw in some floaty dresses because O's hoping to get pregnant ASAP and i'm sending her positive vibes (like #Undecided and her Secret stuffs you know, you keep on thinking it'll happen and it'll happen? Hehe) by giving her these pregnant friendly clothings!
And that's all for now! We had lots of fun catching up (i don't get to meet MM and O very often due to their busy schedules and family lives). Still got #Undecided's bday to blog about, hope we can blog tomorrow or it'll have to wait until i get back from vacay which is more than 2 weeks from now!
One last pic of us in Domicile

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  1. iya lucu tuh lampunya. hehehe.
    restorannya bagus ya...

    1. Iyah, it place banget nih di Sby, hits banget *LOL*

  2. Ce, Seems like I know this MM.. lol!
    Ce Mirna ya? XD

    tell me if I was wrong, lol! but MM really looks like someone I know, heehee

    anywayyy love your post and haul as always <3

    1. Iyaaaa itu ce Mirnaaa (harusnya aq manggil ce juga, tp... males ah hahahaha) :D, dunia emg sempit ya apalagi dunia nya org Banjar *LOL*. Thx for dropping by, yen :D