Clean-O-Matter 03 : It's Skin Mini Bebe Creamy Foam (#2 Banana)

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This entry was written many many months ago (hence the discrepancy of facts :p), hoarded it and promptly forgotten about it. Then i freaked out when i tried to find this entry (because i remember vividly writing it) in this blog, i thought i published it already! When i couldn't find it, i turned the drafts upside down BECAUSE I ALSO COULDN'T FIND IT IN THE DRAFT!!! Turned out i drafted so many new posts that this old post' been pushed to second page. I didn't even know i reached second page already zzz. So, please enjoy :D!

I just went for a facial while hunny took Baby Boy for a coloring competition in GM. That was out of ordinary! He never even showed any interests to participate in any competition before, i'm not sure if he lacks ambition (like me) or showing early signs of control-freakishness (control freaks don't really like to join anything that they cannot predict the outcome of and cannot stand even the slighest chance of not getting their way-still like me *sigh*).

Then he showed more and more likeliness to me-not wanting to hear the results because "I KNEW I WON'T WIN" (after asking "Where's the trophy???" Like he knows he's gonna win. Yes, he sounds bipolar, just like me again. Not to mention has an extremely "Glass half empty" mentality) and true enough, he didn't (coz we're def not artsy fartsy family *LOL*. But according to his daddy and nanny, his work was the neatest-but not the brightest since he used coloring pencils rather than crayons. Could be they're biased or something tho haha)-and he's very disappointed. 

I'm so confused at times like this, i mean... Do i encourage him to join in more competition in the future (and face his sad face whenever he's not winning) or stop him entirely so he'd be spared the disappointments? Haih. So confusing (i know the right answer's the first lah, it's just not a very easy thing for a mummy to see their baby's disappointed face, we just want to shield them from any of those-preferably forever!)

LOL, i almost never start a review right away ya, instead i ramble on and on about entirely unrelated matter. Anyway, i'm reviewing It's Skin Mini Bebe Creamy Foam in #2 Banana today!
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I saw this cute little cleanser when i was browsing Chic-Princessa for travel sized stuffs to bring to Europe  and of course, i fell in love with the packaging -___- #whatdoyouexpect. There are three variants from this line that consists of :
#1 Pomegranate, #2 Banana, #3 Grape
I wasn't too familiar with the Korean brand It's Skin before (i guess it's newer and less well known than the usual big names like Etude House, Skin Food or The Face Shop-at least in Indonesia that is), but i stumbled into their Macaroon lip balms and went a little bananas (:p)-they sure have super cute packaging that's entirely different from Etude House's kind of cute (which is more Princessy, girly and feminine), It's Skin seems to channel child-like innocence kind of vibe instead. Most of their packaging got this baby cloud's (???) face (and a matching little wings sometimes)-very baby kawaii!

So i guess you can say i'm pretty adventurous (and probably reckless) when it comes to my skin *LOL*, i didn't pay any attention to the ingredients (well, not much information in English was provided-not that i'd read it anyway LOLOL) or whatever. My method of shopping is "Oh! So CUTE!" "Click into virtual shopping basket" "Check out". LOL. Thankfully i never encountered any trouble (so far) with cosmetics/skin cares i got from online shopping, this one doesn't disappoint either!

I didn't have difficulties choosing the variant, i'm somehow extremely fond of artifical banana scents *am i an ape in my previous life?* so of course i chose it!
This is how it looked like when it first arrived
And this is how it looks like now :

I finished it off already, to the very last drop :p

It's a travel size product so it's very small, the tube contained 30ml of products-but don't be fooled! It took me more than a month to finish it off! And i used it with my hunny! Can you believe it??? I didn't either! I brought it to Europe (for a 2 weeks holiday) and used less than half of the tube, then i brought it to my JB/SG/Jakarta trip (another 2 weeks), still got a few usage left!
It came in a small squeezy tube with a cuter-than-regular-cap, it looked a lot like a paint tube!
The opening was small but just right so you won't squeeze out too much products
Admittedly the twisty cap was more troublesome than your usual flip cap, but that makes it more travel-friendly because (as long as you closed it securely beforehand!) it won't accidentally flipped open and spill all over your luggage (yes, that happened to me -___-, more than once). For clumsies like me, be careful when you open it-i cannot count how many times i dropped it once i twist it open pfffftttt.
The consistency was creamy and quite thick, a little goes a long way (that's why this baby would last much longer than you'd expect). Just squirt out (i love how the tiny opening squirted out slim strands of creams hehehe, it really looked like a water color paint :p) a dollop (around a pearl's size) of the creamy foam, add water and rub your palms as usual, it will lather well. The foam's also very very soft and creamy, i absolutely love love love it! It's a total pleasure to use!

As the name suggested, it smells (strongly) of artificial banana (i'm not sure any product that smells like REAL bananas would sell well :p), unlike any Poki or whatever banana-flavored snacks (and ice cream) out there. It's super yum for people who likes artificial banana smells, but must be super horrible for their haters hahaha. I definitely belong to the first group, as well as my niece Au (who found this creamy foam in the bathroom in our apartment in Jakarta and confessed of opening it to sniff it every time she showers haha)-so i really enjoyed the scent! It's confusing because i am not fond of using yummy smelling stuffs (gourmand-y or fruity) on my face, it just feels wrong-and it still felt wrong but it's so nice i didn't care anymore :p.

The creamy foam (i admit that the name actually made me doubt myself just before i was about to use it. There's no words describing that this is a FACIAL foam, what if it's actually a shower cream and i used it on my face???) was so soft and creamy-it worked really really well on my dry-skinned hunny (and helped kept his skin soft and supple), as well as my (oil tank) own skin. It didn't break our skin out, didn't leave it feeling stripped (at all), but still feels very clean and smooth after! It totally helped keeping them moisturized (while getting rid of nasty oils and impurities!) too. Totally satisfied me, especially considering its low price (it's only IDR 36.000 in Chic-Princessa-this is NOT an advert, i have no connection with Chic-Princessa other than being their satisfied customer)!

I would recommend this to EVERYBODY! LOL. I mean, for people who are looking for a travel size, cute looking, very well working facial cleanser (it's just as facial wash okay, it won't take off your make up, you'd need a separate make up remover for it) with yummy smell (strictly for yummy/fruity lovers!), oh and i think (don't take my words for it though, it's always trial and error when it comes to beauty products okay! Every skin's different) it'd work well for all skin types too.

Not recommended for people who hates artificial fruit smells (especially banana. My sis CW's huge nemesis are banana and durian, she might vomit if i force her to wash her face with this ahahahaha), and that's the only exception!

Would i repurchase this? HELL YES! The banana AND the others (i want to try them all!) as well! I was wondering if they have a bigger size for this creamy foam and only found this :

It's Skin Have a Banana Cleansing Foam
Anyone have any information whether this is the same thing? It's got different name (and they called it cleansing foam instead of creamy foam, hmmmm....) so i'm a little confused. Either way the packaging of the cleansing foam's so unappealing i probably won't purchase this one anyway *LOL*.

Toodles for now!
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