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Hi guys...

How's your weekend? Good, i hope. Mine was okay but ended up in a low note because i just realized i misplaced (i don't want to say lost because it breaks my heart) my favorite ring. It's a dainty little diamond ring, very precious to me because it was a surprise Valentine's Day gift from hunny last year :(. I wore it almost every time i go out because it's very simple and pretty, and i admit i am very reckless when it comes to storing, i'd just chuck it in my dresser or when i remember in my "toss in daily wear" little plastic drawer, but i've been doing it for more than a year and it's always been fine :(.

I was really shocked when i couldn't find it yesterday evening before we went to TP with my parents and Baby Boy, but i didn't have time to properly look for it because the others were already waiting for me :(. I couldn't stop thinking about the ring the whole time we were out, i didn't even have the heart to shop/window shop which is very rare! And as soon as we got back me and hunny turned my dresser inside out but we still couldn't find it :(. It's such a dainty little thing, if it's stuck somewhere in the nooks and crack of my messy drawer it's impossible to find it straightaway! 

I was heart broken *sorry for the drama, if you've ever lost a precious possession i'm sure you can relate* and been crying all night *LOL*, my eyes are severely swollen. I know i get too attached to my things (i would freak out if i lost an IDR 5000 worth of costume jewellery) but this one's the worst lah, not so much because of the cost (well, it's diamond. Dainty as it is it's still worth a lot, more than a one way ticket to Taiwan for one person *LOL*), but more because of its sentimental values. 

I am not a romantic person but i do cherish and value stuffs given to my by important people (and my hunny's #1 most important person other than my Baby Boy and parents, obvi). Anyway, it got me thinking, i got so stressed out over misplacing (not lost huhuhuuhu i hope it's not lost forever!!!) a dainty little diamond ring, how did my mum remain so nonchalant when she lost her over one carat necklace charm and ring? Yes, more than one time!!!
Hik hik hik, please come back to me :(
I have a drawer full of diamonds and gold jewellery but all i want is this little beauty back :(... I'm in full denial mode and convince myself that it's somewhere in my walk in closet zzzz. I'm sure i didn't take it off anywhere other than my room, so as long as nobody stole it (positive thinking. The maid that cleans my room everyday is very trust worthy and been in my family for years and years, but there are others that can enter my room too because it's never been locked. But i choose to think positively, i hope we do not have a thief in our house :( !!!) then it SHOULD still be somewhere in my room, its not like it can grow a pair of feet and walk away!

Anyway, i know people lost important stuffs everyday, and i should just move on, just give me some time, will you? It takes me longer than a regular person (and 10x longer than people like #Undecided, i envy her short memories when it comes to this kind of stuffs!!!) to get over losing something. And don't judge me okay (if you do then i'm sure you've never receive a special item from your loved one). 

I wanted to post this haul entry yesterday but i was too busy searching (and crying like a baby, LOL), so this is actually a belated weekly haul post. On a positive note, I’m pleased to inform you, I am no longer 100% unemployed anymore (i know i've mentioned a few times vaguely about a project i am working on before, but here's the formal announcement. LOL). And what's even more exciting, my part time job’s 100% in sync with my passion : cosmetics. LOL. I don’t want to talk too much about this job (maybe when it’s over I will), but all I can say is it might (or most probably) resulting in Indonesia gaining a new (great) cosmetic brand that is cool and affordable. Fingers crossed the new brand’s coming sooner than later, I know a lot of beauty addicts (yours truly front and center) would be welcoming it wholeheartedly :p. 

Time to show (off) my shopping hauls again! I think I need to speed it up a bit since the hauls queuing up to be written in haul posts’ are getting ridiculous, so I’m gonna show more stuffs in one go this time! More beauty products coming your way *sigh*, seriously… There was a time where I hardly purchase any make up within one year (I usually splurged whenever I’m overseas), but that time’s far gone and I doubt it’ll ever come back. Ever since I discovered the beauty of online shopping (locally and internationally) I’ve been purchasing cosmetics like, every week or so *sigh*. The only good-ish thing is that clothes shopping spree is taking a backseat at the moment (seriously, no space!!).

First batch : 

I’ve been searching high and low for this macaron lip balms ever since I incidentally saw it in some blog (I cannot remember which blog, it’s not one of the blogs I’m following, I think it was a Malaysian beauty blogger), I fell in love at the first sight with the packaging. Isn’t it absolutely adorable???  I saw this and was instantly SOLD!

It’s from a relatively new South Korean brand, It’s Skin (at least I think it’s kinda new, it’s still not widely available in Indonesia). They have a super cute packaging and my fave ‘s definitely this Macaron lip balms lah! I’ve been craving it for super long (talking about months) and I couldn’t find any local seller selling it, I asked lots of local online shops and they all said “we’re not selling it yet”. Once I want something I will hunt it down until I find it okay!! Finally found an online shop (at Twitter!) called Dulce Venue and when I asked the owner if she can pre order this lip balm for me and she said yes! I was over the moon!! And since it’s so hard to find I was determined to get more than one, I want them all but I slapped myself a bit and forced myself to choose only two. 

Got the yellow and green ones because I just bought EOS set (before I started this blog actually), I think it’s called Summer Pack, and it contained two EOS lip balm, one in pink and another one in violet so I decided not to get the same colors for the Macaron lip balms. They were IDR 70.000 each from Dulce Venue, I had to wait for more than one month until I received them (because it was around Christmas and New Year so the shipping and all were badly delayed). And story of my life, once I received the painstakingly long awaited stuffs I pre ordered, other online shop would start stocking them on their ready stock items (just like Etude’s Sweet Recipe zzz). FML. I saw some in Chic Princessa and I am contemplating on buying the other two colors… haish…

Oh, I just googled the catalogue image for this lip balm and I just realized that they are using Nichkhun as the model. WTF. Oh, I wouldn’t know who Nichkun is if I do not watch Running Man like crazy. I think Nichkhun is very pretty (LOL, I know he’s a guy) and he reminded me of young Jimmy Lin (my childhood imaginary boyfriend LOL), but why d f**k is he the face of a cutesy lip balm??? Is it just me that’s deeply disturbed by the trend of using pretty boys for cosmetic promos??? I mean… if it’s a men line I wouldn’t mind lah, but lipstick and eye liner and all??? Dear God, why?????

Okay, rants end there, LOL. Next item :

Pond’s BB Cream. I love BB Creams and it always intrigued me whenever drug store brands came up with their version of BB Cream. Somehow it’s still weird since I feel like BB Cream is a very Asian thingy (even though I googled and it’s not necessarily 100% true but the Korean really was the ones who made BB Creams a huge hit), so I find it very interesting seeing more and more American or European brands are coming up with BB Creams as well. I’d be forever curious if those brands can come up with BB creams that are as good as Korean’s BB creams.

So far I only tried Maybelline’s for the non-Asian BB cream brands (and they are surprisingly pretty good, but I love the Korean ones better still), I’m itching like crazy to try Garnier’s but unfortunately it’s not yet available in Indonesia (although Garnier’s widely available here but the BB Cream’s not), so when Pond’s came up with theirs I was very interested. Especially because Pond’s doesn’t even have a make up line, no?? They were all skin care stuffs. 

Actually I hesitated because the price’s surprisingly quite high, it was IDR 68.750 if I wasn’t mistaken (purchased it in one of the supermarkets, don’t remember which one) so it’s actually the same (or even higher) than some Korean BB creams. But my curiousity got the best of me and I finally purchased them LOL. 

I said I wanted to speed it up a bit but already I yapped so much about only three items OMG. Haih. Anyway, batch two : haul. 

Like I said in the last haul post, this is my most expensive purchase (so far) and rightfully so as you can see in the pictures, the box’s huge, much bigger than the two previous purchases (this is my third haul in, I went crazy because apart from having a  free shipping promotion (for purchasing a certain amount) they were also adding up a lot of stuffs into their “Clearance” section, they were having pre Chinese New Year/Valentine’s Day sale as well, so yeah… I went nutz. Here’s what’s inside :
First item:

Two Girls Travelling Kit – Living Rose (3 pieces). You already know I travel a lot, and I love travel size stuffs because it’s a hassle (and a waste of space and luggage weight portion LOL) to bring full sized stuffs (G told me she lugged her full sized shampoos and all on her pre-wedding shoot trip to Singapore, it was like, a three days trip. Insanity. No wonder she had to pay overweight fines) so I’m always on the lookout for any interesting travel size stuffs (because if it’s not cute or eye catching I wouldn’t be interested lor haha). This Two Girls travelling kit really caught my eyes because of their unique, vintage packaging. Makes me feel like I’m living in my grandma’s era or something *LOL*.

Plus it’s Rose scented! Rose is like, one of my favorite scent EVER. Definitely my favorite floral scent of all time. I sniffed them and they didn’t disappoint, I love it! Probably gonna bring them to our Taiwan trip? (we’ll see, I do have a lot of other stuffs you know). It was USD 4.70. So it’s like USD 1.55 each which is a steal I believe :p.

Eveline Garden Of Nature Olive+Coenzyme Q 10 Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream SPF15 (30 ml). I ran out of my Clinique eye gel and was on a lookout for a spare (currently using Baviphat’s-review coming up. I always need a back up you know, I’m not the kind of girl who freaks out whenever she ran out of something because I’d always have a back up LOL) and this was on a sale  for USD 5.50 (it’s now back to its original price of USD 11) and a very good steal if I may say so myself :p.

Kose Happy Bath Day Precious Rose Enrich Hand Cream (40g). I mentioned before that I LOVE Kose’s Happy Bath Day line, the smell is absolutely heavenly. It was USD 6.60 and honestly I don’t always read the information provided carefully (a very bad habit) and I totally thought this was a body lotion. Zzz. I don’t use hand cream much, but I guess this would be a good reason to start using hand cream more regularly. I should take a better care of my hands anyway *self-consoling*.

Suki Make Up Face Multi-function BB Cream in 03 Ivory. Yes yes, another BB Cream, I dunno why I’m so crazy lately. I don’t usually stock on foundations or BB creams or whatever, just one or two backup is fine, but these BB Cream crazed has really got me *sigh*. I’m addicted to them and keep on wanting to get every single variant out there *double sigh*. I’ve been trying to find out country of origin of this brand, usually it’s stated in Sasa but I couldn’t seem to find it. Strange. I think it’s made in Japan though, the infos are all in Japanese. Definitely want to try Japanese BB cream! It was on sale too, USD 8.60 from USD 13.90. Not very cheap or whatever but very affordable. Still available in their Clearance section if you're interested.

Dot Dot Beauty Color Eye Shadow Compact (10.5g). This was also on sale, USD 6.70. Super cheap (original price : USD 21.30, crazy eh? Sasa sale’s no joke one)!! I thought it was only four color eye shadow palette and it’s very cheap already (see, never read the information provided…) but turned out it’s SEVEN color eye shadow palette!!! Crazy cheap! Country of origin’s Taiwan. Originally bought this just because it’s cheap and the color’s neutral ones, I wanted to make this a present. But after seeing how pretty it is IRL, I want it for myself lah -___-… (always buy two of the same item if you want to give it away or else you’d end up keeping it for yourself anyway). It’s still on sale but not as cheap anymore, USD 14.50 hehe, in case you’re interested.

Mai Doll Dolly BB Cream Set (2 Piece). I know know, third BB cream in one post. Haish, #Undecided’s so going to kill me. Another Taiwan product. It was also on the clearance sale lah (almost all of them were, except the Kose one), USD 6.90. Sold out at the moment. I cannot help myself lahh, so tempting zzz. I didn’t want to ruin the packaging yet (it’s tightly sealed) so I’ll just use the catalogue pic okay.
Picture from Sasa website
C+M Cleansers Gentle Cleansing Milk (100 ml). This one’s an essential lah okay. Okay I lied, I just love to hoard them as well lah zzz. I do run out of them pretty quickly though, my stock’s pretty limited at the moment okay (by that I mean under 10 LOLOL :p). It’s super cheap lah only USD 3.90.
Last (two) item (s) in this haul, EOS Lip Balm in Summer Fruit (7 oz). Ya I know I have hundreds of lip balms, and I know I just told you I’ve just bought a summer pack one, but this is on a Buy 1 Get 1 promotion okay!!! Must get lah!!! One I will give as a present okay (I’d host a giveaway but our follower’s too little at the moment LOL)!!! This is USD 6.50 for two, which is insane because locally I couldn’t even get one with that price (or maybe one in cheaper priced online shops). 

Actually after I made this purchase, I made another one within five days (because I there were still a few more items I was very interested in but I already hit USD 49.90 in total, I could get taxed if I buy anymore so I decided to split the purchase), basically just before the free shipping promo ended. I wanted to write about them too in this post but it’s already too long so next post lah hor! And yes, I already made my fifth purchase, it hasn’t arrived yet and it’s more special, will tell you what’s so special when they arrive okay! (Update : they arrived already by now, and perhaps another one..)

Hope you enjoyed my cray cray shopping haul post :p!
Me and Baby Boy at Sentosa Island, Singapore. We're standing at the Merlion's mouth LOL



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  1. I always gets crazy when I saw free shipping promo at sasa too!!
    Nice haul...

    1. Sasa is so addictive yah!! Thanks for dropping by, dear :D

  2. nice haul! x

    xo Sarvin

  3. Replies
    1. And many more to come XD oh no! Sasa's drivng me insane LOL