#Pink's Family's CNY's Eve 2014 Celebration

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Hellowwww everybody!!!

I'm finally feeling normal and almost over the exhaustion caused by the crazy festivities for the past week! And it's time to blog about my family's Chinese New Year's Eve's celebration!
My big-fam says hi! Oh, and Gong Xi Fat Cai, of course!
As far as i could remember, my family used to celebrate Chinese New Year's Eve strictly at home (my mum used to be adamant about us not spending money on CNY, but now she relented a bit and says it's okay as long as it's only for food) but the past couple of years we began celebrating at five starred hotels. I don't mind either way, but as a non-Chinese food lover (yes, i am Chinese. And of course you're allowed to be Chinese and not enjoying the cuisine), i actually didn't enjoy those "extremely" Chinese parties with sometimes-not-so-good Chinese food (after spending a fortune on them too!) much. I love Chinese songs, but not the old ones that are so loud and... I dunno, they just don't agree with my ears (my mum on the contrary, always blasting those songs on a daily basis of course. Riding in her car's always an agony for me) so i was a quite relieved that we spent last year at the comfort of our home, having a private but fun dinner.

Having said that, you know i love to go out and especially to dress up for the festivities! So, when CL was planning this CNY's Eve celebration and asked me whether i prefer the complete Chinese dinner (as usual, hueks) course or the buffet, i wholeheartedly to her "Buffet please!". This way i can choose other stuffs that aren't Chinese food, right? I felt better spending a lot on something i actually enjoyed! And i didn't have to suffer through annoying Chinese "entertainments" (they tend to have dangdut singers as the entertainer as well, die!!!!), even the Lion dance a.k.a Barongsai was super brief. Not a fan of them, i hate stuffed costumes and the likes *___* they creep me out!

So, it was agreed, we're having CNY's eve dinner at Pavillion, J.W. Mariott hotel.

I've been to Pavillion quite a few times and i used not to enjoy their food too much, but they've really improved the selection (it's now doubled from their old menus) and quality of the food! So, i really loved it there and would recommend this place for anyone's craving for a good, 5 starred quality buffet (we've been going to Jamoo at Shangri-La non-stop lately and i'm getting SO sick of it. But i heard they're also improving thier menus tremendously). Honestly speaking, i'd only go for buffet for celebration since i am super kiasu and i don't eat crazily enough to justify their prices *LOL* #oncekiasuforeverkiasu.
Went to check out the food selection as soon as we arrived :p
And cam-whored immediately, naturally
I kept on telling everybody that the horse ice-carving was drooling *LOL*. It was melting lah, but it really dripped from the mouth so cannot blame me, right?
The most eye catching spread (but i wasn't interested at first because i'm not much of a cold food type of person. I did gave it a try later). You'd see two very different qualities pictures in this entry, the blurry ones from my Pinko and the sharp and pro-looking one (only the quality, not the angling and everything because it was handled by my always-finds-the-worst-angle-possible hunny and KC hahahaha) i hope you'd understand hahaha
KD piling on the lushest looking stuffs. When it comes to getting their money's value, my big bro and sister (CW) topped me in terms on kiasu-ness :p
Snapped this pic of CL
Then i also want one! I was posing lah, not really getting anything hahaha because my half-broken camera won't be able to snap a nice shot if i moved!
Rare picture of my nephews J and Mt looking normal. It's really hard to ask them to pose, they would scuttle off FTL. Are all 13 year-old boys annoying like that?

BB and Au getting some food. BB and her family (as usual) were late and she didn't even bother visiting the table first before queuing up to get some food. LOL
Peking duck and roasted beef station. Do you see the coffee machine next to the woman? We were wondering if it was included in the buffet already, nobody dared to order any *LOL* until our usual spokesperson (my hunny) went and asked them. It was, and we immediately ordered a lot and everybody else immediately copied. LOL.
My mum actually brought the fresh seafood and asked the chef to cook'em *LOL*. We're not keen on raw food, you see... (my nephews would beg to differ though) Btw, there were a lot of other stations but it was pretty crowded and people were already staring at me for taking so much pictures, i was too embarrassed to snap more!

My hunny looking adorbs *smooch*
Cam-whoring before tucking in
One more (because this is my blog and i can add as much cam-whoring shots as i like, that's why)

Our super long table
Here are some food pics, but lemme clarify two things first : i am not a good potential food blogger at all, i can't even plate things beautifully-i just pretty much dump them and make them look fugly. LOL. Fugly pics doesn't mean they're bad-tasting okay, almost everything was yummy! And secondly, not all of those foods were mine okay, i took pictures of others' plate sometimes and hunny+i shared a few plates!
I try to get everything at least in bite sized so i can taste everything hahaha
Everybody loved the roasted beef, it was very tender and juicy but i am not a fan of rarely cooked  stuffs >.<. The peking duck was okay
CW's plate made me change my mind about not touching the seafood hahaha
My mum was adamant that we had to eat some noodles and fish on CNY
Inspired by CW, i took those easy-to-shell prawns. Not a fan of the cold, boiled style but combined it with the sauce it was super yum!!! Totally regret not getting second helping but everybody started dessert already after i'm done with this plate -___-
Shared this plate with hunny. The sausages were awesome!!! The steak cuts weren't though. I think steak's not their specialty for sure haha
I got a plate full of pastel colored dessert. Actually i prefer chocolatey dessert than anything, and the only one that tasted okay in this plate was the lilac and pink layered cake >.< i just can't resist the colors hahaha
Less pretty plate of hunny but it was yummier hahaha, the best one was the strawberry shortcake! Fluffy, creamy but not too rich you want to vomit after 1 bite
At least my plate was pretty to cam-whore with :p
The much-awaited cappucino. It was nice but a bad decision on my part, i already suffer from insomnia as it is, i should totally stay at least a feet away from any caffeine after dark!
Hunny's plate of Indonesian snacks and sweets
Get ready of endless cam-whoring from this point on...

My mum always buys the guys uniform (branded though) stuffs whenever she's out shopping/been out of town. Coincidentally hunny and KC wore the newest one of my mum's souvenir (because they have to wear new clothes right... Not have to but advise-able :p) that night, just different colors haha. They even have matching Samsung G-Note 3 phones hahahaha
Then they realized that even their shoes were matchy2 (Crocs)
Excuse Au's butt at the background
My niece BB in a Karen Millen dress that costs her 'rents like, 4mill? And i was in my 250k Body and Soul dress. LOL. And the bags? Hers was a Louis Vuitton while mine was some un-memorable brand from Sogo. The irony! BB's 13 btw :p.
Tried to get a nice couple-shots but hunny pulled these antics -____-
The part where i said he was adorable before? I take that back

Finally. Dunno why we looked so solemn though
BB, CW, moi. Thank God BB also has a big face, i detest taking pictures with tiny-faced CW because i look even more moon-faced next to her
We worked so damn hard for this picture, BB took like, 20 shots with crazy results! Somehow CL's always looking at some direction other than the camera, it was so strange! BB got to annoyed she snapped her fingers and pointed out the lens of the camera to CL, like she's some kind of imbecile *LOLOLOL* it was super hilarious that CL started shedding tears from laughing too much *i did too, the wing of my eyeliner totally gone by the time we were home* and she feared for her falsies
This is an epic pic, we looked so skinny and long-faced (we have chubby faces in real life *LOL*)!
Missing CV (who's studying in Aussie now) and Gw (in Papua) here...
Cam-whoring with KC
I get along best with KC mainly because we're pretty similar as in we never really grew up (we'll have little kids parts in our hearts forever!) and never take ourselves seriously. And yeah, the previous pic was taken by pinko while this one was taken with NX300, it's plain to see right?
See? Immediately cam-whoring with CW's Chanel and BB's LV. LOL. I have no interests in Chanel yet (i have a few LVs), maybe when i'm 35
Kids, don't do this at home. Bad bad example of the guys taking a drag *except my hunny coz he doesn't smoke. Thumbs up!*
Inevitable toilet selfie *LOL*. Wow, my face already shone like the stars. Collection's foundie's really pretty and light but definitely has no oil-control whatsoever
Actually only BB and i planned to take selfies, but those women kept on rushing in and joined us *LOL*. Look at CL who didn't know how to take mirror selfies, kept on looking elsewhere!
Finally took one with my BB. Been told that we look-a-like a lot...

As you can see, we cam-whored in every spot we found :p
The other side was in a total disarray so i cropped them out, teehee!
Cam-whoring with Baby Boy while waiting for our cars...

Then i tried to cam-whore with my fave brondong (roughly translated into : a much younger guy errr lover LOL) K *because he's handsome and if you do not know me at all i can pass pictures with him as couple-photos LOLOLOL* but of course, little Mt kept on doing what he's been doing the whole night, sabotaging pictures. I wonder if i was that annoying when i was little...
Extra fugly pic of me stuffing hong baos later that night hahahaha

And that's how we celebrated our CNY's eve, it was nothing special-we just had dinner and gathered together but it was so much fun! Stay tuned for our actual CNY!
Happy Belated Chinese New Year (actually not belated lah since CNY actually goes on for a month! I should totally wear new stuffs every single day for the whole month, eh?) from my little family! Wish every body a wonderful year ahead filled with joy, happiness, luck, prosperity and love!

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  1. Wow CNY is really big there for a month-long celebration like that. How about work, still on vacation mah?

    1. No nooo, i was just kidding *LOL*... Traditionally (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_New_Year) it is a month long celebration right, but of course not so here :D... I'd like to wear new clothes everyday to "honor" the occasion but of course that's just me being crazy hahaha

  2. Wow!!!It was really colorful to see family get together :) As you said it's nice to dress up now and then and go out with ur family and have some fun :)
    btw u aren't chubby as u said :) I am feeling hungry looking at all de food,even I am gonna go eat now :D

    1. Yes, our actual CNY was even more colorful hahaha :D
      Thank you sweetie, that's nice to hear after listening to so many people telling me how chubby i am :p. Society tell them it's okay to tell the mildly chubby girls that they are fat fat fat but never say anything to the truly fats, so it's the fate of the middle sized person hahaha. It could be down to the angling as well though :D!

    2. lol I agree very much about the angling part :D
      nd very true as you said society never saying to the truly fats thinking they might offend them,in the end it's de middle size person that gets caught :p

    3. Yeah, totally. If you're slightly chubby, then you'll never hear the end of it. That's just the way it is, sucks!

  3. now im hungry