Nail Diary 09 : O.P.I Burlesque (The Show Must Go On)

11:48:00 PM

Hi, dears!

I'm back with my nail polish review/swatches, the fastest growing beauty review series i have right here in this blog! After going back to back with Etude House's Minnie Mouse Collections (read the last one here), now i'm moving on with another brand : one (if not THE) of the most famous brand when it comes to nail lacquers, O.P.I.

Gonna review one of the polishes from Burlesque series :

Burlesque Little Teasers Mini Nail Lacquers (photo from Google)
Just like O.P.I Mariah Carey Liquid Sands (that i've reviewed here and here), i didn't actually buy the mini set but split it up with other customers (the set was IDR 160.000, so i paid IDR 40.000 for this mini polish). I don't even remember if i chose the color or not, i probably just said "i want one of the red one" and accepted my fate.

In the end i got the shade The Show Must Go On (i totally confused the shade with Ali's Big Break since there's no information whatsoever about the shade's name in the mini bottle! I had to google countless swatches to realize that i got the wrong name and have to re-do half of this review zzz)

I have a few O.P.I nail polishes, but none of the metallic/glitter type before so i didn't know what i was expecting. Here's how it performed on my nails :

One layer of my usual Revlon Top Speed Base/Top Coat followed with one layer of The Show Must Go On
One coat was sheer and kinda uneven. The small brush made me a bit awkward and ended up messing up the application as you can (clearly) see
I think in real life it was not that sheer, but seriously, The Show Must Go On's kinda a B to photograph (and i'm not the only one who says this, i read plenty other reviewers saying the same thing, about the entire line of this mini set actually!). I am used to O.P.I's super opaque, not-thick-but-not-sheer-just-right kind of texture in their normal (non glittery) polishes so i was a bit underwhelmed when i saw how uneven and sheer this nail polish was with one coat. Consistency was quite runny as well.

Two coats of The Show Must Go On
It was opaque with two coats
Forgive me if it didn't look all that opaque in the picture, let's blame it on it's un-photogenic-ness again! According to the box (yes, i have the box because the seller sent my orders of mis-matched mini collection and some other full sized polishes in it) The Show Must Go On is a deep pink shimmer color, but for me it looked more red with a strong tinge of hot pink, maybe my eye sight's getting worse, i dunno. It contains very fine gold glitters that gives the finished look a very metallic shine. It also has a duo-chrome effect, if you move your hands this way it'll appear red, move it that way it'd appear very gold!

Two coats of The Show Must Go On + Revlon Top Speed as top coat. It looked really (metallic) red here right?

But from this pic it appear sheer and the golden sheen more apparent
Here's the final result after i showered and all of the sloppiness had peeled away :p.
1 coat of Base Coat+2 Coats of The Show Must Go On+1 Coat of Top Coat. I have no idea if my application sucks (or my camera), but it looked quite different from other (more professional) reviews so i'm putting up a picture from another review (with link to the owner, of course) for comparison
Photo from : Krex Nail Polish, all credit to her blog
As you can see, it was opaque with two coats, but some reviewers said they added a third layer for depth. Maybe i'd be able to achieve that super deep color with a third coat, i just dislike too many layers of nail polish as it makes my manicure cracks faster. I am happy with the result anyway (even though it doesn't look the same as those professional looking photos of those other bloggers hahaha).

Staying power's good, just like every other O.P.I nail polish (excluding Mariah Carey Liquid Sands which staying power totally sucked), lasted me around 5 days even after traveling (i wore this nail polish to the Collection event, then go to Jakarta with Donna, and they were still intact for another few days) without my hunny, which means i had to handle luggage alone *the horror!*. 

I dunno what's wrong with me, but maybe i was not into metallic nail polishes back then (btw, there's no claim that this is a metallic nail polish anywhere actually-maybe it's actually just glittery, but they somehow appear very metallic on my hands!) but i actually thought it was "not that special" color wise, but looking at the pictures now i actually think it's really pretty. Am currently obsessed with metallic colors, for that matter. Actively looking for very metallic, foil looking polishes (especially gold and silver) right now, any recommendations?
The polish and Base/Top Coat used for this manicure
That's how much (or little) i used for one time usage. Still quite a lot of usage-worth left on the bottle
Recommending this color for those who are looking for metallic looking, golden shimmered red/hot pink polish, something more unique than your usual red nail polish. It's quite sexy and daring (a nice twist to a regular red talons)! Not recommended for, well... glitter/metallic haters obviously!

There is no nail polish in this world that makes me feel the need to repurchase the exact shade from the same brand (i recently bought a nostalgic shade of nail polish that i used to have when i was little, but from a very different brand), so i won't be repurchasing it (wonder if it's still available though? With E-bay, i think it might) or a similar shade. I am intrigued to get my hands on more and more O.P.I nail polishes though. I just spotted the other colors from Burlesque series, the ones with big glitters on them? So PWETTY! Need to find something at least similar to them!

What about you, nail polishes with metallic finish-yay or nay?

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  1. it's a yay but I don't think I'd use it on my very own hands lol XD
    tapi di cc bagus kok jatohnya, klo ak ga berani pake warna merah2 gitu ><

    1. Why not Icel??? Aq dl pake nya cuma yg pastel2, yg see through, tp begitu nyoba sekali warna ngejrenk jd keterusan hahaha

  2. idem sama icel wkwkwkk, apalagi kukuku buntet2 >.< zzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Why not Winnn... btw kalo buat aq pribadi pake kutex warna2 gini bagus d kuku pendek malahan, kalo panjang2 jd agak2.... LOL