Lip-Talk 03 : Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in 075 (Lollipop)

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Hey guys!

Anybody missed me yet *say yes (stare with evil eyes) people!*? It's our last full day in Hong Kong, going back to our lovely home tomorrow.. while i'm really sad that this wonderful family holiday (it truly is the best little vacation our little family has ever had so far!), i also somewhat cannot wait to go home to my temperature-controlled room! We're staying at 4-5 stars hotels throughout this trip but none of them have heater installed! Falling asleep has been a fight for me, thank God for Sweet Dreams or else i'd probably can't sleep a wink! It's just so so so so coldddd (keep in mind, we're tropical creatures. Especially me. I don't deal well with under 10 degrees (celcius) temperatures without heaters!

Anyway! Here's my final filler post, i will resume blogging as usual as soon  as i get enough rest (i always need longer holidays from any holiday away *LOL*, don't you?)

Now, i know that the lip butter hype had died down and replaced by craziness for those jumbo lip crayon sticks, but i've only been using them lately *super late on the train due to the fact i've been holding on buying any new make ups for the longest time during the hype, but of course-i was defeated, most probably because i saw a sale sign or something...* and well, apart from the fact that i cannot use anything without having (REALLY have to, i will not be able to rest otherwise!) to review it, i've also been enjoying it too much not to add yet another review of this amazing thing! Warning : You'll see a lot more once-hyped-but-not-anymore stuffs because i find lots of my old stuffs that i also want to review!).

The shade i'm gonna review this time is 075-Lollipop (how fitting! Lollipop's my fave candy! Or the only one that i like anyway, haha)
Photo courtesy of Google
Also from Google
Look at the selections of shades they have! But i'm not sure that we have all 20 shades available in Indonesia though, i don't think we do. I remember seeing quite a lot of shades on the counter, but probably not 20. Anyone knows more about this? Please do enlighten me if you do!

Now, a little bit about Revlon in Indonesia, this is one of the oldest international brand that's been available in Indonesia since my grandmother's era (she's still an avid user up until now, my grandma's around 85 years old! My mum was also quite a fan *in fact, the very first lipsticks she ever introduced to me when i was a tween were from Revlon!* even though she's moved up to YSL, Dior and Chanel make ups by now). It is one of the most familiar brand in Indonesia, so much that plenty Indonesian actually mistaken it for a local brand! I mean, i saw girls mentioning Revlon as their "favorite local brand", when obviously Revlon's an American brand :).

My Revlon Lip Butter
I'm sure all of you are already familiar with this product's packaging! The cap's a semi sheer plastic square with quilted (the trademark of the Colorburst line) patterns in two sides, and patternless frosted matte in the two others. It's light weighed but not flimsy. Some people seems to think that the casing makes them looks cheap, while others thinks the contrary-that they are exclusive looking. As for me? I'm on defence, but i think it looks exclusive enough!

The casing also matched the color of the shade, and i like that very much (for some people that'd be great because if you happen to have multiple of these lipsticks it'd still be very easy for them to find the exact color they want to use by identifying the cap, while for me... Well, i like colorful packaging and i always find packaging colors that mirrored the actual products' shade to be super fun! As superficial as that may sounds..)! Even though i find the packaging to be a little too mature (Revlon's actually known as more of an older audience's brand in Indonesia) because i'm an eternal little girl on the inside, at least it's cuter than their regular, super boring black lipstick packaging! (I love their Kissable Balm Stain's packaging better, of course!)
There's also a clear window to peek into your lippie :D

I got mine in The Grand Palace hahaha

I'm pretty sure i got it on a discount, but regular price's IDR 75.000 (i must've bought it on a 10 or 20% off though. Also, thanks to Sabrina, i now know where to get Revlon products that's forever on a 10% off no matter when! I'd never buy Revlon at a full price *LOL*. And am currently drooling over their new liquid lipsticks, must visit the booth soon!). I've since bought another two shades when they're having a Buy 1 Get 2 promotion (which is all the time now haha)-and that's even before i tried this one on hahaha. Lots of confidence in these lip butters!
Bullet's cased in a silver tube with black base
My stupid camera made it looked forsty, when in fact it's a bold fuschia color with little speckles of multicolored silvery fine glitters
Can you see the glitters better in this picture? Oh hell, i know you can't. PFFFFTTTT. My camera's helpless when it comes to close up things! I'm borrowing a picture from another blog to show you the glitters better :
Photo Belongs to : Temptalia
To be completely honest with you, the glitters are so not on-your-face that i didn't even know they were there! I like to put on lip glosses on top of everything so i thought the little glitters (it's not that much and they're so fine anyway) was from the lip glosses *LOL*. So stupid.

Let's put it on!
Bare lips
After seeing swatches on different blogs, i came to one conclusion : the color turns out quite different on different lip/skin shades! Anyway, the very first time i put it on was on my birthday and out of habit, i applies Vaseline to prep my lips while i was doing my face. It doesn't perform so well on top of such a slippery base!
Vaseline + Lolliopo, Looked sheer and uneven. And now i see the little speckles of glitters *LOL*

Packed them up until they showed up like this :)
I tried to use it on its own but my lips was not on the best condition and again, it wasn't very easy to apply evenly. The color was opaque and bold though, just like a lipstick (they described it as more of a stronger colored lip balms-it contains shea butters and all, but i find it more like a lipstick than a colored lip balm for sure!) and it glides on very nicely. Super buttery just like the name suggested. But i do not find it moisturizing, even though it's not very drying as well (much better than other lipsticks) i'd still prefer to use a separate lip balms underneath. Something not as oily and slippery as Vaseline, for sure!
Lollipop with no base, used very very sparingly. Excuse the 'stache!
I was still quite afraid of loud colors so i applied very carefully hehe. I'm much more comfortable with loud colors now though.
I now use them on top of a non-oily lip balms or use it first and top it up with a glossy lip conditioner-depending on my mood. But i tried it on again without anything else and applied it properly like a normal lipstick (i kinda used it more like a lip stain on the previous photos by dabbing it in carefully and sparingly).
Lollipop on its own, used normally
Even though they claimed it to be glossy and in fact it looked kinda glossy in the picture above, i actually thinks it's not THAT glossy (am i making any sense?), the finishing's more on the creamy side (with soft glitters, now i know hehe). It's not dead matte, for sure.

I find it easier to use on its own as a touch up! I mean, after i used it with my lip balm for a few hours and they are gone after i had a meal and wipe off the rest of the residue, i'd touch up with this lip butter and they glide on even easier and very even too! So maybe if you have a very dry lips, you need ot prep your lips sometime before you even do your face and just before you're about to put this lippie on, wipe off the remainder of the lip balm first! If your lips' quite healthy, i guess you can skip the lip balm altogether. I do that whenever my skin's in a good condition hehe (then drink more, #Pink!)..

So, consistency was very soft, buttery and lovely. The scent was very very subtle (some even said it's scentless, but i definitely smell something on mine!) and for me actually a bit like a cake, so it's very nice (a huge surprise because i had nasty experiences with their regular lipsticks which i found to be be nasty smelling-and tasting!)! It doesn't have any taste (YAY! read my previous line!) at all (again, for me!). Staying power's as good as normal lipsticks, they'd still be there until i eat and wipe my lips off. However, like so many been saying, it's very melty! Especially in a tropical country like Indonesia (although it is now quite cold for us since it's the rainy season), i've been bringing it everywhere for the last month and when i wind up the bullet, i realized that the bullet's all melty inside the tube and no longer smooth looking :(. Everytime i used it, some melts to the mouth of the bullet and stays there like a gloop so i have to clean it all the time. Other than that, i really don't have anything to complain about. 

I'm only gonna say this for this particular shade because i haven't tried on the other shades, it's very opaque from the first swipe so it's very pigmented. I heard that Revlon said their lip butters are of a sheer to medium consistency, but i beg to differ-for Lollipop at least-it's actually of a full coverage. Can be used used as a lip tint with dabbing motion, of course!

I'm highly recommending this for people who are looking for a pretty, pigmented, affordable, nice smelling, non-drying lipstick.

Not recommending this for people who are looking for very matte lipstick, those who cannot stand the tiniest glitters (for this shade okay, i have no idea if the others are glittery as well), hates melty lipsticks that can get a bit messy at times *i haven't experience them melting off my lips though, but they sure messed up the bullet!*. 

Would i repurchase this? Hell yeah, in other colors! Is it wrong to want to own every shade? I only have three so far...

Have you ever tried Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter too? Do you like it as much as i do?


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  1. Bagus warnanya. Dan kenapa ya pas kamu pegang, cocok warnanya sama kutek ungu mu itu hehe

    I added u, mint to add me back? Happy blogging!

    1. Hihihihi thank u :D... Added your G+ back already :)

  2. I miss you already ciii~ lol
    ak jg punya ini cm yg beda shade, lucu2 warnanya :D

    1. Yayyy, ada yg kangen sm aq juga ternyata *LOL*.
      Iyah lucu2 mau semua Cel *greedy*, punyamu suka leleh2 ngumpul d ujung gt jg ga cel??

  3. I miss you too Mindy, ga sabar liat postingan haul hahahaa

    1. Tq Winda :D... Haul ya, tp aq ga byk belanja koq ga ada waktu, sibuk main terusss... mau beli hadiah utk bikin GA aja lupa nih hahaha

  4. Hi!
    I have the exact same shade and I love it how it feels on my lips. I want to buy more shades.

    1. Hi lippie twinnies! I also want to buy a lot more shades, i'm kinda obsessed! LOL

  5. I'm looking for a lip shade that's about the same color and luckily you featured it here. It's like the universe telling me to also go and buy one for myself. :)

    1. Ohh glad to hear that, hope you'll like it as much as i do!

  6. I have yet to try Revlon Lipstick, I am after their mascara. You have nice pouty lips perfect for different shades of lipstick.

    1. I really love Revlon's lipsticks (and lip glosses) except the classic one because it smells and tastes yucky to me haha. Pouty lips? Hahaha thank you... i guess?