Beauty Stuffs I'm Bringing to Europe

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Hi y'all!!

I couldn't sleep last night -____-, being a total cheeseball as usual *LOL*, i probably am too excited about going to Europe SOON (at the same time i'm also very sad i won't be seeing my Baby Boy for two whole weeks!), i also woke up very early (for my standard la), when i checked my e-mail i got an approval for Lola Box (one of the beauty box services) and i was jerked awake (i've been trying to subscribed to Lola Box for three days but was unsuccessful, really annoying lah!).

So far i've subscribed to Beauty Treats, Vanity Trove and Lola Box! I told myself to test the water first by subscribing for one month only for BT and VT, but really it was useless, because i haven't received any boxes yet but i've already subscribed to their next boxes! FML! I should've subscribed to their 3 months plans and save some money. Learnt my mistake from those two beauty boxes so i've subscribed for 3 months boxes for Lola Box zzzz). This whole beauty box thingy is definitely my new obsession, haish.

Since i didn't get enough sleep last night, i tried to get some nap earlier, but hunny and L kept on calling me *___*... Our Europe trip's tour leader has contacted both of them, and they were updating me, why couldn't they texted or BBM-ed or G-talked me instead... Zzzz... Oh, the tour leader told us not to bring ANY liquid (not even under 100ml ones) to cabin, WTF. What am i gonna do with my contact lenses then?? What about some tooth paste??? OMG, it's  a 13 hours flight or something! What is happening, i purposefully checked with my Tour Leader friends (M, O and O's husband lah) and they all told me anything under 100ml should be fine! Huhuhu... I dunno what to do now..

Since i cannot nap, i decided to write this entry lah.. It's going to be my last entry (but i have "scheduled" entries every few days so please do check this space from time to time okay!) before my trip!

Here are the beauty (and bath) stuffs i am bringing to Europe (actually there were some stuffs that i forgot to take the picture together but below there are some individual pictures of them).
It's for two people lah okay (except for the make up lah, those are only for me) and almost all of them are miniature sized, so it's not as much as it might seem :p. 

Let's break them down by categories *excited*! Oh, you know already that i have to bring new make up every time we go on a trip, right??

First, base make up :
Maybelline Clear Smooth Face Powder, miniature Skin 79 BB Creams (they are really really small lah, you can see they're even smaller than my concealer! So i brought two) and Etude House concealer (this one not new, i bring them whenever i go on a trip, #Undecided gave it to me since it's too light for her).

Then decorative make up :

Clear glittery lip gloss (my mum bought this for me in Hong Kong), hot pink lip gloss (dunno the brand, i bought it at Sasa), Revlon lipstick, Shiseido lip balm (also from my mum, bought in HK) and Red Earth pearl lip gloss. Brought more than one lip glosses because i won't bring the liquid ones to the cabin, the solid type should be okay right? The second picture was Maybelline's The Falsies Mascara.
Etude House (old package, i got them on a closing sale at Jayanata) blush on, Smashbox eye shadow palette (it was a birthday gift from Rosemary but i didn't have the heart to use it because it was too pretty! Now is an occasion important enough to finally use this beauty! LOL), Oriflame dual colored eyeliner.

Facial cleansers and cares :
Etude House Collagen Moistfull skin care set for hunny and me (travel set), It's Skin miniature face wash, The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Wipes (for face) and The Face Shop Herb Day Lip & Eye Make Up Remover. Below is Shikada (by Mitu) facial cleansing wipes, saw this when L and i went to Hero supermarket to get that ziplock and got it because it was dirt cheap (less than IDR 5000) and i wanted to try it out. Plus The Face Shop one didn't say it could remove make up :(.

Bath and body cares :
Cocoa Butter (mini) body lotion, Johnson's body lotions (i don't think they are available in Indonesia, got them in Singapore) also mini sized (will be using all of them with hunny, for two weeks. I think they all gonna be finished lah), Tony Moly solid perfume, Sari Ayu feminine wipes (important!!!) :D.
Missha travel sized Manuka Honey hand cream (a freebie from Inten's Corner).
Dove mini bath set, got them from Watson's in Jakarta. Consisted of shampoo, conditioner, shower cream and deodorant but i left the deodorant because i prefer to bring lotion types of deodorant in sachet (Rexona's) to travel, you can see my contact lenses' case too in the free pouch that came with the set. I got the set for free after purchasing IDR 40.000 worth of Dove hair products, super nice freebie lah! I got three of those :p, kiasu much?
My Beauty Diary Bulgarian White Rose and Chocolate masks, golden collagen eye patches. Gonna share this with hunny :p (his skin's horribly dry already in this tropical country, i cannot imagine the condition in a cooler climate countries, especially in Switzerland!!)

I brought extra shampoo, shower creams, facial wash, make up removers in the transparent pouch (because they are all really mini leh, not gonna be enough for one week, let alone two!!) but they were not picture worthy lah *LOL*, just regular, ugly, half used drug store bath stuffs.
Hey, while i was writing this entry two good news arrived! Hunny called the tour leader to re-checked and he said it'd okay to bring the contact lenses solution lah as long as it's really 100 ml, i wonder what kind of convo did L had with him? Why the outcome so different???

Second good news is... My first beauty box actually arrived!!!!! Beauty Treats!!!! GYAAAAAA so excited!!! I'm gonna unbox it ASAP and i'll write an entry that you can read while i'm in Europe! 
I'm gonna go now, don't miss me too much, people! 

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  1. lol..barang bawaannya sekopor sendiri tuh? sama kayak aku pas pindahan,lol,,,bokap nyokap aku sita jatah kopernya...3 koper all my pulang dari Europe sewa kapal shipping ya bu?lol..
    hihihi...ayok ke US dong, ntar kita borong bersama..huahahahh

  2. "Cool post!
    Much love,
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