Looxchallenge : Bombshell

10:49:00 PM

Happy Saturday everybody! 

How's yours? We just got back from GM, watched Las Vegas-which was H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S, i said it before and i'd say it again : those old bas***ds still got it! Hehehehe.

Anyway, it's been so long since the last time i joined any make up challenges, yes? For a while it was because i was too busy traveling (that JB/SG and Taiwan trips were kinda close to each other, less than a month apart!), then i think the challenges that came next was out of my capability *LOL*... I have a lot of free time this November, so when i stumbled into the next do-able MUC, i decided to join it. This time it's another Looxchallenge by Looxperiments and the theme is : Bombshell.

Upon hearing the theme this month, #Undecided's reaction was... Well, she burst out laughing. She told me to pad my bra as much as possible (coz i am not well endowed, by a MILE), then i told her "HOYYY, it's a MAKE UP challenge!!!! FACE!!!! FACCEEeE-ahhh!!!!". Not that she stopped laughing, she said she couldn't imagine my face in a bombshell mode. Pfffftttt, so little faith in me (just as little as my faith in her for ever following her previous words about carrying Baby Luca while he's still a baby! Scaredy cat!!!). 

Not that i blamed her, i myself think that i am naturally unsexy *LOL*. I guess girls are divided by two categories in terms of looks (and then by so many other sub categories), you're either hot/sexy or cute/sweet. I've been told that i am cute *ahem* countless time, but sexy? Well, maybe by hunny (and ex bfs) hahahaha. So i did had a hard time, especially posing (because you cannot do a bombshell make up interpretation and then act all cute, no?) that i ended up with like, 50 pictures? More than half were unusable and so cringe-worthy i couldn't even look at them. Here's some of the final photos :
This is just the first picture but by the end of the entry you'd know i've given up and decided the most bombshell pose was one with come-hither stare, partially parted lips with fingers hovering nearby. LOLOLOL FML.
Another one hahahaha
As usual, no make up challenge without simple tutorial following! I decided the only way to make me look even slightly sexy was to pile up on make up hahaha.

Base : Vaseline for lips, Etude House AC Clinic Daily Sun BB (even though we were going out at night, i used this just because i've just had a facial a few days before-i only wear acne preventing products after facials), Mentholatum Acnes Compact Powder (same reason as before, plus it was 2 tones darker than my own skin and i always associated sexiness with tans), Clinique All About Eyes Concealer and DHC Medicated Acne Care Concealer
After eye lid primer (i only own one : e.l.f's) i used this cream eye shadow all over my lids
Hahahaha look at how RED my face looked! This Acne powder def cannot be used alone by me, i have to buffed on lots of highlighter all over my face to brighten it up!
Then used a dark brown eyeshadow for the crease, making a V shape (i used my Aphrology Palette and as you can see, the eye shadows were very powdery-some more than the others. The dark brown's one of the worst one)
And they are not very pigmented either, but that's fair comparing the price i guess. And i am quite bad at eye shadow application so maybe this is the right consistency for me haha
Then a very dark brown to deepen my creases
Don't worry about any fall off, you'd use the same dark eye shadow for under your eyes anyway. Yeah, i was going for a slightly smokey look
My eyelid looked so wrinkly here! LOL. I was squeezing them too hard :p
Then line your eyes heavily, and don't forget to extend it for a sexy cat eye! Be dramatic!
I was unhappy with the eyeliner that i had to re-do them a few times, thank God for make up corrector pen-or else i'd have to re-do the whole eyes! The horror!!!
I was rushing (because i did this on a Saturday night before we go out and we wanted to catch a movie-and i was taking more time than expected because of the whole eyeliner incident!!!) so i just grabbed the nearest thing i saw for my brow bone and it just happened to be my Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder-i think this is the first time the actual thing make a photo appearance in this blog?-even though it's a face powder but the white powder's white and shimmery enough to be used as an eye shadow!
With the Esprique powder as browbone shadow!
Then i lined the lower parts of my eyes heavily with dark brown eye shadow, followed with black pencil liner. Didn't forget my mascara of course!
Eye make ups used. I layered my Maybelline Falsies' mascara with ZA's because none of them works well by themselves (for me) but pretty amazing combined!
I used some light bronzer on my cheeks and cheekbones but panicking when they disappeared on my skin (because that Acnes powder was darker than my light bronzer LOL!) so i decided to put on this Teen Teen Powder Blusher. I'm not a fan of this type of packaging, i prefer using brush for blushers. It's a bit tedious, dabbing the small sponge all over my cheeks, not to mention hunny managed to tore off a bit of the sponge when trying to open the plastic covering the holes-and now whenever i'm using this tiny particles of blushers would float out of the hole and choke me *UHUKKK UHUKKKK* LOL. But it's a pretty rosey color with pretty shimmers on it, other than tan, i also always associate sexy with glowy, shimmery skin!
Final result
See??? Same pose over and over again ahahahaha
I must warn you ah, even though i told you i had hard times trying to pose, i over compensate by taking SOOO many pictures. Mostly not only the poses that bothered me, but my super long bangs which cannot be controlled (and looked fugly) totally ruined the pictures. In fact, almost none of the first batch pictures (taken before we go out, LOL, i ended up leaving the house a lot latter than i planned to be, obvi) was usable, i resumed taking pictures after we go home-when i was no longer rushing, had all the time in the world and my bangs already loosened and followed the shape i wanted! Since i worked so hard, please don't mind me posting LOTS and LOTS of self-centred selcas here! There are a LOT! I cut down as much as i could already :p.

Can you see me showing off my nails? I was using Elianto Sparkling Diva nail polish in 18 Racing Green.
I will review this nail polish in another post :)
It's a lot darker in real life, very mysterious and gorgeous. I'd say it's emerald green with gold speckles (i checked some reviews who described it as a forrest green-which is true too, but for me i'd prefer to describe it as an emerald green). It was already on my fingers because i painted it the day before for my dad's birthday celebration (another post for this look coming up) but i think it fits with the theme (you know, sexy and dark hahaha)! 

I got one negative comment (from someone who likes to give out negative comments at every situation *LOL*) "Why green??? So horrible!!!". Oh well, i really don't understand that type of people, i mean... i don't go on and tell you that your face's horrible, right? So don't go and vomit nonsense about what you think of my nail polish selection *LOL*. If nobody asked for your advice/opinion, don't give it-they don't want it!

Now onto the OOTD of course!
Turtleneck Lace Top (inner) : Forever 21, Black Floral Mini Dress : My own boutique, Shoes : Everbest
Sexy doesn't always have to be revealing, leave more to the imagination!

Well, i had lots of fun trying to be a bombshell for one night *HAHA*. Too much fun in fact that i'd try dressing up and using this kind of make ups more often in the future *if i'm not too lazy. The eye make up was a lot more work than i'm used to hahaha*! Hope you had fun reading and didn't laugh at me (trying to look sexy) too much! Oh yeah, the challenge's still going, come and join it as well! If you've done it (or decided to join as well after reading this-because if #Pink can do it then you can do it, teehee!), i'd love to see your interpretation, do drop me a link if you write an entry about it :D!


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  1. Aaaaakkkk ini kalo rambutnya di-curl juga ujung2nya pasti jadi sekseeehhh ceee! :D

    You're sexy, please don't discourage yourself like that :') You're sexy but cute is more you ;)

    Love the post! x

    1. Hehehe thank you sweetie, i'm just such a lazy person when it comes to my hair, i rarely even comb them hahahaha,,,
      Hihihi i'm nto really discouraging myself koq, it's just super hilarious for myself to see me as sexy heheheehe.
      Thanks again for the super sweet comment yaaa :D