Lip-Talk 01 : Chap Ice Mini Kiwi Lime Lip Balm

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Hello, dearies :D!

Back with another review! Since i have like, hundreds of lip balms, i figured it's time for me to do another review on them! Okay lah, not really. I just went through my pictures folder from earlier months of the year (as in March!) to see which products i've taken pictures of and haven't done a review on (which list is super long, i don't even...) and the first one i saw is this one. You know OCD people and their self-rules, i gotta do this :p.

So, lip balms and me-we've gone way back. I don't even remember when i started my (very) unhealthy obsession with them. But i do remember my very first lip balm was a Chapstick (style). To be honest with y'all, i've had my confusion with Chapsticks VS lip balms. I totally thought they're like, two different products. Of course, it turned out that Chapstick is actually a brand *LOL*. But don't blame me, it's even written in their Wikipedia! If you're too lazy to click on their Wiki information, here's a little snippet taken from there :

Due to its popularity, the term has become a genericized trademark. It popularly refers to any lip balm contained in a lipstick-style tube and applied in the same manner as lipstick. However, the term is still a registered trademark, with rights exclusively owned by Pfizer. 

See? Anyway, i also found the consistency of Chapsticks (and the dupes) to be quite different from most other lip balms i've used, so i unconsciously always differentiate Chapsticks (and the wannabes) to other lip balms on my mind :p. Despite being able to recall that my very first lip balm was Chapstick style, i don't even remember if it's from the brand Chapstick or something with similar with it! I remember it being watermelon flavored or something :p.

But of course i'm not gonna review that old lip balm that i've finished many years ago (yeah, i struggle to use up any other make ups but not lip balms, then again-are they even considered make ups? No right, more like lip/skin care :p), instead i'm gonna review my current Chapstick-style lip balm, that is not even from the original Chapstick apparently! Again, their similar name managed to confuse me some more! It's Chap Ice (Mini) lip balm in Kiwi Lime.
Picture from Google
I couldn't find the individual picture of the mini lip balm in Google so i had to settle for that. Here's MY own Chap Ice :

Chap Ice Mini Kiwi Lime Lip Balm, i've also featured it here
I almost embarrass myself and write that Chap Ice must be one of Chapstick's sub-line or something (very similar name what...), when in fact they seems to be a completely different brand *LOL*. Chap Ice's made by Oralabs, and after browsing their website i just realized that the very first lip balm i was talking about? Yeah, it was from Chap Ice *LOL*.

I saw that tiny lip balms along with its sisters with two other flavors sitting cutely in Sasa's counter in some country i don't even remember which (SG? Malaysia? Macau? AAAcccckkk, don't remember >.<) and they were on a huge sale, i obvi cannot remember how much but i'm sure it was very cheap (Maybe like SGD 1? When the exchange rate was much lower than current one) and despite not loving Chapstick style lip balm's consistencies (after trying out so many other types, i now know i prefer the oilier, less thick ones), their cuteness just made me reach for them. Yes, all three flavors that were available : Kiwi Lime, Cherry and Citrus Orange. 

Apparently they are also selling them in packs like this :
Picture from
But i bought them individually. Yes, at the same time along with tonnes of other stuffs, whatevs. I was about to do one blog post to review all three of them at the same time, but i cannot seem to find the other two's pictures (okay, that's another lie. I'm just too lazy to hunt them all, they are all scattered in different folders lahh zzz) and they weirdly performs differently than this one anyway (maybe it's a glitch in the production, maybe it's the way it is coz sometimes different flavors do their jobs differently just like human siblings-they can be similar but still different *LOL*) so i'll probably review the other two together next time (orrrrr, if i reallllyy have lots of spare times i'd do them all separately :p).

As you can see, i got the mini one which is really really mini, it's as chubby as my thumb but half as tall. Because of the size, they are super cute, despite coming with such a simple plastic tube! Chap Ices also comes in regular sticks and jars, but i'm not sure for this Kiwi Lime (i Googled and only found the mini types available) flavor though.
To use the lip balm, you need to pull off the half-moon shaped cap (that makes funny sucking sounds..) and you'll see the waxy, white lip balm inside. Since they are so small, they didn't come with twist mechanism most plastic tube lip balms comes with.

Instead you have to push the bottom like this and the lip balm will pop out

Like this (excuse the severely chipping Liquid Sands nail polish!)
It's cute and different, but unfortunately not very practical. Once it pops out like that, there's no other way to push it back in other than literally pushing them back with : a. Your lips or b. Your fingers. I always push it back in with my lips-which is pretty weird (but at least i won't leave fingerprints!) haha. Not only that, once they are pushed back in, when you put the cap back on sometimes there'd be extra air trapped inside or something, and the lip balm would pop back out INSIDE the cap so you'll end up with a disfigured lip balm. PFFFFTTTT. Yes, i hate when my stuffs got out of shape!

The consistency of the lip balm was waxy and thick. I can't smear too much of them without ending up with super white and waxy lips *LOL*. It also has a cooling sensation (well duh, they are called Chap... ICE, remember?) once applied, i find the Kiwi Lime has the weakest cooling sensation compared to the other two. 

It does help with my dry lips (i'm one of those weird people who can forget to drink for a whole day unless i'm eating, so bad right...), my lips are not very fussy though, most lip balms work on me! However, the waxy texture would pretty much sit on my lips instead of being absorbed like how i like my lip balms to be. Since they are sitting on top of my lips, after some hours they would gather on the inner side of my lips and making a white line -___-. Not a pretty sight by a mile. You can easily scrape the line off, but it's annoying not knowing when they'd appear so i'd be a paranoid mess and keep on checking my lips! O ya, you also need to apply thickly for them to actually work. Thin layers does nothing for your lips, in my opinion. You need to slather them on!

Kiwi Lime is not my favorite one-performance wise and scent wise. It has a sweet and tangy scent, honestly i smell apple with a tinge of lime instead of kiwi, but then again... Does Kiwi has a scent? Hehe i dunno! It smells alright, like a minty candy, not very special for me. My favorite one (it's clear to see, it's more than half finished while the other two's still pretty full) is without a doubt, Citrus Orange (which smells like a very yummy orange chewy candies!).

They are okay to wear on their own (they have absolutely no color like most tint-less lip balms), but you have to remember to smear it evenly so that it won't look too waxy and thick on your pout! It also has no shine, so if you're the kind who likes a natural, glossy lips just from wearing lip balms, this is not a product for you. They works well under lipstick as well, as they won't change the texture of your lipstick while it'd still soften your lips (i know that oily lip balms would annoy matte lipstick lovers since it'd change their beloved matte lipstick into a glossy one haha), just remember that it'd gather on your inner lips after a while! 

For me, they are definitely not the best lip balms i've ever tried. They moisturize okay, not fantastically. But the plus point is, they don't really have a taste (well, not too strongly for me anyway)-which is great (i love Maybelline's Baby Lips to death but i HATE their taste!) as it doesn't annoy me when swallowed (with food or drinks, i do not have a weird habit of swallowing lip balms by themselves). 

I would recommend this lip balm for people who are looking for a cute (the mini ones!), very travel friendly, affordable and fuss free lip balm with tangy and sweet scent. Oh, also only for those who doesn't mind a waxy feeling on their lips.

Not recommended for people who hates waxy heavy feeling on their lips (like moi!) and therefore prefer oilier, lighter lip balms that actually absorbs to your lips, and those who has a short temper (because you need to push the lip balm back into place carefully. And you might also lose your temper when they spring back up unpredictably under the cap-which doesn't ALWAYS happen-but happens pretty often :p so you'll be presented with f*gly looking lip balm the next time you open it) haha.

Would i repurchase this? Not for this particular flavor, but i would consider repurchasing the Orange Citrus one because it smells really yummy! Haha!

Have you ever tried Chap Ice products? Do you like these thicker, waxy lip balms or prefer the oilier, glossy ones?



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  1. they had them at my dentist i took cherry and the medicated kind