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No i'm not!

LOL. I don't even know how to play tennis, i bet if you give me a racket and throw a ball at me i'd use it to shield my face instead :p. I just named this outfit post that because this dress kinda reminded me of a tennis dress. A real tennis dress shouldn't be so long of course, but i couldn't help thinking about how much this dress looks like one since the first time i saw it!

This was the look i pulled for my dad's birthday celebration last  (few) Friday! First, FOTD :D.
Simple make ups
Since it was not weekend (just yet) and we're only having a small-ish dinner (we did go to GM for a few minutes to exchange the Hush Puppies shoes hunny and i bought as a birthday gift because the size we got was too small, even though we actually kidnap one of my dad's shoe! Anyway, the (SPB-Sales Promotion Boy? LOL) SAs was not friendly, lazy, not knowlegdeable and had some attitude. They even had the audacity of laughing at some other customer, in front of me! I mean... Sure, that customer was pretty annoying and weird, but shouldn't they maintain some sort of professionalism by NOT making fun of him in front of other customers? How RUDE!), i just kept my make up to a minimal. 

One colored (cream) eye shadow, eyeliners (can't skip them nowadays i might as well get them tattooed on me), blush on and some lippies (also can't skip them lately!!! I cannot help but marvel *again* on how i used to dismiss any sort of lip colors so often in the past!). I even skipped mascara! I totally reserve mascaras for the weekend and going out with girl friends hahaha.

The dress was actually sleeveless (even more tennis dress looking, don't you think??? Imagine it to be 20 cm shorter lah! It's actually a Karen Millen replica dress, i'm sure it was very pricey! I don't know the price because it was given to me by CL. To be honest, this is not the kind of dress i would've picked up myself (especially because of the color), but since it was free (and expensive, CL said so herself LOL)-i just couldn't say no haha. I ended up loving how it looks on me too!

I remember CL gave it to me the last time i went to my real hometown in Banjarmasin (for a sad occasion, one of my *father's side of the family* aunts passed away) and tried it on, it was actually super tight back then. I was super surprised when i tried it again a day before my dad's bday and found it to be super loose! Either i lost weight *yeah, dream on. Not with that amount of food you keep on stuffing into your mouth, #Pink!* or i was really really fat when i tried it one. Most probably the latter, FML.

Anyway, why CL gave it to me? Well, my brother KC's a piece of work sometimes, he dislike almost any kind of clothes on his wife (POOR CL!!!!). No dresses, no maxi skirts (let alone MINI skirts), no sheer clothing, no super low cut clothes, and in this case? No press on buttons (i dunno what's the name! I think it's called "kancing bebek" or duck buttons in Indonesian hehehe. It's the kind of button that you close by pressing the two pieces together and just yank them apart to open) either (because they are very easy to open). FHL. Now CL lives in loose blouses and short pants, not because she didn't want to be more fashionable-but because she's not allowed. Sounds like a jail to me LOLOLOL.
Well, her loss-my gain i guess! Hahaha
I really do love how thick, sturdy and shiny the material was. You can tell that it was made by a high quality fabric when you touch it! Unfortunately, my arms *like usual* are not suitable for general viewing hehe (i've taken up yoga and managed to go through the first cycle of payment already *so hopefully in a few months my arms are going to be in better shape hahaha* in 3 weeks, not bad! I'm gonna take another package starting next week! I'm determined to get in shape-i've given up on being skinny, i just want to be lean and strong now and work out regularly again. I forgot how much i love exercising!-errr, yeah this post was written a few weeks ago, even before my previous post) so i layered it with ma trusty lacey top as an inner.
The whole outfit! Lace Top (as inner) : Online, Karen Millen Replica Dress : online/gifted, Thin Black Belt : Magnolia, Bag : Bonia, Heels : Everbest

Showing off my freshly done nails (Elianto's Sparkling Diva in 18 Racing Green that i already mentioned in my Bombshell post)
Oh yeah, that picture was also a "I've been proposed!!!" pose ahahahaha. That's my beautiful new diamond ring (the big rock was from my mum :p, it was actually set on an ancient necklace that i had my jeweler took out and make into a solitaire ring because i've always wanted one! In case you're not familiar with Chinese tradition, the old school Chinese people don't give their fiancee diamond rings (FOL) but the groom-to-be's parents buy a (usually huge and errr fugly) golden (not even white gold and no diamond, if you follow the tradition fully. My family's very traditional, so... you know. ZZZ) necklace for the bride-to-be. The whole engagement deal's actually called "gantung kalung" for Banjarese-or in direct translation "the hanging of the necklace". Symbolizing that you're being tied as their daughter in law and as a sign for other family who also wants you to be their daughter in law to back the eff off! LOLOLOL. 

OH OH! I have a story about being proposed! A friend of my cousin L actually got estranged with her other friend because of the word "propose"!. Why? Well, when she was proposed, she showed of her engagement ring while singing "I've been SUPPOSED!" and when L's friend laughed and corrected her, she got really angry and they stopped being friends! I find it to be very hilarious :p.

That's all for now folks, leaving you with two (nowhere near good) pictures we actually took on my dad's birthday :


PS : still in Bali n Baby Boy decided it was time for his alter ego, the vomit machine to show up last nite. So we spent our last full day in Bali sleeping in the hotel room that now reeks of vomits. FOL.

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  1. ci mindy! always deh dressnya bagus huhuw
    have fun ci di balinya, jgn tidur mulu haha

    1. Hehehe thank you, Dewie!
      I had lots of fun! Tidur nya pas hari terakhir2 doank koq anakku masuk angeeennn hahahaha