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Hi y'all!

A lot of better movies this time round! A total step (or 10) up from September! Also i am doing better right, posting October movie reviews on the 5th? Better than last month at least haha! Here are the movies i've watched in October, in order of when i caught them :

I've never been a fan of Justin Timberlake, maybe because i came from an era when Backstreet Boys was always pitted against N'Sync, and i am eternally a BSB-ers *LOL*, i liked some of his songs (Mirror, Cry Me A River, etc) but i actually like him more as an actor than a singer somehow (not that i'm saying his music's no good, it's just not exactly the kind i listen to all the time, you see). So when hunny wanted to watch this Runner Runner movie, and having seen the kinda interesting trailer, i didn't mind.

Richie (JT) was a graduate student ran an online poker game in his prestigious college, he got busted and bet everything he got on a game (to make it big so he can pay for his school)-which he believed he was cheated on. He then arranged a series of moves to be able to meet face to face with the man behind the huge international gambling site. The man (Ivan Block-played by Ben Affleck) then offered Richie a job he couldn't reject and started working with him, only to realize (much) later that there's more to it than meets the eye. He was then ambushed by an FBI agent who wanted him to help bust Ivan, while at the same time trying to survive the trap Ivan sets on him.

If i think the trailer was quite exciting, well... That's it. All of the peak points of the movie? They are all there in the trailer. LOL. The rest was slow paced, dull and quite frankly, very boring. I watched it in the middle of the day and remember having to fight off sleep :p. When the movie ended, i was like... That's is? I liked the ending, and the last few minutes was exciting-so imagine my disappointment that when i began to get excited... the credits rolled. LOL.

I think the story was underdeveloped and never really took off. If you haven't watch this, i'd give it a miss if i were you.

As you know, i've been really anticipating this movie, i even saved it for my birthday. Unfortunately it was ruined by a very mannerless couple sitting beside us who kept on chatting very loudly throughout the movie, i could barely concentrate WTF. It's quite good, but i personally think the first movie was better (and a lot scarier). Is it just me but wasn't the first movie showed not that long ago in Indonesia? Did we got them like, a year too late or something? Because in IMDb they stated that the movie was released in 2010, there's no way in hell we watched it that long ago! I feel like i've just watched it, that's why i was quite surprised learning that there's a second one already!

The movie took off right where it left off in the first one. Renai (Rose Byrne) was never sure if her husband ever came back from that out-of-body journey to rescue their son, or something else, something sinister came back instead. The husband (Josh, played by handsome Patrick Wilson) who was starting to show weird behaviors, was suspected of murdering the medium who tried to help them, Elise. It was revealed at the beginning of the movie how Elise and Josh's mother (years ago) tried to make young Josh forget and repress his ability to astral-projected himself. 

It was pretty good, as it was entertaining for me (if only the couple beside us would SHUT THE HELL UP!!!) and have some "jump-out-of-my-seat" moments, but it wasn't scary for me (Insidious-the original-was pretty scary in comparison), the ghosts was a bit annoyingly ridiculous at parts and the storyline was too wild for me to actually buy. I like The Conjuring a lot more but this one's not bad-it's worth your time if you're a horror fan. At least it's better than most of other Hollywood latest horror movies (i'd suggest you watch the first one first to be able to understand this movie better though), it just didn't leave me too scared to sleep at night.

And is it just me that finds Patrick Wilson to be sexy? He's exactly how a "yummy daddy" would look for me haha!
Patrick Wilson
This one created quite a buzz in Hollywood, didn't it? Hunny knew about this movie (he's more updated when it comes to movies nowadays) before i did and he kept on mentioning that we should watch it as soon as it hits the theatres. I quite like Sandra Bullock so i'd want to watch it anyway, and it was a pleasant surprise to learn that George Clooney's in it too (another sign that i did not do research before watching movies hahaha).

In a seemingly routine spacewalk that ended up with an unexpected disaster, first timer in a shuttle mission (Dr. Ryan Stone-played brilliantly by Sandra Bullock) and a veteran astronaut (Matt Kowalsky, played by George Clooney) were left alone as sole survivors, with no contacts to the earth. They had to depend on each other and work together to try and save themselves, while floating in space with limited resources.

This movie was quite haunting and beautiful to watch, at the same time-it is not for regular strictly blockbuster/popcorn movies lovers. The movie can be slow (but gripping) paced at times, and mostly you'd see how Ryan was dealing with both the obvious challenges and at the same time fight her own inner demon. They definitely casts the right person as i don't think many actresses can play Dr. Ryan as beautifully as Sandra Bullock did. And as you'd mainly watch her (and sometimes-not for very long-George Clooney) and only her throughout the movie, it'd have been a total disaster if she didn't deliver. My hunny described it as a less severe version of Burried and i agreed. The movie was hauntingly quiet too most of the time (their tagline is "In space no one can hear you scream" afterall), so if you're expecting something loud or super fast paced, this one is not for you.

Still, if you're a movie buff, it's a must watch. I'm not like, a super fan, but i enjoyed it nonetheless.

Cloudy With A Chance Of MeatBalls 2
Watched this with Baby Boy (obvi) who apparently had watched it in a  bootlegged DVD prior to this *LOL* and therefore became too excited (because he already knew the storyline and the characters) so i had to kept on calming down and shushing him *LOL*. The first movie was so long ago (Baby Boy was two when it was out) i almost completely forgot the storyline, i just remembered that i enjoyed the first movie a lot. This sequel was good too, but i think i liked the first one better. This second one  had the CUTEST food monsters ever though! I love Barry and the marshmallow monsters the best!
Barry! N-wooo!
Flint with the marshmallows
Just like Insidious 2, CWACOM 2 (sorry, had to shorten it, the title's way too long! Baby Boy still has difficulties saying the full title in one breath *LOL*) started right where the first movie left off. After the disastrous food storm, Flint and his friend were forced to leave the island by Chester V (who was Flint's idol since his childhood) under pretense of cleaning it off. Flint then accepted Chester's invitation to work in his company, where the world's best inventors all worked to create newer and better technologies everyday. Flint then contacted by Chester V who told him that his machine (that created the food storm) was still operating and creating frightening and dangerous (or so he said) food monsters and Flint was asked to go back to the island, find and turn off the machine to save the world.

It's a wholesome, entertaining family movie with silly jokes and super cute food monsters! While i don't think i'm too crazy about it, i did enjoy it a lot (maybe not as much as Baby Boy did haha) and would recommend this to anyone who are looking for a feel-good animation movie to pass the time. I am just so in love with Barry and the marshmallow babies!!!

The Butler

This movie's another one that hunny chose, but i ended up liking it more than he did haha. I do love meself some historical and biographical movies! Btw, i totally thought there's a real Cecil Gaines (the central character in this movie, played by Forest Whitaker) out there, apparently there isn't haha. This movie's based LOOSELY on the life of Eugene Allen who worked for the White House for 34 years. 

Cecil Gaines was just a little boy working in a cotton farm with his parents, owned by a white family who one day, totally casually destroyed his. The lady of the house, feeling sorry for him, starting to train him to work as a helper inside the house. When he grew up, he left the household for a better future. Eventually he worked his way up and ended up being hired as a butler to the White House. Cecil then witnessed the presidents came and go, while also watching his wife (Gloria, played by the fab Miss Oprah Winfrey) struggled with her addiction and his eldest son trying to find a just in the world.

I read the reviews in the IMDb and quite surprised that the reviews are not very good. I myself really enjoyed this movie thoroughly, it was enticing, enganging and heart breaking at points (yes, i was a soggy mess when we were done, my messy eyeliners were the witness). It's fascinating for me to see the world i did not know existed, like how ridiculous it was back then when they actually separate everything for white and colored people, even clothes pegs! And it broke my heart when i see the young students being beaten up and tortured just for sitting on the white area and tried to get served. Whatta crazy crazy world.

Admittedly, the movie was quite flat as it didn't really have a peak *hey, it's a biographical movie, not a super hero one* and i would really love to see them touching the subject on when it's finally gradually became okay for colored people to mix with the whites (instead it just suddenly passed in this movie, so i was pretty confused-one scene it was still violent and crazy, and suddenly it's present day), but i still really really enjoyed it! I remember telling #Undecided that it's somewhat similar to The Help (which i've read the novel but haven't watch the movie yet), then i read the review that described this movie as a less elegant version. 

Since i haven't watched The Help yet i can't compare, but if you're a fan of biographical and historical movies, i would highly recommend this. And you'd have fun spotting lots of well-known actors (i personally thinks that James Marsden's too handsome to play JFK LOL, and i was delighted to see Lenny Kravitz haha) speckled throughout the movie!

Escape Plan
IMDb (or rather, the viewers) rated this movie 7.2 and #Undecided told me she thinks this is a good movie, so i guess i didn't fully enjoy it more to the fact that i was being abused nonstop by that annoying little kid that won't stop disturbing me more than anything else. I did find it to be entertaining and quite exciting towards the end, so either i found the first half to be a little slow or i was too angry to concentrate. I did have to ask hunny a few times "What happened?" after giving the little monster dirty looks zzzz.

Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone) is the master of jail-breaking. He does it for a living, to live in a prison-observe the holes it has-escape from it-then tell the jail keepers where they went wrong (And get paid a handsome sum for it). And one day he was offered a job that sounds too good to pass on, and he was stuck in a seemingly un-escapable master prison that he designed himself. He got tortured and couldn't get out, even after revealing himself-then he knew there's something horribly wrong was going on. He then befriended Rottmayer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who began helping him planning a perfect escape plan in exchange of his own freedom.

Two heavy weight veteran action movie stars in one film, that sounds quite ideal, yes? If i hated everything Sylvester Stallone did in his younger days, he at least didn't appalled me in his recent works. And Arnold? I dunno if he's always been like that, but that guy is hilarious! He's so funny and entertaining, i liked any scene with him better than the rest! Despite being unable to enjoy the movie fully (thanks to that mannerless family PFFFFTTTT), i still think this movie was quite an entertaining movie in all. It's nothing mind blowing, but if you have some spare time-it wouldn't hurt to catch this one.

Captain Phillips
Tears were streaming down (in huge gushes) my face by the time i finished watching this movie-and it won't stop. If that's is not an indication of how good this movie was, i don't know what is! Oh, and the movie's based in true story too!

Captain Phillip (yes, there's a real person too. And Tom Hanks portrayed him brilliantly) and his ship was hijacked by Somalian pirates in the 2009 headliners event (not that i was aware of that incident though). We followed the chilling and gripping event that follows, when the pirates-headed by a do-or-die "just a fisherman" Barkhad Adi-tried to held them hostage in exchange of serious money from the US government. I found the scenes where US Navy and the SEAL worked their way to rescue him to be super cool, wonder if it's really that cool in real life (and if the SEAL officers are as good looking as the actors who played them IRL hahaha).

This movie was not patronizing, it didn't portray the pirates as greedy (even though they are, but they have reasons to be), blood thirsty treasure seeking kind (that we see in fantasy movies all the time). They are poor Somalian men desperate for work, any work at all-including pirating. Tom Hanks played the kind-hearted, soft spoken Captain so well, when he was finally rescued (i hope i'm not giving out a spoiler? If you knew anything about this incident you'd know that he was successfully rescued back then!) his distraught self (or rather, his Oscar-worthy acting) caused the nonstop tears gushing i mentioned before. Entirely gripping, two hours went by without me noticing-i can never recommend this enough!

We're The Millers
One awesome movie after another-from an entirely different genre obviously! If like me, you enjoyed The Hangover, i'm pretty sure you'd enjoy We're The Millers as well! It's like errrr... a "family" version of The Hang Over, not that it's a more PG version though! Strictly adults only! Super hilarious!

David (Jason Sudeikis) is a veteran drug dealer (he never really changed from college really) got robbed of a week's take, and he had to make up to his boss by trying to pick "some" marijuana up from Mexico. In order to guise himself for a better odd of pulling this off, he asks help from his neighbor-a stripper named Rose (Jennifer Aniston), an innocent teenage boy and a runaway teenage girl to pose as his family.

It's one crazy scene after another, i couldn't stop laughing my ass off! Jennifer (ohhh i do love myself some Jennifer Aniston! I've always loved her since her Friends days! She's definitely one of my fave Hollywood actresses. Team Jennifer all the way! Screw Angelina Jolie! LOL) never lost her comedic timing, Jason's dry humor complimented her and not to forget-the seriously adorable (in a funny way, not in a good looking way) and clueless acting of Will Poulter! 

Three sentences to describe this movie : A MUST WATCH! If you're old enough, that is :D.

Special ID
Errrr... don't watch this. LOL. It's not as bad as Jet Li's Badges of Fury, but a pretty close one. Storyline was simple but made confusing and non-consistent, the characters were not believable and quite annoying. It was quite a painful 108 minutes and the best part was when it ended. 

Dragon (Seriously?) Chan (Donnie Yen) is an undercover police, he went so deep into his cover-sometimes he himself found it hard to recognize who he really is. One of the gangs' leader started to suspect him as not being who he pretends to be, Dragon then asked for a release from his superintended-who in turn asked him to do one final assignment in mainland China to infiltrate a "Special Identity" (whatever the hell that was) trading there as well as to investigate the rising mainland's gang leader's (who was a buddy of Dragon back in the day) involvement on the murder of another leader.

It's SO BADDDD. I actually like Donnie Yen a lot you know, i just think he needs to stick to be Ip Man *LOL*. He buffed up to his original posture (in case you don't know, he had to "slim down" for his Ip Man movie series) and i was rudely reminded that he was once played in this kind of movies all the time. Precisely the kind of stuffs that made me say "I hate action movies" LOL. Seriously, the storyline... It was weird and choppy, also quite disconnected and confusing. Not to mention the characters. Oh the characters... The super skinny female lead acted all cutesy and annoying, if there's a real police woman like that.... OMO, i feel bad for the country she's supposed to be keeping safe. And one of the villain (played by Andy On)? Ughhh, i wanted to slap his face whenever he sprouted an over-reacting dialogs in English. WTF. SKIP SKIP SKIP SKIP!!!!!

Thor : The Dark World
Thank God for Thor to end my October movie reviews on a high note! I LOVED it! I personally find it a LOT better than the first movie-which i found to be okay (so so at best). Another must see block buster movie!

Certain parts of the earth showed unusual anomaly (in London, to be precise) that was similar to when Thor arrived two years ago, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and her gang went to investigate-and she got sucked into another dimension/world. The all-seeing Heimdall told Thor he couldn't see Jane on earth, he went into a panic mode and went to earth (against his father's command) just when Jane came back-bringing something else, something powerful and wanted by the dark elves (who they believed to be extinguished, but of course weren't) wanted. He brought her back to Asgard to examine what's inside her, when the dark elves themselves attacked in order to get the mysterious power inside Jane. Thor then had to disobey his father and broke all the rules, including bringing his estranged half-brother Lokie, in order to save the worlds.

It's so good! If you're a fantasy/super hero movie lovers, you'd definitely love this! Action-packed, filled with clever and hilarious dialogs, that's another 2 hours flew by without me noticing! I also love The Avengers' references (and a very surprise-super hilarious-special appearance by ehmm... one of his buddies in The Avengers), and i especially loved Loki! Is it so wrong that i found Loki to be sexier than Thor? LOL. I mean, Chris Hemsworth's super handsome (i don't like Liam though) with super buffed body, but his character has lost all of his fun sides (in order to be a better "God" of course) while Loki was crazy as ever! I guess i find Loki sexier now that he doesn't wear all those crazy costumes, especially that stupid looking hat too!

Whether you like your guy big, blonde and super handsome or darker, naughtier and a whole lot sexier, you'll be satisfied with the eye candies! 
Chris Hemsworth
Tom Hiddleston
Phew! I'm finally done! I made a resolution on writing a review on the draft as soon as i've watched the movie because writing 10 movie reviews on one go is a lot of work (i wrote this review in two occasions though) and i will forever procrastinate doing them!

Hope you enjoyed my reviews, what movies have you been watching lately?

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  2. wow you sure watch a lot of movies ce~ ha5 aku cuman liat runner runner sama thor~ runner runner is okay for me and Thor is quite entertain with the jokes wkwkwk

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