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Hey hey everybody!

So, about a week ago we were tagged by the lovely Olin for out third blog award : Weezy Award!

I've heard about the previous two awards that we got (Versatile Blogger Award and Liebster Award) way before we were nominated, but this is actually the first time i've ever heard of Weezy Award, regardless-we're very honored of course to receive it. Thank you, Olin :D. The little note you wrote for me (us) was also very sweet! 

Anyway, rules first!


1. Make a "note" to the person who give this award.
2. Nominate 3 (or more) friends that you think they are close/good/kind/etc. to you.
3. Give a note to each of them.
4. Tag this award on those friends you chosen.
5. You can tag back if you want. 

*NOTE: The more you received this award, the more it shows that you are friendly and like to be their friend. :)

I've been meaning to do this entry for a while but... As usual, one thing that burdened me whenever i'm doing this kind of thing... is i struggle to find someone (or for most awards, a LOT) to tag hahahaha. I spoke to #Undecided about it and since i already have one person in mind to tag, i didn't really know who else to pick for the next two. Then #Undecided mentioned someone-that we both want to write a little note about-and that gave me an idea. Why don't i write one note for one person i wanted, then write a dual notes from #Undecided and i for the second and make #Undecided write the third? Sounds ideal, yes???

So the first person i'm gonna write to is obviously Oline!

Dear, Olin...
Thank you for nominating us, like i said before-i was so honored when i saw my name on that entry of yours :D. And yes, i understand what you mean by us sharing a lot of common traits. If you call it "overly-honest", might i call it "straight forward and maybe a little b**chy* LOL. I feel like i know you much longer than i actually do, given the fact that we've only met each other TWICE so far! I love talking to you through BBM and read your entries (especially your haul posts, because haul posts always makes me feel better about my own spending..), i feel like your bright and fiery soul is showing through your writing. It's explosive, cheerful, and always entertaining :). I do hope that we'll meet again soon (and hang out more often with the rest, i am so happy now that i got to know lots of like-minded people/beauty junkies that i do not feel so weird and alienish for being addicted to cosmetics coz i am NOT alone!) and good luck with your university dream!

Wogh, that was a lot longer than i intended *LOL*, always got carried away once i start writing lah. Now, moving on to the three notes we need to write. First up is my nomination :

Dearest, Shasha.
I was your silent reader for a while back then and you're one of the very first Surabaya blogger that i found (i didn't even know any existed before! LOL. Thanks to IBB now i know there are actually quite a few of us around!). When i needed some girls to help me answered a questionnaire for my Collection job, you're one of the first people that came to my mind. And as i expected (because i always believe you're a very nice and friendly person just by reading your blog), you replied promptly and helped me out within a flash. Then we finally met in person *after BBM-ing each other for a few times* on that Collection event, even though we didn't have a chance to talk to each other much that day, i am more than a little touched when you actually featured me on the list for that NailBar event! Like with Olin, i'd really love to meet you again sometime soon and hang out (with the rest of the bloggers as well) more!

Second person is the one that #Undecided and i both want to tag : Arman!

Here's my note for him :
Dearest, Arman
I am sure glad i found that link of your blog from Elrica's! I've been following your blog ever since and always read your every entries. I love every single one of them, and i love seeing you with your little family. I also want to thank you for leaving comments on most of our entries (and your comments always indicated that you actually read our entries, not just skimming it like some people would when they encountered such heavily worded entries haha) and how you always seems to say the right words haha.  Even though we've never met in person, i do hope that we all will meet you and your little family sometime in the future! Oh, you're still the only male blogger that i (we) follow :p.

Hi Arman,
It's #Undecided. Like I said before, it's always hard writing after #Pink because whatever I wanted to say, it's like she stole them out of my mouth. LOL. So please re-read her note to you and imagine that it's me saying it hahaha... Okay seriously now, thank you for always reading our blog. You were among the firsts to start dropping us comments and they helped us me to keep writing (you know, whenever I don't have the will to write - which is quite often LOL). I LOVE how you write. Simplicity speaks the loudest. And I love how dedicated you are to your wife and kids; and how cute you all look as a family. 

Last person that we would like to tag is May.

Hi May,
What can I say... You're my virtual twin soul. Hahaha... It's CRAZY how alike we are; and how alike we react towards most things. I enjoy reading your blog so much because it's like me experiencing things that I haven't really experienced in real life (like your crazy old "love story") and thinking to myself: HEY THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WOULD DO. LOL. Please continue blogging and please continue writing. Please finish Eloise: The Story because I NEED to know how it ends. One day - if time allows - I would love to meet you in person and do a writing project together LOL. That would be awesome, don't you think?
Lastly, your tweets today got me quite worried. I hope everything is a OK. Heck even though it isn't right know, please know that IT WILL. *hugs*

That's it! I hope you guys have fun reading our little notes! We wrote this on Monday but i thought it would be a great start for October (opening the month with an award tag, couldn't be better don't you think?), hope we all going to have an awesome October! Toodles!

#Pink and #Undecided (with a very pregnant A haha)

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  1. thank you so much for the award cece~ I'm very touched because of your compliment *blush* will do this tag as soon as possible! <3

    1. You're welcome Shasha :D, can't wait to read your entry!

  2. waaa thank you yaaa :)
    iya moga2 kapan2 bisa ketemu ya. gua sih pengen banget ke surabaya.. pengen makan2. huahahaha

    1. Iyahh.. come come to Surabaya, we'll show you around :D makan2 of course hahaha... :D

  3. Awwww!! I never received any award beforreeee!!! *go onto the podium and wave like miss Universe* okay, that's my dramatic person trying to come out.
    I will so write about this too. =) Wait, isn't it the rule? :D
    Thank you again, Pauline!

    1. LOL you're welcome, May... And I've read your post! Love it :)