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Hi every body!

How's your day? Mine started pretty badly but everything goes up nicely :D. My mum (who loves Singapore to death, and misses her own mum (my grand ma-who lives in Singapore) badly and when my sis and her family planned to go there to survey for a school for my nephew (i cannot believe my eldest nephew is almost 18... OMG..., i remember when he was born... i HATED him LOLOL, i was a kid myself then :p, baby of the family who hated the new baby who's gonna steal my thunder!! Of course, i love him to death now :D) and my sis asked her to join them (with my dad as well of course), she jumped to the opportunity. Even though we're already planning to go to Singapore (and JB) in June *sigh*.

Baby Boy is extremely close to his grandma, he sleeps with her (grand ma totally forbade me when i tried making him sleep with us instead upstairs zzzz) and all. His grandma left him out of town (or overseas) all the time really, sometimes for months, it has never been an issue til now, but mostly they'd just sneak out and not inform him they're leaving, sparing the drama. But Baby Boy's growing up, and he's a very sharp little boy, so even though nobody told him, he gathered the information by himself (by listening to his grandma's convos), and burst out crying last night, refuses to go to sleep (pardon his dramatics, i'm afraid he inherited it from me).

He only calmed down when his grandma told him no no, we're not going anymore. But like i said, he's a very bright boy, so he totally knew it was a ruse. I was rudely woken up this morning at 4.30 AM (seriously, i dunno why my mum wouldn't let him sleep with us last night and spare all of us the drama!), Baby Boy suddenly woke up and began searching for his grandma, sobbing his little heart out. It was extremely difficult getting him back to sleep, not to mention i am slightly annoyed that he's so sad of being left for FIVE days (okay, so he doesn't really understand the concept of time yet..), it's not like he's all alone or whatever, his parents are here, for goodness sake!!!

You know i'm not a morning person, it was hard enough for me to fall asleep the night before at 1 AM, that means i only got about three and a half hours of sleep, i had a severe tummy ache (i had too much salads and other veggies the night before, apparently too much veggies is bad...), and Baby Boy kept on sobbing quietly. Now, i know my boy really well, he's a lot like me. When he's being dramatic like this, the best thing you can do after trying to comfort him to no avail (he'd sob even harder if you do), then you should let him be. Pretend to go to sleep yourself, and he'll eventually do the same. It was hard to do just that when one of his grand parents would continuously pop in and baby talks him, the minute they do that all the water works start anew. How annoying.

It went on for more than one hour (OMG), needless to say we slept in today LOL. I only drag myself out of my bed because i had to be somewhere for my job (teehee, so weird to say that). Then i got an sms from a DHL person telling me i need a letter from BPOM (it's Indonesian medicine and food supervising  department) to get my parcel of cosmetics. Dear God, why???? It contains samples only! WTF -_____-. I was frantic and stressed out, and was told that it's common and that i should just... you know... offer them money or something. Haish!!!!

My morning couldn't be worse, i was sulking and stuffs. Then i suddenly got a surprise... My first salary's been in my account without me even noticing it! LOLOL! I'm such a cheapo that it completely cheered me up to no end LOLOL! My mood suddenly improved 1000% hahahahaha. Now, i never really got any salary before since i always work for myself, so please pardon my over reaction! I totally feel like treating myself to new things (hunny already made a beeline to get his part, yea he asked for a present LOL. Gonna buy Baby Boy new toys too!).

I was admiring a bag in Rosemary's Blackberry profile picture but i was thinking about my trips (yesterday we just issued tickets to JB/Singapore for 5 persons, i still have to pay half of the Europe trip left, and we haven't even booked hotels in Taiwan!) and told myself "Haih, no need new bags lah" (oh, did i tell you i already bought a new bag two days ago? LOL), but as soon as i saw the money in my account i immediately told Rosemary to wrap the bag and send it my way! LOL! Why not??? :p. I do need to celebrate my first salary, right??? ROFL!

Anyway, the sudden mood booster totally made my day lah haha, i'm still in a great mood now!

Okay okay, enough ramblings, you might be wondering why i named my post Loving Black if i was only going to blab about my day LOLOL... I named it that because i've been loving black a LOT lately. 

Now you know i love pink more than any other color in the world, and i love pastel and bright color like crazy, but few people knows i love black too. I think it's super sexy and mysterious LOLOL. It's just that with my face, i don't pull off black all that well :p. Not sexy or mysterious enough LOLOL. But whenever i haven't cut my bangs and they are super long that i can sweep it sideways, i feel i look much more mature (even though both #Undecided and hunny denies it and told me to "dream on") and therefore, would dress older (age appropriate -_____-) and darker. 

This post is just to show you my latest #OOTD that's dominated by black lately (you'd have seen them on my previous posts already, but not in details :D). This is my #OOTD two last Saturdays ago, before i had my bangs trimmed to a ridiculous length by Ndaru!
Black and White butterfly jumpsuit from FO in Malang, White brocade inner : online, Sandals : a shoe shop in P. Atum, Bag : my mum's (Fion), Wooden Bangle : Krishna (Bali)
I was wearing this jumpsuit that i got while i was on a trip to Malang with L and LL, it was a long time ago, LL was still pregnant back then! I hoard new clothes for years, i know i'm horrible... It's very comfortable and i love the butterfly patterns.Wore my fave brocade inner that you've seen before, sandals from my CNY set. The bag was my mum's, she gave me her bags (in bulk, and they are all moderately branded) all the time, she keeps on thinking they're too small *LOL*. This one's from Fion. My wooden bangles was from Bali, i wore it a lot and just realized that i hadn't remove the price sticker LOLOL, it was IDR 8.500 (USD 0.80) LOLOLOL.

I was trying to look darker and stuffs, and i'm also learning to do smokey eyes, so i put on a different make up than what i usually wore.
Wore a very dark blue for smokey eyes, #Undecided told me it looked grey to her
Light bronzer on my cheek and pale pink lipstick
I don't know why #Undecided laughed at me when i told her i looked mature with this kind of make up. ZZZZ. 

Second look was from last Saturday, after bangs trim. Yes, with the ridiculously short bangs i couldn't even remotely pulled off a sexy or mysterious look, but i really been wanting to wear this satin baby doll dress (another new one i've been hoarding forever LOLOL), so i decided to go slightly "dark lolita"ish. Not gothic lolita lah, my make up was soft and girly to compliment my bangs :p.
Black satin baby doll dress : random online shop, Shoes : Everbest, Necklace : online shop PO, head band : Tiffany's Bedroom (closed down already :( ), Wrapped bracelet : Naughty, Fluffy ring : Made by order (online shop, defunct already)
I love this satin dress a lot but sadly it was too short for me (seriously, Asian clothes are so short...) so i had to layer it with a black slip dress. Wore my fave pair of Everbest shoes (i don't shop for shoes too much because it'd fall apart if you don't wear them often WTF). 

I kept the make up soft and girly with pink and purple eye shadow, pinkish blush and nude pink lippies.
Bangsss, grow fasterrrrrr T.T
Showing off my cute and fluffy ring
Since i was wearing soft and girly make up, i decided to mix girly and rocker-ish accessories :p.
Wrap flowery faux skin bracelet, got it from Naughty (a cheap accessories local chain store), it was IDR 8.000 or something LOLOL, super pretty though, want to get more
Rope, faux pearl and bow LOVE necklace, bought it from random online shop (PO). This necklace is actually really long, i had to tie it halfway on the back to make it shorter
Fluffy ring, made by order in some online shop (i loved that shop, bought quite a fortune worth of accessories there), sadly they are no longer operating :(
The beaded heart head band was the same one i wore for my No Pink Valentine look, bought it from this cute little store in GM called Tiffany's Bedroom which sadly had closed down already. I just realized how most of the shops where i got my stuffs from are mostly defunct already WTF.

Oh, watched another movie today, a movie hunny's been enthusiastically waiting for : G.I. Joe : Retaliation.
I can't remember much of the first one but i think i enjoyed it (you know, the kind of movie that's fun and exciting, a totally entertaining one but it doesn't have a staying power, not the kind that makes you keep on thinking about it or dreaming of its characters *LOL*,in short : a popcorn movie) so i expected to enjoy this one too, and i did! It was really entertaining from start to finish.

This time the G.I. Joe team's been framed of comitting a crime against their own country and was (almost) eliminated completely, the survivors hunts the ones responsible for their troop's demise. This is a science fiction action movie okay, don't go on comparing it with Olympus Has Fallen *LOL*, i enjoyed them both equally. I was expecting Channing Tatum to be the star of this movie like the first one and was really shocked that he's...erm... more like a supporting actor in this movie (is this a spoiler? LOL).

Somehow like in Olympus Has Fallen, they are making North Korean as kind of a enemy in some parts (because it's a science fiction, the real villain was a monster like character lah :p), i wonder why. And again, i am a bit annoyed seeing the Asian casts. LOL. Why not casts a better looking ones?? *whining*. It's time for the world to see Asians have drop dead gorgeous actors too!

I mean, Lee Byung Hun's pretty good looking, and his body is gorgeous (although nowhere as sexy as Kim Jong Kook LOLOL, sorry i just have to) but he's not really my cup of tea. LOL
Lee Byung Hun
Don't get me started on the girl -____- (the Asian one, the one played Jaye was gorgeous). As far as the eye candy in this movie, if your taste for guys are more like #Undecided's, Channing Tatum's the answer (but he's only in a small first part of the movie...). I don't find him all that attractive personally, the only time i kinda liked him was in 21st Jump Street *LOL*. Oh, also in another movie... what was that... (BRB, googling first)  Oh, Haywire!
Channing Tatum
He is handsome but so wholesome and All-American, not really my type LOL. Oh, you'd be surprised that i actually love The Rock, i think he's funny and a total bad-ass *LOL*. I loved him especially in Tooth Fairy ROFL, big muscular guy in a fairy outfit, totally made my day.

Anyway, highly recommended pop corn movie! Go watch it, kiddos!

PS : #Undecided (and A and G)'s going to Singapore on a company outing tomorrow, i'm so jealous! They are going to Universal Studio Singapore too. Wish i could go with them (the only time i actually envy them for working at the same company LOL), just annoys me knowing that i'd be missing on all (nowadays rare) girly time (no husbands coming). Have a safe journey and have fun #Undecided, don't miss me too much when you're shopping and playing! Please try to blog about it! I am soo looking forward to read about your trip!


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  1. kasian baby boy.. miss his grandma ya... :(

    hahaha akhirnya beli tas juga ya... iya emang salary harus dinikmati kok ya... kan kita udah earn it... :D

    btw gua bingung lho sebenernya.. #pink ama #undecided itu beda orang ya?

    1. iyah tp dia nangis2nya waktu grandma nya belom pergi loh, begitu dah pergi malah ga nyariin lg and ketawa2 -___-...

      Iyaaa beli *lagi* gawat dah wahahaha

      Wahhh, baru tau ya? Beda donkkk wahahahaha, itu d profile picture nya kan ber2 tuh, yg kurus #Undecided yg bulet #Pink *LOL*

  2. You look fantastic!! I really love your cute top and that black dress is also adorable!

    Style Without Limits

    1. Thank you babe! Which top? It was a jumosuit (tyhe butterfly one) hihihi :D

  3. i love your ring and errr..channing tatum...lol....i am nominated you for versatile award...check my post about that...cheers darling..xx