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Hi peeps!!

How are ya today? I never found out until late afternoon yesterday that today's actually a holiday in Indonesia *LOL*, i'm not exactly working (only part time, as you'd know by now) so i always lost track of dates and especially public holidays. It was only when Baby Boy(who's been skipping school for three days, the first two due to the flu and the last day because his grandma deemed it to be Harpitnas *a work/school day stuck between holidays, which actually was yesterday WTF* and made him stay at home one more day)'s nanny informed me that "OMG, tomorrow's holiday again! So Baby Boy only went in once after a pretty long holiday (5 days including weekend)". 

I was like OMG, and then she continued "Should've made him stay at home ya? Lots of his school mates skipped school today". Geezh!!! Why are they teaching Baby Boy to skip school??? Definitely do not approve! Anyway i was dying to watch Oz : The Great and Powerful ever since i've seen the trailer and since it was playing already we planned to watch it yesterday, and since Baby Boy's got no school today we tote him *LOL* as well, not to watch the movie because he's clearly not ready to watch his first full length movie in the cinema, but to let him play at the arcade.

And you should know by know, hunny and i are huge movie buffs (we cannot go a week without watching a movie, except when they are showing extra crappy movies LOL), and we've watched three movies since last week that i've not write about in my entries so i thought i'd do mini reviews for them (i got a movie review request from a friend, clearly she didn't read our blog religiously since i've reviewed that movie in prior post, pfffftttt. But that boosted my ego a bit LOLOL, people actually are asking me whether a movie's worth a watch!!! - note to Indonesian readers : there is no such word as "worthed", that word simply doesn't exist LOLOL)

So here they are, according to my favorites, from my fave to the least fave :

Like i said before, i don't usually like re-makes (or that sort) but i love love love this one! Probably down to fact that i am not that familiar with the original The Wizard Of Oz (i googled and found out a lot of viewers were griping about wrong relations to the characters, etc), i've watched it once probably when i was little and i don't even remember clearly the story line or whatever, so obviously i wasn't offended with any twists or adjustments! I loved it right from the start, starting from the casting! I've always had a soft spot for James Franco ever since i saw him in Spider Man as Green Goblin, i was like "OMG, so cute!!! Who's that????" totally stole the show for me since i think Tobey Maguire is yucky LOL.
James Franco
I know he went through an insane phase (probably still), but i don't care. I think he's a very talented actor, super funny too, and very very good looking (again, i really dig guys with small eyes, eh? LOL). I also love all of the ladies that's been casted as the witches.
Closer look to the characters
My personal favorite would be Mila Kunis, always always love her. She's so striking! Rachel Weisz' super pretty as well. My least fave would be Michelle Williams (but i still like her), i think because i don't like blondes much *LOL*, and her character's annoys me a little bit LOLOL. Won't spoil it for you lah.

I find the movie highly entertaining, super funny and warm hearted. It's a great all rounder family movie (will be downloading the movie for Baby Boy, he's still in training to be a respectful movie watcher, i won't bring him to movies before he's ready because i HATE annoying kids in cinemas!!! Won't want Baby Boy to annoy other people! Bothers me so much i actually wrote a piece about it, will be posting it sometime soon), a total must watch for fantasy movie lovers!
My favorite characters are actually none of the humans, but these two :
Little China Girl
Super adorable little china girl!!! She's so cute!!! Actually she was the one that made me went nutz, clutching on my hunny's arm whenever i see her in the trailers "OMG OMG OMG, so pretty!!! Must watch this!!! When is it showing??? When? When When???". Oh, and she kicks ass too. LOL.
The little flying Monkey
The monkey's super adorable lah please!!! And hilarious!!! He's responsible for the most ROLFs moments in the movie!

Poor hunny couldn't enjoy the movie as much as i did because he was sitting next to an annoying little boy!!! LOLOL. He's been complaining since we got in "OMG, i'm sitting beside a kid. FML" Poor hunny! The kid's not that little lah actually, he's probably 8 or 9, but he couldn't sit still during the movie, keep on moving around and leaning into hunny LOLOL. Then he farted non stop!!! HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Yes, i'm kinda delighted because usually i'm the one that got that kind of distractions!!! Annoying kid that keeps on kicking on my seat, etc! Now you know how i feel, hunny!

Should i tell you a little bit about the movie? Well, it's about a carnival magician who's getting into series of troubles (because he's such a con artist and playboy!) and runaway with a hot air balloon and got sucked into another world altogether, Oz! And he was mistaken for the powerful wizard that could bring peace back to Oz by defeating the wicked witch. That's enough of a story line to get you the picture, any more and i'd be ruining the movie for you. Go watch it!

It's a Mark Wahlberg movie. That should be enough explanation. LOLOL. I just think that he mainly plays in the same kind of movies lah, don't get me wrong, i like him and his movies. You know, though guy, can never be defeated kind of role? yes, it's one of those. If you're expecting something different or shocking from him, it's not here. 

I enjoyed the movie, it was really entertaining. And like i said, i do like Mark Wahlberg. He's kinda sexy haha. He played an ex-cop turned private eye who was double crossed and framed by the mayor (played by Russel Crowe. Wonder why he keeps on playing bad guys lately? And does it so convincingly too :p). The plot was predictable and i feel like i always knew what's happening *LOL*, just with a little twists here and there. Was pretty sold by the cast, you know, apart from the two guys above there's Catherine Zeta Jones as well, so i was kinda expecting more. Don't. LOL.

The one that kinda shocked me was Barry Pepper. i didn't even know he was in this movie, heck i didn't even know he's still acting! LOL! I used to have such a big crush on him on Saving Private Ryan. He used to look like this : 
Bary Pepper-Then
I loved those piercing eyes and sexy mouth. But somehow he turned into this :
Barry Pepper-Now
OMG! WTF??? Zzzz... In this age when i usually mistaken someone as much younger than they actually are, he looks 10 years older than his real age (he's only 43. Oh, on second thought i think he looks 20 years older than his age. My dad's cuter than him). he needs botox, and he needs them ASAP. LOL.
Is this movie worth watching? Yeah, if you have spare time and you like (generic) detective movies, why not? Just don't expect too much okay! LOL. It's not boring, but it's nothing special and definitely not mind blowing.
I know, i know. It's got a lot of buzz and awards (especially that Best Actress Oscar for Jennifer Lawrence), how dare i rate it below Broken City and Oz. LOL. Hey, it's MY review okay! I'm not a pretentious person, i don't understand most arty and award winning movies, i think they are BORING! I prefer my movies to be entertaining and not head scratching, so if you're looking for a deep meaning, thought provoking movie reviews that would go on and on about the hidden meaning of the movie and artistic shot WTF, you come to the wrong place. LOL.

I don't hate it, i find it to be unusual, and quite funny too. But i don't love it. I liked the trailer but i think they already showed the best moments in the movie on the trailer zzz. 

It's about a guy who snapped and was sent into a mental institution, after he was released he moved into his parents house and try to rebuild his life (and look for the silver linings) and reconcile with his wife, he was apparently also suffering from bipolar. Then he met this trouble girl and that complicate his already complicated life further. I won't go on in case you want to watch this movie, i hate spoilers LOL.

It does have a very interesting plot and refreshing style for romcom (romantic comedy, for those of you who doesn't speak movie lingos LOL), maybe i'm just too stupid but i don't find it too funny. Especially the first half. I liked the other half better and it made me teared up a bit in the end so i obviously liked it, but not too much. It's just a bit frantic and crazy in some parts for me. My fave thing about this movie's probably the acting. High class acting by all the stars (well, you have Robert De Niro as the father!). 

I don't like Jennifer Lawrence much, she's just not my cup of tea (and #Undecided's neither because we talked about her and she also said she doesn't understand all the hype about Jennifer Lawrence) and i don't think she's pretty (no need to attack me, it's a personal preference!!!) at all. And i was surprised when they casted her as a young widow, i mean... she's 22 for goodness sake. And to me her most memorable roles were on X-Men : First Class and Hunger Games, both as a teenager. But she's good. Oscar winner good? Who am i to judge? LOL. I completely agree with Anne Hathaway's win though, her performance was brilliant in Les Miserables. 

Jennifer was very convincing as someone a bit mental, with her crazy mood swings and cold cold stares. I still don't like her all that much though, LOL.

As for Bradley Cooper, i always liked him. What's not to like?? LOL. Those big, blue eyes (oh! Finally a guy with big eyes that i find very attractive!), million dollars smile and to-die-for physique. He was always playing the same kind of roles prior to this movie though, you know, a sexy-and or rich-naughty-devil may care-playboy types? But he's very different in this movie. Very endearing, even in his craziest moments. But then again i also find Sheldon from Big Bang theory endearing LOLOL. 
Bradley Cooper
It's very refreshing seeing him take a weird, confused, dillusional and highly unstable role as this one. He was very convincing as well playing a bipolar disorder sufferer. So, i do think it's worth to watch if only for the superb acting and funny moments and the "something different" aspect.

So that's it, my first full movie reviews, i know i usually only write a little about the movies i watched. Hope i did good and didn't offend any of the stars above's fans LOL. Have a good day, dear readers!
Leaving y'all with a picture of me with my Baby Boy (again) since all i'm doing today's staying at home with him :D.

My cute little chef, he's recently losing a lot of weight after his flu, but i'm pretty sure he'll gain all those back soon *LOL*



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  1. i want to watch OZ so much! :(

    xo Sarvin

  2. oh bagus juga ya oz nya...
    btw oz the great and powerful ini bukan remake. ini prequel nya the original wizard of oz.

    1. Iyah tau kalo bukan remake tp lupa sebutannya apa, makanya ditulos that sort of things maksudnya termasuk prequel or sequel wkwkwkk... Bagus koq oz hihi