#Looxchallenge : 7 Deadly Sins (Greed)

10:57:00 PM

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Herrlooow, mah dears!

The next installment on my 7 Deadly Sins looks for Looxperiments' make up challenge is Greed (represented by Yellow) after my first look, Envy. By today i actually finished four looks already (if you follow me on twitter-it's @MGirl83, you'd know what looks i've finished so far :p) but i'm gonna write one entry for every looks :D, so today's entry's completely dedicated for Greed. 

When i first found out that Greed is represented by yellow i was hesitant if it can be worn outside the comfort of my own room (i know Wrath and Gluttony can't!!!) but after seeing the Looxperiments' example i realized that gold is actually included in yellow family color LOL, and for me personally gold is a very usable color for eye make up. Here's what i came up with :
Teehee, do i look greedy enough?
In case you're not Indonesian, yes those are real money i was holding *LOL*, a quite low valued ones, about USD 1 each LOL. 

Looks quite natural and not too crazy, huh? I personally think it's soft enough to be worn as a day look. I asked hunny if he was surprised i dolled up to go ECC (a neighborhood mini mall, not even a proper mall. #Undecided and i often meet up there to blog) because normally i wouldn't put on more than some powder and blusher, but he only said "What's the theme today? Golden girl?" LOL. Well, no hunny, but close enough LOL. 

Since it's so wearable and all, i thought i'd write a simple tutorial on how to achieve this look :D. 

First of all, base of course, you know the drill : foundation+concealer+powder. Then the (only) complicated part : eyes. 

These are the eye shadows that i used, there are two palettes shown here but i only used the yellow ones in each palette, and Daiso's gold-ish yellow pigment. 
I know most of my make up looks like toys but i promise you they aren't LOL
Also used this shimmery orange-ish light brown as accent
I used a pearly white cream eye shadow (from my usual Australis palette) all over my lid as a base.

Notice how the cream eye shadow start to crease already? This is taken almost immediately after i applied the eye shadow *sigh*, cream eye shadow seriously doesn't work on my eyes
Next, apply the yellow eye shadow from my Mika palette (that's the round palette). Interesting thing about this palette, the eye shadows' color when i first bought it is different from the actual color they initially become. So the color you see from the first look can only be used one time, as soon as you use it it'll reveal another color underneath-which is the real color because it won't reveal another layer afterward. This yellow one used to be violet-ish pink *LOL*. Really like a toy huh my make up) on top of the pearl eye shadow, the color created by the two eye shadow was very interesting, a bit neon-ish and had a slight tinge of green, but still very yellow and very vibrant.
I applied the yellow eye shadow way over the sides to create more drama. The to bling it up i applied the gold-ish yellow pigment all over my eyelids.

Then using the baby yellow from the angel palette i covered any gaps, coloring the inner part of my eyelid, blending the other colors together, and also to line under my eyes. It's my latest favorite thing to do, creating light smokey eyes with light and bright eye shadow. Totally love the effect *thank God i'm light skinned because if i'm really dark i'm afraid i might go Ganguro :p*.
Then using the orange-ish light brown on the outer crease, blending it up a bit.

Next up : black liquid eye liner.
Two to three coats of black volumizing mascara must follow :

I used peachy blush on because i want to keep the colors on the tangerine family at least *LOL*. I also wanted to use orange as a lip base but i don't have any orange lip colors. I used to think orange would never work as a lip color (on me), but then i remember i had this bright orange Red Earth cream eye shadow (i will show you in the future, i forgot to take a picture) that i never used because.. well, does one really use bright orange as eye shadow??? I really don't know what i was thinking when i bought it, probably lured by a huge discount, it must've been dirt cheap *LOL*.

I saw lots of beauty bloggers used pigments or blusher or even eye shadows as lip colors, they even used powder eye shadows as lip colors! So  thought, why don't i use that cream eye shadow as a lippie? And i was very surprised of how nice it turned out on my lips. Must look for an orange lipstick next *excuse, excuse* :p. I topped it up with E.L.F's gold colored lip gloss :
And this is the result :
Pretty nice eh? Not as pale as it'd be if i only wore the golden lip gloss
Result! (read : cam-whoring time)
Practicing duck face LOLOL
The whole outfit. Yes, that's the same tulle skirt as you've seen before. You're gonna see more of it because as i said, it's my fave skirt. Oh, also because i haven't wash it LOLOLOL. Hey, fragile material ler, cannot wash too often. And i only wore it for a few hours indoors :p.
The theme of this look is greed, am i guilty of this sin? Sure, i wouldn't lie about it. Once in a while greed does takes control over me. Most humans would have those moments, i imagine. When one wants more, more and more. When nothing's ever enough. Luckily for me, those moments aren't too many. I am blessed to be born into a comfortable family and most of the time (always) i always got what i want, so i'm never "hungry" (not literally of course, i am hungry all the time during my "diets" LOL). Bad thing about it is i'm also the least ambitious person you might ever encounter :p.

By the way, the picture i submitted for the challenge wasn't my favorite, this one below is. I think it embodies GREED to the core *LOL*, too bad it was blurry and i couldn't recreate the same pose *stupid model*
Hope you enjoy my Greed look *LOL*, next installment would be Pride! Toodles!

PS : Oh! I forgot to state, i was wearing false lashes on the pictures where i was holding the money, but it doesn't show in the pictures, dammit. It was very hard to stick on and very uncomfortable on and it wasn't even noticeable??? Grrrrrhhhh

PPS : Two more looks done!

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