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How y'all today? It's been a pretty stressful day for me, my mum's driving me nuts all day long and once she start being annoying she'll gradually become more and more annoying *LOL*. You know how mums are, they can be super duper annoying right, i'm sure Baby Boy feels the same towards me haha. 

So! Do you guys want to see what’s currently standing on my sink’s shelves? No? Whatever, I’m still showing y’all!!! :p 

The products always changing (most of them but not all of them), but this is what’s there right NOW :
They aren't pretty but necessary :p

Wah, I just realized that most of the products I have there are in pink or green color eh… I think because I am very into acne preventing and most of acne cares products use green in their packaging (wonder why is that? Hm…) and pink because… well, it’s the color I’m most attracted to all the time in any kind of things (what do you think? My moniker here’s #Pink right?). The two red thingy? Both belong to my hunny, it’s his hair gels :p. 

Anyway, I am not only showing you all the stuffs on my sink but I am also gonna show you my step by step cleaning process (I am inspired by my helpless friend *ahem, G* who uses cleansing cream all over her face, even rubbing them on her eyes to get rid of mascara etc -_____- OMG OMG). I hope most of you knows better than that *seriously you guys… :(… it’s basic, right… But so many people scares me by their cleansing routines *ahem, #Undecided’s too*, I wanna help out those of you who really are clueless when it comes to the proper *smug* cleansing steps. MINE IS PROPER OKAY!

But first, let me show you one of the most important stuffs in my sink shelve.

Those are my contact lenses kit. For those of you who doesn’t know me well in real life might not realize that I have a pretty bad myopia, you might think I wear my lenses for fun and for fashion purposes (I’ve been using colored contact lenses for super long already, and recently moved to use circle lenses because I am in love with the effect they have on my eyes) but noh! Without my contacts (or my glasses) I am blind as a bat! -7.00 on both eyes (I’m using -6.00 lenses because the -7.00 made me dizzy so my eye doctor told me to go down one size, which is normal for contact lenses users), so bad right!! 

Been using Aqua Soft brand for the solution ever since I've discovered them. Not only they’re the cheapest (big plus!) brand I’ve found in big optics (I only dare to buy them in prestigious optics please, they are for your eyes ya need the best and most trusted cares) but they are also the best so far! I’ve tried quite several brands and even the ones that priced double of Aqua Soft stings my eyes, so Aqua Soft is really true to its name lah, it’s really soft and gentle! And I’ve been buying the double pack ever since they have them, it’s a very good  value for money package! You get two full sized lens solutions (plus two contact lens cases) plus a bonus travel size solutions, SCORE! It’s really hard to find travel sized lens solutions (in Surabaya) and this comes in FREE, what’s not to love? :p.  The package priced IDR 74.000.

Moving, on. Here’s the first step in a cleansing ritual. Remove
My remover products :

Etude House Mascara Remover, Biore Cleansing Oil, Pond’s White Beauty Cleansing Milk, Pond’s Clear Solutions Shake & Clean.

Okay, have to be honest, I skip the remove step whenever I’m not wearing anything on my face. You know, if I stayed at home the whole day, then I’d go straight to step number two. But if there’s any make up on my face, even just powders, I never skip the Remove part. Whenever I am wearing any eye make up I always use an eye make up remover.  This is very essential since our eye area’s the most delicate part of your eyes, you need to minimize the pulling and tugging, and cleansing milk (G,take notice!!!) is NOT created for eye area. Keep on using them around your eyes and I’m gonna say I tell ya so when you develop wrinkles around your eyes! *annoyed*.

Most of the time I use Maybelline’s make up remover, but Etude House Mascara Remover (good enough for mascaras that means even better for eyeshadows and eyeliners because they are not as stubborn as mascara right!) was on a HUGE sale in KL last time, so I bought it (with lots of other items, the price was ridiculous there… Dirt cheap. There was eye shadows going  as low as RM 1 or IDR 3000, OMG… their clearance sale is REALLY a clearance sale, everything must go kind of sale. KL’s definitely great for shopping, but I’m not into KL clothing fashion so mostly I shop for cosmetics and bags) and turned out I really really LOVE it! Its very gentle and works really well to remove any make up I have on.

One little trick I do, after removing my eye makeup I use them to sweep all over my face to lightly remove all of my other make up, this helps the next removing step to be even breezier (I just read in some local beauty blog that doing this breaks her out, so maybe this is not for everybody, never had any problem doing this myself). This is so far my favorite eye make up remover but I won’t repurchase in Indonesia because it’s kinda pricey here, maybe when it’s on sale again :p, after all Maybelline’s does the job too and they are super affordable (and goes on sale all the time). My only requirement for eye make up remover? They have to come in this two part-style, the one with dual colored liquid that you have to shake to mix well before putting some on cotton pads. The one colored liquid ones doesn’t work as well as the dual colored ones so it’s a must in my list. (Oh, I tried SilkyGirl’s ones and I didn’t like it :( )

Next on the Remove step : cleansing oil or cleansing milk. Choose one, you don’t have to use both of them :p. My current cleansing oil is Biore’s (which I bought in Singapore way before they became available in Indonesia, I also stocked them the last time I went there, I didn’t expect them to be available in Indonesia so fast LOL) and they are my favourite! I tried a few brands already (cannot remember all of them though, but I remember using Fancl’s and even Fancl which is like much more expensive and said to be one of the experts in cleansing oil didn’t perform as well as Biore’s for me). I’ve told you before that my favorite type of make up remover’s oil type. But I do not like to use them around my eyes even  though they said it’s great to remove mascaras too, I tried to do that a few times and I HATED it, made my eyes felt really weird and I felt  oil residue the next morning when I woke up, ew!

Even though I love cleansing oil, I don’t mind using cleansing milk as well and Pond’s my fave when it comes to cleansing milk. Why do I have two types of cleansing solutions on my shelve? Because I use the cleansing oil to clean my make up brushes (and they work really well) since I cannot find a proper brush cleanser in Surabaya (anybody knows where to get them??), and my cleansing oil’s running out (only a little left so I use them exclusively to clean my brush) so I just whipped out the next cleanser in line in my er.. huge stash. (yeah, I said I’m a hoarder okay, at least I’m admitting it right!).

There’s also a third kind of cleanser, the shake and clean one also from Pond’s, they are for emergency only, whenever I am way too tired to do all the complicated steps (but still need to remove eye makeup with the special remover okay! DO NOT use this on your eyes!!!) this is what I’m reaching for. You don’t even need to wash your face afterward. But I found it drying if I use them too often, plus it’d be very uncomfortable for me to put on my skin cares after using this (and I ended up skipping them altogether, BAD BAD #Pink! Kids, don’t do this at home!).

Second step : Wash Up/Cleanse

I know that some people doesn’t do this step after using oil or milk cleanser but I’d much recommend you to wash your face after removing your make up to make sure there’s no trace of make up left on your face (they will lead to acnes and black heads! Clogged pores are a nightmare). I do not have any fave when it comes to foaming face cleanser, most of the products I used in the past did their job well (and I’ve used countless brands) and I cannot stop myself, I use different brands whenever I run out of foam cleanser *grin*. Oh, Neutrogena’s probably coming closest to a fave for me.

Right now I am using Oxy Whitening Wash. Yes, I am aware that I do not need to whiten my already pale complexion, but if you’re thinking that way you, my friend, are severely misinformed. Whitening products doesn’t work to whiten your complexion (the good ones at least, not the mercury leaden ones), they work to BRIGHTEN your complexion, as in making it clearer and help you get rid of unwanted dark spots. There.

Whenever I hear the brand Oxy I’d be reminded of my early teen years when I used Oxy pimple creams (which were super strong and drying back then, I don’t know if they’ve improved their formula now) so I was very intrigued *and a bit nostalgic* when I saw this Oxy facial wash in Singapore (are they available too in Indonesia? I don’t know) and promptly snatched them to try. Surprisingly this facial wash is really soft and gentle! I was a bit worried they might be harsh and drying (since it’s for acne treatment too, told ya I am obsessed despite not actually having acnes much) but they are not! Strongly recommended even for sensitive skins :D.

The last step (before skin care) is Tone. Always use toner to finish up your cleansing regime and prep your face for skin products, this step also helps remove any last trace of make up that might still be left on your face (even after those two steps above sometimes I found little bit of make up in my toner-laden cotton ads, and I don’t even use heavy make up!). I have two toners on my shrink shelve right now, Simple Soothing Facial Toner, which I bought in KL as well (I don’t know if this brand’s available in Indonesia? :p) and I LOVE this toner because it’s 100% alcohol free which is great because alcohol content can dry out your skin and even cause breakout for sensitive skins. It’s very gentle (yes, I do use this word a lot in this entry, but GENTLE is very important when it comes to skin products) and doesn’t sting my skin at all. 

I also have Sari Ayu Pimple Lotion (yes, apparently lotion is the same thing as a toner, I really just found that out not too long ago. So weird, I always though lotion means something like body lotion so it should be kinda creamy and milky and not in liquid form, anyone else thought the same?) that I already reviewed, I use it whenever I feel my skin’s not in a good condition and in danger of breaking out (usually during PMS), please do NOT use this daily, your skin will be dried out horribly.

So, there you have it. My step by step proper cleansing metods. I’m sure most of you should already know this steps by heart (right? Right? C’mon people, give me some hope, do NOT neglect your skin okay please). But for those of you who doesn’t, I really hope this post helps! And start doing it right! *patronizing*. LOL.

I'd love to make this entry a tag post, so if any of you have a similar kind of post (or interested to write one), leave me a link of your post and i'll include it in this entry :). Toodles!



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  1. I bought a cleansing emulsion yesterday but I'm quite... hopeless :/ do you know about it? does it work like cleansing oil or more like cleansing milk?
    Anyway Pond's products break me out BADLY. All of their products :'(

    1. i've actually never heard of cleansing emulsion before! I did some research, the said it's actually in between cleansing oil and milk *LOL*, they said you can both wipe (with cotton pads, like cleansing milk)or wash it (like cleansing oil), hope that helps! What brand did you purchase? Now i'm curious and want to try cleansing emulsion too (i'm blaming youuuu :p).

      That's too bad about Pond's product! Oh well, it really is hard to find products that works, what works in other people might not work on us! Like lova *ROFL*

    2. Wahh thankss!!! I bought the green tea cleansing emulsion from the face shop. Gotta love green tea products, they smell so nice! :D ♥

  2. Love SIMPLE products...you should try the cleansing wipenya...sukaaa..!!
    thanks for the comment on my blog dear..nail polishnya kualitasnya biasa sih, cuman skull bottlenya aja bikin pengen..haha..=D

    1. thx for dropping by babee :D... Simple available gak ya di Indo, di sby kayaknya engga pernah keliatan, nanti belanja kalo lg kelaur deh haha. iyahh, botol nya lucuhhh :D