Review : The Skin Shop Milk & Honey Body Cream

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This review's written in January 2013 but i only gotten to upload it today (too many blogging material LOL).


Do I sound hyper? Sorry :D. Actually my face’s all swollen from too much crying. No no don’t worry, I am not in any kind of trouble :p, I just finished watching The Impossible (yes it’s 2012’s movie but it’s just showing in January 2013 in Indonesia, nothing new. LOL. Only huge blockbusters would show on time here, sometimes even faster than any other parts or the world, believe it or not), have you watched it? It’s a movie starring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor, telling a family’s true story while vacationing in Khao Lak, Thailand in 2004 and the tsunami hits. It was really really good (and superb acting by both stars and the three boys who played their kids) and really really sad that I kept on crying throughout the movie *note : I cried gracefully. LOLOL. Whateva the eff that means. For me it means my blush on were still intact when I emerged :p*.
If you haven't seen it, you should!!! It's super good. I doubt it's still showing in any cinemas (oh, except if you live somewhere that shows last year's movies, that happens i know!!!), it's totally worth renting or buying the DVD of. If you don't cry watching it, you have no heart!!!! LOLOL, kidding.

Anyway, enough ramblings! I actually want to review another body care product today. With my penchant in trying different products every time, I will be flooding you with reviews. Especially body cares because I tend to run out of them the most (thanks to my hunny’s sucky skin so I need to apply a LOT of lotions on him everyday LOL).

Today I’m gonna review The Skin Food’s Milk & Honey Body Cream :
Picture taken from Google because i can never produce such a nice photo with my pocket camera hehe

I didn’t actually purchase this myself, my mum bought a bunch of TSF’s shower and body care products and she didn’t use  somehow (I am sure it’s not because she didn’t like them because when she gave them to me they were still sealed. LOL. Don’t be surprised, that’s just typical my mum. I guess she’s the kind of woman who loves to shop but most of the time wasn’t even interested in using them. On our last trip to Malaysia she went crazy for skinny pants types and bought three or four of them, the high street ones like Zara, Mango and Promod, and then quickly dump them all to me because she claimed them to be too constricting and uncomfortable LOL. I don’t mind! More branded hands-me-down, and brand new ones too!!!) and this is one of them.

I used them up *well, hubby used them more actually*
We have finished the product long ago *LOL*, more than a month ago, finished up two more bottles of body lotions since (reviews to be expected!)

The texture of this body cream is light, gel-like. 
The smell is… as it claims, mixture of milk and honey, I guess *I am quite bad at describing smells, sorry*. It’s okay for me but I imagine it might not be a hit for everybody, it can be a bit musky and strong, but then again I have a super sensitive nose so it might just be me LOL. I won’t describe the smell as yummy or heavenly, that’s all I can say LOL. But I think it smells “healthy” and “wholesome”, like you can tell that it would be good for you. Am I even making any sense now?

I found this body cream to be too rich, very greasy and makes your skin slippery :p. I thought it  was just me because my skin’s already in the normal category, but when I slather them on hubby, his skin also became very slippery and it stays slippery for a very long time *until you accidentally rub them off the sheet or something LOL* so I don’t think it’s just me then (hubby’s skin’s super dry to the point of cracking and blistering LOL).

Since I do not like very greasy feeling I usually put them only on my legs which needs more love *it tends to be a tad drier than my arms* and I love how it adds a sheen to my legs making them looks *ahem* sexy :D. But really, I don’t really like smelling like it when I go out, since it’s so strong and might clash with my fragrances, so I mostly wore them at home when I wasn’t going out.

I found them very moisturizing, but probably more suitable for people with dry skin *like hubby, I saw some improvement when he used this, but then he took one shower using Lux body shower down stair and just like that, his skin’s totally ruined again. Back to square 1 FML* or people who doesn’t mind the greasy and slippery feeling :p.

Would I buy this again? Err.. maybe the body lotion type? It’s bound to be less greasy, right? All in all, it is quite good in terms of moisturizing (and giving sexy sheen). I’m not crazy about the scent and greasiness, but I think it’s still worth a try :D. Hope you found this review useful!

I am feeling a bit under the weather, my eyes are puffy and my double eyelids are super huge right not (only happens whenever i'm sick or about to be sick, dammit) and they feel swollen zzzz. Looking at pictures of my past travels makes me feel better, i cannot wait until April!!! Traveling again soon!!! Leaving y'all with a picture of me at The Venetian, Macau, in 2011, i miss Macau! Watching recent Running Man episodes shot in Macau makes it worse! I will be back, Macau!



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  1. the movie sounds great!
    looking forward to try this product x

    1. thank you for dropping by, sweetie :D!

  2. Jadi body cream ini ga cepat terserap kulit ya? :O

    1. Iyahh kalo pengalamanku pake sih gitu, tp moisturizing kok, cm ga tahan sama licinnya hehehe

    2. Hm... aku paling ga suka yang licin gt... jadi kayak berat ke kulit, apalagi kalau lagi cuaca terik... Sayang bgt, pdhl kombinasi susu dan madu kesukaannya ;'(

    3. Iyahh,sama, toss dulu hehehehe. Aq jg suka bgt milk n honey, tp yg ini baunya jg agak2.... hehehehe. Saking licinnya kalo abis duduk di lantai lantainya lsg licin2 juga :p

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  4. Something new to try, I'm glad I stumble upon you webpage, thanks for sharing.