IBB February 2013 Make Up Challenge : No Pink Valentine

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Heyyy guysss…

Like I said before, one more make up challenge to join :p, it’s IBB’s February 2013 Make Up Challenge : No Pink Valentine. 

I know Valentine has passed, but I personally feel like Valentine’s effects can be felt all through February hehe, and as you already know my actual Valentine’s actually went quite… Pink-ey :p (read here *link*) and the entry for the look is coming up next, for this challenge especially I created another look that is partly inspired by my real accidental Valentine look with tweaks here and there obvi. So here it is, my No Pink Valentine Look :
No Pink product used at all but i cannot do anything about my pink camera :p
My niece took such a close picture of my face you can see broken capillaries on my cheek =X

I think I’m gonna call the look “Romantic Victorian Valentine” LOL. I was extremely inspired by the romantic Victorian feel. To be honest I chose the outfit for this look first (as usual, always going all out with the whole outfit to complete the look) and work on my face accordingly, I think it always helps if you already have a look in mind to be the centre of your whole creation. So I knew right from the start that I wanted to work with soft baby blue colors and the likes. 

I must stress *again* that I join this challenge for fun, and it’s probably going to be a regular thing, if they keep on having this challenge I probably going to continue joining even though I most probably will never ever win *LOL* but that really doesn’t matter for me, winning’s not the goal for me *extremely non-competitive person* I just really enjoy doing it :p. And I am also very pleased to be getting so much positive feedbacks (both from my real life friends and from complete strangers who are kind enough to read this blog) on my tutorials, they mostly said that my tutorial’s very simple and easy to follow. But that’s probably because I am not capable of doing a complicated look anyway, LOLOL.

Okay okay enough ramblings, here’s the step by step tutorial on how to achieve this look.

Step one : Face.  
Face : TSF Lemon Foundation+Clinique concealer (for under eyes)+DHC concealer (for any redness and imperfection)+Pigeon pressed powder (to set under eye concealer)+Clinique two way cake (to set the foundation). 
Face after foundie+concealer+powder

Step two : (the complicated part) Eyes. 
Pink Kiss eye shadow duo+Australis crème eye shadow palette+Maybelline eye shadow trio+Dior Liquid Eyeliner (black)+Maybelline Volum’ Express and Hyper Curls Volum Express Mascara+unbranded black eye liner pencil in Black+eye lash curler (there’s no rules against using pink tools right??? LOL)
I used my Australis crème eye shadow in bright pearly blue (lower row, far left in the palette) all over my eyelid (about 7/8 part of your entire eye area), leave your brow bone area bare. 

Gorgeous color, too bad crème eye shadow alone doesn’t work on my eyelid.

Then I used the pale bluish mint from my duo eye shadow on top of the crème eye shadow, they created a pretty soft turquoise color.

I put on the pale green color from my Maybelline trio eye shadow on the inner part of the lid, stopping half way (they created a shimmery, Mermaid green color) and on the other half I used the sky blue from the duo eye shadow palette. Don’t worry if the color smudge to the lower part of your eyes because we would apply some colors there too. 

Next, I applied the pale lavender color (from the Maybelline trio) above the previous colours, only slightly, then use the white pearly color from the same palette to fill in the brow bone for definition. Blend blend blend, don’t let any obvious line between one color to another. Use the pale green color again spraringly under you eyes for a soft and shimmery smokey eye look. 
In all of the pictures above i had not put on the green color under my eyes :p, sorry i forgot.

We’re done with the eye colors, next essential step is the eyeliner. I always use liquid eyeliner to line my eyelid, make a thick line, drag the line slightly down to create a puppy eye effect, line longer than your actual eye.

Then line the waterline with black eyeliner pencil from outer corner halfway in. Leave the other inner half bare (they already got the shimmery green color from the eye shadow I used earlier). We’re done with the eyes!

Final two steps : Cheek and Lip. 

I used my Etude House (old packaging) peach blusher on the apple of my cheeks and complete the look with Guardian House Brand Strawberry tinted lip balm on my lips. The balm color’s actually cherry/strawberry red but because of my natural lip color they appeared kinda fuschia, I freaked (NO pink, remember???) so I applied my Oriflame ruby red lip stick on top to make it redder. 

Ta dahhhh, we’re done! My niece Bb said my eye make up was very Mermaid-y, which I took as a compliment because I love mermaids :p. Lots and lots and lots of cam-whoring pictures ahead, sorry for picture spamming because i really love the end result :p.

For the outfit, like I said before, I chose the outfit first.. I wore this pale blue, slightly grayish and minty (horrible at describing colors as well as scents) tulle (one of my favorite fabric other than chiffon, they always manage to  make one look effortlessly dreamy and romantic in my opinion) dress from Zara that I bought in Singapore years ago (but this is only my second time wearing it, too much clothes too little time to wear) and pair it with a thick knitted (it’s kinda cold in Surabaya lately, a complete opposite of CNY only a week ago when it was super hot and humid) bolero with a cute heart shaped button, also bought in Singapore years ago :p.

To complete the look I put on my heart shaped, white beaded detailed hear band and tote my floral Anna Sui look-a-like purse. Sorry for unsightly lines and bulges, I wore a short pants underneath the dress because it was quite sheer, I guess I wore the wrong pants and didn’t realize it LOLOL.

So, that’s the whole look! Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating the look, toodles!     
My niece Bb (can you believe she's 12??)-me-#Undecided at Bakerzin GM yesterday night


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