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Heyllowwww everyone!

Again, I decided to join a challenge, but this time it’s not a make up challenge but an outfit (or nail, but I’m horrible at nail arts so that’s not gonna happen) challenge, still hosted by Looxperiments, here’s my look for #Looxchallenge : Retro.

I hope I’m not boring you with my two days in a row cam whoring session LOL, it’s just that the submission date’s deadline’s approaching and I still want to do another (IBB’s make up challenge) look with a looming deadline as well, so need to get this one out of the way. Actually you need to only submit your photo via twitter for this #Looxchallenge, but come on… where’s the fun in that? I need to explain the whole concept and items one by one :p. 

So, since the challenge is Retro, I dug out my massive massive wardrobe. I don’t know if you know already, but not only I hoard brand new clothes, I also hoard lots and lots of hand-me-downs from my mum and sisters (sister and sister in laws). Some of the stuffs they gave me were like, worn once or twice or even brand new (because it didn’t suit them), but some of my favorite’s actually the super old (but still in perfect condition) ones because they’d have another aura around them LOL, coz they really did com from another era, you see! 

I got my inspiration for this look from this style

Actually I just googled this image to match the style I have in my mind *LOL*, luckily I found one that represents my imagination *grin*. Not so much the pattern or colour, but the silhouette it a spot on. 
Right? The fitted top, the flare skirt
Even the shoes' i got quite right also right? *say yes, people!!!*

For this Retro look, almost everything I wore were really retro haha.
Guess which part of my whole outfit's vintage?

My skirt is kinda new-ish, I bought it myself, but it’s also a few years old. I even think I got them before I got married LOL so it’s more than 6 years old? I’m not too sure though. I love the silhouette of this skirt, definitely one of my fave type of skirt. I’m really loving it again lately, and I also see them everywhere so I guess it’s going back in trend? That’s why you should never throw out any staple pieces from your wardrobe (not talking about tattered tee shirt or worn out jeans okay) because you’d never know when they are coming back in fashion *grin widely*.

The top is super old, it’s my mum’s from a very long time ago (not sure when), I wouldn’t be surprised if this top is older than me LOL, my mum-like me-has the penchant on holding on to some stuffs for sentimental values or other reasons :p. I thought the top is super pretty with lacey and girly sleeves, it’s a bit too short for my liking though because my arms is gigantic, I’m not 100% comfortable wearing clothes with such a short arms part, especially because this time I was super bloated (period running late, the later the period comes the more bloated I got, hikhik) so I look a little bit hulk-like but whatever, for the sake of giving this challenge a 100% I did it anyway :p.

Another special part of this top is the side parts that are also lacey and completely transparent *LOL*. You already know I wouldn’t do a look that I wouldn’t bring out (except maybe my Drag Queen look), so I did go out with my family (the pictures were taken two days before CNY, my brother’s family came from Banjarmasin so we all went to GM to have dinner with them) in this outfit. I kinda forgot that the sides were see through and I was wearing a navy bra *LOL*, by the time I realized it I was too lazy to change to another bra :p. 

My sis in law pointed out when we were having dinner that I should wear a stick on bra or something *honestly, I didn’t really listen to her, I have a habit of blocking people of when people bore me out ROFL, sorry CL!* and it got me wondering, what kind of bra did my mum wore it with??? Was stick on bra already available twenty years or so ago? I asked her and her answer was “I didn’t even realize that it was see through” LOLOLOL. So typical of my mum.

Anyway, for a more authentic retro look, I put on this oldish patterned head band (it’s brand new though) which I didn’t wear to GM because it was in the middle of the week and I don’t want to overdress and risk people staring (happens all the time). 

The bangle i worn (i forgot to take a proper picture of the bangle, sorry) is also retro okay, it belonged to my sister, it's definitely more than twenty years old :D.
I also tote a genuinely retro (I mean old LOL) bag from Toscano Italy. Also belonged to my mum. My mum’s a horrible hoarder too, and her weakness’ bags (and shoes), all of her bags are branded and whenever she got bored or felt that her bag’s too small for her (seriously, your bags seems to get bigger and bigger as you got older, it’s real! My mum’s bags nowadays are LV speedy large and the likes) she’d hand it to me and of course I’d happily accept (I don’t buy branded bags much, I feel guilty to spend so much on a bag, so far my most expensive buy is small-I suddenly forgot the type-LV bag, and yes I only own one LV bag (oh!!! Popincourt!!!!), I felt slightly less guilty when i bought (actually hunny bought it for me) Furla Candy bag because it’s so much more affordable than an LV.

A proof that the bag is genuinely OLD :

The inner flap’s skin starting to flake, in the picture the condition’s much better already because hunny polished it with a special conditioner that can be used on leathers. I like to describe it as a body butter for bags LOL. Added wide braided belt to emphasize my waist, it’s not new lah been having it in my wardrobe for awhile (got it from The Executive on sale), and my shoes you must’ve seen tons of times because it’s one of my fave shoes, got it at Everbest, also on sale (Buy 1 Get 1, as in my mummy Buy 1 then I got the free 1 loh :p).

Moving on to face, it’s not a make up challenge but why going half way right? The face should also look the part :p. I attempted to create a pin up girl look with dark eyeliner and a red lips hehe, modern version of course :p.
Something like this, clean face, heavy eyeliner and red lips

Started with my usual routine of TSF Lemon foundation (wonder why this called a foundation since it’s super sheer and has an almost non existent to light coverage, LOL), powder, concealers. Next is eyes : I want a clean eyes so I just put on this nude (slightly yellowish) cream colored Courreges to eliminate any redness on my lid. The colour’s blended so well to my eyelid it’s actually looked like my skin only a tad brighter, exactly my goal. Then I line my lid with my usual black Dior liquid eyeliner, drawing a slightly thicker line than usual to channel my inner pin up girl *LOL*, winged it very slightly because I wasn’t in the mood for a dramatic make up :p.
Wah, it matched my current nude nail color

Most of the pin up girls looks seems to keep their skin porcelain *think Ditta Von Teese*, it sure looked like to me they are not wearing any blush on? But I cannot skip my beloved blush on ritual, so I just slicked on my peachy Etude House (old packaging) blush on, probably immediately failing the whole pin up girl reference? LOL. Whatever lah, it’s MY pin up girl version anyway :p. 
Last but not least I put on my red lippies (the same Vision lipstick that I wore in *link* IBB Must Have Red make  up challenge, come to think about it right now it’s probably reddest lippie in my collection if not the only LOL) to complete the look. I used to sparingly as not to scare my family or something, so the end result I must say… a modern-toned down pin up girl? LOLOL. I will try a more true pin up girl look next time okay :p.
This is not related to the challenge at all, but I just got home from a movie date with hunny, we watched It’s A Good Day To Die Hard. Have you guys watched it?

I have no opinion for this movie *LOL*. I can’t even say whether it’s good or bad *channeling #Undecided*. I won’t say it’s bad coz it’s not that bad, I wasn’t at all bored during the movie. But I can’t say it’s good either coz well, I think there’s barely any storyline in this movie LOL. I think mostly we just watched people chasing each other, gunning each other down, crazy car race with lots of cars and buildings destroyed, and that covered about all :p. I found myself went “huh? It’s finished already?” since in the whole movie I kept on waiting for a climax, or maybe because all the scenes seemed like a climax so it was really underwhelming when it’s over? LOLOL.

Sorry ah for Die Hard lovers, I really don’t get it. I didn’t even watched the first ones, only watched the one before this and this one so I’m lost. But I slightly remember the one before this was much better in the story area? At least I felt like I was watching a movie, not a parade of action sequences *LOL*. But in the casting area I prefer this one because there’s an eye candy for me here. The guy who played Bruce Willis’ son, Jai Courtney. 

I don’t like Caucasian guys all that much (in looks department, no racism here okay! I just prefer Asian guys), but of course any handsome guys (Caucasian, Black, whatever) are really welcome to any movie :p and I will always point it out hahaha, heads up for my fellow ladies right (so you’d know not to say no when your guy wants to watch an action movie, you can entertain yourself by concentrating on the cutie on the screen LOL). Movie stars are supposed to be good looking mah? He has a killer body and  his biceps were really to die for okay LOLOL. I just googled (to find out his name) and apparently he was the bad guy in Jack Reacher. Funny I didn’t find him to be that good looking in Jack Reacher, I guess Tom Cruise stole the spotlight (Tom Cruise’s handsome at any age, even my 12 years old niece Bb gushed about Tom Cruise all the time LOL) and maybe because Jai didn’t wear a tight fitting clothes there ROFL. 

That’s all for today! Only #Pink can drag a one photo challenge into a super long entry, eh? LOL.







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