Bali Last Day (Road To Surabaya)

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Hellowww everybody!

How are ya doin today? How's the weather in your place? It's super damp and hot in Surabaya in the last tree or four days, today's the worst so far, i am heap of soggy mess -__- even though i'm doing nothing but cooped myself in my room with the air conditioner on a full blast, it's not really cooling at all huhuhu.. Okay enough complaining, better than being flooded i guess. Oh yeah, since i am an over enthusiastic newbie in IBB group, i will post more beauty related products from now on, i hope you don't mind, it's very exciting for me hihihihii. 

I actually wrote this yesterday and was about to say this : #Undecided would probably be missing for a bit since she's sick (still), nothing serious don't worry, just a bad flu case *which happens to me every other month, now she knows how i felt, deafness to one ear and all*, and she's also very busy at works as well. But apparently she managed to make a (rare) appearance yesterday, must be honest and admit i was (pleasantly) surprised when she informed me she'd be writing yesterday so i happily postpone uploading this entry to today :).

Oh, i have a little secret to tell y'all, we (my family) recently got a (superstitious) tip from my dad's relative from Hong Kong, you should buy a small amount (or big, even better) of gold a day before Chinese New Year and it (the gold, your wealth) will multiple many times on the next year *grin*. Yeah yeah most of you would probably dismiss it as a hodgepodge but i don't mind (told ya i', big on tradition) and was planning to buy a necklace charm (since my mum said any kind of golf will do as long as it's gold), but just now she called and insisted me to buy a solid gold instead. Kept on saying it's better, it's better. Says who??? Says herself lah. How annoying. She's so annoying zzzzzzzz. Control freaks are abundant in this family, everything must go their way, they'll never take no for an aswer. FREAKING ANNOYING!!!!!

Okay okay, you must be wondering why the title is Bali Last Day if i'm going on and on about all kind of nonsense, sorry. I'll start with the final day (finally!!! A month after the trip ended the report finally finished). I wrote this weeks ago according to my feeling and condition on that day :). Please enjoy!

Bali Last Day (Road To Surabaya) starts here :

I am a little pissed at hunny because he just ruined my diet. Specifically told him “don’t bring me food, I’m on a diet” (because if you put yummy food in front of me I will eat it lah, cannot say no zzzz. That’s called gluttony. ZZZ) and he brought home… fried duck… one of the kind of food that I can never resist (other than steak and McD and rendang, FML). He said when I am sick I cannot diet coz I’d never get better (I am always sick whenever I got back from a vacation. And I know I’ve been back for two weeks already but that’s the point. I cannot get over a flu less than three weeks or so FML), and in the end I overate (because obviously fried duck and hot sambals goes with fluffy white rice what…). HUHUHUHUHUHU. Another (fake) diet ruined. Pfffttt, story of my life. Whateva.

Moving on! It’s the final entry for my Bali vacation! In fact it is not quite Bali anymore because I left Bali shore before noon…  

My mum asked what time do we want to leave? Dawn? And I was like… why??? We’re just going home and there’s no time limit at what time we should arrive. And we’d be super tired when we got back, why should we suffer another day (that last night, wouldn’t get enough sleep if we had to leave at dawn, right!!!) if the end result would be the same? I said : why don’t we enjoy the hotel, have breakfast (she complained if I don’t order breakfast in hotels, but she wanted to throw away the breakfast we actually got? Hmmmm…. I don’t understand this logic) and then leave, and if we reach home by midnight (which we didn’t, it was around 9.30 or so) so be it! And thankfully that’s what we did *victory*.

So we had breakfast, do toilet business (HAHAHAHAHAHAH, very important you know!! You don’t want to need to go on the road! Yucky yucky yucky public toilets awaits you! EWH! Better do your business in nice toilets while you still can) and finally left the hotel around 10. Sorry, no OOTD coz I looked like hell. Miscalculated my journey outfit (again), this time it’s very comfortable but it’s supposed to be a sexy mini dress, which would be perfect for a day in Bali but so wrong for a long road trip, especially when you had to climb the ferry’s stairs and all! I had to layer it with my monkey-patterned shorts (which is super comfy I deemed it to be my sleeping short and am wearing it right now LOL) so the whole look was… super unpresentable lah. I probably looked like a crazy person.

Anyway, the road was clear and pretty empty on the way back, and I was a bit nervous approaching Gilimanuk harbor because I heard rumors about it being super jam-packed and stuffs but it turned out to be almost deserted *LOL*. Thank God! We “hopped” on the ferry straightaway, even faster than when we came to Bali (oh, and met super nice and friendly policeman there. Restored my faith in humanity a little bit). This ferry’s a lot smaller than the one we rode in,but much better for me!!! The stairs wasn’t scary and it was not so crowded. I wasn’t as stressed out as the ride in (but still stressed out lah) so I managed to take a few pictures to show you the inside of the ferry.
Look at disgusting bugs on the windows -____-
Baby Boy always looks so much more handsome when i took his picture without him realizing it, he won't start posing weirdly :p

Obviously it’s nothing like jet foils you take to and fro Macau-Hongkong and nowhere near the ferry I once took from Singapore to Batam *LOL*. It for once doesn’t have an air conditioner and they blasts dangdut songs all the time T.T… poor me. I was still hot (but not as hot as before) and bothered so I pulled out (again) my trusty fragrance mist and began spritzing myself. LOL. I think I found a ritual to calm myself down. Note to self : always carry a fragrance mist whenever I possibly going to encounter stressful situation :p. You guys might want to try it too, it works! Really! A nice one that you like okay, not disgusting ones or you’d gag even more LOLOL.

Was not stress-free enough to take pictures outside so I sent hunny to do so and he *surprise!* did a decent job! Lemme show you!

He went artsy fartsy and shot some panoramic ones too LOL
Oh then I suddenly realized that my lipgloss matches my nails and had to take a picture because the lighting was so good, wow gel polish’s really durable man, I went through packing and travelling for more than a week by this time and not a single chip. LOL. Do I start to sound like a gel polish evangelist? Should get someone to sponsor me gel manicures ROFL.

Not so necessary picture but i want to show it off anyway :p
He stopped doing this when i whipped out my camera so i made him re-enact it LOL
Then we arrived at Java island again and it’s time to continue our journey… The road trip back was more bearable because I got to listen to my songs and sang along (I can sing for hours and not realize it, suddenly a few hours went by! Great!) unlike the journey to Bali where I had to listen to my mum’s old Chinese songs FML. Niiiii wennnn wooo aiiiii niii youuuuuu duooooo zennnnnn…. *going stark crazy*

We had quite a few stops obviously (me and mummy competing on who peed the most often), lunch etc, but the quite mention worthy stop was dinner at a small town called Bangil. The town’s specialized food apparently was mutton (okay I just googled the difference between goats and sheeps, and then lamb and mutton, and I ended up really confused pfffftttt). Everywhere we looked, the restaurants and depots all offered muttons. We ended up in a restaurant called Cairo.

I was still very full so I just had chicken satays (which were huge, we were really taken aback when it first arrived because we’re used to much smaller, less than half on size, satays back in Surabaya).
Huge ass satays. Too bad i do not have Surabaya satays pictures to compare

Hunny’s meal was much more interesting, true to its name (Cairo) it served Arabic influenced foods (did I ever mention that I love Middle East and Indian food? I love exotic foods! And I love spices as well. Huge fan of Briyani rice), including this Nasi Samin (apparently it’s a special dish from South Sumatra which was influenced by Arabic food) :

Very nice! Very fragrant and rich in taste. And the mutton was good too, it wasn’t smelly at all. When hunny asked the waiter what nasi samin is he said it’s like a fried rice but with curry paste. But I don’t think it tasted like curry, it was different and pretty special. Definitely worth a try if you ever encounter one! (or you’re visiting Bangil, then you should try this)

The restaurant itself was pretty unique because it also serves as a Kopiah (Moslem men’s headdress) and Moslem veils/hood shop. And the owner wore an emerald green er.. dress? Sorry I don’t know how to explain it… I think it’s Arabic men dress or something but it really was eye catching LOL.

Then we continue our journey and there’s nothing else worth mentioning :p. I was obviously relieved and happy when we reached home *kiss the ground*. Guess what I did once I reached home (other than took a shower, obvi)? I slap on my Acnes mask again! Haha… and plucked my eyebrows  (seriously bushy and overgrown after only a week of not plucking them zzz) and shave LOL. I finally felt like a human again (I somehow feel like an ape of some sort whenever my brows are overgrown). And that’s the finale of my Bali trip! I cannot wait for another trip ASAP! Miss travelling already! 2013’s gonna full of it! I promise!


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