Looxchallenge : 7 Deadly Sins (ENVY)

11:26:00 PM

Heyllowww again...

Yeah, it's #Pink again, it's #Pink almost everyday *LOL*. #Undecided gone missing again, i asked her to write yesterday and she was like "nothing to write *sulk*" LOL. What do you expect? It's #Undecided after all *sigh*. Ok lah no problem for me, as long as you guys don't mind "seeing" me (almost) everyday anyway *LOL*.

How's your day? Mine's quite good, but i did something stupid this afternoon. I dropped my Australis palette. Huhuhuhuhu *sobs hysterically, pulling own hair*. I'm always careful, especially with my precious palettes, but i'm naturally (super) clumsy, what can i do? The drop didn't break the outer shell but totally dislocated one of the "shelves" and cracked one eye shadow and one blusher. Now they are fff...uuuhh....ggghhh....lyyyyy HUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUU *crying and screaming like a Banshee*. Umph... sorry, i just hate ruining (or missing) my stuffs :(. 

Anyway!!! It's time for another make up challenge hihihihi... Looxperiment's again, and it's super special because there are actually SEVEN different look you can do (one or more!), it's called Make Up Looxchallenge : 7 Deadly Sins. How cool's that? I seriously love those make up challenges, it's making me love my make up more and more, and i get to play with them a lot more now *coz i have an excuse now, joining a challenge! LOL*. I always love make up but sometimes (ok most of the time) i got lazy to put on complicated make up, or i got stuck in a rut (using the same colors over and over again). These make up challenges makes dolling up super fun again!

I actually really want to do all 7 looks, but i'm not sure there's enough time (because i'd only do one look in one day max, i do not fancy the idea of putting them on and taking them off then putting another look on over and over again, that's gonna stress my skin! Okay, that's a lie, i'm just too lazy lahh) so i think i'm gonna do... four? I dunno, we'll see we'll see *LOL*. I did one today, and i chose to do "Envy" for the first look. Envy's represented by green (hm... green with envy i guesss??? LOL). 

Err... i find it hard to upload this picture... Because all of the examples done by Looxperiment's girls are pictured with appropriate poses *LOLOL*. I don't do any other poses *as you can see from all of my pictures, i repeat the same poses over and over again ROFL* than trying to look cute (LOL) and i feel weird and stupid doing all of the "supposedly envious" facial expression *bad actress, bad model*. Hayah, i saw my own pictures and i wanted to slap myself because i look so annoying and bitchy hahahaha. Whatever lah, here it goes...
OMGGG so annoying grrrrrrr, who's that stupid biatch??? Oh... right.... that's me ROFL. So sorry for the idiotic and annoying expression, i just want to do it right LOLOL. Actually i'm such a bad model, i think if i do Pride the expression would be pretty much the same LOLOL. 

Okay lah, showed you such fugly pictures of myself (for the sake of the challenge-consoling self, i will post nice pictures of myself to counter balance it lahh *excuse, excuse, anything to post cam-whoring pictures*. 
Still unfriendly-non smiling poses, but at least not as horrible as the first two lah hor?? I'm actually having a hard time interpreting "envy" since i'm naturally not an envious person. I have many flaws and bad qualities, but i can safely state that envious is definitely not one of them. I hardly ever envy anyone or anything. Sure, i often envy skinny girls for their bodies (especially the ones who can eat a horse and still be as skinny as a stick), but other than that... Hmph... No. I'm the type who'd be super happy for you if any good fortune befallen on you, i'd be cheering like mad and be super stoked as if the good fortune's my own. Eh, if i like you lah, if i hate you then i wouldn't care lah (still wouldn't be envious though, LOL).

Lemme talk a bit about the make up colors i used, okay? I used three different green colors on my eyes. A pearly green cream eye shadow (Australis) as a base, followed by a slightly blue-ish mint on top (unbranded eye shadow, got it from Sogo as a package, don't remember if there's a brand there) all over the lid, then darker crayonish-green from the recently smashed Australis palette on the outer corner of my eyes, creating a sharp V shape (to make my eyes looked meaner). Then eyeliner and mascara as usual lah.
Looked so innocent here ROFL
Wah, fish eye effect LOL. PS : the dot beside my nose's a mole, i got it removed but it grew back, i need to do laser treatment one more time. Need to explain because people often mistaken it as a zit -___-
On the brow bone i used a very pale grey eye shadow from the Australis palette (yeah, it's the color that's got smashed, i am too stingy to throw it away, i put all the broken pieces in a container :p. I saw Youtube gurus videos on how to restore broken eye shadows, i might try it). Used a reddish blush on because, well because it was the color that was smashed as well *LOL*, i used a blush brush to clean the palette and used the left over color on my cheek LOLOL.
On the lips i used Givenchy lip color duo that was my mum's. She used up almost all of the dark plum liquid lipstick but left the clear gloss untouched (my mum doesn't wear lip gloss, obvi) and gave it to me. I kinda scrapped out whatever color's left on the tube because i wanted to use a dark plum lipstick (i forgot i have this or i'd have used it on my Twilight inspired look). OMG, i made myself sound so stingy and all haih...
As usual, i dressed up to theme as well *LOL*, just this old simple and comfortable green baby doll dress.
I actually went on a movie date with hunny in this look (thank God for my fringe, they conceal a lot of my eyes area so the crazy eye shadow's not too exposed LOLOL). We went to watch Warm Bodies today.
I kinda like it! I think it's hilarious :p, the leading (zombie) guy is so stupid *ROFL*, i love the stupid self dialogs he had with himself. It's a teen movie lah, but i do enjoy myself some teenage flicks here and there. And it's got an unusual plot, making zombies as their leads LOL. It's not your typical zombie movies, it's funny and kinda romantic (in a teenager way of course). It's nothing like Twilight, i assure you. The zombies doesn't pose and act pretty like the vampires in Twilight movies, mostly they looked stupid hahahahaa... 
It's nothing special or super great or whatever, but it's quite entertaining! I'm a bit embarrassed though because i kept on laughing but seems like not many people get the jokes in the movie *sad*, because it was hilarious actually! I'm sure #Undecided would've laughed along with me if she was there, sadly not many people share our sense of humor *sigh*...
I also did some shopping again today *sigh*, couldn't resist sale sections...  

That's it for today! Gonna blog for other looks on this 7 Deadly Sins series, please stay tuned :D!

PS : wogh, i already posted this and then remember, i wanted to tell y'all that i finally learn how to put on fake eye lashes!!! Finally got my hand on the lashes and i just stick'em LOLOL. Here's a picture of me trying it on in one eye :p
Wahahaha... i love it, i'll try to use it this weekend :p

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  1. lol.lucu posenya...hehe..
    oh ya, iya, coba deh blushnya, for more info about the product, pls check


    for the preview of the product, spy kamu bisa pilih2 yang mana yang cocok...=D
    koleksinya bagus2 lho...tapi blushnya cuman 1 warna kalo ga salah...
    selamat hunting...kalo ga ada, di amazon.com pasti ada...

    kiss kiss