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Hi guys!!!

Remember I told y’all I joined Indonesian Beauty Blogger group and how excited I was by their warm welcome and support? I found another awesome group called Girl Inspired Group, it’s a wonderful group for any bloggers, so it’s not limited to only beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers or whatever, which is awesome since I’m basically a lifestyle blogger (who is very into beauty thingy that’s why I write so much about beauty lately). I was super glad I joined this group since its members are super amazingly warm and supportive! And to thank GiG for being so great to me I decided to join their fun tag, this week’s called GiG movie awards, and that’w why I am creating this entry :D.

First of all, I’m actually really nervous because I’m super new at this blogging world, I’ve joined a few challenges in the past month as you know, but all of them were for local bloggers only. This time it’s an international challenge, and I saw some of the entries and they were all ah-may-zing! I only have one day to do this, I’ve no preparation of whatever, and as you also know-I do not know how to edit my pictures *technologically challenged*, but I decided to wing it and create this anyway, because I cannot let such a fun tag pass me by! So please be gentle with me *flinch*. 

Since the theme is Movie and I get to choose my favorite movie, the first thing that came to my mind was (obviously) Twilight. I told #Undecided I wanted to do a Twilight’s Vampire look and she said “Do an Asian movie since your face’s so Asian”, I was like -____- OMG this #Undecided really doesn’t know the meaning of “inspired by” eh? Zzzz… But me being me, I swayed a little. I thought about doing a look for Memoirs Of A Geisha instead (I’ve been told I look like a Geisha a lot whenever I dress up in certain ways LOL), but Sayuri’s got blue eyes and I do not have blue contact lenses, so I discard the idea and convinced myself to do Twilight like my first instinct told me to.
I also have no red (for the bad vampires look) contact lenses or light honey brown (for the "vegan" vampires look) *my current contacts are dark grey circle lenses* so I decided I’d do the “hungry vampire” look (their eyes were black whenever they’re hungry, remember?) *LOL*. Seriously, I need to learn how to photoshop *sigh*. 

This is what I came up with :
Now, I don’t have any particular character I wanted to emulate, in the movies all of the vampire girls kinda have similar looks anyway, you know… pale skin, dark smoky eyes, plum-ish lips.
So I decided to call my look “Stephenie Meyer’s Japanese Vampire Girl” *ROFL*. Hey, they did have Japanese vampire (I know it was a he, but that would mean there’d be female ones too right) in the movie okay! 

Here’s a little step by step on how I created the look, it was quite simple and easy (I did the whole look in 30 minutes since I was pressed for time, i did it this morning before I went out. I have no more time, tomorrow we’d be out of town for the weekend, yes with #Undecided too. This challenge’s gonna close on Sunday, so I literally have no time okay!).

Anyway, here’s the image I used for reference on the make up colors (reference okay, I obvi did my own thing lah LOL)
Start with the face, the key here is to make your skin as flawless as possible and pale. For me it’s easy to do since my skin’s quite smooth *ahem* already, and I am already pale. LOL. So I just did my face like usual, foundation+concealer+powder. Make sure all the products used has a matte finish since the vampires in the movies always looked matte (they glitter, not shine, LOLOL, and only under direct sun light :P) and polished.
I used eye shadow primer (to bring out the eye shadow color because I wanted a stronger, darker color) all over my lid followed by a nude eye shadow to set the primer. Then I used light brown eye shadow all over my lid, stopping just under my eye socket. Followed by a darker brown eye shadow, stopping just above my double eye lid so that the brown color’s still (a little) visible when I opened my eyes. Then line my eyes with my usual black Dior liquid eye liner, not as thick as I usually did because the vampires seems to only wear a little eyeliner on their eye lids :p. 
Their eye lashes were always so luscious, I haven’t gotten that fake eye lashes yet (I bought some from G’s cousin and it’s with #Undecided now, no chance to get it from her yet) so I used my HG mascara (Maybelline Volum’ Express Turbo Boost), three coats. 
Later I applied champagne colored pearl eye shadow on my brow bone area and lined my water line. This time I fully lined them because that’s how the vampires looked *LOL*, somehow it made me looked very Gothic.  I decided not to put on brown eye shadow under my eyes since I was going out and really didn't want to look to scary (it was 11 AM!!!) :p. 

Next step is something I’ve never done before, skipping blush on (I’m definitely a blush on type of girl!!!) and using bronzer to contour my cheek bones instead. Seriously, I’m so crappy at this, but please understand, this is the very first time I ever attempted to contour okay!! Anyway the result scared me *LOL*, it made my face looked sunken -____-.
It was really scary lah so I tried to cover it as much as possible with powders without completely removing them *LOL*. 
I finished the look with the darkest lip color I have, Oriflame’s plum lip color duo. It was too glossy (the vampires lips are always matte right?) but I had no more plum-ish lippies so I had to make do :p.
I decided to dress the part as well, vampires in the Twilight saga’s almost always wear dark clothing, mostly black. So I put on black top to bottom. They also always layered their clothes so I did too, thankfully the weather in Surabaya today’s very accommodating, it’s very cool, so I can wear layered clothing and wasn’t hot and bothered (in fact I was quite cold, especially in the cinema. Yes, we went for another movie date today, told ya we’re movie buffs). A black 7/8 sleeved long top under then a knitted flared sleeved top outside (I noticed my favorite female character in the movies, Alice Cullen, loved to wear flared sleeved tops and dresses), a black legging (also a frequent in Alice’s wardrobe) which is not supposed to be worn with normal tops (don’t want to flash anyone) so I layered it with a black short.
I almost never wear such dark colors (I’m a pinky girl!!!) and I was worried that hunny would think I went mental, but he didn’t, he only said he thought I was trying on a Gothic look. I said no, guess again. He said “zombies?” zzzz. Close enough :p. We also went out with my cousin L again (we finally made the down payment for the Europe trip! YAY!!!) and she also didn’t comment anything, wow… I actually can getaway dressed like this and nobody even noticed LOL.

Looking at the pictures I do think I looked more Gothic than anything else, LOL. And slightly Elvira-ish with my long hair (thankfully my hair’s not black LOL). What do you think?
Thank you for GiG for making this tag, forcing people like me (who are not really creative) to be creative hehe, I’d love to continue doing Gig’s future tags! And thank you

For being the wonderful hosts for this week’s tag. And thank you guys for reading!


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  1. Thank you for your post, dear! ^^
    You look super cute!

    Have a great weekend ;)

    1. Thank you for the super sweet comment, babe! I had a great weekend, hope you're the same :D

  2. Hello Mindy! I had so much fun reading this post hun! Thanks so much for joining GiG and for getting involved in this fun tag! :-) Awesome! x Donah

    1. Hi Donah! Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving such a kind comment! XOXO!

  3. cocok jadi asian vampire nih...hehehe...
    ow..khroma by kardashian sisters..mmh, dari youtube gurus yang aku following.most of them complaint bout the packaging gitu..keliatan murah ( clear plastic packaging) padahal koleksinya pricey banget..mascaranya ga seberapa ok, eyeshadownya a little bit chalky and hard to blend..tapi katanya lipglossnya bagus..trus, eyelashesnya mahal bok.. coba deh kamu youtubing " Khroma review and swatch"..iya..aku di sini malah tambah gila ama reality TV..hihih...kalo cable kamu bisa dapat Bravo atau Style..bagus2 tuh...huhuhuh..

  4. I really do not like Twilight at all, but I think you're very pretty!