First Shopping Haul Post in 2013! Happy New Year!!!

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Hi everybody! 

Happy New Year!!! How’s 2013 treating you so far?? I’ve just arrived in Surabaya (literally a few minutes ago!) after a twelve hours long car ride and guess what’s the very first thing I did when I walked into my room? I switched my lappie on to blog. LOL. I miss blogging so much! I hope you guys miss us too, LOL! Anyway, like I said before, my haul posts’ is now officially a weekly post!

Here it is!
Look at the pretty paper bag... making me miss Christmas already. LOL

So… by reading the title of the post you know I’ve done it again… Like I suspected before, I cannot stop myself from going back to The Body Shop and bought a ton of other things *oh no..* and even worse… I actually went to TBS again today (the day I am writing this entry-a  few weeks ago now) and shopped some more *OMG I cannot stop!!!*.. seriously, I need to stay the HELL away from TBS during promotion season HIKHIKHIK… this time it’s the worst though, three times in one month T.T…  

I console myself by saying (I said this to G today actually) that I don’t shop at TBS during the non-promotion season, so maybe I shopped like once or twice in a year (and stock up a mountain) and never went within a foot near any TBS outlet *another exaggeration you should be familiar with by now* so it should be OKAY! *yes yes, keep on telling yourself that #Pink, whatever makes you happy*.

Okay okay, enough self-assuring, moving on to the goodies *rubs palms excitedly* :

This time it is actually a bit harder to shop (promotion still on obvi, buy 1 get 1 using BCA credit card and get an IDR 100.000 voucher with a purchase of IDR 350.000 worth of items) because… let me tell you my method of shopping in TBS (Because yesterday Rosemary said she thought by reading my haul entry First shopping haul TBS’ really cheap but she got a nasty surprise when she went there and saw the prices LOL), as I said over and over again, I CHECKED every single one of them item’s price. I am hunting for stuffs worth IDR 129.000 (the minimum for buy 1 get 1 promo), since I have no particular things to look for it was very easy for me. And then after choosing the Buy 1 item, I began searching for the Get 1 item (worth IDR 89.000 max), and I always try to find the ones exactly IDR 89.000 (KIASU!), but sometimes I relented and chose an IDR 59.000 (like lip balms) because I really want them, but very rarely! Usually I stick to IDR 89.000 and I always look for four items, two worth at least IDR 129.000 and two worth not more than 89.000, then I will count them in my calculator app in my BB (or ask the SA because most of them are very helpful in spite of my unfortunate occurrence to meet overly eager ones) and then search for little items (usually this means… lip balms!!!) so in the end I am ended up with at least IDR 350.000!

This method is a bit embarrassing because you will have to go round and round the little store, especially if the store (in some malls) are a bit smaller than the others and when it is not very crowded because as usual, the overly eager SAs will keep on tailing you no matter how many rounds you made around that shower gel display FTL. But I do not care LOL, why should i? In the end I always bought quite a load of their stuffs anyway, I do wish the SAs would BACK OFF a bit though. Why is it so hard for them to understand that it is uncomfortable to be pestered constantly when all you want to do is to browse in peace? OMG, I am getting a little annoyed again thinking about this LOL. 

And why did I say it was a bit harder to shop this time? Because they packed most of their shower gels and body lotions (my fave buys there) into Christmas packages! It was really hard to find an IDR 129.000 (there are plenty of IDR 119.000 or 109.000 items somehow…) items but it was even harder looking for IDR 89.000 items! OMG! The ones that are exactly IDR 89.000 are also packed as a Christmas package or as they said “no stocks at the moment”, I am pretty convinced they hid them *grumpy*. But anyway! I managed! Now time to explain one by one what I’ve got :D!

Japanese Cherry Blossom body lotion (loveeee the smell!), this item is IDR 139.000. In the middle is Cranberry Joy Body Butter IDR 189.000 (for hubby, I probably would use it on my legs) and the last one is Seaweed Facial Wash for FREE (real price : IDR 89.000).
On the right is one of the lip balms I said I really wanted (there are three variants, the other two I will definitely get soon!!!), Born Lippy Lychee also totally FREE (real price  : IDR 69.000). The one on the left is the additional item I needed to reach the minimum amount to get the voucher. I was a bit confused and flustered when I couldn’t find a thing cheap enough, and then I remember their special edition Lily Cole collection lip gloss that I tried before and really loved, so I grabbed it! It is called Hi Shine Mini Treatment, it is originally priced at IDR 49.000 but the cashier was so nice (I was assisted by a very nice SA and a very nice cashier as well on this visit, unlike the third visit, the cashier was so annoying, so not third time a charm but second time a charm third time more like crap) she separated the bill so I could get the 15% discount as well (final price IDR 41.650). Like the name, this lipgloss is tiny (it’s a mini! I LOVE minis! Not only they are super cute but i can also never finish big tubes of glosses!), super glossy (LOVE glossy lips, the glossier the better LOL) and very moisturizing too so this is a real steal!

Any of you bought TBS Lily Cole items? I found the packaging to be totally drop-dead-gorgeous (Pink.. what else can I say?) not to mention expensive looking (well, they ARE kinda expensive) and I saw some real drool worthy items. But I find TBS’ make up prices are a bit outrageous, so I stopped myself. I might use one of my voucher to get something from this line, but we’ll see.

The total damage was IDR 369.650, I got five items and an IDR 100.000 voucher, totally worth it!! I have IDR 300.000 worth of voucher so far LOL, I will use it on January (NOW! SOON!). I got two from buying more than IDR 350.000 and another one (actually two, each worth IDR 50.000) from exchanging my points  (trade in your used TBS bottles for points! Help them recycle!), they are usually exchanging 50 or so point with one voucher (if I’m not mistaken, I forgot) but during the promotion season you get a voucher with only 25 points! Saw it from the back of their booklet and immediately made a mental note to exchange them! Always look out for double points or less points exchanges!

Wanted to show you more stuffs but I wrote longer than I wanted about TBS already, I should stop before turning this into a super long entry again, the other stuffs I show you on the next post okay!
Happy New Year 2013 from my little family :)


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