Bali Day 5 (Part 2)

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Hi hi, howya doin'?

I just got back from GM after watching Parker with hunny, have you guys catch it? It's the typical Jason Statham macho guy flick but with a special eye candy, Jennifer Lopez, and she managed to make the movie funnier with her usual charm. I normally like Jason Statham movies (of course not as much as hunny likes him, i think he's a men's actor not exactly a heartthrob although i must admit he is one of the sexiest bald guy around LOL) and this one doesn't disappoint either, it was action packed (with funny parts here and there, i do find Jennifer Lopez to be very likeable and endearing even though, like the usual Asian with Asian tastes i do not find her to be all that pretty, sorry J.Lo fans!) and interesting although with a predictable ending (what do you expect anyway?), so it is worth catching if you're looking for a nice action movie that doesn't require you to think too much (is there any action movie that does? Hm... sorry, off topic :p) you should catch it.
Okay enough rambling, let's get on with Bali Day 5! We were talking about BeachWalk...
Photo taken from Google
L recommended BeachWalk to me and my niece B also really wanted to go there again *she went there before and loved it* (but she was already in Surabaya by then) and I guess we’re having a mall withdrawal *city people, loves mall* so we went to search for it. I don’t know why but my mum was really frantic, slightly hysterical *also nothing new*, worried that we passed it *no we didn’t* etc etc, then when we found it she kept on blabbering on how we HAVE to stay at the hotels surrounding the mall (keeps on changing between Shangri-la, Sahid and Harris which were all surrounding the mall), Hotel Mulia’s much forgotten by now LOL.
One of the many restaurants and cafes there
Right after i took the picture Baby Boy went with his grandparents (because me and his dad was angry at a bad remark he made and he was feeling very guilty, and when he feels guilty he'd avoid us at any cost, zzz) so i was left to wander around the mall with hunny :p.
Spot hunny in the big screen, about to be trampled by an elephant *LOL*
I LOVE Beach Walk! It’s an open space-concept mall (L described it as Vivo City-outside area look-a-like, I don’t really see the similarities much though but that’s just me) with lots of High Street brands (my favourite : Pull and Bear, Stradivarius, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, New Look. There was Mango as well but I wasn’t interested because we have a lot of Mango stores in Surabaya as well, also Zara), I was instantly in cloud number 9! LOL.

I kinda regret shopping so much at Erlangga earlier because now I want to shop MORE!!! I tried not to but in the end I bought some, not too much lah.

From Topshop I got this tye dye crepe-chiffon loose tunic (it was way too loose, Topshop sizes are massive right and the smallest I could get was an M, this one’s in the special price section so not much choices left) for IDR 259.500 (original price IDR 519.000), quite fantastic yah (not talking to those of you in Europe of USA ya I heard the sale prices there are fantastic, Topshop is generally very expensive in South East Asia so this price is super great already). There were plenty more pretty stuffs but very expensive, and lots of them are very familiar, I think I saw a lot of the inspired by stuffs at local brands like Magnolia, since I have way too many clothes already then I should settle with the inspired by lah LOL.

Then we went to Miss Selfridge and I was salivating like mad but the sale section’s sizes were pretty hideous (like size 14 and above OMG, I’m not saying people who are wearing size 14 are hideous okay, I meant hideous for me because there were nothing on my size) and the prices were still very high, so I forced detached myself from Miss Selfridge (but truly, I love youuu Miss Selfridge!!!)

Also didn’t find anything worth to buy at Pull and Bear, next is Stradivarius, I shopped a bit of Stardivarius stuffs in previous trips to Macau and Singapore and I love their stuffs, as pretty and with the same quality as Zara but much cheaper. And it didn’t disappoint, I got two tee on sale here!

Each tee were IDR 129.900 (from IDR 219.900), got the pink one in S and it fits nicely, the navy one only got L left so I’d wear it as a loose tee :p. Zoom in on each tee’s prints.

Last but not least we went to New Look! We have a newly opened New Look store in GM (in fact the white rimmed sunnies you see me wearing in all this bali entries were bought there, ridiculously cheap and super cute! With floral stems!) but I saw it was on sale so I couldn’t help myself :p. 

The bag was the reason why I went in in the first place. Remember LL’s birthday party? It was Chanel-inspired and I think the bag screamed Chanel (inspired) LOL. I checked the price and was quite shocked, it was on sale. Used to be IDR 339.000 or something (which is not expensive already) and now it’s IDR 199.000! And by using BCA credit card we get additional 10% discount so we paid IDR 179.100 only!! (actually the price went down even further by now, i checked in GM's new Look but whateva, i wouldn't have it on time if i wait for the further reduction) I’m really loving it right now. It fits a lot of my outfits and instantly put a classic and classy spin on every outfit!  (even though it’s so cheap!).

Look #1
Look #2
I bet i can make a hundred more looks with the bag *smug*. Seriously you guys, New Look is highly recommended for their bags and accessories, the shoes looks great and quite affordable too i think but i haven't try any, but the clothes are not quite buyable, way overpriced *LOL*, now that it's on a big sale it's better but i still couldn't find anything worth buying. Really guys, the bags... cheap and chic, nuff said!

Also bought two rings there, special price already so no additional discounts LOL
Regal looking ring, IDR 39.000 (from IDR 69.000), flower ring IDR 29.900 (from IDR 79.900). you might notice I got them in L, not because my fingers are very chubby (they are :( ) but because I like to put them in my index fingers, even on my thumb! LOL

That's all :D! Not much, right? (right???). 

We stumbled into this flip flop vending machine!

How cute??? I quicky went closer to take a picture, a lot of other people also rushed to take pictures, a lot of Caucasians too so I guess it is quite a unique thing? Unless for Japanese I guess, they have vending machine for everything LOL. Would love to try purchasing the flip flop but it’s quite outrageous for a plain flip flop (IDR 160.000), I know it’s Havaianas but it’s still not worth it!!!

Saw Cold Stone Creamery and it was a hot day so we went to have some ice cream, it’s having a promotion too, buy 1 get 1 using BCA credit card! (No, seriously, i am not paid to say that! LOL) 

Hunny’s… Tiramisu or something and mine, Cotton Candy (blue) and Bubble gum (pink) with rainbow sprinkles, I love sprinkles in my ice cream, I used to pour in an outrageous amount of sprinkle in a meager portion of vanilla ice cream in all you can eat places like American Grill LOL (OMG, my former trainer would really kill me if she ever read this, thank God I am writing in English).

I’m really hooked with the Cotton Candy ice cream *drool* it’s a good thing Cold Stone’s not available in Surabaya or I’d be craving it all the time!

We also checked out the cinema (I think cinemas are really scarce in Bali??), we like to try cinemas anywhere we go *movie buffs* but the cinema’s kinda sad, it’s an XXI (Indonesian’s biggest cinema chain) but only had two studios, both showing movies we’ve watched before. Plus the price is very crazy! IDR 60.000 on weekdays (it’s IDR 35.000 in Surabaya) and IDR 70.000 on weekends (IDR 50.000 in Surabaya) so we quickly exited the cinema lobby LOL.

We didn’t have dinner yet *it was like 9 PM already* and I was pretty full from the ice cream so we decided to split something. We were attracted to this fried chicken place called Bon Chon :

#Undecided would die if I drag her here since I think this is a Korean fast food and they blasted Korean boy bands songs LOLOL. We shared those below.
Pop corn chicken

Portion’s quite small so it’s good enough for one *if I wasn’t so full already*. The sauce’s kinda special, sweet and sour, and the chicken’s fried until really crispy and crunchy and the bones were really tiny. It’s nothing like KFC or McDonald but it is quite good in its own way.  The pop corn chicken is also nice but with the sauce it was too salty for my liking, it'd be better if you eat them with rice. The french fries were also very good (french fries mania).

I’d love to stay a lot longer in Beach Walk since there were still a lot of sections I haven’t explored but it was getting late and all the shops was closing (the cafes and restaurant would still be open until quite late though) so we went back to our hotel :(.
One last pic taken at BeachWalk
Let me show you our hotel room :   
Entrance and mini bar area
A peek into the bathroom
Very standard in my opinion. But still quite comfy lah. Would I recommend this hotel? Not really (by the way, the lift’s full of mosquito! OMG whatta nightmare!!!! HATE mosquitos!!!), I think it’s overpriced. But if you’re interested to try something new, a simple and modern hotel, this can be a choice I guess. I doubt I’d ever stay here again *except if I’m desperate like it’s the only hotel available or it’s on a sale-I just checked agoda and they are having a flash deal right now, 50% off, FML. But it is now low season after all).
Me-Looking damn mean and hunny's legs wkwkwk
Okay! That’s the end of Day 5! Still got Day 6 and 7 to come! Please keep reading! Kisses!


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