Our Fave Thing #25: Undecided's Part

12:36:00 AM

Hello loves!! #Undecided here :D and to close 2012 I’m going to share with you my part of Our Fave Things #25 (finally!!). 

Coffee Bean Moment
As you know, #25 on our list is both of us combined. Yes, when #Pink and I are together, there is absolutely nothing we cannot do (well maybe we won’t be able to bargain hunt – we both suck at bargaining LOL). I have to tell you though, this is such a hard task writing this part because I have read #Pink’s and believe it or not, whatever I imagined putting into this piece, she had already put them into hers (I guess great minds do think alike LOL). BUT I am glad she did because I would have missed so many important details.

Like she said, there is no dull moment when we’re together. We could be waiting at some gynecologist’s waiting room, terrified of what would come (on the actual examination), and still be cracking each other’s up with stupid jokes about the silliest thing possible, and non-intentionally, we would be annoying the shit out of other patients around with our constant giggle LOL (sorry people, sorry). There were so many times we would notice people’s stares because we would walk around laughing so hard at God knows what. Even if we’re hanging out with other people, especially with the boring ones, we would gang up and have the best of times just the two of us. Not only that we’re good at having fun, we’re also awesome on the more serious stuff: juggling our other bffs and their (men) problems. And trust me, there were plenty LOL (yep, we’re such drama queens :D)
The Drama Queens LOL
What I remember the most about what made us who we are today is one car ride home from school during which we chatted about our old crushes. I remember when we were younger, bffs are the ones who know the identity of the guy that you like LOL (and we would give those boys silly nicknames so we could safely discuss them in public. I wonder if younger girls still do that now LOL). With her driver as the witness, a history took place that day for it marked the beginning of a new friendship (yes, because THANKFULLY we liked different guys!!! Had it been the same guy, we might not be here today, #Pink LOL. THANK GOD for your questionable taste in men back then LOL LOL LOL *private joke – will write a piece (with her consent) maybe someday hihihihihihihihi*).

I am so glad I took that car ride she offered years ago and I am equally glad that we made it through whatever life has thrown our ways ever since. There is no experience, no ups and downs I regret because they surely have shaped the base of our strong bond. I would like to think that #Pink and I are unbreakable and we would grow old together with our growing families and still be having the best time two grannies could have.

Lastly a shout out to #Pink in Bali. PLEASE DO NOT CHASE ADAM LAMBERT AROUND, BB! I know he’s somewhere there in your hotel but knocking on each and every door yelling his name is not advisable BECAUSE I’M NOT THERE SCREAMING HIS NAME WITH YOU LOL. Next year we should totally do OLD and NEW #Pink and #Undecided style.

So there you have it loves, my take on the awesome team of #Pink and #Undecided. FYI, I’m writing this while my brother is driving our car throughout the traffic jam to a karaoke place. We just finished dinner at Vitto Beneto (a nice little Italian Resto which serves the best steak in town) and just like what I promised you on my previous entry, I’m spending my new year’s eve with my loved ones: my family. The only downfall to spending NYE with family is that my night is very PG13 LOL.


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