Bali Day 2 (Part 2)

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Hello world, how are you today?

Hope all is well and you are ready to continue the journey with me! This is my Bali trip Day 2 Part 2!

Left you off at the entrance of Kopi Luwak, and now we continue!
Must go through pretty long path to get into the place.
There are four or so civets in a cage but they informed us they have hundreds in the farm itself, those four are only for display? LOL. *CW was crazy enough to ask whether the civets are sold LOL, once a business man always a business man!*

Sorry, no clear pictures since most of them were hiding from the drizzle and I was too scared to get too close anyway since they said the civets bites WTF.

In the first stop we can see spices for display, also try to sift the coffee, pounding the coffee and watch them do a demo on how to cook the coffee.
Baby Boy trying it out LOL
The civet coffee still mixed in the civet's shit! HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHA
My mum made us pose like this -___-

Then we went deeper, and there is other stops mimicking traditional coffee shops (yes there are multiples) here we were served with fourteen different types of drinks that are selling (they were only selling the instant, dry powder types in the shop, the drinks were for  sampling only).

They also provided traditional cigarettes (rokok klobot/kretek) where you have to arrange and roll the tobacco yourself to make the ciggies. All you can try for free.
Hubby the ever curious, had to get his hand on it obvi. He doesn't smoke, i don't remember what he did with his creation, probably shoved it to KC
The ingredients for making rokok klobot!
The one i tried -___-

KC made me took a drag and I quickly regretted it, ew ew ew ewwwwwwwwwww!!!! I don’t even smoke (EVER) so tasting for the first time... and the super strong type? Definitely a huge mistake!!!

They also provide a local alcohol, Arak Bali or Balinese alcoholic drink and since we’re curious georges we obvi had to take a sip.
KC kept on telling me how strong the liquor was *like a paint stripper, he said. He also said if we light it with a lighter it’d light up like gasoline -___-* so I was really scared to try it *yes yes I’m a chicken whateva* so in the end I just dip my tongue into the leftover liquid in the shot glass, I didn’t taste anything pfffftttt… 

The attendant said they’d first provide us with fourteen glasses of different drinks and later if there’s anything we like they’d make some more for us, just let her know. But when we did asked for another glass of drink (I think the red rice drink was a hit) she backtracked and said she’d have to charge us if we ask for anymore drink. That angered my mum, CW, etc. LOL. Stupid woman didn’t know who she was dealing with. Seriously. My family’s consisted of really strong personalities and you seriously do NOT want to mess with us. She received some serious backlashes by them, especially from my mum who kept on trying to find her to scold her some more but she ran away and hide ROFL. Serves her right.

In the end both CW and CL and her fams all bought spent quite a fortune in the shop so they really should’ve served us with more respect *the cashier and all kinda groveled so we didn’t push it further*. My mum was too angry to buy anything here and me… I’m not into this kind of stuffs hehe, plus I am not the kind who pays IDR 300.000 for a tiny package of coffee *stingy* so I also didn’t buy anything.

Then we hopped back to the minibus, informed that the road to Kuta was super jammed *then I realized with a jolt that it was my nephew Mt’s 12th birthday, I knew all along it’d be on the 30th December, even prepared the hong bao since the night before, but being true to myself I completely forgot on the day itself FML* so we’d better get going.

It didn’t stop my mum from asking the driver to pull over when she saw some durian sellers on the roadside!

I’m not a fan of durians *but I used to be when I was little I dunno when and why that changed* so I stayed in the minibus, but I did had a bite. I don’t really mind the taste of durian, but the smell really bothers me. Not only the smell on the fruit itself but also the smell that lingers on your fingers long after *but with Bath and Body Works pocketbacs this is actually no longer an issue, I love them!* as  well as the aftertaste it left. My mum said the durians are really to die for though, super good and sweet *so sweet that it’s almost bitter, and that is the most sought after type of durians apparently* that she was super tempted  to buy a lot and bring it back to the hotel, much to the horror of the world’s #1 durian hater : CW *ROFL*. She was soooo horrified. It was hilarious, that’s why KC and the kids kept on disturbing her, wanting to rub their durian laden hands on her, blowing their durian breaths at her, etc. She won’t let anyone in the mini bus before they wash and wipe their hands with wet tissues over and over again. 

One more mention worthy hilarious act of my sister? When it started drizzling she scurried off to the minivan, all the while cradling her super expensive Chanel bag like a baby, shielding it from the rain. It was seriously hilarious as well. I do not understand why she would wear such an expensive bag on a trip like this *see me and my free bag from a magazine!*. Her daughter B once told me that her bag’s more precious than her kids, that whenever it began raining the first thing she’d rescue’s her bag. Screw her children! ROFL.

Then we continue our journey to Kuta since we’re going to celebrate Mt’s birthday at a seafood restaurant called Bubbagump    (from the book/movie Forrest Gump. What you don’t know  what or who Forrest Gump is? OMG! I  was a kid myself when the movie was a hit but you should know lah! ), my personal favourite (even though CW cannot stop saying that it’s not worth the price, I personally strongly disagree. Her choices is much worse than mine, trust me. Bubbagump was the only place that I suggested) and during peak season it is very hard to get reservations and once we do they’d only give us a fifteen minutes window before they give the table to someone else.

The journey itself was quite long but bearable, the jam is the only problem for me! Especially once we arrived at Legian and then Kuta, the vehicle was crawling like a snail and it was getting on my nerves! Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and ask CL is we should just walk *really, Kuta and Legian are reasonable walking distance, I am used to it. You should totally walk there instead of riding in a car, you will never get to your destination zzz) and we hop off the mini bus! Somehow all of the kids  *excluding Baby Boy who just cried after sulking at CW LOL* joined us on foot, even CW!

The driver said it was five minutes walk but actually it was more like ten which is totally fine for me but for CW it was another thing to complaint of course hahaha. To make matter worse, while we fast-walking to the restaurant, our mini bus actually passed us by, honking all the way!!! FOL!!! Zzzz. And I was desperate to get into any Guardian we passed because I really wanted to buy a mascara *LOL*but CW wouldn’t let me *sobs*, she kept on tugging and dragging me towards Bubbagump, saying the reservation’s gonna expire soon, major ZZZ!

Anyhoo, these are our pictures at Bubbagump:
group pic haha
They gave kids a huge picture to draw and color in+free crayons!
Magic? LOL
I love their food and the place is really unique as well, I totally recommend it! I’ve been here before, and once  me and hunny went there alone and they asked whether we were on our honeymoon *which is true, but by then we already have a son LOL* and they performed songs and dance for us with complimentary ice cream haha. The same happened for Mt since it was his birthday, much to his annoyance *he’s quite shy*, and too bad my camera died already *I blame hunny for not charging it the night before!!!* so I had to settle with my sucky BB camera zzzz.
Look at Baby Boy covering his ear LOL, he hates loud noises
I had their signature fish and chip

Hunny had their burger which is very good as well so for non seafood lover this is definitely an alternative for you

We also had side dishes but I only took picture of one, shrimp bucket half and half

OMG my tum just totally grumbled and i am salivating while putting this up zzzz.
We also ordered desserts but in the end everybody wanted a piece so we ended up with a spoonful each FOL zzzzz I wanted to kick CW in the ass by then zzzz. Cookie sundae :

I didn’t take a picture of the mud cake but to my surprise it was an ice cream not cake so I wasn’t a fan. Look at my niece Au’s drink which came with a light-up glass :
Borrowed it to cam-who :p

So cute! The glass’ sold in their souvenir shop but it was super expensive (IDR 180.000) so we didn’t buy it. 
Hubby checking out the glass' price LOL

The food was great, the service was superb *our waiter Putu was super funny* and their system’s quite interesting too *you call the staff by flipping the sign*. 
Their menu’s quite pricey, but do I think it’s worth it? Totally! Would I come back  again? For sure!
KC looking like a lost kid
My bro n hunny monkeying around
With my pretty niece again
It was a bit late afterward (not that late, maybe around 9 or 10 but we had an early and full day, and for some of us we just spent a fourteen hours ride the day before so we were quite tired) so we head back to the hotel. My first room was connected to my parents room (this is my mum’s demand every time, told ya being a baby in the family’s tougher than you think) but now that D (OMG, let’s call him Dr as not to confuse him with our Brit friend D!) had arrived me and hunny had to move to another room so my parents can have two rooms interconnected together with D, Baby Boy and the nanny. Zzzzz. But I’m not complaining, I appreciated the privacy LOL. Felt like another honeymoon for us :p. 

In our new room after showering and stuffs I managed to slap on my eye mask *which I made into a ritual every week for a few months already*, I’m getting so old I do not want wrinkles to develop around my eyes okay! And no matter how tired you are, never sleep without cleansing your face thoroughly! Yes this is a command! And that’s my Day 2 of Bali, Day 3 coming up!

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