Fashion Collab 01 : 50 Shades of Pink

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Hey guys!

It's been so long since i post a personal style post >.<, i promise i'm working on making my blog more balanced like it used to.

Today i finally have a new fashion/personal style post and it's a special one because it's a collab!

Presenting : 50 Shades of Pink :D
with that Cynthian called our "exotic face". I just looked like i had to poop becaus
e i was trying to rein in the bitchiness. Didn't quite work
You might see some new faces... Cynthian has been featured a lot in this blog and Bella popped here and there, but you might not seen ce Fanny nor Chelshea much before... They're the newest additions to our Surabaya Beauty Blogger family-and since we're kinda narcissistic, love taking pictures and fashion... We ended up having quite a bond and decided to gather for fun photo sessions. So yeah, this is not the last one-in fact it's only the beginning!
We might be pretending to laugh here, but the fact is we DID laugh so much that it got even hotter than it should be *LOL*
It's just so much fun when you find sincere, like-minded people. Restored my faith in humanity and all *LOL*
What's even funner? We did decide on a theme (since spring is coming, pink seems super suitable!) but we didn't discuss on what we're actually going to be wearing so we showed up with super different styles, different shades of pink but somehow they worked!
I want to say special thank you for Nessya who took all the group photos. Next time we have to bring Tripod for sure, dunno why it didn't cross our minds >.<
There's a sense of empowerment when you are surrounded by positive, happy girls

Hope to do this for many more times, laydies! It'll be fun if more ladies want to join, btw!
OMG this pic is super emo but i also super love it hahaha
I gathered the outfit in the last minute... which is totally unlike me. But ofc i did good #patselfontheback
Yes, those are real stuffed animals stitched to my sleeves, 8 of them. And people kept on threatening to snatch them off -___-
I cannot look serious and not bitchy at the same time, it's not anatomically possible
Outfit details :
Pink top with stuffed animals : Some random store in Surabaya Plaza, might be called Top Shop or something
Tulle skirt : Bugis Street, Singapore
Glittery slip on shoes : Bugis Street, Singapore
Furry pink bag : Maison de FLeur (Japan)
Bracelets : Lokai, Stroberi
Pink clip on extentions : Stroberi
Pictures were shot at Caturra Espresso, in case you're wondering
I smile more on my pictures now. Happy? People keeps on asking me to do it!
Details on my shirt
So, have you prepare your pinks for spring? 

I can't wait for our next collab!

Btw, you can check Chelshea's post here!

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  1. aku gemesss ma shirtmu cee wkwk :P
    lucuu polll

  2. Can't wait for another project! Part 2 is going to be more surprising, aha! <3

  3. Till the next photo session babe ��������✨

  4. lucu-lucu semua :) outfitmu selalu keren min ^_~

  5. You look very pretty wearing your pink top with the cute stiched-on stuffed animals and the lovely long sheer Tulle skirt! I love all of the photos of you and love all of the photos of you with your blogger friends. You all look beautiful - the pink outfits are fabulous!