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Hey guys!

I know April is almost gone, so before it's really gone... Here's last month's movie reviews!
I think the hype was crazy about Logan, especially among die hard Wolverine's fans... I mean, it's Wolverine's final movie! Hunny was like, super adamant about going to watch it as soon as it started showing. I personally am not the biggest fan of Wolverine. I like Hugh Jackman but my feeling for Wolverine... Well, it's pretty much "indifferent" *LOL*. Not the biggest fan of X-Men and i never particularly enjoyed Wolverine previous stand-alone movies. I must admit that this one's the best, by far. And i did enjoy it. I just didn't have the same emotional investment like fanboys (or girls) do.

The year is 2029 and the world has completely changed thanks to the butterfly effect caused by Wolverine changing the past in the last X-Men movie. Mutant population has shrunken significantly and X-men is no more. Logan (Wolverine, obvi) is now an aging alcoholic working as a chauffeur with his self healing power dwindling, trying to take care of Professor X who's suffering from dementia. The worst illness that someone with such a powerful mind can have. Everything turned upside down with the arrival of a young girl who turned out to be made with Logan's DNA and in turn, possesses very similar powers to him who is pursued by some bad bad people working for a powerful corporation who "produces" them.

Out of all of X-Men and Wolverine movies combined, i personally find this movie to have the most heart and best storyline. It's more real, rougher and less comic bookish. It's raw, it's emotional and it's gripping. I just don't know why i didn't feel too sad when Logan actually died (well, i think it's not even a spoiler anymore okay! Everybody knows Logan died... right???), i usually cry in movies... A lot. But i was just not too sad about it *LOL*. I do like this movie, and it's a must must watch if you're X-Men/Wolverine fans, and even if you're not, i think you might find it good coz it's just a very good movie in general. I would recommend this actually.

From an old Professor x movie to a movie played by an actor who plays young Professor X *LOL*. I have a thing for James McAvoy, i think he's super charming and charismatic, and i also think he's a very talented actor so when i saw him playing a person with multiple personalities (another thing that i find to be very fascinating), i just gotta go and watch him!

Three girls are kidnapped by a man with 23 different personalities, most of them are harmless but some of them who are very dangerous actually got the strongest hold of him at the moment. They must try to escape before the beast that is the 24th personality emerge.

Seriously, only a strong performer could've done this! And this proves that James McAvoy IS a powerful actor. He can change personalities with a snap of a hand, and most of them are very convincing. Except for the female ones, they're a bit disturbing... And the little boy, that one's also looking a bit weird - but that could also be because i find it hard to accept James McAvoy acting like a little boy *LOL*, not with that body and piercing eyes!!! I do find this movie to be very interesting, if you like something different... I would recommend this one!

Again, not the biggest fan of King Kong (oh excuse me, it's just Kong now), i don't know much about it but i was not too impressed with the last remake in 2005. I just didn't think it needs another remake. But i was wrong, sort of. This one is better, IMO. I have no idea if they tweak the storyline or whatever, but it's just a lot more interesting.

A special division (who's pretty much a monster chaser) tag along to a trip to an unexplored island called the Skull Island. They go under the guise of geological research but really, looking for that mythical creature, a giant ape called Kong. But they are encountered with a lot more than they expected because not only they meet Kong, but a lot of other fantastical, gigantic and dangerous creatures in the island.

I do enjoyed Kong. Not that i find it super special of anything, but i do think it's quite interesting. And like all the weird, crazy creatures-now that's more my alley than just giant ape going ape-shit. I also like how they explain a lot more about who Kong is and not just portray him as a giant gorilla with mysterious origins. It's a pretty good movie with stunning visuals,  i would actually recommend this. Wow, 3 movies in and i like every single one so far. And the next one!

O... kay, now this one is a very big hit ofc. I hate to be so mainstream, but i really do love Beauty and the Beast! FYI, i'm not big on Princesses. I liked animation Beauty and the Beast ofc, but i also like most Disney movies. I do not have any Princess that i like a lot, and i certainly didn't care about Belle. I still don't. I find the most interesting aspects of the whole movie to be the living, talking housewares. Oh, and Gaston-and how good Luke Evans plays him. I do love Luke Evans (still can't accept the fact that he is gay) but i really hated him as Gaston-which proves that this guy can be whatever the hell he puts his mind into. I still prefer him over Dan Stevens any day tho *LOL*. I do think Beast kinda pales in comparisons to Gaston haha.

I don't think i even need to explain the story plot??? Once upon a time there's a very handsome but bad Prince, he crosses the Enchantress and she curses him to be a Beast and his staffs to be living home wares, gifts him with a rose-which petals falls one by one as time goes by. Beast must find true love (who loves him back despite the way he looks) before the last petal falls. Belle is the beauty with the brain in her little village (which Enchantress made forget about the Beast and everybody in the castle)-the only one (with a brain LOL*), and that makes her a bit of an outcast. She is pursued by the handsome but boorish Gaston. Her father gets trapped by Beast for stealing a rose for her and she replaces him as Beast's prisoner-then she starts to see that Beast is not as bad as he initially seem to be and starts to actually fall for him.

I didn't like the movie right away, like a quarter way into the movie i felt slightly disconnected with it-but then it starts to grow on me-strong! It's magical, enchanting and beautiful! I think the strongest performance was Luke Evans' and he kinda stole the show (and Josh Gaad), but the whole ensemble makes the movie works. Love the songs, love the little details (which kinda fix the problems caused by the animation version), love the costumes... Just... love it. I usually don't find live action movies translates as beautifully as the origininal animations, but this one's pretty strong! Highly recommended!

Okay, i think i can safely say i didn't hate any movie in March. Which is quite awesome. There'd usually be one or two that i find to be a total crap, but not in March. Like this one. I was really sure that i would hate it and it'd be totally stupid, i mean... I really cannot watch Power Rangers the TV series as an adult and i barely tolerated it as a kid, so i totally cannot imagine the movie to be even semi decent-but it was! It's nowhere as horrible as i thought it's gonna be!

5 high school students, ranging from a fallen football star to an autistic genius stumble upon an old alien ship and learn that they are the chosen one as the Power Rangers which means they have to defend their world from a villain (that has destroyed other worlds and previous Power Rangers) who's coming back to life. But how is that possible when they have very limited time, barely knows each other or even themselves and has to work together as one?

There are aspects in this movie that reminiscent of the old TV movie like the very caricature-like villaine (Rita), that's a bit cringe worthy for me, but everything else is super modernized, made very smooth and sort of believable. Even their suits are pretty nice looking, more super hero than TV zeros IMO *LOL*. It's nothing spectacular, i wouldn't like... Hate myself if i miss it or anything, but it's not bad. It's quite entertaining and wouldn't be a total waste of money to watch it. Having said that, it's probably my least favorite movie of the month, but all of the other movies are very good!

I think i said this a million times, not a fan of alien movies, i don't believe in aliens and therefore i don't find them interesting. It's probably how non-spiritual believers see horror movies. This one is wrapped in a very different, a lot more realistic story tho. It's very gory, be warned! 

6 astronauts are stationed in a space station to study a sample collected from Mars. The sample is very ground breaking as it could provide the evidence of life in Mars, the first sign of life beyond earth. The alien-which is a large, single-celled organism they lovingly called Calvin (named by the students of a chosen primary school) seems harmless, even friendly at first. But things are not always how they seem to be, and they learn that fast... In a very hard way.

It's not one of my favorite movies of the month, but i quite enjoyed it. I think i do find out of space movies to be quite interesting, i think i prefer the ones without the aliens tho *LOL*, especially killer aliens. This movie is quite terrifying in a way because everything going on in the movie, it's possible. It's possible that we might find life in other planets one day and they might not be as friendly as we want them to be. I would recommend this movie for sci-fi and action thriller movie fans alike. It's pretty intense once you got passed the slow first few parts.

Now this one i was totally excited about. Not only because it's a horror movie and it's been a while since we have a good local horror movie, but because i've been following Risa Saraswati, the writer of the original Danur (which means the water that comes out of a dead body) book and the other books, from the beginning. I've been her fan for a long time. I loved her books, her writing style and i am utterly fascinated by her life and her gift. Not that i am interested in having the same gift, but i find her to be very interesting. A real life ghost whisperer.

Parts of the story is very familiar if you read her books, but other parts are modified for different reasons, but it presents a very nice storyline for the movie. This follows the story of Risa from the beginning, when she's a young child often feeling lonely because her father works out of town and her pregnant mother is very busy that she's often left alone at home with the workers. On her birthday, Risa asked for a friend, and gained a few in the form on a group of little Dutch boys' spirit. They almost "take" Risa to their world because they don't want her to grow up and leave them, fortunately her mum and a spiritual guru saved her, that's the last time she's seen her friends. Fast forward to many years later, Risa is all grown up and back to the old house (which belongs to her grandma) to take care of her ailing grandma and look after her little sister at the same time while waiting for the new baby sitter,  the "baby sitter" arrives but she acts super strangely and soon, things started getting really wrong.

Ofc this is a movie so everything is dramatized, i don't think her stories are so dramatic in the books-but that's necessary because you don't want a bland movie!  I do recognize a few modifications they make, like how they give Risa only 3 friends instead of 5 like the book (or real life?), i also don't remember the story about her little sister being kidnapped by the malicious spirit, but that could also be my rusty memory. I am one of those who feel betrayed that they casts Prilly Latucosina as Risa because Prilly is... well... Annoying. Fortunately she manages to reign in her annoyingness a little bit here so i wasn't too disturbed by her. Still wish they would cast better actress and not someone well known to play fake Bella in a ripoff Twilight TV series that's so bad i shudder whenever i even hear the title being called. 

This movie is actually very good! It's not as scary as some of the most iconic Indonesian horror movie, but it's by far the best local horror movie i've seen in a many many years! It relies on actual story and visual instead of half naked ladies in a stupid porn horror comedy. I actually enjoyed it, didn't get bored, didn't cringe and didn't find super big plot holes. I do hope they would make a sequel as the book does have many sequels. I would highly recommend this if you're a fan of local horror movie!

And that's all for March movies! I actually enjoyed all of them, thats refreshing! Did you watch any of the movies listed in this post? Did you like them?


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