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Hey guys!

It's 3.20 A.M and i couldn't sleep (it's one of those horrible insomniac nights for me made worse with hunny's snoring and arm grabbing. I hate those nights -___-) so i might as well get some work done. At least i don't feel like wasting my entire night trying to sleep with no avail, who knows after writing this i might feel soothed and can finally snooze!

Anyway, i have another false eyelash review for you, i'm really warming up to falsies aren't i! This time it comes from a rather luxurious local eyelash brand : Silver Swan (in collaboration with Surabaya Beauty Blogger)!
If you're an Indonesian and a die hard falsies fan, i'm pretty sure you've heard of this brand before since i think it's one of the front runner when it comes to falsies locally. I personally am pretty new when it comes to falsies but i've heard about them from a long time ago-from Instagram and i also saw them circulating in the local bazaar scenes.
I got to try Silver Swan Lash ini 301 and 306
Packaging wise, Siver Swan is totally top notch. Each pair comes in a luxurious looking cardboard box (which is thick and sturdy as well, not flimsy or poorly made at all) with clear mica on half of the cover so you can see the type of falsies you have inside. The inner part of the box is made with a thick wooden material, super luxe! You can probably guess that i love their packaging already :D.
First let's talk about 301 Broze
Each pair comes with a little bottle of adhesive (even though it's small, it can be use many times! And the quality of the adhesive is very nice too! The falsies stay on for hours, it does become loose when my eyes are extra watery tho)-i think it's very generous because the price point of this brand is not that high anyway
Broze is actually a side lash/accent lash. Unfortunately i cannot find this type on their website, but all of their collections are priced at IDR 39.000/pair (some of them are even currently on sale) so i assume this one is the same
I LOVE side lashes! In fact i often cut off my falsies in half and wear them as side lashes because they're so much more comfortable but yet still gives amazing effect on my eyes. 

Broze is very light weight, the design is tapered (longer on the outer part) and very fluttery. It's amazingly comfortable to wear and very pretty too. The band is transparent and very thin so you can easily fit it super close to your natural lashes and make it blend in.
Wearing Silver Swan's Broze 301
If you love a natural looking, light weight but still gives that extra oomph to your lashes kind of falsies, Broze is perfect for you!
I love Broze very much and i've been using them multiple of times ! The quality of Silver Swan lashes are really good too that they stay intact and in good condition even after it's been used a couple of times. I probably used this pair 5x already and they're still looking great! (UPDATE : i honestly used it up to 10 times already >.< it's not completely destroyed yet too so you do get quite a lot of usage out of a pair as long as you take a good care of them) 
Wearing Broze again for another look. It's definitely my current fave falsies!
The second pair is 306 - Lower Lashes (currently on sale for IDR 27.300)
On the box 306 looks short and spiky-they also have the same clear, thin brand as 301
Silver Swan's rep told me that 306 can also be used as normal lashes-i tried pairing it with 301 on top but it didn't work for me, i had to take it off because they look too off balance. Then i tried using it as upper lashes :
I was totally surprised at how pretty 306 looks as upper lashes. It's very light and natural looking. Very short-as far as upper lashes goes-but still give quite an impact
I hope you can still see how pretty 306 looks even though my fringe totally conceal my right eyelashes *LOL*. I desperately need a trim!
As much as i love using 306 as upper lashes, i was also determined to try it as it was intended to : as lower lashes! As i didn't like how it looks paired with natural looking falsies, i tried again using dolly looking pair of lashes :
And boy did it work...
If 306 looks short as upper lashes, it's super long for lower lash!
It was very dramatic but i actually love the effect! I definitely wouldn't recommend using this for an everyday look (unless you're into gothic lolita look for your daily makeup-which is totally fine ofc!) but for those days when you want striking, dollish or dramatic makeup... It's perfect!
As they're pretty long for lower lashes and spiky, it might get a while to get used to as they can feel pretty prickly. And because i have very watery eyes that leaks pretty much all the time, the lashes only stayed for a few hours before the adhesive became undone on the outer part
I really love how my makeup turned out that day!
So if you're looking for a dramatic lower lashes that looks especially good with dolly/gothic makeup, i totally recommend 306! Or if you want a very natural, short but pretty upper falsies for everyday use , 306 is also a very good choice!

In conclusion i totally enjoyed both of the designs, i think the packaging is great, the price point not bad, the quality is very good-nothing to fault! I would definitely recommend checking out Silver Swan's collection, they have quite an extensive array of design too so whatever style you're looking for, i think they would have one that matches your criteria. You can order directly from their website or go to Silver Swan Lash Instagram to get their contact informations ^^.

Thank you Silver Swan for the chance to try out your falsies!


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