Hong Kong Trip Day 5&6 : Madam Tussaud's & Eaton House Review

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Ready for our last 2 days in Hong Kong?

I met my ex boyfie! Edward Cull... i mean Robert Pattinson!
He was cold and very stiff, but that's how vampires are supposed to be, right? LOL. I contemplated harassing him but since i'm more into Jong Kook Oppa and Theo James right now (and for fear to be deported and banned from Hong Kong and every Madam Tussaud's in the world), i let him off the hook.

Let's go back from the beginning, shall we? We had a late start on the 5th day since we're all super tired after Disneyland the previous day and since we're only planning to go to Madam Tussaud's that day (Hong Kong's one isn't very big so it wouldn't take THAT long) there was no need to hustle around. Left Baby Boy for about 15 minutes alone in the hotel room to train his courage (my mum nearly tackled me when i told her about this) and to grab some breakfast in the nearby... You guessed it, 7 Eleven *LOL*.

#FOTD. I don't know why i bother (mostly because i'm a narcissist, of course) since i put on exactly the same make up everyday in Hong Kong... Oh, i alternate between two different eyeshadows combinations though! LOL. I miss my enlarging contacts (read the review here), my current one isn't very enlarging, makes my eyes smaller and i look meaner *___*
#OOTD in the (very narrow) hotel corridor...
Thick Knitted Outer, Loose Cropped Top : Zara, Knitted Skirt : N.Y.L.A, Turtle Neck Thermal Top : Giordano, Grey Floral Tights : Paris Van Java (Bandung), Boots : Online, Bag : Stradivarius

Daddy putting on Baby Boy's brand new watch
The neighborhood around Eaton House. It's an apartment building turned into a serviced apartment, a bit concealed and hard to spot from the main road! We had hard time finding it the night before and the taxi driver (an aunty) scolded us because "It's not hotei!!! Ah-path-ment! Not hotei!!!" LOL
I will review Eaton House briefly later in this post
Posing so hard to show off his new Mike Wazowski watch bought in Disneyland the day before!
Can't help but asked for another OOTD pic ala fashion bloggers :D
The road from the main road to Eaton House was very steep, i was worried that the taxi would roll down the night before!
Waiting for our bus
We were trapped at the back of the bus with a weird, very talk-active granny *LOL*. She kept on yabbering in her Chinglish, gossiping about this and that. Once she realized we're Indonesian, she pestered us about this very rich Chinese Indonesian woman who lives in HK and married to a poor Chinese man. She was very annoyed when we told her we had no idea who she's talking about *LOL*, insisting that the woman's very famous in Hong Kong. Well, famous in HK doesn't mean famous in Indonesia, okay granny.... She said our little family reminded her a lot of the Chinese Indonesian lady's because they also have a little boy @___@.

The driver was driving scarily and the way to The Peak (where Madam Tussaud's located) was a very winding road, thank God some people vacated the front facing seat (we were stuck at the very back in backward facing seat, directly facing hunny and the chatty granny!) so Baby Boy and i moved to the newly vacant seats *much to my relief! The granny's incessant chattering started to give me a headache...* and after a seemingly endless climb, the bus finally arrived at The Peak!

Found this gigantic statue of egg tart in one of the malls in The Peak haha

Look at the fog! It was FFFREEEEZZEEENG!!!
The old tram's turned into a tourist information centre, still complete with the seat and all! So cute!
After ambling around incessantly and asking around, we finally found the Madam Tussaud's Museum (the Hong Kongers must've a Chinese name for this museum since it's so hard to ask about the place! Eaton House's receptionist had no clue what we were talking about until i had to write it down hahaha. They also didn't know what Wax Museum means, he went "Ohhh candleh??? Candle-hhh? Celebrity!!!" LOL) inside The Peak Tower. I was pretty surprised to see the museum located in the shopping part of the building and knew right away the space would be cramped *___*.

We were distracted by souvenir shopping for quite a bit but finally we went in hahaha.
Bruce Lee's statue was placed outside, probably to attract tourists in :p
Baby Boy was pretty excited to go to a wax museum (he's a museum lover like his parents) but we totally forgot to explain to him the concept of a wax museum! He probably thought there'd be candles or something? LOLOLOL. I  didn't realize that celebrity wax figurines are not interesting to a 6 year old boy since he knows so little of them (he only recognized Michael Jackson...)! He got bored very fast and within 5 minutes told me "I want to go to the wax museum, mum.". But we're already there, Baby Boy!!! All i could do was told him since we took him to play at Ocean Park and Disneyland already, it's mummy and daddy's turn and he had to be a good boy (he did!) and be patient!

Well, I was very excited to be there *LOL*. I really like wax figurines (totally fascinated by wax statues! I even really liked the movie House of Wax purely because of the "wax" statues in the movie! Am i weird? I know i am, don't answer that) and been to a tour version of Madam Tussaud's in Singapore many many years ago, i've always wanted to go to another one and finally i did!
Hunny and his doppelganger, which was the first few statues to welcome us once we stepped into the Hong Kong Glamour section
People keeps on saying that he looks like Bae Yong Jun but i simply never seen the resemblance, but once you put them side by side like this... well... I see some resemblance now *___*
The Hong Kong Glamour section was filled with Hong Kong, Hollywood and some other Asian celebrities. I used to be crazy about Mando-Pop and movies when i was little and i knew almost every celebrities by heart (back then), but i've lost touch with Chinese celebrities news by now (except the very famous ones) so i was a bit lost and didn't know who most of the celebrities in this area were :p.

Like this woman. No idea who she is (yes, there's a brief introduction behind every statue but i didn't bother to read most of them since i was more interested in finding the familiar ones!) :p.
Hahahahahaha, i told Hunny to peek into Nicole Kidman's cleavage. Baby Boy was not interested pedbut he pope up whenever we tried to take a pic and made the same pose over and over again @___@
Cecilia Cheung! This one i know lah hahaha. I used to really like her, now she's too skinny and scary looking! Used to be so so so pwetty!
One of my boyfie hahahaha Huang Xiao Ming. As you can see at the background, the museum was VERY PACKED that day (i think it was a Sunday, that's why) so we had to queue up endlessly to take pictures. ZZZZ. I have to check the days more accurately next time and choose a non-weekend day for this kind of places!
My other boyfie, Louis Khoo *LOL*. Btw, i feel very short that day in Madam Tussaud's! Are all celebrities really so tall??? I am not short myself, but i was dwarfed compared to most of the statues!
Baby Boy, more interested in cam-whoring with the piano than the statues haha
Andy Lau, forever handsome lah this uncle..
The Pitts with their newest adopted kid? LOL
Aaron Kwok, looking very blinged in his stage costume!
Meryl Streep, who's taller than my hunny on her heels
No idea who this is...
Michelle Yeoh
Kelly Chen (somehow i just typed Hu LOL, i had to Google to find her real name! Sudden brain spasm) with one of the most ridiculous outfit in the entire museum
Li Bing Bing?
Come on, lemme take him home!!!!!
Hahahaha. R-Pattz so tall, even hunny looked short next to him!
One of the weirdest looking statue, Lee Min Ho. He's probably one of the rare Korean guys that i find pretty attractive but his statue really didn't do him any justice!
On to the next section
Royal Family
Lady Di
Starting the Historical and National Heroes section with George W. Bush
And Barrack Obama, of course
Hunny loving Mr. Gandhi
This is Mr. Lee Kwan Yeow, right?

I definitely make a better model
William Shakespeare
I have no idea about most of the Chinese political leaders, sorry...
Mao Zedong, this one i know lah, i read a lot of his biographies
Again, no idea who this very friendly looking Japanese grandpa is. I hope nobody's offended with our poses, i already eliminate our pictures with Adolf Hitler since i did a research and realize a lot of people are very sensitive about him, and we did pose a lot with him...
Chinese Astronout?
With the forlorn looking, achingly beautiful Leslie Cheung
I am pretty certain this must be the current president of the People's Republic of China so i googled and i think i am right! Xi Jinping, am i correct?
Einstein, you're making my head hurts with your formulas!
Eric Tsang at the TV Studio
I am very nervous to be interviewed on TV *LOL*. I watch a lot of this woman's movies, she's hilarious! But i cannot remember her name at all...

Welcome to Scream!
No pictures allowed in this interactive scare zone! No kids under 16 allowed but the nice attendant agreed to look after Baby Boy for us while we went in *it was 5 minutes or something, don't get dramatic*. It was just the typical asylum style scare house, similar to a lot of other scare houses we've been to before-with real actors trying to surprise you and make you scream *LOL*. It's not very scary at all but then again we (and the others behind us too) refused adamantly when the couple in front of us tried to trade places with us (they were the head of the "snake". You have to put your hands on the shoulders of the person in front of you at all time and walk in line)! It was hilarious because the guy's clearly quite afraid and made his girlfriend walk in front of him!

Next is the World Premiere section.

Hunny made me pose like this
Well, it just look so wrong when he's the one who's doing it...
With teeny, tiny Audrey Hepburn
Yummy bread, anyone?
Spook Master, Alfred Hitchcock
Hunny and Mr. James Bond. I have no idea which actor this was
Hippie Johnny Depp
I'll hitch a ride with Leon Lai anytime...
The Champions section. No idea who this is haha
Yao Ming is scarily tall! He's almost twice my height!
Stare contest with Tiger Wood
Sour losers
Muhammad Ali's HUGE
Hunny has the same palm size as Michael Jackson... This is the Authentic History section
While Janet Jackson's hand size is exactly the same as mine!
If the other statues made me feel tiny, Madam Tussaud herself made me feel like a gigantic person
Me being annoying
Then we stumbled into this Wax Hands stall and since Baby Boy looked bored *but stayed very quiet*, i thought this would be an interesting thing to do for him.

We were pretty surprised because it was really affordable (HKD 100?), but clearly the cheap price means not-so-good quality either. It survived being hand carried back to Indonesia, but in less than two weeks it melted and we had to threw it away! It was kept in our fully air-conditioned room so i have no idea what went wrong!

I totally forget to take pictures of the wax hand before it's too late! So the only picture i have is this (from the picture above, i just cropped it to make it look clearer) zzz. Baby Boy asked for a rainbow color haha
If you live in a tropical country, i suggest you to skip this since it'll end up in the trash within a short couple of weeks! Even if you live in four seasons countries, if the summer in your place's pretty hot... Don't waste your money!
Hunny's so happy to see his idol, Donnie Yen. His section is pretty special, there's a video explaining the making of his statues and model stuffs used to make it
This was used to measure and made a structure of the statue

Eye balls!
Starting the Music Icon section with Miriam Yeung (whom i always confuse with Sammi Cheng!) and her crazy outfit
LOL. Leo Khoo had a crazy blue hair?
Finally! Someone (actually two persons!) my height! I am quite proud that i'm actually slightly taller than Gillian Cheung!
Hunny trying to borrow this errrr... singer's microphone
Miniature Jacko
Young Elvis' so handsome!
I had no idea that the late Anita Mui was so slim!
Marching with The Beatles
Hunny looking absolutely crazy while drumming for Madonna...
How come even Teresa Teng's taller than me??? She was in heels though!
I have no idea who this girl is, but her section is the cutest!!!
You wind up the key and she goes round and round+a snippet of her song plays
Jay Chow -____-

Lady Gaga's so tiny! She's my height in her heels!
The next section is the Fantasy Kingdom and Baby Boy finally got excited!
LOLOLOLOL, hunny made me do it!
Hulk's gonna crush ya!
Baby Boy and daddy's hero
Big and small Astro Boy!

Hunny caught me cam-whoring...

Sadly this Hello Kitty section's still halfway done
How do you like my gargantuan bow?
Love Doraemon!
Mummy's equally excited!

Super cute setting, anyone knows the cartoon's title?
The last part's dedicated to the new Monkey King movie! It's also the most exciting one with fantastical details. The statues are 10x better than the actual, less than mediocre movie...
Since i was nicknamed Vixen in Uni... I better pose with my Vixen demon sister then...
It was really hard to take a nice picture with this beautiful statue because of the lighting and angling but i kept on insisting because LOOK AT THE PASTEL LOWER BODY! I was really disappointed when i see the real actress in the movie because her statue's so much prettier! And i thought she'd be a central character in the movie, but she actually was in it for like, 5 seconds...

Sexiest Bull Demon King ever
Princess Iron Fan
And with that we reached the end of the museum! Didn't buy anything at the souvenir shop because there wasn't anything too interesting (i can't remember if the price's high or not), we prefer Disneyland's stuffs of course!
But there's nothing wrong with camwhoring with the souvenirs, right?
OHHH i won an Oscar...
I had a hard time remembering who this girl is, it's Barbie Hsu! I cropped myself out because i looked like a huge blob next to the ultra slim Barbie Hsu!
Not ready to go back just yet
Anything to do with coin tossing would attract Baby Boy hahaha
Then  we did a little shopping at the mall next door. This is the mini market where i went cray cray at the Gachapon dispensing rubber Chinese Zodiac rings!
And come back to the Peak Tower to order food from this very nice restaurant to bring back to the hotel. My mum and dad love to repeat this story about me choosing to stay in the hotel room while they go out in Hong Kong when i was little (i was 11 or something) as long as they bought me fried pigeons (??? Anyone knows the right term for burung dara in English?). The story gets more and more outrageous everyday, the pigeon became bigger and bigger and the amount i ate also doubles in time... Fried pigeons in HK's famous for the huge size and juicy meat-and hunny's been obsessed to get me some ever since. He kept on looking when we were in Macau and Taiwan simply because he wanted to see me devour the whole bird. Isn't he weird???
While waiting for our orders
My rabbit so cute, yet?
The fancy waiting area
Hahahaha so cute, the bus' the same height as Baby Boy
The Peak Galleria at night
A candid pic of me waiting for Baby Boy who was fascinated by the beautifully lighted dancing fountain
Crazy queue of The Peak Tram. Stupid story, hunny thought the tram goes somewhere else (because CL suggested us to take a tram to see something, he said) and we queue like a crazy person in the freezing COLD for almost an hour, by the time we got to the ticketing booth and asked for a return tickets, the attendant asked "Are you sure? Return? The tram's going to the city!". WTH, we totally thought it's going somewhere with a nice view! We weren't ready to go back to the hotel yet (haven't bought the food to bring back and all!) so we had to exit the queue *shame faced*! An hour queueing in freezing weather for nothing!
One more hahahaha
I was pretty happy after shopping at Sasa, Bossini and towards the end : Coach! Then we went back to our hotel!
Hunny looking super happy with his coveted pork and my yummy fried pigeon hahaha. Very pricey though, paid almost half a million rupiahs for these two! The pork was exceptionally pricey! We did get it from a very nice restaurant though..
And here's a little apartment tour to show you how Eaton House looks like! It's located pretty conveniently in Wan Chai road (although a bit secluded and might be a bit hard to find because it's located in a hidden alley, just a block from the main road) where it's really easy to find food and public transportations. It's not as nice as Eaton Hotel (it's not a regular hotel after all, and it's around IDR 200.000 cheaper than the hotel) but pretty nice as well! Unlike usual, i didn't manage to snap pictures before we ransacked the hotel because we arrived at almost midnight the night before and we just wanted to crash (but i almost couldn't sleep because the apartment was as cold as a freezer WTF. I Googled later on and found out you had to ask the receptionist for a portable heater! WTF!) so... Sorry for the very messy apartment!
HAHAHAHAHAH SORRY, i was too tired to move! I was wearing 4 layers of clothes and that's my hunny's cardigan as the 4th layer :p
Baby Boy preferred to sleep in this little corner we made from comforter (thank God we bought that blanket in Disneyland! Or else i wouldn't have any and i would really die of hypothermia WTF *dramatic*) than to squeeze with us in the bed
There's the dining table and the cupboard behind it
TV, entrance and the door leading to the kitchen. I have no complain for the apartment aside from the non-built in-by-request-only heater and the funky smell from the kitchen! Everytime hunny opened the door to the kitchen i wanted to puke a little bit :(...
The damn portable heater that we should've asked the previous night! It's not enough to make the whole room warm, but at least it was 10x better than without it!
The kitchen 
I didn't even enter the kitchen since hunny's the chef in this family!
They provided very complete equipments, even wine glasses and other kind of glass(es)!
There's the microwave too so heating up your food is a breeze!
The bathroom
In case you're wondering, the pink towel's mine. I don't like to use hotel towels *thanks to my mum's crazy germ-phobia that rubs on me in some ways* >.<
That's the end of the apartment tour! It's a pretty nice place to stay if you want a (relatively) affordable, spacious room (it's tiny for an apartment but decent for a hotel room, of course) where you can heat/cook your own food, wash your laundry and feel at home. My only complaint would be their non-built in heater (and the fact that you have to ask for a portable heater) and the funky smell from the kitchen! 

Staffs are very friendly and helpful even though they hardly speak any English (so much for me to say, our own staffs don't really speak English at all LOL). They helped us ordered a taxi for the next day (when we have to leave very early to go to the airport), which never showed up! Apparently in HK when taxi drivers cannot find an address (told you the apartment's kinda secluded and hidden from the main road!) they would not bother to look for it! Then the staffs panicked alongside us, in the end they helped me (who waited for hunny who tried to hail a cab upfront with the other staff) lugged my luggage down the steep road and hands down hailed a cab for us! A for attentiveness!

I myself prefer to stay in Eaton Hotel because it's more comfortable, no funky smell from the kitchen (because there IS no kitchen LOL) and the bed can be modified to fit three persons :p! But Eaton House is definitely a recommended serviced apartment!
Ever since i read about the Ramune soda drink from Japan with the unique glass marble mechanism i've been obsessed to try it, and we found it at a mini market in The Peak! I totally spilled the soda all over *LOL*. Very interesting! Taste wise, it's so so for me *i don't really drink soda much* but i like the experience and i'm keeping the marble! LOL
We're flying back to Indonesia (transit for hours in Singapore..) the next day very early in the morning so there's not much story on the 6th day, that's why i decided to feature the 6th day here too.

Hunny and i cannot function before downing some coffee...
After panicking about the whole taxi debacle, everything went smoothly. We only took the taxi to the central station where we took the Airport Express again. You can actually drop your luggage in the central station and check in to your flight so you can feel relaxed right away! No need to scramble to reach the airport hours before your flight!
Showing off my favorite buy in this Hong Kong trip, coral Coach wrap leather bracelet!
And the pink bear from Ocean Park that subsequently became mine now...
Arrived at the huge airport and got lost a few time until we found the right gate *LOL*
We just had enough time for breakfast, and believe it or not... We only got to eat a proper Hong Kong style breakfast on the last day and in the airport *LOL*.

No idea what's the name of this, it came with the package and it became hunny's breakfast LOL
Because i wanted the porridge! Super yum! Comes with the huge youtiao as well! Very affordable and yummy meal :D
We had to transit in Singapore for a pretty long time so we took our time having lunch, strolling around, window shopping (nothing interesting to buy...) and eventually hunny went and play Counter Strike at the arcade room WTH, leaving me at the Mtv lounge with K-Pop MVs playing nonstop, i almost broke down and break the TV...

Had enough time to visit the Sunflower Garden...
And camwho with Harrod's gigantic teddy bear...
And camwho some more at the Peranakan Museum's exhibition
We've been to the museum a few years ago and it's really interesting!
Last picture
Then it was time to say bye bye Singapore and fly back to Surabaya! And that's the end of our Hong Kong Trip, the first time ever the three of us went overseas without anyone else trailing (usually my parents always follow wherever Baby Boy goes hahaha)! It was a wonderful trip and we brought home the sweetest memories ever. I cannot wait for our next trip and make new memories!


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  1. orang HK emang kebanyakan inggrisnya parah. jadi kalo mau nanya2 bikin ribet ya....

    madame tussaud nya isinya udah beda dari yang dulu gua pergi th 2002. 12 th yang lalu! hahaha. gua ingetnya yang the beatles itu dulu duduk di sofa. sekarang berdiri gitu ya... :D

    btw yang foto ama sumo adu perut itu kocak... hahahaha.

    dan itu hotelnya gak ada heater central... itu sih gile bener!!! aneh banget padahal hk kalo winter kan dingin...

    1. Hoohh, tp masih mendingan drpd Taiwan sih, itu rata2 sama sekali ga ngertiii T.T capek deh, how much aja gak ngerti zzz.

      WOOOO, i didn't know Madam Tussaud nya HK sdh ada dr 2002 donk!

      Hahahaha iya nih, coba brkt nya sm kokoku+istrinya, pst lbh ga karu2an gt foto2nya...

      IYAAAA ajegile, itu kalo malem 2 derajat gitu (2 derajat utk manusia yg biasa d 30 derajat k atas itu NERAKA!) loh n rata2 heater2 nya ga jalan semua *di hotel2 sebelumnya jg* nangis darah dehh

  2. Oh wow these are definitely sweet memories to keep! It feels creepy to stand beside those icons! :D

    1. Hahahhaha why is it creepy?? Maybe i am weird but i really like wax statues!

  3. AKHH ce banyak bangettt ***____*** kayake seruuu pollll
    yg monkey king keren yaaa statuenya mirippp2

    1. Apanya banyak Shel, fotoe tah? Hahahaha.. Iya buagusss yg Monkey King, pdhal filme sih elek hahaha

  4. My relatives visited the wax museum. Last time I went in HK, I have missed visiting this because of time issues. Next, time I'll surely visit the wax museum. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aw, that's too bad that you missed it. You should visit it next time, it's really nice :)!