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Hi guys!

Have you ever heard of Lulla? If not, then you're missing on a great thing! Let me introduce you to them!
Lulla is an Indonesian online store specializing in hand made knot hair ties (the first, actually!) made from high quality material with various pretty designs and colors. What's so special about knot hair ties compared to regular hair ties is not only they are a LOT prettier (and can be used as an arm candy), but they also claim to be a "no kink" hair ties as in after wearing them your hair won't be left with an unsightly kink and bend! It's also very soft and won't damage your hair, for i've always heard that harsh and taut pony tails can actually lead to baldness in the long run *GASP!*!

I honestly had been eyeing their collections for months, but since i do not tie my hair much (except when i exercise or at home when the weather's getting unbelievably HOT) i couldn't justify getting them. But then a few weeks ago Lulla's owner kindly contacted me and asked me if they can send me some Lulla hairbands for a possibility for a review, i obviously jumped at the chance!

Very excited when hunny (my personal postman...) came holding the package from Lulla :D!
In case anyone's wondering, i never bother concealing my mailing address because it's our office's address and it happens to be a hotel *LOL*, why would i want to hide my hotel's address? More spread out the better! The phone number also rarely active so i wouldn't mind if anyone's thinking of harassing me, they'd go unnoticed...
Was very surprised to see each hair ties package's placed in a cloth pouche! So cute! I love their professional looks and attention to details!
Lulla kindly let me choose the hair ties i wanted myself and i chose the lace one (obviously! If you know my style then you know exactly which one i'd choose!) :D. They also sent me another type along with the lace, thank you Lulla!
I never thought i'd ever be in love with hair ties before...
The beautiful knots that makes every hair ties so special!

How do those hair ties fared with me? Since i am extremely detailed and OCD, i took TONS of pictures of them *and myself wearing them*, i almost took every single hair ties' pictures individually but i stopped myself *LOL*. Still, i ended up with LOTS of pictures, be prepared!

First up : Charice. According to their FB page, this variant is their best seller! I do have a good taste, don't i?
In PWEETTYYYY pastel colors *scream* arghhhh so cuteeeee

My absolute FAVE (obvi)
They are pretty and practical at the same time! You can just wear it as an arm band and have a pretty hair tie on your wrist ready to use whenever you need them!
Hehe, sorry i can't help it. Look so good in one, two or even three layers!

Feminine style. Oh, i love how it looks! Now i think i'd definitely tie my hair more often!

It also look great stacked with other bracelets!
Hehehehe, Qiu Qiu would describe this as "act chio" P
With more kawaii style

Hunny kept on saying i looked like a Japanese maid and tried to make me mop the floor and all -___-
Mismatched hairties colors never look so cute!
I wore the pink Charice band with this pinky outfit and went to watch Godzilla with hunny last Thursday
And wore the blue and green one to P. Atum on Saturday. I'm cray cray over full pastel colored coordis lately!
PS : sorry for the photos inconsistency. I find it hard to take outfit pictures using NX 300 so i switch back and forth with my Pinko!
Actually i've been wearing pinks non stop this month! I have no idea why *LOL*. I took pictures for this post in three different days and i accidentally wore pink in every picture! I really didn't plan to do that, in fact i thought i'd wear different colored outfits every time so i can show the versatility of each pack. But well... I am called #Pink after all...
Next : Callen Autumn
If Charice's hairties is bigger in size and only contained three bands in the package, Callen type is slimmer and comes with five different colors in every package. It's slightly metallic looking and oh-spo-gorgeous!
Hahahaha... Look more like a snail than a rock and roll sign :p
I have tried and used every single one of these hairties that Lulla sent to me and i can honestly say that they're really really nice to wear! They don't pull my hair too tight, never snagged and super light that i don't feel like i was wearing anything! For the no kink part, i really can't say much about this since my hair is naturally very straight and silky, nothing would dent my hair hahaha. It's really easy to wear even for someone like me (who's really bad at doing anything to their hair).

Here are some (more) pictures of me demonstrating the different ways you can tie your hair with Lulla hair ties, please excuse the messy hair though-told ya i'm not good with hair styling!
Wearing the white one for a half pony tail which made me look like on officer from Three Kingdoms (yes, i've been playing Dynasty Warrior 8 too much...). Look at my crazy black roots!
Red one on a regular pony tail
Navy one for a one sided half pony tail. I love this style so much that i actually wore it to GM yesterday. I will be sporting this look a lot more from now on! Oh, we just got our bangs trimmed on Saturday, that explains the different hair style hehe

And youthful two sided half pony tail (i am completely making up the names) that made hunny laughed so much and told me i looked like a little girl *___*. He dared me to go out looking like this, as if i'm afraid!
With the OOTD i wore for our Saturday dinner at The Champion
And my fave use, as an arm candy!
Price wise, i have no idea how much they cost but if i'm not mistaken it's around IDR 48.000 to IDR 58.000. It is a little pricier than regular, cheapo scrunchies, but i believe the quality (and the beauty) is totally worth the price! Plus, you get more than 1 hairties in each package, so the price of each ties is not that expensive anyway!

I absolutely love my Lulla hair ties and been using them non-stop ever since i received them (and unlike my other cheapo hair bands, they are still in tip top condition! They are not stretched out of their shape at all!). I think i want to collect more of them >.<...

If you're interested to get your own Lulla Hairties, here's their contacts :
E-mail : lulla_id @
Blackberry Pin: 2380AA8F

They also have a WA number but i just checked their page and apparently the owner just lost her phone >.< oh no! You can order via their page, e-mail and BBM for now!

What are you waiting for? Every girl should have their knot hairties :D! (And you should get them from Lulla, why? Because 20% of your purchases goes to charity!)


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  1. you look uber cute here, ci :D
    itu tas nya aku mauuuu *rebut* *salah fokus*

    1. Aww, thank you Icel :D. Huahahahah tas ungu pastel itu kah >.<

  2. haha cc lucuu kalo dikuncir dua gt XD
    btw artinya "chio" itu apa sih ce? ga mudeng2 smpe skrg *_*

    1. Hahahah thx Shel...
      Chio itu artinya cakeppp, ini penjelasan dr Urban Dictionary : Singaporean/Malaysian slang for really good looking, attractive girl. Not in a girl-next-door way but in a really hot, sexy (and sometimes anime) way.
      "Wa Lau! That girl is really Si-Bei Chio Man!!!!"

  3. ci mindy unyu banget dikuncir gitu ^^
    akkkk aku jg mau tasnyaa wkkw cakeppp xD

    1. Hehehe thank you Dewieee * blush*
      Knp pada naksir tas nyaaa :D

  4. These hair ties are really popular now! Sephora carries them as well. I'll definitely give them a look since they come so highly recommended :)

    1. Yeah it's on the rage! I personally really like them :D

  5. Hehe sama ci aku jg jarang nguncir rambut kalo ga bener2 panas bgt wkwk xD
    Aiiih ci mindy unyu banget lho kalo dikuncir dua gitu hihi :3

    1. Hihihihi thank youuu Lala :D *jd malu*