A's Birthday Celebration

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#Pink's here and i dunno why i'm so energized (must be that cup of coffee, i should revert to drink coffee in the morning instead of in the afternoon i guess) since i only slept at 2.30 in the morning and woke up feeling very sluggish and tired *like everyday LOL*. Hunny and i stayed up all night because we got engrossed in watching Sacha Stevenson's You Tube videos, she's so damn (annoyingly) funny WTH. Highly recommended (but if you're Indonesian and very easily offended, then maybe you shouldn't watch it)!

Anyway, it's time for us to blog about A's 31 (GASP!!!!! FAINTS!!!! DIES!!!! Sorry, it's so gonna happen every time someone's having a birthday, clearly i have problems with aging) birthday.
B***es with the Bday B *LOL*. Because we're all that matters (explaining the absence of guys in this picture)

So... The birthday was actually on MARCH 25th *LOL*, but the celebration must be postponed because #Undecided, G and Av went to KL on that company trip, then it got postponed again for one week because on the day it was supposed to happen, #Undecided suddenly couldn't make it (emergency with one of her doggy), and we'd hate nothing more than a celebration without the full team. THEN after it finally happened,  #Undecided got so busy (even more busy fighting with her stupid laptop *LOL*) that we only get to blog about it weeks later. Apologies!

Last year A was preggie with Baby Luca on her birthday and this year Baby Luca's already with us! He's never been out of town yet, so A decided to celebrate her birthday in Ayam Sri (where #Undecided had her bday lunch last year) in Teretes. You know, to kill two birds with one stone kind of thing. We promised to leave our houses at 11 AM, #Undecided and her hubby was already in Terawas (which is like super nearby Teretes) since early in the morning-but them being them, ended up being the last to arrive anyway *LOL*. We actually finished eating when they finally arrived!

On my defense (hellow this is #Undecided!), it was raining cats and dogs in Trawas and the cellphone signal, which on a normal day sucks balls, got even worse, so I couldn't tell if everybody was there already LOL.

G and her hubby was the first to arrive (this is not unusual), then i quickly followed (not very usual *LOL*) and we waited for almost half an hour until the birthday girl finally arrived *LOL*. Plenty of time to cam-whore first :
Just posting one pic, but we actually snapped close to... 20. With the same pose *LOL*, because we're (G especially) v fussy and there were always something that didn't satisfy us!

Ah, so this is what happened during my absent. Let's ogle the photos together, shall we...
Baby Boy and the Birthday Mommy.
Baby Luca and his Doting Daddy.
Closer look to his #OOTD

And here comes the food!!
Believe it or not, we always order the same things whenever we dine here hahaha...
But hey, at least now you get to see what we always have - unlike on my birthday post, the food was already gone LOL
Yeah, and i figured we post so many food pics in this blog but very rarely Indonesian food (coz we don't think it's interesting, since that's what we eat daily *LOL*). It's a treat for out international readers, now you can see some of our local food haha
Yum yum fried tofu.
Yum yum sayur asem (clear, sweet and sour soup with assorted veggie).
OMG who ordered this and how dare them NOT share it with me!!!
It was the bday lady, BB *LOL*. And this drink is called Dawet
Yum yum fried chicken (I should stop saying yum yum, someone slap me).
*Slaps #Undecided* This is the famous Ayam Sri. It's extremely tender, juicy and sweet. The meat just fall off the bones with the softest touch. I am not much of a sweet food lover so i usually eat it with lots of sambal to counter balance the sweetness, and even more rice *kill me now* 
Yum yum errr tahu telor (fried mix tofu and egg with peanut sauce). This one's my fave!!
Mine too!
OMG look at us :D (yes, I had a mouthful and #Pink insisted that I smile to the camera, damn her!)
Who told you to be so late???
It was raining, bb!!! 

Then it was time to cam-whore!!! Seriously, we spent like an hour or more doing nothing but take pictures *LOL*. The quality of the pictures are so much better than usual thanks to hunny's NX-300!
Mummy and Baby photo shoot!
Awwwww, isn't Baby Luca adorbssss???
I'm exceptionally proud of this pic! Looks professional, isn't it??? Should i attempt to be a photog now??? Say yes!!!!!

Then it was time to give the bday gift her pressie! We all pitched in to buy something nice for her, i thought with her being a new mommy and all, she might feel a little "neglected" with all the limelight on the baby *it is NORMAL to feel this way, if anyone's wondering* so i insisted on finding something nice to pamper her. #Undecided and i spent hours looking at bags at different stores but once we set our eyes on this particular Aldo bag, we knew it was THE bag for her.
I didn't know Hunny snapped this picture before we're ready, but i think it's a pretty fun pic! Show you how we really act when we're not posing for the camera. I for once look not too crazy in a candid pic, #Undecided might not be so happy though hahaha...
Attempt #2, i don't remember what was happening but it must be hilarous, i still couldn't stop laughing
Okay, attempt #3. You can still see the laughter in my eyes haha
Extra picture with the Beauty face application *LOL*
It was really hot and humid that day (and rained like crazy soon afterward) that afternoon, A especially sweat like cray cray. Look at Av being a good nanny (she's really good with babies! Much better than moi! Baby Luca stayed quiet the most with her while he start crying whenever one of us carried him after a while, but he actually fell asleep on Av's arms! A very good candidate for a nanny, yes???) and wiped her boss' face *LOL* (it's a joke, in case someone with no sense of humor read this and wonder if Av's really a nanny *____*)
Dunno why she wanted a picture taken while the wrap's still on but here it is *LOL*
A and the pressie! This picture doesn't do it justice really, it's really pretty in real life! Soft mint colored with intricate floral pattern
Av showing you where we got the pressie.
Me, showing you the bday pressie + all the bags that we all wore that day. And yes, they're heavy!!! No idea why I let those B's piled those bags on me *peer pressure!!*, clearly I need to rethink my choices when it comes to BFF LOL
Those three were wearing tribal print skirt/shorts that day.
Well actually the point of this picture is i was wearing twin skirts as G, and G was wearing twin tees with Av! The tribal thingy was just a coincidence haha
The pictures turned out so nice i can't help myself
Love how Av posed here, but what's with the left foot!? LOL.
#Undecided insisted on joining in, but once she jumped in all of the pictures turned out to be so dark they are not post-able! LOLOLOL!
Group shot.
Squeeze-the-boobs shot.
Don't ask.
Seriously, don't ask.
Hey, it turned out CUTE!
Nice windowpanes, eh...*lost focus*
Birthday girl with the boys (Vicky, where are you looking at?!)
I was pissed at Baby Boy and told him to OPEN his eyes
THIS was his respond
Full group shot (with #Pink and #Undecided in the middle). LOVE this pic!!
Family pic.

Okay, so we're done eating and took hundreds of pics, but no it wasn't enough...
Coz we went and took more!
Aunty #Pink and Baby Luca
Hahahahaha check out Baby Luca's less-than-pleased look! Anyway, i was wearing a tierred necklace and got really worried about it scratching him so i was holding him awkwardly zzzz. He got pissed after a while (by not so comfortable carrying stance) and started wailing LOL. I've never been especially good at carrying babies *weird, apparently my arms are not that strong. But i CAN do weird yoga poses with my arms being the weight support!* because i remember i also couldn't carry Baby Boy for very long when he was a baby! Then i got an arm-ache (only the left side) all night long! Must've pulled a muscle or something, eh? Horrible aunty! LOL. Anyway, A and i kept on trying to shove Baby Luca to #Undecided because his neck's strong already, it's about time she start carrying him right??? Wrong, she ran away spewing excuses!
Hey!! My long nails could have scratched him!!
This is the best I could do when it comes to handling babies. Yes, posing next to them hahahaha... Relax #Pink, I'll carry Luca one day (exactly 6 months from now that is!)

Who's responsible for this blurry pic????
Huh, who?! Me?! 

Hunny's always been a better baby-carrying person than i ever was

Hey, similar hairstyle!
Ndaru did both of them, bb!! LOL.

Cute pic, i LOVE this!

So that was it. Another low-key birthday celebration, but as always, it's the people we surround ourselves with that matters most! #Pink wanted to take Baby Boy to the mountains after lunch but it was drizzling some more, so we had to take a rain check (no pun intended). 

Tomorrow night we're all gonna hang to celebrate G's birthday (the birthday itself was last week when I was in Jakarta meeting my hero - promise I will write about it soon! I'm just waiting for the Event Organizer to email me the photo), and hopefully it won't be another month before we can write the report hahaha...

Happy 31st birthday Mommy A! We love you as much as you love Luca (well maybe not THAT much hahaha)!   

Until next birthday everybody,
#Pink and #Undecided

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  1. BABY SO CUTE!!!!!!!!
    Nice post dear...
    Happy birthday A....

    New post for Reine Doll IBB Challenge I'm a queen : http://plumblush.blogspot.com/2014/05/reine-doll-shops-im-queen-ibb-makeup.html
    cekidot yah... :)

  2. that's cool! i think you had a lot of fun!! congrats!


  3. Nice food here! I want to try the tahu telor. This delicacy is native mah? I think we don't have it here and I have not encountered this recipe.

    1. Tahu telor is very yum and yes, it's native Javanese food. Basically a fried tofu with egg and peanut sauce!