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Hi hi!

I just had a very full but fun day! I don't often have such a jam-packed day, and people say they're jealous of how relaxed my life is, but trust me-i love busy days! I feel less useless on a day like this *LOL*. Anyway, blog post about today (a beauty event followed by a joint bday dinner of two of my friends) will come up soon, let's focus on the topic written on the title for now!

Remember i used to say i never really had much luck with lucky draws and its friends? Well, it seems like my luck in that department has shifted a little bit :p. I win (not much but a little bit's better than never, right?) more and more quizzes and giveaways, which is AWESOME! One of them is Vanity Trove's 7 Days Christmas Giveaway. I was really surprised when i was announced as one of the winners because honestly i didn't even remember entering it *LOL*. 

Anyway, my price was IDR 100.000 worth of Vanity tab that i could use to purchase their troves/products. I've been hoarding it for MONTHS because sadly their self-customized trove's items seems to be pretty... sparse (and repetitive. Like, there'd be 5 items from the same brand at one time. And there'd be only three or so brands at one time with all super boring items like face creams *YAWNS*) and i didn't see anything i really wanted to purchase from their online shop as well. 

And then about a week ago i read some blogger's unboxing of this special Mozaic Exclusive Trove and it seems pretty nice, so i hurriedly checked their sites and couldn't believe my eyes that this exclusive  trove's priced at only IDR 100.000 (their regular trove's IDR 180.000)! I quickly clicked add to my cart (i am ecstatic that i do not have to pay a dime for this box!) and viola, here it is! (Arrived at a speedy time too! I ordered this much latter than the time when i redeemed my Lola Dots for a complimentary box, which still shows no sign of appearing, almost three weeks after they promised to send me the box *LOL*. Lola Box is usually very punctual though so i'm pretty confused...)
Pretty nice, right?

I really like their new packaging! The VT sticker reminded me of LV haha
Now VT boxes always come wrapped in bubble wrap, A for extra care!
Colorful box especially made for this exclusive box. Description in their website stated that this box is created to celebrate Mozaic fashion show by Raffles Institutes of Higher Education
The box was heavy, mainly because of that full sized Lux body shower!
First item : Lux Moisturizing Body Wash in Velvet Touch (250 ml)
I actually couldn't use the original Lux body washes anymore, my skin got more sensitive (from age, i guess *___*) somehow and a lot of body wash/shower gel/cream can cause my eczema to act up, muyhunny also cannot use lots of body thingy due to his uber dry skin. But i've been reading rave reviews about this new Lux Body Wash, they apparently bettered their formulation and the result is much milder and moisturizing body washes. I am actually quite excited to try this (without having to purchase it myself) and prove if this new body wash really is much better than their predecessor.

Skin 79 Hot Pink Super+ Triple Functions BB (deluxe size) and 3 sachets of other Skin 79 BB Cream (Super+ Triple Functions BB Vital Cream Orange Label, VIP Gold Collection Super+ BB Cream and The Oriental Gold BB Cream Plus)
As a BB cream junkie, i always love getting BB Cream samples. I am not a fan of sachet samples, but since they gave out a decent deluxe sample (which i really love because they are super convenient for my travels) and the sachets must be bonuses, i don't mind. Skin 79 is one of the nicest BB cream i've ever tried too, so... I have nothing but love for them!

Cottage Softening Shower Gel in Vanilla (50ml)
Seriously, Cottage (and Original Source) tiny bottles are the cutest ever! This is my second travel size Cottage shower gel (both are from beauty boxes) and i am really happy that i got different variants! I love bath and body cares and this tiny bottle will be going on a trip with me! 

Dove Anti Perspirant Whitening Deodorant in Original (15 ml)
I wear deodorants whenever i go out so this one is a very useful thing that will definitely get used. I am a fan of Dove products, however for this particular product... I am not overly fond of. I am currently using this deodorant and i hate that it takes FOREVER to dry! But it's still usable even though it's my least favorite item in this box.

Angelwinks falsies in Honey

Gosh it's been so long since the last time i received falsies in beauty boxes! I used to detest getting them (because i never used them before) until one day i decided to try them on and i've been hooked ever since. Having said that, i haven't been wearing any falsies for a very very long time! LOL. I should start practicing again! I've never tried Angelwinks falsies (honestly i almost never bought falsies by myself except once from Sasa when it was on a huge sale and from Daiso/cheapo accessories stores! I built a little collection from past beauty boxes only haha) and am pretty excited about this!
Kiehl's Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo (65 ml)
The most branded and (definitely) expensive item in this trove! I love Kiehl even though i haven't actually purchased anything from them (my hunny's insisting on buying their deodorant though, even though i find paying almost IDR 300.000 for a deodorant is a total insanity...) but i have lots of their samples *LOL* *cheapo* and i can safely say i love those products that i've tried the samples on. This size is perfect for traveling! Honestly i fear this shampoo would be too rich for my oily scalp (the nourishing part) but i'm sure it'll work well on hunny!

And that's it! Personally i find this to be a pretty great box, especially for the price (IDR 100.000 or about USD 9!). I paid more in the past for boxes that are not half as good as this one! Everything in this box is really useful and i get to try lots of items that i am interested in!

This box is still available in their website, if you're interested in them (i am highly recommending this box, i believe its worth more than the price! I mean... The Kiehl's shampoo alone would worth quite a lot!) you better hurry and order them now, there's a "selling fast" label on the box which means it might get out of stock soon!

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  1. I thought lolabox alreay closed down? Their april box was the last one.
    The lux body wash is still drying despite the new formulation. Have u ever tried philosophy shower gel before?

    1. I didn't know that! I just checked out their website after reading the comments. However, they promised that complimentary box a long time ago and the last time i checked (a few days ago) they still claimed it's on the way. I hope it'd really arrive *LOL*.
      Oh, it's still drying? Dang. So many rave reviews about it i hoped it would be better zzz.
      Philosophy? Can't say i have! I don't think they're available in Indonesia though?

    2. Yep still drying, i ended up ping-pong-ed it to the hubby coz his skin can tolerate anything, even sandpaper LOL.
      If u happened to bump into sephora do check philosophy out. Their body wash smells heavenly, lathers easily and ain't drying. Sephora line of body wash smells pretty awesome to. It shd be available in indo soon me thinks as sephora is opening soon in jkt

    3. LOL, lucky your husband's skin so unsensitive, it's the total opposite with MY husband! My God it's so annoying that his skin cannot take most products haha.
      I am honestly not too into expensive bath and body cares, my most expensive ones are like from... The Body Shop *LOL*. But i'll check it out if i go to any Sephora in the future, thx for the suggestion!

  2. Lolabox has closed down, their birthday box was the last one. They have the announcement on their website. I was really sad about that since I like getting my lolabox and I still have loladots I haven't redeemed T_T. Now only Vanity Throve and Indonesia Beauty Box left. Waiting for other beauty boxes to pop up or maybe ipsy can come to Indonesia haha (Wishful thinking I know). Anyway, this vanity throve box seems to be really worth it :D

    1. Yeah, i know that now! I just hope that they will still (or as they said, already have) send the promised complimentary box! I was promised that like, 3 weeks ago zzzz. LOL, i don't think Indonesia's ready for beauty boxes for some reasons, i heard that most beauty boxes in Malaysia closed down too. Wonder why...

  3. Isinya keren-keren ci.. Menggiurkan semua. Jangan lupa di review ya..

  4. Omg you got kiehl's ,I never bought the vt box so it's like this ,wonder if I can have one ^^
    Mind to follow back?

    1. It's still available if you're interested :)

  5. How long is "forever" when you say it takes forever to dry? I think the roll-ons are not much preferred by most users.

    1. About 10 minutes? Maybe more. I have to go around topless around my room to wait until it dries *LOL*. Yeah, i definitely prefer spray on deodorant, but they run out super fast...

  6. Hey Mindy, I just followed your blog and nominated you for Liebster Awards, more detail in here

    thank you ^^