G's Bday Dinner

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Hi guyssss :D

It's another very backdated joint post today, and this is #Pink saying hello! We're sharing the story of our other BFF, G's birthday! Her birthday is on 27th April (so proud that i can actually get the date right! Even though it doesn't really help because exactly the day before her bday she actually accompanied me to Miracle's Event and she was complaining about her hubby making a plan to go supervise cleaning services at their new home "I planned on spending the day going out to the mall with my mum. It's my birthday after all..." and i went completely white. OMG, it's your bday tomorrow???? And yes, she scolded me of course hahaha) but as usual, the bday dinner's postponed-just a week later this time. We're having Chinese food dinner that night at Moi Restaurant.

The girls, because like i always said : we're all that matters HAHAHAHAHA

Are #Undecided and i's outfits remind you of another post? This dinner was held at the same day as out Miracle Aesthetic Clinic's tour (OMG, how come everything is related to Miracle in this post LOL) and #Undecided wore the exact same outfit while i only changed out of my yellow trousers to a high low ombre skirt! I also look more human in the pictures because i finally washed my hair *LOLOLOL* and put on some make up so i look less pale!

A pic of the narcissistic bday girl who kept on asking to have her pics taken >.<

Bday girl with the *surprisingly* equally narcissistic hubby!
I was very late because G is a scarily early person and she had the bday dinner at 6 (who eats at 6??? Okay maybe you should, but that's too early for me!) and i left my house at 6 LOLOLOL. The street in front of the restaurant was crazy packed and we were stuck in the car for a LONG time. When i finally reached around 6.45 everybody's sitting quietly and had finished eating WTF LOLOLOL. Awkward. And yet #Undecided and her hubby didn't show up anytime soon! We were late, and they were LATE (in a completely different league). Anyway, obviously all the food had been ransacked LOLOLOL so i couldn't take pics :p
Sitting quietly?! Really?!?! 
Yes, they did. AWKWARD. LOL 

Btw, HELLO!! #Undecided here. And yes, I have some explaining to do. Earlier that day our dogs had their first swimming lessons. Ellis went first, everything went smoothly.

Enter Jerome. LOL. He was petrified by the pool! So funny... But then using a ball hubby tried to get him to warm up to the pool. Looking at the ball he got excited and to everyone's surprise, jumped headfirst into the water, swam frantically towards hubby and grabbed the ball from him *smh*. Yes, with his muzzle (how else!?), and scratched hubby's middle finger. It was quite bad. Jerome and his teeth... He's a fully grown German Shepherd after all... 

Long story short, before we left for the resto I was busy changing hubby's bandages. And believe me, it sounds simpler than the actual task. The tear was quite long so I had to use 2 (normal sized) bandages, and yes, some of the adhesive stuck right on the open wound, so I needed to do it ever so gently or else I'd tug on.. Argh!! I'll skip the gory details and continue to G's birthday dinner, I'm sure you'll agree!!!

Anyway, when we got there, everybody had finished eating LOL. So while waiting for our (additional) dishes to arrive, group pic first!
Baby Boy, you're blocking Oom Aswin's face!
Better now, thank you! :)
Wrong angle would reveal my moon face PFFFFTTT. But since these two are the only group pics we have (oh, there's another one but it's completely BLUR) so i have no choice zzz

A (and her hubby) + Av were leaving (yes, around 10 minutes after I arrived, I was THAT late LOL), so pics of them with the bday girl first!
And then group pic as per usual.
In case anyone's as baffled as me by A's outfit, she's wearing a breastfeeding shroud, even though Baby Luca's nowhere to be seen *LOL*.

Then the bday girl and the hubby forced me to take more picture of them *i should start charging*.
Told ya the hubby's a secret camwhorer as well...

#Undecided was wearing her new UBER CUTE slipper so i snap pictures of her and her feet!
#Undecided's #OOTD. Actually she almost always dress like this, i call tee+hot pants=#Undecided's uniform
Isn't her new sandals CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE???? I'm in love! And she also helped me ordered a bear flat shoes! Super cute too! Will show you in future posts :D
Uber narcissistic Bday Girl showing off the bday pressie
It's the golden bracelet! LOL. We all pitched in as usual and the hubby topped up the rest.

Speaking of bday pressie, #Undecided announced a few months ago that she wants a Furbie. LOL. So i also announced my bday pressie request (even though my bday's 5 months from now), i want a tyedye Skechers sneakers! While i am a very consistent person (as long as the sneakers' still available then i wouldn't be changing my mind), #Undecided is anything but. She seems to still want the furbie though, it must be some sort of miracle. Or have you changed your mind by now, BB? 
Nope, I still want a Furby, bb... The color on the other hand... Sigh... All of them are so cute, how does one choose?! 

#Pink (who's disguised herself as #Blue for the day...) and the bday girl. You know #Undecided's my BFF right, G is my BFF too but we have a completely different kind of relationship. G and i, we're more lovey dovey LOL, we hold hands and sometimes talk romantically to each other (as a joke) LOLOLOL. We're very straight though, obvi!
We love dressing up matchy2, for that night our bangles (from evb) are twinsies!
Our new official bday pose, making Baby Boy kiss the bday girl hahahaha

And then there were seven. LOL. Everybody left so soon! We then just chatted and right after the boys came back from smoking break, we snapped more pics
of the boys...
...and of the girls!

We're NOT giving you the finger, no... Look closely at hubby's bandaged middle finger hahahaha... (and don't worry, we explained to Baby Boy why he's not supposed to copy the gesture!)

And us, showing our painted nails (still not giving you the finger) LOL.

With that said, happy happy birthday G (OMG you're 31!! LOL). 

I know you only have one wish (which is to be preggo soon, and you will, so start "working" on it LOL) therefore we're affirming it with you as I'm typing this! 

We love you loads!!
#Pink and #Undecided

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  1. vow... lovely pics.. seems like u guys had a ball.. u look cute Mindy xoxo nice post!!

  2. happy birthday to your friend :] you really have a great time seeing from your great pictures. those sandals on your friend looks kawaii ... can't wait to see what you bought ...

    1. My shoes? I can't wait to style it so i can show it off in this blog haha, thx :D!

  3. Where did she buy those bear flat shoes? I also want a pair! Whaha super cute!

    1. Both #Undecided's dog slippers and my bear flat shoes are bought from her friend who has an online shop, unfortunately i think it'd cost you a bomb to send to the Philippines!