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How's everybody's weekend? And for Indonesian, long weekend (Monday's a national holiday for us because it's Hindus' religious day, Nyepi) that is still on going? I had another date with Oline yesterday (if you can call it a date with my hunny, son+nanny and niece Au tagging along hahaha) and it was a lot of fun (i will tell you all about it in another post), too bad my hunny's not feeling so good since yesterday (weather's been a total b*** in Surabaya lately, it's super hot but yet still rains constantly-totally the time of the year when people get sick a lot. Totally confusing. I mean, i love rain even though it can be totally inconvenient unless i'm at home doing nothing, but i'd rather it bring coolness to the weather than the opposite) and even got a shot from his doctor (poor hunny) and spent today sleeping it off. I don't feel so peachy myself since annoying insomnia's been bugging me crazily lately (sometimes i'm up until 4 AM *sigh*) so i feel sluggish and tired all the time :(....

Couldn't be more jealous of #Undecided, G and Ave who are in KL (on an office outing but it's a total holiday for them! I guess it's part of a bonus) right now! At least i got to live vicariously though them (not to mention already spent around a million by asking them to help me pick up some stuffs that aren't available in Indonesia! Seriously, even if i don't step out of the house/city/country, i keep on shopping anyway *LOL*) and i also have another trip planned for next month, i really hope it'll get through (because i plan to go on that trip with my cousin L, who can't even be depended to really go through simple shopping plans 4 times out of 5, imagine how much harder it is to make a trip happen with her!)!!! I feel like i need an adult trip already!

Anyway... Getting to the post now :p... It's finally spring, right? I'm not so sure since, well... We don't exactly have spring in Indonesia (just summer and rainy seasons, that's all haha), nor autumn or winter, but i really like to dress as if we have four seasons too hahaha (but the beauty of living in a tropical country is if you're tired of the season's style you can always wear other season's style  anytime!). I've been wearing a lot of dark and more "grown up" clothing through *the pretend* fall and winter, it's time to go back to my girly, princessy roots!

Some of my Spring style coordi lately
I always associate Spring with floral, floaty, pastel and bright colors (and Google tells me i am not so wrong)!

Style 1

This coordi was the one i wore for the little girly shopping date with #Undecided continued with a double date dinner in Domicile (which we still haven't gotten around to write about!) last week! I wanted to wear something comfortable but still pretty and spring appropriate!
I used to wear this kind of floaty, girly dresses everyday until i discover the darker, edgier style and fell in love with them too. I guess i can divide myself for both styles :p
Problem with mirror selfie : All the writings become totally unreadable hahaha! The transparent tote was the See by Chloe bag i got in Europe, i finally wear something that i feel is right for this bag!
I also wear more peachy blush, natural and softer lips (bye bye dark lips for a bit :(... i'm gonna miss ya) and eyes too. I cannot live without my eyebrow mascara now!
What i wore : 
-Pink inner top with floaty sleeves : Online
-Satin and cotton floral halter dress : Random FO in TP
-Transparent and orange tote bag : See by Chloe

Style 2 :

This is the outfit i wore to go out with a few blogging friends a few weeks ago. I also did the MUC look at the same time and i was running late so i only snapped a few (highly unsatisfactory) selfies before running out of the house. And yes, i wore the same inner as Style 1, if i only wear my going out clothes for a few hours and i don't sweat i'd always reuse them *LOL*, hey... recycling you know!

Again with soft, peachy FOTD (read more about this look here)
I snapped some more pictures (that turned out better BUT blurry WTF) after i got back hahaha, sorry for the tired face and slightly crumpled top!
My lipstick's totally disappear already, it's crazy how one can look so fresh with just a slick of color and washed out once it disappeared! The magic of make up...
What i wore :
-Pink inner top with floaty sleeves : Online
-Pink loose long tank with 3D flowers : random FO in TP
-Creme tierred chiffon skirt : Online (i have four different colors WTF)
-Baby Pink Candy Bag : Furla

Style 3

I wore mostly new items on Style 1 and 2 (except the inner top and Furla bag) down to accessories, but this last look is just a simple look i whipped up for our regular movie date with old clothes (so yes, for those who are wondering i DO wear my clothes more than once! But not very often :p). It's also the brightest coordi in this post. I wore it to watch Divergent (read my full review here) btw, THEO JAMESSSSS *drool*!!!!!
Hairstyle looks a bit different because i finally got my bangs trimmed!
I don't wear a lot of make up on weekdays, just some blush on+lippies and i'm good to go!
See the big belt i wore? It's one of my secrets to hide a little unsightly bulge *LOL*. I do have a flat tummy but during (and a few days prior) my period, there's a little bump and i hate that! Some skirt bands are also very tight and pinch you waist/hips' fat, big belts like that would hide those bumps perfectly!

What i wore :
-White and black striped tank : Matahari Department Store
-Orange cropped off shoulder top : Logo Jeans
-White Belt : It's so old i can't remember anymore! 
-Neon green tierred mini skirt : La Senza (yes, La Senza the lingerie store! LOL. I love this skirt so much, i also have one in sky blue :p. They were on a huge sale...)

That's all i got for now! I will have more Spring inspired OOTD soon, i bet :P. Have you been wearing Spring fashion lately?


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  1. lovely outfits dear,
    here in the Philippines we don't have
    Spring as well but I sure wish that we do.


    hi there lovely lady,
    i nominated you for
    The Sunshine Awards,
    here is the link:



    1. Thank you :). Yes, i think we have very similar weather :)
      Thank you for the nomination, i will work in it ^^

  2. wow...awesome outfits..loved the ist one a lot..great post

    my recent one :http://www.indianbeautyzone.com/2014/03/mua-bb-cream-reviewswatches-and-fotd.html

  3. very nice pics :)


  4. very nice outfit,you're looking great in this pictures.I liked your 3rd style.

  5. all the looks are super cute for spring! looking so girly & colorful!

    Pudding Monster

  6. Oooohh!!! I love the pink one! It radiates innocence and youth! And it looks really good on you! Thanks for sharing! You just showed me an inspiration! :)

    1. Thank you, dear :D! So flattered to hear that i've showed you an inspiration haha :D

  7. I really love all the spring-inspired clothes because I'm into girly stuff and floral dresses! :)

    1. Me too :D! I'm a very very girly person, i dunno if you've noticed by now haha