Eye Stories 01 : Daiso Eyelash Fix

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Hi everybody!

So this is the first of my Eye Stories series (where i will be reviewing everything that's got to do with eyes haha. It can be eyeliners, eye shadows, eye primer, and a lot more) and i'm gonna review Daiso Eyelash Fix.

I'm sure Daiso doesn't need any introduction anymore, i have been going on and on about them so many times as well! When i first wanted to learn how to stick on false lashes (that i still haven't mastered until now, i doubt i will ever PFFFTTTT)  and needed a glue, the first brand that came to mind for cheap eyelash glue that seems to be suitable for practice purposes was Daiso! They have quite a lot of choices for eyelash glues (even in Indonesia, where Daiso's beauty products section's quite frankly-very sad) and i picked one that seemed to be, errr... holding the most amount *kiasu*. LOL. It contains 5g of glue.
It came in a small, boring looking white squeeze tube
I didn't know it then *a total rookie, you see* but turned out squeeze out glues (especially for such a cheap brand)? Not the best option. It was pretty hard to control the amount of glue to squeeze out from the tube! Not enough glue? No way in hell it can ever stick! Too much glue? You're gonna be smothered in glue you'll end up gluing your entire eyes and not your falsies #personalexperience.

Made in Korea. Is it racist to be glad that it is Korean made instead of China? But i am Chinese you know! But i'm not from China for sure... Thing is, i know lots of great brands manufacture their cosmetics in China, but for cheaper products i kinda trust Koreans better than Chinese!
When it was brand new the mouth of the glue was sealed. I really hate that kind of sealed opening though *___* i know it's necessary to keep the glue inside non-dried, but it's such a pain in the a** to prick open! And you'd have to hold on the tube tightly to pick the hole open, and unconsciously squeeze the tube a bit so when the hole's finally created, lots of glue would ooze out to surprise the sh** out of you! PFFFTTT.

Also when glues come with this kind of sealed opening, you should totally suspect that once the hole's open, it won't take long for the glue inside to go dry. This was exactly the case with this eyelash fix!
With this squeeze tube glue, it was pretty hard to spread them on the eyelash bone's evenly
The consistency of the glue was runny with opaque white color (the only other eyelash glue i've ever used was the free and absolutely useless one from China eyelash set so i have nothing to compare) that should turn clear once dries (it stated in the tube, this probably was another reason why i chose it) but in my experience-didn't really (maybe if you use it very sparingly, but then your falsies won't stick!!!). It was actually quite easy to work with, but you gotta work extra fast. And not because the glue on the eyelash bone would dry out quickly if you do, but because you'd need your hand to screw the lid back on the tube or the glue around the opening would dry out very quickly *weirdly quicker than the already spread on the falsies one :p* and it'll be hell to use next time on your other falsies!

Now, the glue-when used-itself dries at decent speed, it'll give you enough time to put and adjust it on your eyelid before it completely dried out. Good thing about this glue was it didn't have a very strong and yucky gluey smell (i dunno if there's any eyelash glue that does out there, God forbid!) and the staying power's quite superb (for me, results may vary depending on the oiliness of your lid and how watery your eyes are). I never had any problem with my falsies falling of whenever i'm using it and it'd stay on for hours, i once wore falsies from the early afterrnoon (11 AM) til night (9 PM) and they are still going strong with no signs of the glue weakening.

Not so great : you'd need quite a lot of amount to make it stick. I tried using very thin stripes in a hope to make the glue invincible once put on, yeah... That didn't really work. And the problem with the thick usage needed? The opaque white color wouldn't go clear like they said it would, so you'd end up with white glues peeking out of your falsies! I always wear thick eyeliners whenever i'm wearing falsies so i just colored in the white parts with eyeliners once they are set *it's easy to color in, thankfully* so it's not a big problem for me.

Another problem is, if like me, you don't use false eyelashes much, this glue would go dry very soon. Maybe not THAT soon, but i tend to go weeks, or more accurately months (i only wear it on special occasions, too lazy!) without using them and i find them to be quite solid already after the third usage or so, such a waste because there are still quite a lot of them inside the tube (but unusable *LOL*) so maybe big size's not always a good thing when it comes to glues hahaha. And also, no matter how often you use them, the glue on the neck of the tube would always do dry and you'd have to use a needle to prick it out *and glue would ooze out of the opening FTL and you'd go EFFF EFFFF EFFF because they'd be all over your fingers. Who likes having sticky fingers???*.

Also after a longer while, no matter how hard you prick the opening with a needle and squeeze the tube-no glue will come out from the right hole, instead it'll burst out from the sides or the end *LOL*. This glue ended up being a total nightmare for me after the first few usage! (There's now about half amount left in the tube but i dread the mess that is ensured to happen if i try to use it so might as well throw it in the bin now)

Still, for the price (IDR 22.500 in Indonesia. It's cheaper in SG/Malaysia with flat price around IDR 15.000-18.000 depending on the exchange rate) it's quite a decent glue (and value for money because it's quite big for an eyelash glue), it does its job nicely and if you wear falsies more often than me, you'd finish them before they go solid anyway. 

I'd recommend this for falsies rookies and those who wants to practice using falsies because it's cheap and works well. Those who are experts and looking for cheap glues also can try out this glue.

Not recommended for people who are looking for professional eyelash glues, or one that turn clear once dried. Also not for people who doesn't use falsies a lot (like me). I already bought tiny bottles of glues with brushes on them (from Daiso as well) and i'll review them once i've used them to see if they also have the same drying on the bottle problem like this one). 

Will i repurchase this? Maybe not this type, but i definitely would buy more eyelash glues from Daiso, in fact if you read the previous paragraph, i already did!

Have you tried eyelash glues from Daiso? Or any other beauty related stuffs from them? 

PS : I read in Arum's blog (and i think i agree with her) on how a good glue's totally vital in sticking on falsies. She said if you think you suck at applying falsies, you probably won't ever master it if you don't use better glues. Still, for practicing purposes i think Daiso glues still comes in handy, it's advisable to have a good tube of good falsies (doesn't always have to be pricey to be good!) on the days when you're actually wearing them out. I have an Ardell one that i hope gonna performs well (it's pretty expensive so i kinda have high hopes) and i'll see if my technique will get better after using a better glue haha.

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