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Hi guys!

I think this is the first time i've ever dedicated an entire post for ONE movie. I know, crazy right. I didn't even write one full post for The Mortal Instrument : City of Bones even though i really loved it (still do, i'm halfway through the second book now. I had the first book as soon as i watched the movie but postponed reading it until i have more books because i hate being hanged *not literally. Well, i'd hate to be hanged literally as well, obviously!*, i only have up to the third book by now because local Periplus runs out of the last two books *sigh*, i'm on waiting list though and i couldn't wait any longer to start reading it-sparking my love for the movie again). I would definitely write one for Twilight (yes, i'm a Twi-hard and proud of it, LOL) but my obsession with it was nearly gone by the time we started this blog. So anyway. You know what that means. I found a new obsession, you guys!

Who would've thought i'd even like Divergent? I certainly didn't! I was even a bit reluctant to watch it because it doesn't seem like my kind of movie at all. I'm more of a Twilight than The Hunger Games kind of girl, ya know? I'm not into crazy action adventure, futuristic, sci-fi, political kind of stuffs. I have a crazy imagination, but it's safe to say i'm more of a dragon and dungeon, vampire and angel person. So i surprised myself by LOVING this movie (but then again i keep on doing that anyway hahaha, i often ended up liking movies that i thought i'd hate so... Maybe i shouldn't be too quick to judge a movie. Now that i think about it, i wasn't even interested to watch Twilight at first, whatta mess). Hunny was the one who really wanted to watch the movie, but i don't think he's even half into it than i am!

Set in the future where the world's almost destroyed after a huge war, most of the society still remains live in Chicago ruins. They are now divided into five factions (i honestly cannot remember the names yet, so you better Google it because i'm not gonna pretend that i do and copy-paste them here hahaha. But i will talk about them later, while opening up Google so i won't mess them up), each with their own characteristics and jobs. 

Tris (the heroine) was born into one faction, and chose to get into another, but she actually belongs to (or has the characterizations of) more than one faction. People liker her are called Divergent, and considered dangerous to the system and must be annihilated. She and her instructor turned love interest, Four, had to to find a way to cover the fact that she is a Divergent and help her get accepted into the fact (Dauntless) that she had chosen. Around the same time, they discovered that another fact (okay, i ended up having to copy paste them anyway zzz), Erudite, planned to threw down Abnegation (Tris' parents' fact) who's the government of the facts by using Dauntless as their "zombie" soldiers (i don't want to give away too much, it's a new movie and all! No spoiler here hahaha, at least nothing that you won't find if you Google it anyway :p).

Now, even reading the synopsis of the movie didn't interest me, it sounded too much like The Hunger Games (that i honestly didn't like all that much. I liked the second movie better than the first one, but... It's still not my cup of coffee) for my liking. But a few seconds into the movie, i already knew i was going to like this movie hahaha... In my opinion, the movie was thrilling, interesting and engaging. I feel myself gripping my seat (and my hunny's hand) unconsciously throughout the movie and i symphatized with the heroine (not to mention fell head over heels with her love interest *LOL*)-a very good sign indeed hahaha.

Now, i know this movie has recieved mixed reviews, my own personal favorite movie reviewer Arman doesn't even like it that much (usually we have similar tastes in movies, but not this month! LOL) guessing from his review! So this movie's definitely not for everybody, but i'd really like to recommend it anyway, you might find yourself loving it like i do (or not, we'd never know until you watch it :p). Don't be thrown off by the reviews, just go and watch it with an open mind and let yourself form your own opinion about it :). It's not that similar at all to The Hunger Games, whether or not it's a good  thing depends on your opinions to The Hunger Games ;D. But i sense that most devout fans of The Hunger Games wouldn't be too into Divergent (and vice versa), but that's just my own feeling, of course.

Now, i want to break down my own theory on why i love Divergent like, 10x more than The Hunger Games :

1. Heroine Likeability.
I had a love/hate relationship with Kristen Stewart, i find her really annoying and her acting sometimes makes me want to poke some life into her, but at the same time i really love (and hate sometimes) Bella Swan, so i found it hard to really hate Kristen as Bella. Now, i really don't like Jennifer Lawrence (hate would be too strong of a word to use), i just find her... fugly (sorry sorry, J-Law's fans!!!). And unlikeable. I just don't like her, sorry! I don't even get why she's an Oscar winning actress (but hey, my taste's kinda corny, cheesy and cheap, so what do i know about quality acting, huh?) :S. Now, Shailene Woodley is an actress that i've never paid any attention to before, i don't think i've ever watched any of her movies so i didn't have any opinion on her before. After the movie? I'm not a fan, but i think she's quite cute!
Shailene Woodley
Cute, right? And her character in the movie's kinda endearring and likeable (made me totally rooted for her), so... that's one reason!

2. It has a romantic love story in it
My new Edward and Bella, Four and Tris *sighing dreamily*
So, i am NOT a romantic person in real life, but i'm a total sucker for cheesy love stories (if you don't already realize it once i told you i'm a Twi-hard, i don't know what to say hahahaha). There is this thing about crazy, unrealistic love stories that a girl like me (judging from the number of Twilight fans out there, there are quite a lot of us!) are drawn into. Don't mistake it for a naivete or that we're expecting a crazy, unreal love stories like that in our lives, cause we don't. I have one of the most boring love stories ever, having been with my hunny for 13 years now (WTF, i know) and i wouldn't want it any other way, but when it comes to the imagination and day dreaming, i'd say the more unreal, the better it is! I always say, that in my silly day dreams Edward Cullen is my ideal guy, but i'd probably told him to f**k off within a few minutes of meeting *LOL* IRL.

So yeah, the fact that Divergent has a big part that's dedicated to the love story (the typical i can't stand you-must act like i hate you-but i actually really want you stuff) between Tris and Four, the way Four's looking at Tris (really, i'm a sucker for guys who stare at the heroines like they are going to eat them. But like i told you, it's just in movies. I'd probably poke a guy who dares to stare at me like that in the eye with a fork) and the way he's looking out for her. There's this scene where Tris' willing to risk her life for him, and that totally made it for me, SOLD!!!! 

This is probably another reason why i love Divergent but not too into The Hunger Games. I think The Hunger Games' somehow more for boys (oh yes, i know there are female fans as well, but i am not one of them) with their crazy but cool actions, as for Divergent... I think guys would get their fill on the action parts (even though Arman said it's a bit boring at parts, i just didn't see it) while the girls can go awwww on the love birds. Of course, there's a love triangle in The Hunger Games, but i just don't think it's romantic at all. Not to mention Jennifer Lawrence doesn't seem to connect with either of the guys in the movie. Maybe that's how the story is in the book, but that confirms the fact that it's not for me.

3. Theo James
Theo James
What???? This is a totally legitimate reason, okay!!! I guess i find The Hunger Games a bit tiresome not only because i don't really GET the story, but also because there's not hottie in it! I don't like Liam Hemsworth, and i always thought Josh Hutcherson looks like my nephew since he was little (so... EWWW!!!!), no eye candy for me!!! Even if i didn't like Divergent's story (which i do), i'd still be enjoying watching the fine specimen of a man that is Theo James!
Theo James as Four
Sorry, i can't help myself. LOL. No, seriously... This is another fine example on how a role can make someone look attractive! Because apparently Theo played in Underworld : Awakening and i didn't even notice him. Even seeing his pictures (i thought he was someone else when i saw the posters) didn't do it for me, but his role as Four... New imaginary boyfriend alert!!! I kept on thinking that he looks so much like James Franco (and i am not the only one, read this article that says the same thing here, and listen to him sing as well hahahaha), i always thought James Franco's super hot (especially in his earlier days, he's super handsome as the Green Goblin!) so maybe i shouldn't be too surprised that i think Theo James' damn H.O.T. SIZZLING!!!! 

But then again if someone else's playing Four, i might not be so into him anyway. The right role and the right actor's totally crucial to make girls start daydreaming about him you know :p, i mean... Jamie Campbell Bower's totally perfect as Jace Wayland (and Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen) for me, he made me fell in love with Jace (i guess i have the habit of falling in love with a lot of movie characters. That's okay, totally healthy. As long as i don't fall in love with real people in real life right! LOL), but if the role went to the first choice : Alex Pettyfer (who i really dislike), i would've probably hated Jace. LOL.

I only have three reasons (that i can think about) hahaha. Wow, i wrote so long already and i'm not even done, can you see how obsessed i am? But as obsessed as i am with this movie, somehow it doesn't compel me to read the books. Usually when i'm obsessed with a movie that's based on a book (s), i'd try to get my hands on them ASAP. I immediately purchased Twilight and The Mortal Instruments as soon as i finished watching it, but i don't feel the need to read Divergent (and the two sequels) the novel, at least not yet. Like i said earlier, maybe when it comes to imaginations (which is crucial in reading books), vampires, werewolves, angels and demons are more natural for me than futuristic factions. LOL.

Btw, throughout the movie i kept on thinking... Which factions would i belong to? I mean, i felt the same way for Harry Potter (i'm smart so i'd probably be in Ravenclaw. Oh hell, who am i kidding, i'd probably be in Slytherin WTF)-you do know i'm a total Potter head, yes? Now, i'm gonna have to really copy and paste the factions to talk more about it zzz :

1. Abnegation (selfless)
2. Amity (peaceful)
3. Candor (honest)
4. Dauntless (brave)
5. Erudite (intelligent)

Now, i know from the start i would never in a million years belong to abnegation (they reject vanity and i am one of the most vain person i've ever known. I'll die if i have to dress like those abnegation people) or dauntless (i am not a crazy adrenalline junkie and i have no interests in pysical fights), i am also not hippie enough to be in amity, so i guess i'd be one of those smart-alec, annoying, snobbish erudite for sure *LOL*. I know i have the brain :p.

As for hunny, he claims he'd be in dauntless (that made me laughed so much) but yeah, he's being totally delusional. He's a total abnegation hahahaha, the stiff!

One more thing i need to add before i end this crazy long review, i sensed something weird when i saw Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort as brother and sister in this movie, but i couldn't remember why. Then i googled and realized that they are also acting together as LOVERS in The Faults in Our Stars (which book i LOVED and cannot wait to watch). I mean, i know they are professional actors and but as a mere mortal i find it hard to digest acting as someone's lover in one moment and then as their sister in the next. LOL. Plus kissing Ansel Elgort (which has his own charms too, of course) would feel like a total let down after kissing someone like Theo James if it was me LOLOLOL. Don't kill me, Ansel Elgort's fans!!!

I think i'm gonna stop now, i've now insulted Jennifer Lawrence and Ansel Elgort's fans with one article, i should really stop now before i start hating on any other stars hahaha.

For a boy's POV (and less gushy) review, if you're Indonesian (because he writes in Indonesia, even though he lives in USA. And i live in Indonesia but write in English, how much more pretentious can i be? LOL) you can read Arman's review here.

Have you watched Divergent? Are you team Divergent or team Hunger Games?
Extra selfie from this post :p


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  1. aku jg lumayan suka ma film ini ^^ somehow kalo liat four jadi inget film india XDD soalnya alisnya tebel wkwk

    1. LOL, kalo kt hubby ku "koq mirip Enrique Iglesias" LOLOLOL

  2. hahaha this time.. i'm glad that we have different opinion because it would be great if there are more and more people who love this movie, just like you! :D

    anyway, it is not that i didn't like it. i just thought that this movie was just okay. good but not great, but definitely not bad. :D

    after we got the screening of this movie, it was a regular question here to ask people about which faction that they would think they belonged. i myself would think that i am a divergent. haha. but definitely not a dauntless, because i would not jump off of a train like them. :P

    1. Hahaha i KNOW, you're getting a big bonus if the movie's successful right! :D!

      Yes, i know what you mean, i feel that way in a lot of movies. I was just trying to emphasize that i really liked it (okay, so maybe Theo James' like 90% of the reason why) and so it sounds like you don't like it that much, compared to me :p.

      Oh you're right, for some reason when i asked myself where i'd belong in the factions, i didn't think that Divergent would be an option, silly me!

  3. Loved ur post.. Happy Weekend xoxo
    My latest post :http://natashabhatt.blogspot.in/2014/03/oriflame-studio-artist-concealer-illuma.html

  4. Honestly for me, Theo James is a total hottie and Shailene Woodley fits her role perfectly. I have read the trilogy and I have to say, despite the fact that first 75% of the book is all about nonsense training of initiates and cooking of the Tris-Four love story (the only thing that geared me up to read the whole trilogy - since I already have the image of Shailene and Theo in mind) making it an enjoyable yet not-that-spectacular of a read, I find the movie a little... more lacking.

    There's just LOTS of things that happened in the book that aren't in the movie at all. Besides, the compound looked better in my imagination than what I saw in the movie and it's kinda disappointing. Of course, since it's a BIG movie, I expect the whole thing to beat the world that I conjured myself when I was reading the book.

    I guess the era of the vampires and werewolves are starting to be replaced by an era of dystopian books and movies. As of the plot, though it lacks research and feels like the author just threw things she randomly thought of in her dreams together, I like the way that the love story and the action are balanced - that is, in the book - which wasn't that apparent in the movie.

    Anyway, just another rant yet again from me. Thanks for sharing your review! :)

    1. Thank you for your very in depth comment :), it's good to read a response from someone who actually read the books already.

      I do think that somehow movies that are based on books (especially books that has an occult status) would never 100% be as good as the books (i'm a movie buff and so far i can only say "One Day" movie is the only one that is better than the book). Our imaginations are limitless whereas movies are.. well, limited. I'm glad i didn't read Twilight before reading it, but i did read the next books before the movies comes out and every single one was a disappointment when compared to the books for me. Harry Potter is another example, and even though i loved The Mortal Instruments : City of Bones, once i read the book i feel like there were a lot things that are missing from the movie, not to mention how wrong some characters are portrayed in the movie!

      Yeah, unfortunately i am not a fan of dystopian books and movies, but i gotta say Divergent was a total exception for me haha. Maybe i'd be singing a different tune if i've read the books, but then again i don't feel like reading it anyway hahaha...

  5. Nice review Mindy. With the exception of a few well-choreographed action scenes and fights, this movie fails to deliver anything new. Just felt stale after awhile.

    1. Thank you, like i said, it's not everybody's cup of tea :) i just happened to be the few who enjoyed it very much :)

  6. Ahaha.. Maap yah ce br tau kalau skrg kudu di accept dl. :p aku belum ntn dan belum baca divergent series tapiiii aku suka pol sama hunger games. Aku yg hunger games itu awalnya ntn dl film e trs tertarik dan nglanjutin baca bukunya. Bukunya jauh2 lebih keren! ♥
    Yg di bukunya sendiri peeta-katniss-gale itu hubungan cintae aneh. :x trs yg di film kedua (setelah baca novelnya) jadi rada kecewa sendori karena banyak adegan yg dikurangi dan yah..jauh dr adegan yang tak sutradarai sndiri di otak. Lol. I hope i'll enjoy divergent :)

    1. Aq ya gak baca n ga tertarik utk baca bukue Divergent sih Sab wkwkwkwk, tp aq suka film e... And Theo James e terutama hahahaha... Eh tp lek km penggemar e Hunger Games kayake ga bakalan suka Divergent (mungkin lo ya) hehe. Aq ga into The Hunger Games Sab... mgkn krn aq ga suka aktor2 e hahaha... Seru bagian games e tapi storyline e ga menarik buat aq >.<... I'm just not into politics *LOL*