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Hellow hellow!

Been meaning to blog about this Hong Kong haul for the longest time but i was just too damn lazy to take pictures T.T. SO lazy that i let them all sit in their carriers, on top of my dresser for two weeks since we got back from the trip itself *LOL*. As usual, plenty of stuffs also diverted my attention once i finished taking pictures (i.e : another laziness : to resize the pictures so it won't kill your browser...) *sigh*. Anyway, this is the first time i blog about my haul before i even start blogging about the trip itself, the reason's... No reason really, other than many requests to see my haul probably. I really didn't buy a lot of things in that trip though *REALLY!!!*, we were just so busy playing around-i only managed to sneak in a few shop-and-dash moments.

Here are some stuffs that i got :
First up : Beauty stuffs. Why? Errr, because i am known as a beauty blogger, despite the fact that i probably post 7 (TOPS!) reviews in a month. I see myself as more of a lifestyle blogger who loves to write about beauty, but no matter! I enjoy being a beauty blogger :p. I only managed to shop 2.5 times for beauty stuffs (will elaborate more about the half later). Both times at Sasa (the half was at the airport :p), first at Sasa nearby Jordan MRT (that we passed every time we go to/from our first hotel in Nathan Road)-i saw it the first night we arrived but it was closing soon (it was almost 10 at night) so i could only ogle outside with remorse.

The next day after a crazy full day at Ocean Park, i finally managed to get in the Sasa (before it closes again  :p) but it was so HUGE *the store was located underground, when you see it outside you wouldn't dream that it would be that huge!* and i guess i was super tired *my feet's killing me, cheapo boots are not exactly made for full days of walking :p* that my brain kinda froze. I walked round and round in confusion, not knowing what to buy! In the end i still spent almost IDR 800.000 worth of stuffs though, imagine if my brain actually worked that day *LOL*. I also managed to buy some more stuffs in another Sasa in a mall in The Peak, at the last full day in Hong Kong.

I also planned to buy more make ups in this trip (because i've been so good and avoid make up buying in my previous trips after Europe) but... Well, sometimes when you plan it, it works exactly the opposite way... I ended up with more skin and body cares like usual. I also regret to being able to check out Mannings (Hong Kong's version of Guardian, i dunno why they have different names) or any other drugstores, i did go to Mannings at the airport but it was tiny....

Anyway, here are the beauty related stuffs that i got in Hong Kong :

Body cares
Aroma Resort Body Milk in Happy Sweet Peach, i am currently obsessed with peach and mango scented stuffs, and this one smells heavenly! It was HKD 49 (or around IDR 77.000-current rate)
Farmasi Hand & Body Cream in Lime. Yeaaa... i bought some Farmasi Body Creams before (read the haul here) and i haven't even tried them, but Lime scented body creams is intriguing for me (not a very popular fruit choice for a body cream, right?) and it was cheap (HKD 16.5 or around IDR 25.000! Same size as the Aroma Resort's one but 1/3 the price!) so i just grabbed it!

Of course, i never skip the chance to stock up on sheet masks. The Teddy Bear ones i obvi got just because it was so so cute, not a very wise idea since some of the cutest sheet masks actually gave me an allergic reaction (staring at Sexy Look's Hello Kitty mask)
Just Beyond 's Nature Garden sheet masks in Shining by Honey and Brightening by Mangosteen (it's Korean so you shouldn't be too confused by the English :p), HKD 8 each (IDR 12.000). Cheap but i still have quite a lot fo sheet masks at home so i decided not to go overboard
Sunwoo Cosme sheet mask in EGF Olive (i didn't even read the variant, just grabbed it because of the Teddy Bear >.<) HKD 9.9 (IDR 15.000)
Sunwoo Cosme sheet masks in Q10 Syn-ake Venom (also HKD 9.9). I actually love Q10 and Syn-ake Venom masks so i am quite happy when i read the variant (yea, just now :p)

I don't see any English words for the brand (everything's in Chinese, it's made in Taiwan) but there's a little holographic sticker leading me to this Scheming website (all in Chinese as well *___*) so i guess the brand's Scheming??? Crystal Q10 Elastin Eye Mask (the yellow one) and Crystal Wrinkle Treatment Eye Mask (the pink one), HKD 45 (IDR 70.000) each

I saw these pretty, soft colored (i am not much for loud eye shadow, except for make up challenges or parties) eye shadows i pretty much fell in low, further more after inspecting the price (HKD 23/IDR 36.000 each) :p, it was on a special offer (most of the stuffs i got seems to be on a special offer though). I decided to get some for A and G, and another two for myself :p
Levou 6 Colour Eye Shades in 02 (i hope this is not a Daiso *everything's written in Japanese* product because that means i paid more than i should! Haha)
Levou 6 Colour Eye Shades in 01

Some oil film blotters, just because i'm an avid user. They are not even cheap :p (HKD 16/IDR 25.000)
Hakugen Oil Clear Film
Hakugen Oil Clear Film that claims to have a super absorption and keeps the moisture in your skin. It's too cute to pass :p

You already know my biggest weakness, right? This is me having a steel will not to get too much lip balms! (I once bought 25 lip balms in one trip...)
Super cute chocolate shaped lip balms from Ocean! I love love love gimmicky stuffs like these and collect countless of them, but i actually didn't buy this for myself. I realized i didn't have time to shop, let alone for other people (LOL) so i grabbed this so i can give this out to some friends (errrr blogging friends who are meeting me sometime in mid March, you already know what you're gonna get now...). It was HKD 82 (IDR 130.000) which is super cheap considering you're getting 9 lip balms out of it!
Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Glow. I collect Baby Lips in every variant (too bad the other shade from this Glow line was not available anywhere i went :(...), it's probably very over priced (HKD 29/IDR 45.000) since Baby Lips in Indonesia are under IDR 20.000, but it's not available (not yet, at least) in Indonesia so i just couldn't resist. Hunting for the neon version now!
Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips. I actually got this in Manning's, just before our flight. I don't remember the price, but it was under HKD 20
Disney Miss Minnie Lip Balm in Cherry (HKD 20/IDR 31.000). There was another version in red (Mickey Mouse version) and i am cursing myself for not getting it. I thought i'd have time to shop more (it was just the second day in Hong Kong, i didn't want to go too crazy yet) but the second Sasa didn't stock this lip balm :(... i'm so sad

Palgantong RGB set (contained Control Color Base, Liquid Foundation and 3D Powder) HKD 123 (IDR 193.000) because i cannot resist sets (especially cute ones like this) and i've been wanting to try Palgantong's products for a while (can you tell i totally do not follow trends?) now that i enjoy shimmery/dewy make ups once in a while
I also couldn't resist fragrances, that i bought strictly because of the cute packaging
Hello Kitty Beauty Set (Body Spray+Hand and Body Lotion) HKD 39 (IDR 61.000)
Cassardi Girls Party Eau de Parfum (HKD 39) that until now i have no idea how it smells like :p
Cassardi Cupcake Voyage Cherry Fragrance (also HKD 39)

Nail polishes. I also picked some of the Sasatinnie ones for #Undecided (who doesn't wear a lot of make ups) and Epe+Ave (yoga buddies!)
Sinful Colors nail polish in 922 Frenzy. I don't remember the price of these nail polishes (the others that i featured the prices?-they still got their tags attached). Was overwhelmed with the color choices, but this one's nostalgic for me, i used to have one with this color when i was little but it was pretty un-useable because it never really dried *LOL* i'm sure this one would fare better
Sinful Colors nail polish in 921 All About You. Told ya i'm obsessed with glittery and metallic colored nail polishes at the moment
Sasatinnie nail polish in SPN103
Sasatinnie nail polish in SME307
Maybelline Shine Collection. Saw this everywhere but in the airport, i finally succumbed and get them. I normally would never buy Maybelline (except for the unavailable-in-Indonesia variants) overseas since it's so much cheaper locally, but i dunno... I couldn't resist this one! It was HKD 109 (IDR 171.000), expensive for Maybelline products (contained Master Liner in Black, Eye Studio Hyper Cosmo in Green and Clean Express Bi-Phase Remover) but i think the eye shadow's not available locally. I only got this and the earlier Vaseline lip balm in Manning's, that's why it counted as the 0.5!
That's all of my beauty related haul! Really not much, right??? I also bought some accessories and knick knacks. I didn't photograph all of them though. Hunny bought most of the knick knacks, he's an even bigger crap hoarder than me! He likes cute, useless little things *LOL*. He bought some as souvenirs for some friends and he already gave them away, the magnets and other things he already set up and i honestly have no interest in photographing anyway...

Accessorize haul. I actually bought them in Changi during our transit before flying to Hong Kong. Passed by the 70% off sign and while hunny went to the transit counter to take care of our boarding pass, i went back to the store nearby with Baby Boy. Yes, most of them are for kids, but i wear all these kind of stuffs all the time anyway.
Pretty pink roses headbands. I was focused on the 70% off section and was choosing the best shaped head band on the pile, but someone actually left a non-sale item (that looks a LOT like this one) in that pile and i took that one. I realized the mistake AFTER i paid them, i was puzzled why i ended up with around SGD 26 when i was sure i'd only have to pay under SGD 20 (or i wouldn't get them in the first place) so i went back (the cashier was far from friendly...) and asked the cashier to check it. She (not very nicely) told me it was NOT in sale *i brought another one that WAS on sale as comparison*, so i told her someone left it in the sale section and i wanted to exchange it. Thankfully although she was quite unfriendly (she got mad at a Chinese tourist who couldn't understand FIFTEEN, i was in a very good mood so i told the tourist "ONE FIVE" to help *LOL*), she agreed to exchange them. It was SGD 5.60 after discount
Bunny necklace and bracelet set that Baby Boy picked for me :), he's a much better shopping companion than his daddy. It was SGD 3.60 after discount
Baby pink braided bracelets with charms, SGD 3 after discount

One of the nonsense hunny got in Ngong Ping
A pretty detailed cable car key chain (should be, for HKD 80/IDR 126.000 i wouldn't let him get it if it was ugly!)
As you know, i am Christian, and i don't buy these lucky bags to protect me or whatever. I like them as a souvenir, i am very superstitious (thanks to my super superstitious mum) so whenever i hear the words "good luck" or whatever, you bet i'll grab them as fast i possible could (maybe i believe in the power of suggestion more than anything, though). Got them in Ngong Ping as well. We actually got the yellow one (HKD 80) in the first store together with the key chain without even realizing there's the board to write wishes on attached in the set! Later we found the wishing tree and was puzzled on where to get the board from! Stupid much?
This lucky bag i got from another store further in Ngong Ping street (it's full of charming souvenir shops so we ended up shopping most of our time there) for only HKD 20 or something, i also got another one for my dad (who IS a Buddhist)
It contained some minerals (i guess), a coin and a tiny script to be placed inside the bag
The more pricey one. We're very Chinese so we chose the yellow one to attract wealth *LOL*
So we have the wishing board at home too now -___-
There were some color choices with specific "targets", my greedy hunny was like "wealthh wealthhh" LOL

Got these cute phone charms at the same, cheaper souvenir shop. Was about to give them to my employees but we got them other stuffs so i think i'm gonna keep them :p

We love Maneki Neko (although probably not as obsessed as CL) and how it represents attracting guests/luck/wealth (told ya we're very Chinese) so when we saw this Maneki Neko store , we just had to come in. They were having a sale so hunny went and buy some statues for his office (that i forgot to photograph) and a bracelet for me. We also got some freebies (the red packets)
Chose this one because i'm not much a fan of a jagged, uneven rocks
Of course i asked for the pink one (pink stones represents love and friendship, which i have abundantly and would do anything to protect) it was HKD 88 (IDR 138.000)
The freebies. Each Maneki Neko's pose and items it is holding represent different kind of lucks, we obvi already forgot what meant what though haha
According to hunny (and the sign) the one on the left was holding a cow!
I always get myself some memento to most places i go, and i was promised to shop at Disneyland but sadly we didn't have time to (too busy playing and queuing *sigh*)-i already planned to get a cute headband (of course!!!) but there weren't too many choices in the few stores we managed to visit, everybody's wearing the signature Minnie Mouse headband with red and white polkadot bow so it wasn't for me. Nothing else really irked my fancy, i was getting desperate and it was nearing closing time so i settled for this one.
Princess Minnie?

Suitable for a total Princess wannabe like me, eh? It was HKD 120 (IDR 189.000 WTF)
I also got myself an Ariel necklace (not that she's my fave. I didn't have favorite until recently, it's Elsa from Frozen! But she's not even a Princess, isn't she?? She's a Queen! There were no Frozen merchs sadly, and compared to the other available Princesses, Ariel's the cutest one with her moveable fins) for HKD 75 (IDR 118.000, again WTF)
Actually hunny and Baby Boy shopped more in Disneyland compared to me! I even bought them a matching daddy-and-son tee!

Got this tiny and cute phone charm as a souvenir from Madam Tussaud's (for free) after filling in their online survey at the exit

At the same building where Madam Tussaud's located (The Peak Tower?) there was a floor full of souvenir shops where hunny bought lots of little souvenirs for people back home, i spotted this "jade" (it's not real jade lah) bracelet, and i'm a sucker for any kind of accessories including the vintage looking ones like this, i also picked one up (with different shaped beads) for #Undecided. I just realized much latter that it looked a lot like the bracelet i got in Taiwan, but this one's a whole load cheaper.

At the mall opposite The Peak Tower, we spotted a row Gachapons in front of a little supermarket (some with super hilarious sign stating : Out of order!!! Un-apologized for inconvenience caused!!!" LOLOLOL, i was totally beside myself with laughter) and i saw one disposing cute animal rubber rings (i didn't realize it at that time but they were the 12 Chinese Zodiacs' characters). I was planning to get one, but you know how addicting gachapons are, right? I really wanted a lilac bunny (coz it's the cutest, naturally) and every time i saw that i got either black or white, i just kept on going. It was just HKD 5 (around IDR 7.500) anyway :p
The first one i got was cute baby blue in color, but shaped like a rooster!!!!
A black dog, which is quite cute
Fierce black dragon, which i really really liked
But this white bunny's my fave. I didn't even realize that i got what i wanted (a bunny one) because i just saw the ears inside the ball and the white color, i totally thought it was a rat shaped one and i was MAD, so mad that i kinda threw the gachapon on the floor *LOL*. Later when we were ordering food in a restaurant, i opened the gachapon and was super happy when i realized i got a bunny (even though it wasn't the lilac one)
This one's my least fave, who would wear a cow shaped ring??? Oh, who am i kidding, i probably would

Just when we were about to leave The Peak and go back to our hotel, we passed by a Coach store with an "Up to 50% off" sale sign. Sadly i am not a fan of Coach's bags so none of the bags were attractive to me, then i diverted my attention to the accessories section and saw this bright coral leather bracelet
Asked for the price, it was HKD 180 (IDR 283.500) after discount, which is pretty darn cheap for a luxurious accessory, and once i tried it on i just nodded happily to the attendant "I'll take it!"
My sucky pictures didn't do justice to the beautiful bracelet so i decided to post a prof pictures of it, courtesy of Mr. Google!
And they gave me this mouse pad as a freebie
One thing that really bothered me about that particular Coach store was the service. The lady that served us and the cashier were really nice, but while we were paying for the bracelet, Baby Boy was sitting down on a chair in the store, which is a real CHAIR (not a display) and clearly used to try shoes on. It was not that crowded that day and nobody was trying on shoes while we were there, but when i turned around to check on him-they were trying to shoo him away from the chair!

The rude male attendant was speaking in Cantonese, even though Baby Boy clearly didn't understand (and wasn't even listening) a word he was saying but i saw the gestures and called him immediately. What the.... I was a paying customer, how could they treat my son like that? I've been to higher branded stores (LV, Hermes, Prada, you name it, we pretty much went in every designer stores when we were in Europe) and never been treated like that! Nobody even bat an eyelid when we sat around their chairs/ benches, not even buying anything! Pffffffttttt. What's up with that, Coach???

Anyway, someone actually wrote "Waiting for your fashion haul" on my FB (i think it was Tasya), and i was like... Fashion haul? Hehe, that's because i bought very small amount of clothes in Hong Kong. Can you believe that we were there for 6 days but we never went to any of the shopping districts, like-at all? I didn't even see any H&M, Topshop or Forever 21! But i don't mind, i didn't go there to shop anyway, i can always arrange another trip just for shopping purposes, but that trip was all about family time and we totally accomplished that :).
Other than the accessories, these are all that i got in Hong Kong that's related to fashion
The two clothes at the top row and the socks were from BSX, we got them in a Giordano outlet store (i totally thought they were Giordano's!) in CityGate Outlet Mall (which housed many branded outlet stores, i will definitely go back there to shop!) in Tung Chun. The lower row were from Bossini.

Loose thick knitted dress from BSX (everything in that section were going for HKD 299 for two, or around IDR 470.000. Each one would be IDR 235.000, not super cheap, but i just found out that BSX is a Korean brand, which means it's not expensive either)
A super cute sweater (with ears on the shoulders! AAAAA!!!!) also from BSX
Cute long sleeved burgundy doggy tee from Bossini, on a huge sale going for HKD 60 (IDR 94.500)
Skirt also from Bossini (real color's deep purple, i think deep purple's one of the hardest color for cameras to pick up-always ended up looking a lot lighter than the actual color) HKD 60 as well
Then there's these BSX socks going for HKD 100 for 8, add 20 for 15! So that's IDR 189.000 for 15 pairs, tell me if it's not super cheap! I got three for myself, one for Baby Boy and the rest for our employees (they got significantly more and more creative souvenirs in our every trips)
Another one that i keep for myself
Just that! Hunny actually broke the record and bought the same amount of clothing (priced abour 3x than mine) for himself in this trip (remember how hard it is for me to make him shop for clothes. Gadgets are another matter altogether, of course) including a glows-in-the-dark one from Disneyland!

Being a bookish geek that i am, i finished the novel i brought a few days before our flight back and i insisted on checking on some bookstores in Changi, that's when i realized that my fave author, Amy Tan, just released her new book! I freaked and bought it on the spot (for SGD 26), just to realized as soon as we got back that our local Periplus also stocked them (for IDR 225.000, which is cheaper!!!!!), but you know... No regrets, fave author and all that.

Amy Tan's The Valley of Amazement
I actually finished them a few days ago (yes, it's a very thick novel, and yes, i usually finish very thick books in matter of days), i thought it wasn't as engaging as her previous novels at first (and it reminded me so much of Memoirs of a Geisha, except this book is about a Chinese courtesan instead of a geisha) but it gets prettier and prettier towards the end, with the most touching ending that made me burst into tears. So typically me. Very recommended!

That's pretty much all of my haul in our recent Hong Kong trip! Oh, last item, a super cute beanie and mittens set from Ocean Park (with a price that makes my eyes waters, but part of it's donated to conserve the pandas!) that i NEEDED (and of course also wanted) because it was FREEZING, so bad that my hands actually HURTS and i didn't have any gloves!
Panda Beanie and Mitten set, i don't really remember the price but i think it was HKD 259 (around IDR 407.000 *gasp*) T.T
Hope you enjoy reading about my haul and looking forward to the actual trip's posts!


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  1. I envy your things so much! I recently went to Hong Kong as well but we only went to Mong Kok for our shopping spree. We didn't have the time to go to the wax museum. Lucky you! I also have an upcoming Hong Kong post! Hope you can look at it! :)

    1. Yes, but i also envy you for that shopping spree at Mong Kok! I know it might be hard to believe after looking at the pictures in this post, but i really didn't have much time to shop int his trip hahaha...

  2. Don't you have Sasa store in Indonesia? Products in Hong Kong are really low-priced so I'm also excited to shop there when we go in July! :)

    1. No Sasa in Indonesia yet :(... so so sad.... Yes, they're quite cheap in Hong Kong, but personally i think Taiwan's much cheaper!

  3. I've always wanted to go to HK, but I can't speak the language, so I'm afraid I might get lost, lol. *stupid reasoning* >.<

    1. LOL, don't worry Phanie, they actually speak a little English (well, most of them anyway, the younger generations anyway)-it was much harder to communicate in Taiwan (and even Macau even though it's so close to HK!) and i (or my husband) doesn't speak Mandarin or Cantonese either!

  4. ini yang katamu ga sempat jalan2 ceee? wkwkwkwk... banyak banget wes an haulnya.. <3

    1. Hahaha mosok banyak tah Sha, serius belanja yg bener2 belanja cm 2x tok, sisae ya cepet2 n di tempat2 wisata gt hehehe

  5. maskernya lucu2 bangetttt xD


  6. Nice "haul" indeed. I'm not a fan of body creams and the like but colorful things are like chocolates for my eyes. I like the accessories you got. So stylish! I specially like the headband with little roses. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Thank you, i love the headband but it's originally very expensive so i won't ever get it if it wasn't on sale haha... Thank you for reading :)

  7. eyeshadow nya bagus warnanya ^^


  8. The first part is ironic :),you have a plenty of stuff you shop. Panda Beanie and Mitten Set looks good to you :)

    1. Haha, it's not really ironic if you know much i usually shop in a trip :P, this is considered very little for me :D. Thank you very much ^^

  9. Nice stash you got there. By the way, did you happen to check out some basketball shoes in Hong Kong's flea market? What's the price range there? Thanks!

    1. Sorry, i didn't really go to any shopping districts/places so i can't be any help for that matter!

  10. you bought a lot of stuff, i like your princess minnie hairband

  11. another great finds!! shopping at its finest!!

  12. That, is a pretty big haul! Do post a review of the Sunwoo Teddy Bear masks when you use them, I'm so curious about them! I love those socks from BSX too, so cute!

    1. It is? It's one of the smallest haul i've ever done in one trip :D! I will!

  13. That's a big haul! I'm so curious about those Sunwoo Teddy bear sheet masks, so please do a review on them!

  14. Shopping in Hong Kong is one of the more fun activities to do since their designs there are updated. Looks like you had a nice haul.

    1. Yeah totally, too bad i didn't get to visit any of the shopping districts :D

  15. *smh* that fellar was rude! I can't believe a prestigious brand allows these things things to happen.

    And that brand is called 'My Scheming Beauty'. They make pretty awesome sheet masks!

    1. IKR! I was super offended!

      Ohhh thank you for letting me know :D! Can't wait to try out the sheet masks!

  16. waaaaaaaaah shopping!!!! But of all the stuff you got, i so want those Sinful Colors nail polish in 922 Frenzy. hehehe

    1. Hihihi that's a pretty nice color, yes :D!

  17. qt sama2 k Sasa tp blanjaan qt totally different ce hahaha XD
    iy itu brandnya my scheming, mirip2 my beauty diary. aku jg beli eye masknya tp bkn yg ky pnya cece XD

    1. Knp Rin, km belinya make up2 semua yah? Aq pdhal pengen belanja make up tp saking banyaknya di depan mata malah bingung sendiri n kalo bingung... aq ujung2nya ga beli! LOL. Ohh, semoga aq cocok sm my scheming ya kayak my beauty diary, soalnya aq ga cocok sm Sasatinnie punya sheet masks!