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Hiiii, everybody!

I'm feeling very good right now, i feel like i've been productive (okay, being productive in my book means i finished storing our lundry after neglecting it-after i counted my work out gears for our yoga classes it turned out to be at least a month after i did that the last time LOLOLOL, i'm horrible i know, i just really really hate sorting out laundries!!! And then i finished up the hotel's accounting, another thing that i really really hate but is actually the only semblance to a job that i have right now) and not a totally useless human being (which sometimes i feel after going for days with doing nothing -___-). But after seeing the photos for this entry (that i accumulated in March alone), i feel a little useless again *LOL*.

Some of the stuffs i got on March, and not counting the fashion thingy *sigh*
Anyway! I didn't spend all THAT much on those beauty stuffs really, some are really good bargains and some even free! Let's talk about the BTI haul first. Remember BTI? Yeah, Indonesia's first beauty box is no more. I heard rumors (and predicted this outcome myself months ago) about it finally closing their beauty box subscriptions, but the last time i heard from them was about the non-existent January Box (which i've switched to a "Special Box") due to logistic issue (which is not true i guess, they're just planning to stop doing the beauty box thing altogether!) and there was no follow up ever since!

So i kept on waiting (im)patiently for my February box, which never came (of course! There is NO February box!) and without any sort of announcement from BTI (at least not that i know of, i didn't even receive any e-mail explaining about it), i decided to contact them first. I e-mailed them asking about whether or not they are still in the business of beauty boxes, and finally they replied : No, they are not. They are now 100% an ordinary online shop (i sooo saw this coming when they first announce the existence of their online shop!). And since i should be receiving two more free boxes (i ended up being qualified for three free boxes, many thanks to my sweet readers who bothered to use my link when signing up for their own subscriptions :D!), they were willing to refund the money. Since i hate refunds and the complications surrounding them, i asked them if they can just turn the value into a voucher for their online shop, which they agreed readily.

According to them, the two boxes i got should valued at IDR 125.000 each, and i got another 10% (bonus?) so they gave me an IDR 275.000 worth of voucher, i was quite happy with that (and the response was pretty quick too). Then they asked me if i wanted the voucher for the online shop or strictly for Secret Key products, i found it really weird that they would differentiate the two and i cannot mix my order. But since i don't have a lot of interests in skin cares, i opted for the Beauty Store voucher (because last time i checked they have a lot of Sleek products and i really like Sleek).

My happiness didn't stay long, first they told me i can order "anything" BUT The Balm products. When i finally check out their website, 80% of their products are from The Balm. LOL. I am left with only the 20% options. I thought, okay lah no matter, i'll just order Sleek. But most of their Sleek products were out of stock already! I was getting frustrated and just ordered anything that seems to be worth ordering, i ended up with two Blush by 3 palettes and one lip gloss. I just had to pay IDR 100.500 and that's really not bad for two blush palettes and a lip gloss! But a few minutes after i made a payment.... I got an e-mail announcing that one of the Blush by 3 was OOS *____*. WT...

I was quite annoyed and told the customer service that, i also told them that it was really inconvenient and unprofessional to not have their supposedly professional website updated with their latest stock. Then i desperately scrounging on their *miserable* stock for a replacement and had to pay another IDR 50.000 (-actually maybe IDR 46.500, something around that number. I have no interests in refunds, i told you that already!) -____-.

And here's what i got finally :

Looks like their usual outer box, but it's actually very small. Maybe smaller than half of their outer beauty box' layer
Well, i ended up with four products and had to pay only around IDR 150.000
My third blush by 3 in a few very short very months -___-
I got it in the shade "Pumpkin" because it was the only Blush by 3 in their stocks *___*
As usual, my camera couldn't pick up the actual, very vibrant colors. Imagine it to be 3x more vibrant than this picture!

In my desperation (for something to buy), i also ended up with another Sleek blush that i don't even need, a single one this time *LOL*
Sleek Blush in Life's a Peach (922). It's a very vibrant peachy color (i don't have much peachy blush on since i mostly prefer pinks) that is again couldn't be captured properly by my camera

Sleek Fruit Glaze in 150 Black Cherry
I'm building quite a collection of vampy colored lipsticks, but i don't have any vampy lip glosses yet (at least i don't think i do...), and i always love shades that's called Black Cherry. Sounds sexy and naughty somehow *LOL*

Another desperate choice, the only non-Sleek product : Figs & Rouge (i've never heard of this brand before) Tinted Lip Balm in Coco Rose. I so do not need anymore lip products >.< (doesn't mean i won't keep buying. I know)
So... it's actually not so bad. I ended up with 4 products and had to pay for IDR 150.000 only. But i wouldn't call the shopping experience pleasant (too frustrating! So many restrictions!), but at least the customer service was apologetic and the shipping was quite fast. Sigh. Their prices for Sleek products were okay too, cheaper than most local online shops (but then again, i got them on sale. On second thought, they might try to finish up their stocks since they seem to be focusing on The Balm now). Will i shop at BTI ever again? Maybe, if they have a good deal. I don't see myself doing it anytime soon though.

Then i also shopped from my fellow beauty blogger, Winda, who's having a Blog Sale. I know i know, i should be having my own Blog Sale instead of buying stuffs from others Blog Sale. But i can't help myself.

I tried to be really good, but i still ended up wiht 5 items -___- (the Lip on Lip lippie's a bonus given to me by Winda, thank you Winda!)
L.A. Colors 5 Colors Eye Shadow in Soiree, because i cannot see pretty colored eyeshadow with dirt cheap prices T.T
L.A. Colors 3 Color Eye Shadow in Orchid, mostly because it was so cheap -___- oh and because of the pretty emboss >.<
Maybelline Champagne Bloom Blush, of course because of the flower embossing. This color won't even show up on my skin, i'm sure. Oh well, i guess it is more of a highlighter thingy anyway? No?
City Color Spring Fling Pink Blush #2. What do you think? Because it's so pretty!!! And cheap too. Never heard of the brand City Color before but Winda's putting up quite some of their products and they have super cute packaging!!!
City Color Juicy Lips in Coral. Told ya i'm falling in love with this brand. SO CUTE! This is the most expensive product in this blog sale haul and it's only IDR 75.000!
City Color Shadow Primer in Pearl. The only practical purchase in this haul (because i only have one eye shadow primer, that's why *LOL*)
Lastly, the bonus : Lip on Lip Water Color in Strawberry Red
I only paid IDR 316.000 for all those! Not bad at all right? Winda still got a LOT of products on her blog sale (and i am sorely tempted to buy some more as well *sigh*, especially the refill eye shadows *double sighs*. Unlike most blog sale, her blog sale contained 100% brand new items, i'm a bit particular when it comes to used cosmetics, i'd only use the ones from my family or close friends hehe) that you can check out here. Go on, help Winda clear up her stocks and accompany me in my misery (or happiness. Drowning in my private sea of products. I can't even tell anymore).

So, according to this post's title, i should be finished by now. But no, i decided to chuck in the rest of my March hauls here (remember, there are still a few more days of March, so i'm not saying that i am covering all of my March hauls okay). You know, so i have less hauls to cover.

Went a bit nuts in Guardian when they're having promotion on Original Source. I know, i already bought a lot of them before (the first haul containing them i haven't even covered yet zzz), but they just smell so goooodd (and look so cute, so colorful!) so when we saw them in even cheaper prices than usual... All hell break loose.

Bought 5 this time *LOL*. I decided to be less of a crazy OCD person and let hunny use them before having to finish every single stocks i have in my massive stash. We're using Lemon & Lime Shower Hair & Body right now and... It's drying T.T. LOL. WTH right, i hope the shower ones will be less drying!!! We already bought so much! Anyway, i will review them all
Free Syoss shampoo and conditioner sachet samples free to grab at Guardian. I'm so happy to see they start to give away sachet samples! Last time it was Garnier BB Cream! I hope they'll keep this up. I got three more sets from my mum later on (kiasunism runs deep in this family *LOL*). I've always been curious about Syoss but quite apprehensive in trying out new brands of shampoo, now i don't have to buy the full size to see if it'd work on my hair (and waste it if it doesn't)!
Speaking of freebie, Kiehl's Let Us Change Your Skin campaign is still running!

Free samples hunny and i got from the campaign. I also got free sachet samples from Etude House for liking their page but i forgot to take pictures of them... (the campaign is also still running if you're interested)
Then i got a few more beauty and health products....
Maybelline and Guardian haul
When i went out with my blogging friends two weeks ago, Lina bought some Maybelline stuffs at Matahari Department Store because she needed a new mascara and they were having a promotion, spend IDR 150.000 and get a free eyeshadow (worth IDR 95.000!!!). I've been wanting to complete my collection of colored Baby Lips (my Baby Lips Collection's more than 10 now *LOL* #completemadness) and the words FREEBIE kept on popping in my brain so...
I went and bough these (the eye shadow's the freebie)
Baby Lips Loves Color in Coral Flush and Berry Crush. A bit of a problem with this, i specifically asked the BA for these two colors because i already have the other two (that i also haven't posted yet -___- i will soon), and while they even wrote it right in the receipt, they actually didn't give me the Coral Flush and i found Cherry Kiss (that i already have) in its place! My hunny had to go back the next day to exchange them -___-
Maybelline Clean Express Eye & Lip Remover. I already have one bottle and haven't even tried it yet, but i run out of eye & lip remover very fast so i never miss the chance to stock them
Another practical buy, Maybelline Fashion Brow 24Hr Coloring Mascara in  Rusty Brown. I've been loving brow mascara lately (i only have one from The Face Shop that i've been using nonstop ever since i got them in late January so i most probably going to run out of them pretty soon), which now replaces eyeliner as my must wear daily make up!
The freebie Maybelline Eye Studio Quads in 06 Lilac Mauve (there were only two choices for the freebie, this one and 03 Gray Pink)
I am now drooling over their Color Elixir Color Sensational Lip Color T.T which i'm pretty sure i'd be getting real soon. Haish. Now, onto the Guardian haul :
Natur-E Daily Face Cream, Buy 1 Get 1 (IDr 33.500 for two!). Bought them for my neck *LOL*. Right now i use whatever face creams that doesn't work on my skin on my neck and i'm running out of them so this seems to be a good back up!
Colgate Sensitive tooth paste that was on promotion. It's not local made, you can see the Chinese writings on the box. Like most annoying Indonesian, imported items equals good product in my book. A mindset that needs to be changed
Enervon-C Multivitamin also on a sale, because vitamins are a must for people with horrible immune system like moi
I also promised to show you what i got when i went on a girly shopping date with #Undecided last Saturday, here's what i got from Diva :
They were (and i guess still) having a store wide 20% discount
I've always wanted a real flower wreath (and not the stretchy kind) and i finally got one. I'd prefer something more pastel and princessy but this is the best that was available and the bright, summery colors looked surprisingly good on me (i thought it'd look tacky or cheap, but it didn't). IDR 137.000 after discount. I want more and more flower wreath now! The pastel kind, please!
Pink lace cat earred headband, around IDR 83.000 after discount. I've also always wanted a lacey cat/bunny earred headband, white or black ones preferably but this pink one's cute too-for a start!
While we're on topic of accessories... 2 weeks ago in TP after i bid my blogging friends adios, i managed to slip in a little accessories shopping with my hunny .

Got them from Bling and Payless
I'm either very girly and princessy or very dark and grungy, i suppose. I LOVE skull and wings (any kind of wings), so this bad-ass neck swag caught my eyes in an instant
Like a polar opposite, a cutesy perching bird ring
Bling is now forever on sale, and i got those two items for IDR 49.500 (for two, not each!). I'd hunt for more items but Baby Boy was getting restless and there was a pair of mother and son that were very loud, weird and disturbing. She kept on going "HOW MUCH IS THIS? I WANT THREE. THREE. I WANT THREE, MBAK! CAN YOU HEAR ME? FASTER FASTER FASTER. HOW ABOUT THIS ONE? GIVE ME THREE. MBAK.MBAK! MBAK!!!! DO IT FASTER!!!!". It was really annoying, and she wouldn't stop nagging the attendants even after i left. I will be back and hopefully there'd be no weird people there.

I also went to Payless when i saw the "50% off second item" sign and got myself two necklaces with the exact same price. Paid IDR 78.500 for two necklaces.
Love necklace version 1
Love necklace version 2. LOL

I got this uber cute pink and purple (it's making a gradation color, can you see???) bunny earred rubber bracelets in Stroberi one random day. They were IDR 2.500/each and looked super duper cute when worn! I'm so going back and get them in every color available!
Btw, i've been a bad girl lately, i can't stop buying branded bags >.<...
Another two after my Tribeca bag

Like i said, i fell in love with a Bonia Bag on 70% off and went back to Metro to get it
Bonia monochrome baby pink bag, IDR 1.500.000 after discount (you can pay in 3 months installment if you have a Mega Metro credit card)
I brought my mum to buy this because i wanted to use her credit card (to turn it into an installment) and she ended up buying another bag (that's 3x more expensive) for herself *LOL*
The other one i bought just yesterday >.< after we watched The Monument Men (which is not bad but most people would find to be boring. I quite liked it myself) and the cause of my  being 30 minutes late to yoga class *LOL*.

There's a branded sale in CW that day, get 10% extra discount with Mega credit card and you can even turn it into 6 or 12 months installment!
I think the full name is Furla Juice Peach Candy Mini Bauletto Rubber Satchel Hand Bag
Real color's a lot more vibrant and juicy!
If you've been reading my outfit posts you'd know i already own a baby pink Furla Candy Satchel (the larger one) that i totally adore (but very high maintenance and quite dirty already by now zzz), i always wanted a second Candy bag but couldn't justify having the same two bags (more over since the color that i wanted? Glittery pink. LOL. Not even i  any other color!) but when i see them on sale (it's outrageously overpriced in Indonesia because of the crazy high luxury item tax. It was IDR 3.900.000 before discount!), with the extra 10% off with Mega card my hunny only had to pay IDR 1.755.000 and we even turned it into an installment *yes, i have three installments of bags by now, whatever*), i just kept on coming back to it and touching it so hunny just told the SA to wrap it up already *don't i have the best husband in the world? LOL*. At least my second Candy bag's in a smaller size and very different color, so it's not so bad surely?

I better stop now, eh? LOL. What have you been buying lately? Leave me a link of your latest haul post so i can drop by and feel better about myself :p.


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  1. waaaa banyak banget ceee *Q*
    ngiler sama blush by 3 nya hihi

    1. Huhuhu byk ya Shel >.< penyakit nih... Blush by 3 harusnya dpt 2 loh aq grrrr nyebelin

  2. yupp... Papa is the best husband in the word *keplak
    love your haul ce.. dan ngeri bis gini ketambahan lg yg d aq.. kekekekek

    1. Aiihhh jgn buka aib d sini! Aq kalo baju jarang2 d posting hahahaha

  3. Never ending story ya ama BTI hahahaa, thank you ya udah bantuin ngabisin stok makeup-ku hehehee FYI city color tuh brand USA, drug store juga semacam LA color sama Maybelline hehehee

    1. Hahaha iya tp skrg hrs nya udah ending krn udah ga ada sisa subs d mrk >.<.
      Hahaha sippo, byk yg ngilerin sih stock mu Win hahaha
      Ohhh, thank you for your info, jd pengen koleksi City Colors' stuffs now :D

  4. I also got that original source bodywash (strawberry one) at Guardian a few weeks ago because it's on sale and read about it in one of your entry. It smells really nice and refreshing :D Anyhoo, I love syoss conditioner (never tried the shampoo). It works on my tangly hair and made it silky smooth. Guardian also had sale on it too this month (Buy 1 and get second 1 for 1000 promotion) and I stocked up :p

    1. Glad to hear i manage to make people shop because of my blog entry hahaha. How do you like the Original Source shower? The lemon one's kinda drying, i guess because it's a hair & body shower and directed for men? I hope the others would be more moisturizing! Ohh, i hope Syoss would work on my hair!

  5. Ceceee I also bought the original source mint and tea tree shower! kyaa *high five* btw itu maybelline eye remover packagingnya baru kah? *udah lama ga beli sejak pindah ke loreal hahaha*

    1. Kyaaa, high five Shasha :D! Itu bukan packaging e yg baru Sha, tp emg produk baru hahaha. Katae BA nya lebih ampuh ngapus eye make up nya, tp aq belom coba... Aq dl pake L'Oreal tp buat aq agak tll berminyak remover e jd balik k Maybelline, but i actually prefer Etude House's Mascara Remover!

  6. wow that are lots of stuff you bought! i have tried the Syoss shampoo and conditioner its quite good

    1. Yes, it's my monthly madness i guess hehe.. Ohhh i hope it'd work on my hair too then :D!

  7. ci mindyyy banyak bgt haul nya >,<
    tasnya lucu yg pertama <3 bondu kucingnya jg ga nahan *u*

    1. Iyah ini kayaknya udah penyakit kejiwaan Cel, ga bisa berhenti belanja -__-
      Hahaha km lbh suka yg Bonia yah? Aq lbh cinta sm yg Furla nih fufufufu... Bondu apaan Cel?? Bando yah? Hahahaha

  8. That subscription service turned online shop is such a pain. The many restrictions and insufficient stock is enough to drive a person mad! You should have gone with the refund option and got some goodies from the mall hahaha

    Maan, those Maybelline Eye Studio Quads were very popular back in the day. I own that exact same colour! *high five* I wonder what happened to mine? Hmmm...

    Your second candy Furla bag is a darling! I would love it if you could post a picture of the two of them side by side.

    1. Yeah, they have a bad reputations with refund though, i'm afraid they'd keep on delaying and then i'd lose my patience >.< hahaha...

      High five! Are they any good? I have yet to try mine, still so many new eye shadows i haven't touched *sigh*.

      Thanks, and i will!