IBB Make Up Challenge March 2014

11:02:00 PM

Hellowww hellowww!!!

I am back with another MUC, twice this month wow! LOL. Main reason why i would join any make up challenge in the first place is the do-ability of the challenge. As a non fantasy makeup fan and a blogger with a limited make up ability, outrageously fantastical themes would totally scare me away haha. So when i saw that Indonesia Beauty Blogger's March 2014 MUC (in collaboration with a very prestigious brand, Menard) is Natural Glow, i thought "Hey, that's not so scary" and decided to join it! The prizes for this MUC are pretty fantastic, there would be two winners who will get prizes worth IDR 2.300.000 each! WOW!
Here's the result :

Is it glowy enough >.<??? I hope so. To be quite honest with you, i'm not used with glowy kind of makeup, as in deliberately trying to make my skin looks glowy and dewy. I have very oily skin (i always need to use oil blotters every 3 hours, and i would need at least two *for oil blotter film, five for oil blotter paper!!!) and i always opt for matte base make up (i love glitters and glow for eyes and lips) because it'll turn glowy in less than an hour naturally, no matter what.

Here are the products that i used for this look :

First up : Scarily pale bare face with annoying redness at some parts
Base Make Ups :
 1. Anna Sui Foundation Primer (old packaging)
2. Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation SPF 20 in 1 Vanilla (it's the softest, lightest foundie ever that disappears into my skin once blended! I love it and will review it sometime in the future haha)
3. Collection Pressed Powder in 10 Daydream
4. DHC Medicated Acne Care Concealer
5. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer in 01 Neutral
My face after base make up. It's not glowy yet because of the very matte powder i used (i needed more coverage than usual because i have a red spot on my cheek from an old pimple that hasn't disappear completely yet. I also *stupidly* tried to use a cream highlighter under the powder-which immediately disappear after i put the medium coverage powder on! LOL. But you can still see the light glow on my nose bridge!

For eye make up : 
1. Urban Decay Nakes 2 Palette (i finally start using it hahaha)
2. Collection Killer Curves Mascara 
3. The Face Shop Color My Eye Brow in 02 Light Brown
4. E.l.f Eye Primer
5. Maybelline Hyper Gloss Liquid Eyeliner (Black)
6. NYX Liquid Eyeliner
7. Oriflame Dual Color Eyeliner (Black & White)
8. My trusty Stroberi eyelash curler :p

I used very light, neutral colors on my eyes (only darkening it a bit around the crease), less thick (and shorter) eyeliner than usual. Lined my waterline in my usual style because i wanted to add a little more glow on the eyes (even though white eyeliner is not really natural at all haha)
I topped up the highlighter on my cheek bones and nose bridge
The highlighters :
1. Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder
2. Collection Blush & Highlight Cream Duo (Peaches & Cream)

Blush on : Teen Teen 3D Powder Blusher (that has loads and loads of fine glitters on the for some added "glow")
The makeup before adding highlighting powder all over my face, i looked really tan-why? Because the Collection powder i used (shade Vanilla) is around two tones darker than my own skin *LOL*. I happen to like using darker toned powders if i want to top it up with lots of shimmering finishing powder though (somehow it's totally invincible on my pale complexion otherwise!)
Sorry for the 'tache and gross sweat bullets! It's really really HOT lately in Surabaya and i was sweating bullets by the time i finished my makeup! I forgot to photograph the products i used on my lips but they are : Oriflame Tender Care, Silkygirl Moisture Rich Lipstick in 01 Naked topped with Shiseido Lip Gloss in G1 Champagne Sparkle in the middle
Ready for some self-absorbed selfies? Hehehe
I actually wear the look to go out with some of my blogging friends last Sunday!
It wasn't a lot of make up, just a little touch here and there but i think it made a load of difference!
I hope you like my look! And if you are interested in joining the challenge-hurry up! You have about 24 hours left!


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  1. Yes, you are quite glowing with the use of this product! It's good that you matched it with light (almost nude) lip color so you look more natural. :)

    1. Ah, thank you! I was afraid i didn't glow even a little bit! LOL

    2. Your mascara also looks nice! Does it have a volumizer effect? It seems like you have fake lashes because they're long. :)

    3. Thank you, i actually hated it *LOL*, it's not volumizing at all, and it doesn't hold any curl -___- (i got a bunch of collection products for free from work). It's called Killer Curves but no, it doesn't have any volumizing effect, not on me anyway. My lashes are naturally quite thick, just very straight and sparse hahaha

  2. glowing kok ce hihi..
    good luck ya :D
    aku jg ga bs yang fantasi XD

    1. Hihihi thank you Rini, aq beneran bingung cara bikin glowy nya *sampe mikir apa makeup biasa aja trs fotoe 3 jam kemudian tunggu minyak keluar semua hahahaha*
      Good luck juga Rini :D... and iyah, kalo fantasy aq nyerah deh hahaha

  3. you really look like a pro beauty blogger. keep it up mindy! :)

    1. Awww, that's too kind of you :) thank you very much!