KC's Birthday Celebration

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Hi guysss :D..

A week ago, my elder brother (the one that's directly above me in the sibling list :p) celebrated his, ahem, 37th birthday. My elder brother and his family lives in Banjarmasin, South Borneo, but he got some business matters to take care of so he came here for a few days, at the same time they were also sending their daughter (my niece Au) back to Surabaya-Au's just recently moved back to Surabaya to attend high school (she's been having difficulties adjusting to new environment, poor Au...)

It's been years since the last time we're able to celebrate his birthday together (coz he's always in Banjarmasin on his previous birthdays) so it was pretty special :D. 
Did you notice the birthday cake? It was sky blue with a chubby superman on top *LOLOLOL*. It's actually Super dad lah and CL specifically asked CLL (yes, my other sis in law, the official baker of this family) to make the figurine with a chubby tummy because that's how KC's tummy really is IRL HAHAHA. You know, married men. They always seems to grow a tummy. Once upon a time KC was super duper skinny. I guess happy marriage turns people fat, look at me and hunny *stare*. FOL.
Yep, that's KC's real name, and although my mum named him herself, she couldn't write his name properly nowadays FHL
Close up to the chubby Super dad haha
My mum protested when the cake arrived zzzz (Why Superman??? Crazy ah, why superman???). Older people can never understand this kind of things. Me, hunny (and my BFFs really), KC and CL are the kind of people who will always stay young in the inside *no matter how old and wrinkly we get on the outside!* and we will always be able to appreciate the little quirky, comedic things in life. Like this kiddish cake. It's a spot on for a humorous guy like KC anyway..

Anyway, i planned to get him a birthday cake, but since CL already ordered this, i scrambled on a last minute birthday pressie hunt!
Baby Boy represented our little family to hand KC the birthday gift :)
I found the perfect card for him...
And i added "Just almost ancient!" inside hahaha...
But seriously..
Does this guy look like he's 37?
Anyway, my Jong Kook Oppa's also 37 so i refuse to say 37's old! Very young lah! :p.

Oh yeah, that crazy plastic hat he don?
There are more of them hahaha
Hunny and i bought those hats for Baby Boy's birthday celebration, we were about to force the aunties and uncles to put them on-sadly we completely forgotten about those poor hats until like, a week later when i was getting Collection powders for our giveaway FOL. No matter, we found the opportunity to get them to use, and it will be re-used for many many times to come. I have a hunch, on every celebration *because we're kiasu like that*. LOL.
Photo-bombing Au who's receiving her birthday hong bao *her birthday's like, weeks ago lah haha*
My mum always forced us to snap pictures like this whenever she's giving out hong baos zzz
Here's the "official" family birthday shot hahaha.
Then CL insisted on getting another one from another angle because that angle made her look huge hahaha...
Satisfied, CL?
We wrapped up the photo sesh *haha* coz we already had a booking in Layar restaurant! CL and i insisted on bringing the birthday cake to cam-whore with in the restaurant, much to KC's annoyance (coz he was embarrassed lah haha). Too bad his annoyance translate on how he threw the cake into the trunk of our car and insisted that it'd be safe and sound. CL and i already KNEW (CL insisted to hold the cake OTW to the restaurant but KC refused to let her zzzzzz!!!) it was going to fall down and get ruined. And of course, WE WERE RIGHT! GRRRR.

Anyway, CL (who's a baker herself and quite an artist actually, just too lazy to bake her own cake obvi haha) fixed it a bit by turning the super dad around so that the mashed up parts were shielded and unapparent in photographs *LOL*. Grrrrr, i was quite annoyed at KC *kick his ass* (speaking of which, CL and i had lots of fun shooting KC with Baby Boy's many many Nerf guns a day before hahahahaha, i aspire to be a Nerf sniper now!).
Cutting the ruined cake, it doesn't have his name anymore hahaha
Birthday Boy with his wife and daughter!
Plus his nephews and nieces
My nephew J was moving in the pic zzzz. And i tried to make them pose again, but this time :
Baby Boy turned!!!! GRRRRR
Tried making them pose one more time, but Baby Boy was being his spoilt self *whenever there are a crowd and his grand parents are around, he's bound to acts up. I dunno why, seeking for attention probably. It's really ANNOYING!*, he was unhappy already having to leave his Ipad to take these pictures, then he was annoyed at my other nephew (the one that's holding him in the pictures)  CV somehow that he started crying. GRRRRRR! Best move to stop his dramas? By ignoring him and carry on as if nothing happened. I wonder if most 6 year olds are annoying like that. 
All of my siblings! Cross out CL lah hahaha! Don't you think we're all younger looking than our age? Hahaha... My eldest brother's 12 years older than me while my sissy's 11 years older than me. KC's obvi 7 years older than me
While waiting for our food to arrive, me and my most alike (in terms of narcissism, shoppaholicism, and tastes. We're both huge fans of Jong Kook Oppa haha) niece BB...
Cam-whored. Obviously.
Now i'm gonna bombard you with pictures of yummy seafood and people eating, because i (among other) aspire to be a food blogger hahahaha.
WTH is this?
Fresh oysters! I didn't try it because *yuck*, i don't eat raw things!
Usually boiled shrimps serves are much larger than this. Anyway, i cannot get over Taiwanese' shrimps, i think they have ruined shrimps for me zzzz
Some even as tiny as this! Look, it's just slightly larger than CL's nail!!!
Big prawns. No biggie for me coz i'm from Banjarmasin and we got prawns as big as little chickens in Banjarmasin haha
MMM...mmmm... Tiger snail? *now i remember why i am not qualified to be a food blogger...*
Singapore style crabs
Black Pepper crabs, we also ordered salted eggs crabs but i didn't take pictures of them. Hey, do you know how hard it was taking pictures of food while your finger's completely dirty from eating them? I had a wet tissue ready beside me to wipe my fingers whenever i'm about to snap pictures, but i think my camera's quite smelly now hahaha...
Chinese Birthday noodles
One of the fishes, i didn't take pictures of the other one because i am not a fan of this way of fish cooking :p so it was never around me
Errrr errrr... Green cockle/shellfish hehehe i dunno!
The food was super yummy obvi, Layar's one of the most famous seafood restaurant in Surabaya at the moment and it's obvious why. Always the freshest (although not necessarily the biggest-yes i'm referring to the shrimps!) seafood with the best style of cooking!
The dirtiest plate with one of the most amount of shells hahahaha, CL's the other one :p
Oh yeah, that's the latter addition to the dinner party, a close friend of KC (who's like a year younger than me hahaha, KC's way of staying young i think-keeping very young people as his friends!) and his girlfriend
Look at the crazy-messy table hahahaha
We were so damn full, i totally felt like i was about to burst OMG... Coz we're kiasu Asian family, of course we cannot let anything go to waste. Anything goes, from da bao-ing the ones that were almost intact to...
Pressuring non-family member to finish up everything! HAHAHAHAHA! Those two were guarding poor AR to finish the black pepper crab, i was worried he's faint from being too full *or worse-from cholesterol attack! HAHAHAHA*
Once he's done with his "punishment", it was time for a picture!
Finally, really cutting the cake. Yum!

HMM yeah, that's CL's doing, and he was trying to get ME! I totally forgot i was in a restaurant and started shrieking -___-. If my mum wasn't around it could get really UGLY. LOL.
And that cream facial treatment marked the end of the celebration! Oh, in case you're wondering what i got him? I originally wanted to get him like a Zara polo shirt, but Zara's style's way too... Stylish and metrosexual for my conservative big bro! So instead of risking him scrapping my half a million rupiahs spent, i hunted down for a much more plain looking one. I got it from Pull & Bear. Then we really wanted to get him some ridiculous looking boxer/shorts, so..
Yep, that's KC modelling our birthday pressies for him hahaha
Thank you for reading our family's style celebration, peeps!

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  1. waaa gak suka raw oyster?? kan enaaakkk... hehehe. gua doyan banget lho makan raw oyster... :D

    lucu kue ultahnya.. kayak kue ultah anak2 jadinya ya. hahaha.

    btw iya kalian pada awet2 muda tampangnya... :)

  2. Huhuhu aq ga doyan apapun yg mentah *merinding* kecuali fruits ya masa iya mau di masak dulu hahahaha...
    Iyah, kita emg suka yg konyol2 gt, termasuk kuenya hihihi...
    Thank u, kita mgk kebykan ketawa2 jd awet muda meskipu rada sedeng.... :D