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Happy Saturday, Everybody!!!

#Undecided here, I hope you're having a nice relaxing / fun entertaining Saturday. Whichever it is you prefer :) 
As for #Pink and I, we spent the afternoon accompanying our preggo BFF (yes, A) to get her nails done because tomorrow is her lil sissy's wedding day. One has to look her best to attend a party even though one's preggo, right? Especially something as important as your sister's wedding hehehe...

As for me, I finally removed my fugly gel polish today *sighs of relieve*. I'll have to say that last time I wasn't pleased with Me Nail because somehow I got the stupidest nailist that not only scratched me (on several fingers, not just one!!!) but also refused to listen when I said she should seal the end of my nails because that's how my previous gel polish was done (see here for my very first gel manicure done by Nail Plus). And I was right, because on day 1 of our Taiwan Trip I started noticing chips and the ends were peeling off *ugh!!* 

Complained to the owner (#Pink's cousin L) and she was very kind (and responsible) to give me an IDR 100k voucher for my next visit. Which was today. So yeah, I got my nails done for free... I am quite happy with this one, so okay... No more complaint hehehe...

Anyway, I just wanted to do a quick update on (you know it!!) my dogs.

I hope you're not bored of my dog related posts, but even if you do, I'll continue posting anyway hahahaha...

1/ We have a new dog!!! Her name is Ellis and she's a 2 yo Golden Retriever. Finally!!! My very own Golden Ret!! I've always wanted one, and finally hubby got one for me for my birthday (gee, hubs, 2 months late for the pressie, but I forgive you of course *kisses*). 

Here she is... Ready?
Ellis - on her way to me!!
Ellis - the first time we met

She's so beautiful and by far the calmest dog I know. Obviously she's more attached to hubby by now (it doesn't surprise me anymore really...), but she's MINE!!! LOL.

Hubby asked her previous owner to trim her coat (because her coat is long (well duh, she's a Golden Retriever...) and she used to sleep in an air-conditioned room. Since SDTC's kennel is not, shorter coat would help her adjust to her new environment) and to say that they trimmed her thoroughly is an understatement. Why? She has no whiskers now!!! Poor baby... LOL... She also used to be an indoor dog, so I think it surprised her when she found out that her new home is a kennel... The first time she got out of the car hubby said that she wouldn't really step on the ground - almost like she was walking "on her toes" hahahaha... She even refused to go to the training yard at first... OMG my new dog doesn't like getting her paws dirty LOL...

2/ Moving on to the next dog. Jerome. He just started his obedience training. I have no idea what gotten into Miss Jenny, but one day she just started working with Jerome. And now less than 2 weeks into the training, Jerome has mastered the commands: heel, sit, down, and stay. 
This Thursday (22/08/2013) was Miss Jenny's first attempt of teaching Jerome how to play dead (she said because she missed her late dog Hero whom was a master of tricks). And after a few first tries, she had it recorded! Enjoy the video below.

It's not perfect, I know, but hey, not bad for first attempts, don't you think? I'm so proud of my Jerome!!! Anyway, he finally got it now. Miss Jenny said the key was to wait longer before giving him the snack, and he would put his head on the ground waiting. Hahahaha... Such a cute little dog that one, don't you think?

And bigger news: on 7-8 Sep 2013 Jerome will compete in his first dog show!!
Notice how they typed "babby" instead of " baby"? LOL.

Please wish him the best of luck, you guys :)

3/ Kalista is being grounded by Miss Jenny. Hahahaha... Hubby said it's all my fault because I spoil Kalista rotten, but I don't think I do *denial* 

It has been a week that she can only go outside her kennel with Miss Jenny and with a leash on, but she told us yesterday that Kalista's obedience training is finally back on the right track. Sure she still gets bored easily (FOL) but she no longer hides inside the agility tunnel refusing to continue training whenever she pleases. 
Kalista - hiding inside the agility tunnel... Miss Jenny sent this picture to me with a caption "your fave girl being cheeky" LOL

We also just heard from Perkin that a dog must be 16 months old in order to be eligible to enter the basic obedience test. Soooo... Kalista must wait for another 5 months or so because she's only 11 months old now. Good luck, Miss Jenny hahahahaha...

4/ Last but not least, hubby's fave girl: Inez. She's currently in Trawas Kennel because she got quite ill (stupid diarrhea!!) and started losing a lot of weight. Hubby tried everything. Got her to see several different vets (even some professors at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Airlangga University, Surabaya)) but it didn't do her good. So Om Buntong (Om is "uncle" in Indonesian, Buntong is his name) the Kennel Manager (and German Shepherd expert) told us to bring her back. And only 3 days there, the diarrhea stopped. You have no idea how relieved we both are when we got the news.

We're thinking that she might not be compatible with Surabaya's weather (our vet said that it was a possibility), so we're now trying to come up with the best solution for her situation. Hopefully we won't have to give her up, but in case we have to, I think we will... Whatever is best for her... We'll see... For now I just want her to get well again. 

So there you have it, folks... A (not so) quick update on my babies... 

I have to go pick Jerome, Kalista and Ellis up now. We're taking them to Food Festival (yes, the one in Pakuwon City) for a Saturday night walk. See you there?

#Undecided and SDTC Crew - one BBQ night ago

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  1. Hello ^^ I just found your blog and this blog is pretty cute. I do nominate your blog for The Liebster Award.
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    1. Thanks for the nomination, dear :) We appreciate it! Will soon blog about it hahahaha...