(Mini) Giveaway Winner Announcement

3:30:00 PM

Hi everybody!

How's your weekend? Having fun? We sure did! Like #Undecided had mentioned yesterday, we had some girly day out with our BFF A. We had a manicure *for #Undecided*, pedicure *moi* and both *for Prego haha* and then lunch (we will be blogging about our nails separately with this entry)-when we appointed her as the one to pick the winner for our very first (mini) giveaway winner!
A, #Pink and #Undecided
Yep, it's just a simple giveaway and like we said, we're choosing the winner randomly, but as usual-we can't just choose simply! Gotta make it a little more special, #Pink and #Undecided's way!

Okay lah, it's not really that special hahaha, i just prepared pieces of paper with the names (and Twitter names) of each participants and shook it, Arisan style (tried googling what Arisan translate to in English, the closest it gets : women lottery club hahaha) because... Because it's more fun this way and none of us knows how rafflecopter works *and too lazy to try to find out* hahahaha.

Here's A, showing you the "ballot"
Wahahahaha yes, the ballot was a wrinkly plastic bag, but it was white and matches A's dress *super unimportant fact* :p
Yeah, not too many people entered this mini giveaway, but not too bad for a very first giveaway, a mini one some more! I told #Undecided if at least five people entered i'd be pacified already, and i guess whatever diety in charge of this kind of thing heard and gave us precisely... one more than five, i think he/she thought he/she was being generous FOL hahahaha
A made sure she mix the ingredients well... i mean, the papers haha
Got the first winner!
Who's the lucky girl?
Yenni (sorry for misspelling your name in the paper!) a.k.a @yenni_xiaoyuan!
Okay, so out of all the participants, i know two of them personally. And Yenni's a very very old friend of mine, we used to go to the same elementary school! I'm afraid anyone might accuse me of choosing my own friend to win this giveaway, thankfully i had proofs that we picked the winner really really randomly and she won it fair and square! Congratz, Yen!

Then #Undecided said it'd be cute if Baby Boy choose the second winner, so we made him!
Second Winner!
Erna a.k.a @nayschoonheid!
Out of all the participants, Erna had been the most active one. She had been tweeting about our giveaway every day since she entered even though she didn't have to! Thank you for your support, Erna, and we really rooted for you! 
Since Yenni's name came out first, she got the first dibs on which item she'd rather receive and she said she prefers Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Powder in 3 Dark, so Erna will be receiving the other item, Collection Pressed Powder in 15 Warm Bronze! Really hope you guys would love the prize!

Thank you so much for all of the participants, i hope nobody's (too) disappointed for not winning! I especially had so much fun with this giveaway, i'm planning to have a proper (as in with multiple items as the prize!) giveaway in October, to celebrate my birthday!

Will you be interested in joining my Birthday Giveaway? I can't wait!

Congratz again for the winners!
Warmest congratulation from the four of us :D!
#Pink, #Undecided, A and Baby Boy :D

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  1. Hahahaha.... thanks a lot A, for accidentally n randomly pick my name ♥♥ Can't wait for October!!! Yeayyyyyy.....

    1. Hahaha maybe it's the baby inside her tummy who picked u! Don't forget to join my giveaway on October then :D

  2. Thanksss a lottt ce Mindy and ce Pauline <3
    Ahahahaha.. Thanks too for baby boy.. For picked paper with my name inside <3

    1. You're very welcome, dear! prize will we sent tomorrow!
      Baby Boy said hello :D

  3. Congratulations, for all :D Happy for you..

  4. Thank you so much for participating, dear :D! Better luck next time :D, jangan kapok ikutan giveaway kita lg yaaa :D