The Rest of My European Haul

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Hi y'all!!!

If we got internet access, that means we're somewhere in Taiwan by the time i posted this! (If not then i'll post it after we get back hahaha). I know i know, how very backward of me, talking about the haul i got, two trips away from the trip i am currently in! But what to do? I guess i have too many things to babble about that the queue got too long hahaha. Some of the purchases i made in Europe were scattered in the trip's entries, but there are still quite a lot i haven't told you about, so the haul in this post is super random, from souvenir to candies, to cosmetics, and more.

First : stuffs for Baby Boy!
Various toys
It wasn't easy finding toys for him you know, when most of the places you went to were tourist spots and mini marts! LOL. But we make do, whenever i went into those Auto Grills, i immediately browse their toy section. There wasn't much, and there were lots of cheap China made items (that sold for less than quarter the price in Indonesia LOL), but we did found some little items here and there. 

In Holland we found :
Fluffy clogs
Of course it's not real clogs made from woods, it was the souvenir type, fluffy and warm. The kind you wear at home haha. Bought it just for fun, i don't even know where they are now.
Baby Boy's 6 and yes, he wear size 34 shoes (loosely) already. He inherited his daddy's giant feet. And yes, those are mosquito bites marks on his ankle :(
Paris snow globe, i mentioned it in this entry but i snapped a clearer picture here. Baby Boy loves snow globes! I think he likes to collect (or hoard??) things, just like his momma. Oh no....
Speaking of Paris, we bought this pretty pink (and bling-ed!) miniature Eiffel Tower :
L and Eek told us we can find this in TP, but who cares? The price's almost the same, and it's not the same at all, buying it in Paris (just in front of the real thing) as opposed in buying it in a mall in Indonesia ok
At the same little stall we also bought :
The prettiest touristy key chain!
And another one! I am so in love with wings!
Purol ointment that the aunty was so cray cray about, got this in Brussel, but last month when we were in Bandung we saw a store selling them in Kampung Daun! OMG! Why look so faraway??? The aunties lives in Sukabumi, some more!
Long sleeved mock double top from Volendam and Benetton tee from Milan. Would've bought more but couldn't find anything cute anywhere else and the prices were too cray cray especially in Switzerland, so we bought him this instead..
A wooden puppet
Other things we bought in Switzerland included
A wallet for my daddy. He especially instructed us not to buy him anything branded. My dad is quite... errrr... stingy *LOL*, he won't wear anything branded (coz if he got branded things he'd keep it so it won't get worn out)
A mini trychel as a memento
A vintage looking necklace
Really does look vintage, doesn't it? In reality it's super light and probably made from the cheapest material *LOL*, wasn't cheap for Indonesian standard though, it was EUR 5 or something, dirt cheap for Switzerland haha
This thing goes MOOOOO when you tipped it LOL, it's for Baby Boy obvi
Bought that moo thingy at the top of Glacier 2000 hahaha. Also bought cute lip care duos there, in the picture below i throw in the lip balms i bought in a drugstore in Chinatown in Paris, when we just arrived there for dinner :p.
Super cute colors, yes???
My fave color combo!!!
I guess Sunlip is the brand??? I don't even know what this is, probably sun protection for lips? I hope it works like a lip balm hehe. Strawberry on one side...
And Blueberry on the other
They are super cute so i couldn't only buy one! It wasn't even near to cheap for a lip care, but i simply couldn't careless. I was desperate for any beauty products by then and it was just so cute!
and Lemon
As for the ones i got from Paris (Chinatown, i must repeat haha), i obvi got also because of the packaging :p.
Hello Kitty! You can see that it was EUR 3.99 hehe
and Winnie the Pooh
Donna said that in the UK (and any other Western countries, i imagine), Hello Kitty and friends are for children and she wouldn't even imagine buying anything with it on it. So maybe these lip balms are for kids, but who cares *LOL*, Asian people are more open to adults loving cartoon characters, i guess :p.

From the same drug store, i also bought these hand lotions, banded together because it was on promo. EUR 10 for 3 i think?
Gave one to #Undecided, one for my sis in law, and one for myself
Okay, so actually the OCD in me is screaming because i'm going back and forth here, in the perfect world i would list them in the sequence that i bought them *LOL*, but i obvi don't remember where every single one was bought (coz lots of them were bought in random Auto Grills, that looks all similar than they jumbled together in my head. It's impossible to remember which item was bought in which Auto Grill!)

Okay, let's go back to Holland first, shall we?
Clogs key chains for family and friends and employees
 Bought those in Volendam. And so was this cute necklace
When in Holland.. Must buy everything clogs related hahaha
OH! Here's the very first item we purchase in Europe!
H&M clothes!
If you read my entry here, you'll know that we went in because L wanted to get a new sun glasses, but it was on a huge sale i of course had to browse and found these two, EUR 5 each!!!
Leopard printed loose top, #Undecided's gonna die hahaha
Brands like these makes me feel better about myself, when M size became way too loose on me LOLOLOL, L bought the exact same dress too
Let's talk about sweets...
Love lollies!
The color caught my eyes, and it's very nice too!
Hunny's mini Tic Tacs
He obvi bought it because of its packaging, i am no better coz i bought this :
It housed candies, that i have no interest in, so i gave the candies away :p
Okay, moving on... Got these souvenirs in Brussel :
Manekkin Piss' mini statue for Baby Boy and key chains to give to friends randomly..
Are you getting bored? We're almost done, i promise! Last items were drugstore stuffs i got in various stores. You might be surprised why i bother buying stuffs from brands that are widely available in Indonesia, the reason is... Even if the brand is very familiar for me, the items weren't! Every brands tends to have different collection of items in each countries, sometimes even the exact same items (but manufactured in different countries) can differ in performance! Yes, i know, that sounds very OCD, wanting to try every item that's not available here, or even if they are available-just to test if it's any different than the ones you can find in any mini market in Indonesia. I can't help myself.
That eye creme i already showed here
Yep, just some lotions and shower gels, things that i tend to review the most (more on the lotions than shower gels, obvi) because that's the products that i finished the fastest. 
Fa Yoghurt Aloe Vera... errrm... WTF, i'm not even sure what this thing is, i think it's a shower gel lah, douche soin means shower gel, right? I just googled and douche definitely means shower, so that should be it la LOLOLOL, problem of buying things in a place where do don't speak more than five words of their language
Bought this in one of those random Auto Grill, was panicking over not getting any European drugstore whatever so i just grabbed first thing i saw lah. Fa used to be pretty popular in Indonesia back when i was younger, but i dunno, i don't really see them nowadays here
Casino errrr.... Whatever the hell Lait de douche means, should be shower something also lah since they put the word douche again LOLOLOL, in Vanille gourmande. It's definitely vanilla something hehehe
Also bought it in one of those Auto Grill, probably not at the same time
No signs or writings on top, but this is Planter's Aloe Vera (European seems to be very fond of aloe vera, huh?) Cream. Was attracted to its flowery tin, obvi. I thought it was one of those cream that comes in different tin designs (i don't remember the brand, i saw it in some beauty blogs though), don't think it's the same thing but it was available in several different designs too (yes, confirmed. Check it in their website here). EUR 12.30, pretty pricey, hope the creme itself's worth it!
Bought it in a pharmacy in Paris, just opposite Gallerie La Fayette
Now i am really curious of the other brand's name, you know how it feels when you remember something but not it's name, so frustrating!
Nivea Soft Creme de Soin... Whatever the hell that means too, i think it's a cream lah LOLOLOL *wild guessing all the way*, hydraterende creme should means hydrating cream righttt
Also bought this in random Auto Grills :p
Anddd... that's the rest of my European haul! Phewwww! Finally, eh! Now i am feeling a bit guilty, seeing the amount of items i purchased (thank God i already write about lots of the others in the diary's entries, i'd feel even guiltier if i put them all in one post :p), wonder how i'd feel when i write about the JB-Sg haul... Well at least the items i purchased there were mostly cheap *self consolation*. Or i'll see this as a therapy, maybe if i shock myself by listing the stuffs i purchase within one trip i'd stop shopping so much?

Oh, who the hell am i kidding!


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