Our First (Mini) Giveaway! (CLOSED)

9:12:00 PM

Hi y'all!!!

Like we said in the Collection Event's post, we're thinking of holding our very first giveaway ever with the spare Collection face products #Pink had. Honestly, we've been thinking of having a giveaway from the beginning (of this blog) but weren't sure if anyone would enter (and if no one entered that would be horrible *LOL!*!), but since we're gaining quite a few (not much, but added up-that's still fantastic for us, getting any follower at all never really entered our minds when we started this blog) followers (scattered in Bloglovin, Blogger reader, Google+, etc) and lots of warm supports from the others who bothered to spare some time to comment on our posts (we very much appreciate it, more comments please!)-plus the enthusiastic responds towards Collection, we thought... Why not???

Don't get too excited though, since this is our very first giveaway, we're not really sure how this actually works *LOL*, and the prize would be a single product (powders, to be exact) each (we'll be having TWO winners) only-but we're pretty sure any make up junkies (or not even make up junkies lah, everyone loves a freebie, no?? We sure do!) would be keen to get their hands on these babies! That's why we called this a mini giveaway *because of the mini prize haha*, if this turns our to be successful, we'd be sure to host a bigger giveaway in the future!

Let's see the prizes awaiting you, but first let me apologize for not being able to capture the real colors in the pan! I don't know why but the colors in the pictures turned out to be so much lighter (two to three shades lighter!!!) than the actual color!
The prizes :D!!!
Yep, the colors available are the darker kinds, sorry :p... I believe people with fairer skin tones (like me!) can actually use those dark colors too, not as a face powder obviously, but for shading (not that i do any kind of shading-i dunno how hahahaha). Let's have a look of the prizes one by one.

For ONE winner :
Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Powder in 3 Dark
I know, it looks nowhere near "dark" in this picture *___*. In real life it's not really very dark anyway, it's more yellowish/darker beige (in some other brands they might call it natural beige) kind of color, still suitable for people with medium and lighter skin tones
For description and picture in the official website, click HERE. You'll see even professional photographer for their website couldn't capture the true color of the product *LOL*.

And for the other WINNER :
Collection Pressed Powder in 15 Warm Bronze
This one's even worse, looked so light in the picture, in real life this is VERY dark, suitable with its name, warm BRONZE
Official website's description : Here. This pressed powder is the darkest i've seen yet, suitable for dark/brown skin tones. But like i said before, it's so dark it can be used for shading for light skinned people-and for darker skin toned girls, i've heard some of your complaints (from the Collection event!) that no foundation matches your skin color, but maybe this powder is the exact match for your skin? I can't swatch either one of them because i only have one in each shade, wouldn't want to send a marred product to the winner!
Hello everyone, #Undecided here and it's my turn to don the "Italic hat" teehee :D! Yes, #Pink has been wanting to do this giveaway and we believe this is the perfect time to do so. Don't worry, the rules are super simple:
1/ Follow both #Pink (@MGirl83) and #Undecided (@paulinenugraha) on Twitter.
2/ Follow www.pinkandundecided.blogspot.com via google+ (Google reader) or bloglovin (don't forget to screen grab this for proof because if you win, you'll need to show this to us :))
3/ Reblog this entry - or if you don't have a blog, simply tweet about this giveaway.
4/ If you've done steps 1-3, leave your name, e-mail address, twitter ID on the comment below. 

UPDATE : Please don't forget to link this giveaway on your twit to make sure you're eligible for this giveaway, thank you very much!

See, super easy, right!! :D
Please remember that you have to be Indonesian resident to enter, because for the first giveaway, we're trying to keep it as simple as possible (sorry, newbies hahahaha). This giveaway will be closed on Friday, August 23rd at 12 PM :D, winner will be chosen randomly :).

So what are you waiting for?

Good luck!!
Us in front of CityInn Hotel, Taipei, will tell you a LOT more about this hotel on second day's entry, please look forward to it! And if you haven't, check out our first day story!

#Pink and #Undecided

This Giveaway's officially closed! Thank you for all of the participants, we will be choosing the winners on Saturday. Will be contacting the winners via e-mail and Twitter, good luck everyone!

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  1. name:Dini Rokuda
    e-mail address:sparklepinygirl@gmail.com
    twitter ID: @sparklepinky06
    web: sparklepinkygirl.blogspot.com

  2. Name: Yenni Triany Dewi
    Email: yenni.triany.dewi@gmail.com
    Twitter: @yenni_xiaoyuan

    Wish me luck, darling (*^﹏^*)♥♥

  3. Name : Erna Wijaya
    Email : house.schoonheid@gmail.com
    Twitter : @_nayschoonheid
    Followed G+ and BlogLovin' : Erna Wijaya
    Twitter share 18 August 2013 :

    1. Thank you for joining, dear :). Please make sure you feature the link to this giveaway in your twit :), good luck!

    2. Sorry ce. Kemarin lupa masukin linknya >.<
      Tweet 19 august 2013 : https://twitter.com/_nayschoonheid/status/369327039863476224

    3. Tweet 20 August 2013 : https://twitter.com/_nayschoonheid/status/369659166022832128

    4. Tweet 21 August 2013 : https://twitter.com/_nayschoonheid/status/370014600256712704

    5. Tweet 22 August 2013 : https://twitter.com/_nayschoonheid/status/370378638559952896

    6. Tweet last day~ 23 August 2013 : https://twitter.com/_nayschoonheid/status/370747375515475968

    7. Thank u for actively twitting dear,i sincerely hope u'd win! Will be contacting the winner to tomorrow!

  4. I'm In :)

    1/ Follow both #Pink (@MGirl83) and #Undecided (@paulinenugraha) using my account: @faith1089

    2/ Follow www.pinkandundecided.blogspot.com via bloglovin, my account http://bloglovin.com/faith1089

    3/ Tweeted here: https://twitter.com/faith1089/status/369384461416157184

    It's a perfect timing.. My skin tone is dark and I just dropped mine, so it is now shattered waiting for a new buddy :p

    Thank you for holding this giveaway..
    I wish you all the best and success...

    Iis Istiqomah

    1. Thank you for joining, dear! Good luck!

  5. can i be such a greedy girl want these things? T_T

    1. JOIN SAB! Why not? Hihihihi :D *maksa*

    2. Iya wis ce ikut :p
      GFC, Bloglovin, Google+ : Sabrina Tedjokusuma
      Twitter : @SabrinaTe
      Tweet : https://twitter.com/SabrinaTe/status/369839616766910464

      Wish me luck! :p

    3. Yay! Hihihihhi! Good luck sabbb, baca doa sek ya hahahaha

  6. Bloglovin, G+: Jessica Liani Suwitro
    Tweet: https://twitter.com/jcliani/status/369872255389405184

    1. Thank you for joining and good luck dear ^^!