#Pink's Family's Chinese New Year's Eve 2015

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Haii haiii :D!

Finally got time to sit down and prepping the pics of our family Chinese New Year, thanks to hunny who suddenly got sick sometime in the dawn last Monday and make me stuck at home for two whole days (he is my driver, and i am his nurse *LOL*). It's boring as heck but i get to do a lot of things that i've been postponing like prepping photos for blog posts, writing product reviews, taking photos of my haul and even a bit of organizing haha.

Say hello to my big family!
Yes, we flagged down some random stranger to help us snap this pic. Thank you, kind stranger! You took such a nice one too!
I can't believe it's the third Chinese New Year eve that i blog about already ^^. Time sure flies, a bit too fast for my liking! If you read my blog post about our family's CNY eve last year then you'd be very familiar with the place where we're celebrating this year.
Yep, Pavillion at J.W. Mariott. AGAIN.
LOL. CL and i petitioned for having the dinner at home (CL because she's too lazy to find a dress for eating out, and me because i'm not a big fan of buffet or Chinese food so both options are not very appealing for me. Well, buffet's still better than Chinese food -____-) but younger people's opinions worth naught *LOL* and here we are again! (next year i'll fight harder, i'm bored of Pavillion already huhuhu)
I was snapping pic of the surrounding, it just happens that my dad was coming to our table as i snapped haha
There's a station right behind our table too
My favorite station
Grill! The steak was the best dish of the night IMO
LOL at my hunny's face
Cute... but i wasn't interested. I don't like salmon much and in a puff? Eh, no. The only puff i like is chicken curry puff. Preferably from Old Chang Kee, please :p.
Seafood station, CW's fave station. I think she and her family went through 10kgs of prawns by themselves hahaha
Errr.. Chinese station. I think it was yong tau fu kind of thing
Peking Duck station
Hunny said that this woman who manned (or womanned?) the station wore her latex glove so loosely and she was not careful with it either that she cut off the tips of her gloves *LOLOLOL*. I did hear him warning her, he told me "I don't want to eat latex glove bits!!!".
Cheese and bread station
My three crazy nephews went ape nutz in the ice cream section
My eldest nephew CV. He looks exactly the same since babyhood *LOL*. I cannot believe he's almost 20. It's insane!!!
CV and KD also going ape nutz at the dessert station
Sushi and sashimi station that were stationed behind our table, so close that i totally oversee it and forgot to have any T.T
Tall and wispy Au haha
Since hunny and i sat opposite KC and CL, they were the lucky ones who got their photos taken the most that night hahaha.
Some of the stuffs we had (totally forgot to snap pics of the steaks, which were my fave... I guess i was too busy shoving them down my throat...)
The carrot cake was my fave
The food were very so-so IMO. Not the biggest fan of prawns (i prefer crabs haha) which is like the highlight of the buffet so i only had one... The steak as i mentioned, were quite nice. The dessert also quite nice. The rest were super MEH. I ate so little i felt like demanding my IDR 400.000++ back *LOLOLOL*.
Our table. This was supposedly a candid pic but CL's always camera ready hahaha
KC who ate the Peking Duck like a rabbit nomming a carrot
Sparkling wine courtesy of CW (and CL)
Hunny and i (and some random unintentional photo-bombers)
Blurry wefie with my niece BB taken with my Ipad haha
While we were chatting and taking selfies, KC suddenly said "Look at CW. She only looks classy, but look at her eating rambak like a pirate."
LOLOLOL, yep, she definitely treat her rambak like a cig
CW loves rambak (a local snack-it's crackers like), and what do you know-rambak is made from COW HIDE. She might be a multi billionaire, but her taste's very errr... suburban (village?) *LOL*.
CL must be very delighted about how skinny i made her look in this pic #imawesome
Did i ever mention that KC is a bit nuts? #sillybro
Was CL about to bite into an apple? Nope, it's actually a pepper. She said that Koreans like to eat peppers like they eat apple and wonder how that tastes, so i took one from the buffet table and she actually did eat it *forcing people around her to also take a bite* and said that it's yummy. I happen to like pepper, but i am not interested in eating them by themselves as a snack!
LOL at KD's startled expression
Hunny got the biggest rambak!
After dinner was done, we hang around at the prettily decorated lobby and took lots of pics!
Even the ever-so-serious KW got the narcissistic bug! Ehm, we may've caused that dragon to fell down. A few times
Test photo hehe
One mo with da fam
Then while KC was sitting on the... I think it was the concierge (not so sure) table, i was about to take a wefie with him but these people barge in and we ended up taking a "making a reservation" pic.
Yup, i'm the secretary zzzz
And suddenly it became a "cheekopek fortune teller hitting on his customer" *___*
Our tiny little BB
Wonder how come my 'rents are so anti camera while we're all so narcissistic? CW had to drag them to take this pic *LOL*
Tang Palace's new SPG ambassador?
Love BB's hair, if only i have the patience to do my hair like she does haha
Then when we're about to leave we saw this "Dewa Rejeki" or god of fortune and of course we had to rope him in for a group pic!
Taking this as a sign of us going to get loads of fortune, wealth and maybe a truckload of diamonds on the side? Hahaha
Baby Boy feeding hong bao to the barongsai haha
Then we went home and start filling hong baos for the actual CNY! Will blog about it soon! Caio for now...


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